Day 7 of #78DaysofSlowHoller

Day 7 of #78DaysofSlowHoller

Today was day 7 of the #78daysofslowholler study I’m doing. I’m loving this deck more and more with each pull I do. This deck has been giving me some fantastic readings with some spreads I use. I really would like to post these cards one by one but life happens and I get busy.

Here is a group of the last four I have pulled:

2 of Branches

Allow yourself to not only see the new changes and growth happening, but to feel them too. Feel the changes from the inside growing and yearning to branch out. This is just another step for you to climb. If things get uncomfortable, change your position but never stop the growth from continuing, trust in the process.

Traveler of Branches

Normally I view this card as power house that is ready to go full force without delay (or thinking). I pulled this card on Friday and was really drawn to the “warning” this card brings instead. There was no need for us to go full force, so take this card as a heads up and pace yourself. It can be way too easy to get heavily involved, sometimes when we drop our blinders we can get burned or make mistakes.

9 of Vessels

We are sometimes always so caught up on the things we don’t have or things that are out of reach. Doing this can make is feel miserable regardless if we have everything we need. Turning your focus onto the small things or what you already have can bring us joy that we didn’t realize was there. This could be enjoying a day out with friends, finding a book on your wishlist at the library, or just allowing yourself to be happy! You are deserving of everything you have worked hard for and have in your life, enjoy them!

The Precipice

When I pulled this card this morning I couldn’t see how it would be relevant to my day… it’s Monday, I have nothing hanging out in limbo, I’m feeling good, etc. Then it dawned on me, I’ve actually been this card all morning while I focused on creating new goals for myself and my blog. Sometimes when we start a new focus on our life we are left to reevaluate what we are doing, what we want, and what we wish to focus on. This can also be seen in the form of goal planning and tweaking our goals as we go and grow. What are you doing today that encompasses this card?

Another new deck!

Another new deck!

Yesterday, another new deck arrived and it was a day early! I ordered the Sasuraibito Tarot by Stasia Burrington after seeing a few images from the deck on Instagram. The Star card is what really pushed me to hit the “order” button lol! I’m a sucker for anything space related so this deck had to join my collection.

I haven’t spent too much time with it yet but plan to, I did do a few readings with it along with some TV exercises to get a feel of the reading style of this deck. A TV exercise is where you watch a reality show or something like Dr. Phill and ask the deck questions as questions arise in the show… yesterday, Dr. Phill popped on so I decided to watch it with this deck. Some guy was obsessed with being a superhero or something, so I just pulled cards as certain situations appeared like “what is the root cause of his obsession?”. It was interesting and played out to be pretty spot on!


Right now I’m trying to give my full attention to the study with Slow Holler tarot but the Sasuraibito Tarot will be making an appearance here and there for sure! I may use it for my weekend reading today!

I have a few other decks on my current wishlist:

  • Personal Space Tarot
  • Divina Tarot
  • Holly Simple Tarot
  • Fuzzy Prism Oracle
  • New World Tarot

I think my next purchase will be the Holly Simple Tarot and Fuzzy Prism Oracle, I just adore Holly Simple and her decks look amazing! I’m also looking for some new tarot books to dive into!



On Tuesday I decided to start a “78 Days of Slow Holler” where I go through the whole deck in 78 days (no card repeats). I was inspired by @annalionhearted on Instagram. I started something similar a long while back with the Cosmos Tarot & Oracle deck, but never finished… I didn’t even come close to finishing lol! I do plan to return to that project down the road when I am inspired to pick up that deck again though.

Today was day 3 of #78DaysofSlowHoller and I have to say, I really enjoy getting to know this deck like this. I’m not drawing a card with the thought that this is my “card of the day” but more like “my study of the day”.

Tuesdays card was the 8 of Branches (8 of Wands) and when I originally looked at this card, I didn’t see the connect to it like I did with other decks, I felt I was missing the idea of this card… but then after a little study and picking it apart, I realized this card is a fantastic representation of the 8 of Wands. It’s all about rolling up your sleeves and getting work done, if that means dipping your hands in multiple projects to get it done faster, so be it. It also shows that you have the capability to get it done in high speed (with all these extra hands)… I also see this card as a nudge to ask for help if there are willing hands. So I love the extra layer this card provided, not just your standard wood rods flying quickly through the air.

Yesterdays card was the Architect of Stones (King of Coins), this was another card that threw me off a tad but then fell in love with this interpretation of the King of Coins. I’ve always seen this card as a very wealthy, selfish person on your traditional RWS version. My interpretation of this card is someone who has a vision and it is unlimited, if we want something we can do it or achieve it, our only limitation is ourselves. So if it means collaborating with others to get something done, so be it. This is someone who will always find a way, no matter the goal or object of desire. I think a lot of time we think something is too out of the way so we don’t go after it, like my dream is to have a couple acres of land where we can have a huge garden and fruit tree space… along with a small animal rescue of goats, chickens, and (hopefully) a cow. This dream seems impossible to reach, but I know that if I take the right steps and be patient, it can be a reality!

This mornings card was the 9 of Knives… what a nightmare of a card! My first reaction was “this is where nightmares live, in this card”. When I break it down, our nightmares are simply just dreams that become reality in the form of anxiety, stress, and unnecessary worry. We are usually the cause of all this stress that hangs over our head, I know mine is! We always try to see the positive, but most of the time we focus solely on the negatives “this is going to end well… I knew this would happen”. This card urges us to dig deep and find the cause of all this. We need to change our perspective, do some shadow work, and find the root cause of our current turmoil. If you’re not willing to change, then you should get comfortable in this feeling of dread, change isn’t scary… it can be a positive thing if we take the right steps and get out of our head.

I don’t know if I will break down every card on the blog, but I may, or I may just do a group post on several cards… Not sure. I’m trying not to hold myself to any challenges, commitments, or promises as I have learned I am not one to stick with things if I become too obsessed. I go through “seasons” where I get obsessed with running for several months, then switch to creating for a few months, then back to tarot for a couple months…. I used to hate these “seasons” I would fall into, but I’m trying to accept that this is just how I work lol! It’s not that I get bored easy, I just get inspired to focus on one thing at a time. So we will see! You can follow my exploration of the Slow Holler deck on Instagram.

Slow Holler Tarot

Slow Holler Tarot

Words cannot describe how excited I was to see my Slow Holler deck out for delivery this morning. When the Kickstarter for the Slow Holler tarot went live in 2015 I missed backing this project since finances just didn’t align up at the time. Then, when it came out, I stalled on buying it since I was back and forth in tarot… I took a long break and still didn’t order it. When I recently got my tarot mojo back, it was the first deck I ordered!

It shipped the day I ordered it and arrived quick! This deck did not disappoint at all! I knew I would have a connection with these cards and I was right, the deck and I have already gotten along so well. Last week I was starting to feel a bit of regret for letting my Collective Tarot go a while back, but when this arrived today, all those feelings went away. It has a very similar vibe to me like the Collective Tarot had, so I feel like this deck is filling that void. To be honest, I had a void with the Collective Tarot even before I let it go, one of the cards got damaged by our dog when she was a puppy. Since that event, the connection I had to the Collective Tarot was lost, I just couldn’t look past that damaged card and always wondered if I drew the card because I felt it or if I didn’t draw the card because I was trying not to touch it… if that makes sense.

Anyways, back to the Slow Holler tarot! This is not a review or anything, just a little post on my first impressions of this deck and some readings I’ve done with it the day it arrived.

The packaging was stunning, it felt like a treasure opening this deck up. It came wrapped carefully in a printed cloth and tied with a red thread (which I tied around my wrist like a bracelet). It really encompassed the whole feel of this deck perfectly!

I already had a chance to sit down and shuffle this deck for a while, it shuffles like a dream by the way. The first card pulled from the deck was just too perfect, it was The Fledgling (The Fool)! I always find it amusing when a specific card pops up that fits so well. Seeing the Fledgling show up first was a key indicator to me that this deck was just the journey I need right now to kickstart my tarot reading once again. It’s not just about taking a risk or chance, it’s about being open to the journey and be willing. Just let go and soak every inch of the journey up, and that is exactly what I plan to do with this deck, just let it be and learn as I go with an open mind and attitude.

Some of the cards in this deck read very RWS and then a few had me really pulling info from the cards. With indie decks, I never read the book first, I prefer to get my own insight to the card and then look up to see what the artist had in mind when they created the card the way they did. I did this with the Fledgling card, wrote down my own input and then resorted to the book to see what it had to say… the book reminds me so much of the book from the Collective Tarot… which makes me love it even more as I loved that book! I don’t feel it takes away anything from my own interpretation, but only adds some layer to my interpretation. I always feel you can only get this special layer with indie deck books, not with your standard little white book, those always feel so “copy and paste” like.

Before dinner, I decided to do a 3-card reading on myself for a basic “past present future” but since I have never liked the position names of that spread, I instead changed the wording to:

  • Where have I been?
  • Where am I now?
  • Where am I headed?

I don’t usually share personal readings on the blog but one thing that caught my attention with this reading were the cards and their placements. The center card is “where I am now” and it totally called me out! I have been feeling so upset and worried that I have been away from tarot for so long that it has me thinking I will be rusty and out of the loop, or I will be discouraged because I’m not at where I was when I took a break (or at least I thought). I was worried that I would get frustrated with daily readings or intuitive interpretation and not want to continue it. Sounds weird, I know, but this card reflected those feelings the second I flipped it over… I was in denial and kept thinking “nah, I’m not this card”…. but in reality, I am.

When I did a “past present future” reading I always told my clients that if you like the ending card, make it your goal to strive for… if you don’t like it, change it! Simple enough. You have the power, nothing is set in stone. I for one love the ending card (10 of Stones), who wouldn’t?! So for me to reach this card, I need to work past my current struggles and fears. Let time take control and with time I will get back on my feet with tarot soon enough. For now, I’m going to enjoy this fresh new perspective with the cards and get to know them in new light that this break has given me. Before I thought taking time away from my cards would be a terrible thing… now I’m glad that I did as I wouldn’t have these brand new eyes if I hadn’t stepped away!

I always enjoy seeing the “past” card, it tells me right away what this reading is pointing to. Seeing The Oracle (High Priestess) reminded me of a period I was going through where I felt I needed to get in touch with the goddess and such. I have mentioned before that I’m an Atheist but spiritual… anytime I try to look deeper into something it never works out for me and I end up pulling back. I have always fought against this but always return back to my true self. Seeing this card told me that I have always had what I seek, myself. I lost that connection to my own self and I believe this is how it took me to the current card. When the US election ended, I reached a very bad low. I was stressed, worried, and hit some depression. It caused me to pack away all my cards and just bottle everything up. I had trouble leaving the house for a few days… I can only describe it in person, typing just doesn’t cone out the same. I had a breakdown at the grocery store and it threw me off big time, took a while to heal and get back on my feet. Here I am now.

Anyways, I have turned this small post into a novel, oop’s! I plan to spend a lot of time with this deck so you will be seeing it often on my IG stream!

The cards & I

The cards & I

I’ve been pulling my decks out more and more lately. It’s been quite a while since I did a reading that involved more than a single card, but this morning I felt drawn to doing a simple 3-card reading on myself and my vegan journey. On May 4th this year I switched to a full vegan lifestyle and when I started picking up my cards recently I was pretty amazed with how I felt when shuffling. I can’t quite explain it but my intuition felt very strong. I’ve always felt I had a strong intuition but this just felt so much different.

Usually when I shuffle and feel the deck out before I cut or pull a card, I get a very gut sinking feeling. I’ve always had this gut feeling since I started tarot a couple years ago, but it just feels a lot more intense. I’m not sure if it’s because I have cleaned my body really well over the past month and a half or what, but I’m going to pin it on my recent change to veganism.

Anyways, I wanted to do a quick card pull on my current journey to see what the cards say… this reading ended up pretty interesting! I did a simple past-present-future spread, which I rarely use, and used my Cosmos Tarot & Oracle deck (I have combined this deck and don’t use the two decks separate).

First, I want to talk about some things I noticed about this reading before I get into each card… I always look for a few things in a reading:

  • Communication between the cards – how the cards speak to one another
  • Progression of the cards – how they build up or build down
  • Direction – which way the images in the cards face

I quickly noticed the progression int he cards from left to right. The “past” card is a Godzilla like creature, he is angry and yelling. I get a very frantic and aggressive sense with this card. Then moving to the “present” card I see a a being who looks to be the center of attention and these other beings are looking up to him… but I get a very “gathering” feel of this card, like this main being in the card is building up some power or control. Moving on to the card on the right we have the “future”. This card is such an opposite of the first card… you had a destructive looking creature, then you move to a feeling of peace and love.

I quickly felt like the progression of these cards flowed really well… you have frantic behavior and chaos to gathering some sense of control and learning to a feeling of peace and serenity.

The communication between the cards are all so different. I get a different feeling and sense from each card, very much like an orchestra of emotions, much like you would get when you are venturing down a new journey… much like how it’s been with me and veganism. I started out as the creature of angst, I was always interested in veganism but I didn’t know where to start and everything felt very confusing, I feel this is portrayed well in this card.

On my journey so far I have taken the time to learn and practice what I preach. I’m still learning and gathering the info I need right now, it’s all a journey. I love that the “future” card is the one presented, I feel this rings fairly true if I stay on course with my learning and living up to the values I believe in. It’s not just a “fad diet” or temporary lifestyle change, I went vegan for the animals and the health benefits. Whenever I do a reading for someone, I always tell them that if they like the ending card then they can use this card as a goal to strive for… if you don’t like what you see, then simply change it. Nothing is set in stone, you have the power.

I, for one, love the ending card and will strive to make this a reality on my path of veganism! I no longer wish to be Godzilla. I have never felt so good and I love it! I not only feel great physically, but also mentally and spiritually. This post kind of turned into a “dear diary” but it’s ok haha! I hope to get back into tarot reading more and more, I’m eyeing a few new decks as well but I think I will work with my current ones for now and get to know them again.

Hello Hola Bonjour Hallo

Hello Hola Bonjour Hallo

Wow, has it really been since October that I last posted on the blog?! You can for sure say that I took some time off and I won’t lie, it has been a nice vacation. What happened? Well, the US election had a toll on my mental health… it triggered some panic attacks and just really effected me pretty hard. I had a break down at the grocery store and had trouble being around others in public due to fear and stress. I won’t go too much into it, but I wanted to explain my absence truthfully to my readers. It’s now April and I can safely say that I am in a better mental headspace now.

What does this mean?! Not sure exactly! I don’t want to say “I’m back” and make any promises, but I would like to dust off the blog and begin posting again just not sure how often, so we will see!

I am not reopening my reading services right now or in the near future. Right now, I just want to focus on getting my decks shuffling again and get back into the practice of reading cards, it’s been a while! On a happy note, I did get a new deck in the mail yesterday… which triggered this post on the blog! I preordered the Illuminated Tarot by Caitlin Keegan in October and it finally came out. The deck is 53-card deck based off of tarot and playing cards. So far I’ve done two pulls from it and love it! The colors are so vibrant and right up my alley.

Hopefully in the next few days I will work on some new posts, I have gotten a few emails asking if I’m still going to do card study with the Cosmos Tarot & Oracle, yes! I do plan on starting that back up… I think returning to this project will help break the ice with me getting back into reading cards. Anyways, I think that is all I want to post right now but watch for new ones!!

Weekly Focus: Oct 31-Nov 6

Weekly Focus: Oct 31-Nov 6

Happy Halloween and Samhain! I hope everyone is having a great holiday today, it’s been feeling very minimal over here for me today. I’m just having a hard time finding the spirit this year (no pun intended), Halloween is my absolute favorite holiday too! I’m sure I will feel it more as the day goes on!


Theme (soul) // 8 of Knives

Shutting out the world, closing yourself off, and possibly some shadow work to kick off this new month. The theme this week tells us that we may feel a bit distant and that it is ok! If October was a rough one for you, this may be key medicine telling you that you should spend some time closed off a bit. This could also mean that there will be some distance felt this week, more on the stubborn side of things. We may not wish to see things as they are and want to remain in a safe position where we feel secure and comfortable. However, If you are curious then go ahead and take the blind fold off to take a peek around. You may surprise yourself in what you find hidden in front of you!

Focus (mind) // Death

What do you want to end? What would you like to see take over in this new space? This is the focus for the week, making room for new beginnings and it is so fitting as the New Moon just passed us over the weekend. Celebrate those who have passed this week, not just today for the 31st. Celebrate life and death in their natural and raw forms. Connect with the aspects of death and what it means to you.

Action (body) // 9 of Pentacles

Be creative in your pursuits and use what you have. You may not realize this, but you have everything you need this week with you now. There is no need to give your wallet a run for it’s money, give it a rest and enjoy what you are surrounded in. Be resourceful and be grateful for what you have in your life at this point. Referring back to the Death card, this is a great card of giving gratitude to those who were before you.

LEPUS ● Cosmos Tarot & Oracle

LEPUS ● Cosmos Tarot & Oracle

I’m going through all 100 cards in the Cosmos Tarot & Oracle deck, one by one with my own interpretation based on my intuition and notes from the deck creators in the book. I’ve had this deck for quite a while and have yet to dive in, so I’m using this as a way to get to know the deck. From what I have learned and noticed is that it really has it’s own system, not quite like the Rider-Waite or other systems I have found. This deck is a collaboration of 100 different artists through Light Grey Art Lab, it features constellations, planetary, and all things surrounding the universe.

LEPUS (2 of Air) ● Cosmos Tarot & Oracle

Keywords: End of Naivety

Nothing is just as it seems, we have all fallen into the traps of hopeful fantasy. This card reminds me of children when they soon learn that there is no Santa Claus or that the Easter bunny is not real, tales that our parents tell us when we are very young. We fall into the lore and love of the stories, our imaginations are ripe and on fire. We are invisible and wear capes that protect us. We have no reason to believe otherwise because in our eyes, no one lies and everything is very black and white. It’s about coming to terms that what was is not necessarily true and it’s time to embrace it. It is the transition of growing up and being an adult to face reality.

The rabbit in this card is Lepus, from the story of Orion. Rabbits are known for their cunning speed, swiftness, and naivety. They don’t think anything can catch them, perhaps they think they are invisible just like children in superhero capes. This often ends bad for rabbits, they get cornered and out numbered in hunting and by prey. This card urges us to be quick on our feet but don’t fall into traps and be caught off guard. Be aware of your surrounding and don’t believe everything you see.

I’m going through the Cosmos Tarot & Oracle deck, find the other cards I talk about here! Got this deck and want to follow along? Join in on the comments, I want to hear what you think of each card!

Lupus ● Cosmos Tarot & Oracle

Lupus ● Cosmos Tarot & Oracle

I’m going through all 100 cards in the Cosmos Tarot & Oracle deck, one by one with my own interpretation based on my intuition and notes from the deck creators in the book. I’ve had this deck for quite a while and have yet to dive in, so I’m using this as a way to get to know the deck. From what I have learned and noticed is that it really has it’s own system, not quite like the Rider-Waite or other systems I have found. This deck is a collaboration of 100 different artists through Light Grey Art Lab, it features constellations, planetary, and all things surrounding the universe.

LUPUS (9 of Air) ● Cosmos Tarot & Oracle

Keywords: Secret Dealings – Rumors – Provocation

We all encounter trolls online, people in our lives that test us or challenge us, and those who just simply want to prove us wrong even when we are right. These people can make a big hiccup in our day that will drag on into the week and sometimes longer! Ignoring these encounters are often the best choice but sometimes we just need to confront them and call them out. Be the bigger person and put any rumors to rest, clear the air, and move on.

I’m drawn to the hand of the wolf in this card. It is a moment caught in transition, where a human is transformed into a wolf, almost like they are showing their true colors. If a person is just out for a thrill and wants to stir the pot for their own entertainment, it will be shown and they will be exposed.

I’m going through the Cosmos Tarot & Oracle deck, find the other cards I talk about here! Got this deck and want to follow along? Join in on the comments, I want to hear what you think of each card!

Pegasus ● Cosmos Tarot & Oracle

Pegasus ● Cosmos Tarot & Oracle

I’m going through all 100 cards in the Cosmos Tarot & Oracle deck, one by one with my own interpretation based on my intuition and notes from the deck creators in the book. I’ve had this deck for quite a while and have yet to dive in, so I’m using this as a way to get to know the deck. From what I have learned and noticed is that it really has it’s own system, not quite like the Rider-Waite or other systems I have found. This deck is a collaboration of 100 different artists through Light Grey Art Lab, it features constellations, planetary, and all things surrounding the universe.

PEGASUS (Wheel of Fortune) ● Cosmos Tarot & Oracle

Keywords: From Humble Beginnings to True Potential

Sometimes we are gifted with gratitude in the form of teaching, mentoring, and even just simple assistance. This is a card of giving back, extending your gratitude to another. If you have received some awesome free service, give back to someone else in return. This is much like “pay-it-forward” to me when I interpret this card. It doesn’t have to be in the form of money though, it can be in gestures and helping others. It reminds me of being taught something by someone for free and down the road I do the same for someone else who could use this help. This card is full of accepting the gratitude of others, giving gratitude, and passing it down.

I’m going through the Cosmos Tarot & Oracle deck, find the other cards I talk about here! Got this deck and want to follow along? Join in on the comments, I want to hear what you think of each card!