Tarot Seed has Moved!

Hey guys! You may have noticed it’s been a bit quiet here on the blog and that’s been for good reason – I have moved to a new platform and rebranded from Tarot Seed to Radical She Tarot! Say what?!

Some may remember me mentioning my father passing away in January. He was not only my father but also my website host for Tarot Seed and a bit tech help when I had questions! All of his hosting sites were transferred to a new host manager, who I hear is very nice but I really only want to work with my dad when it comes to my websites and hosting. After weighing several options, the idea of starting fresh sounded like the best option. I really didn’t want to have to rely on someone else for help with my website/blog, I wanted to have full contro so I decided to rebrand and move to Squarespace. This way I have help if I need it through Squarespace but will also get full control on how I fix things and use it. This has been the best move for me so far and I’m loving the new platform!

What will happen to Tarot Seed? Not much will be changing right now. I’m leaving the site as is until the domain expires. When will that be? I’m not entirely sure but I know it will be live for several more months at least. This way, you can still access my posts, deck reviews, etc. The new site was already launched last month and it’s going really well, I’m very happy with Squarespace, with all the excitement of starting fresh I totally forgot to leave this post on this blog, oop’s!

I have launched some new things over at Radical She Tarot such as Tarot Reader Interviews and Full/New Moon readings! I have some other post series to start soon but I’m keeping it slow and steady so I don’t overload myself, haha! I do that easy (ahem, Gemini here).

I hope you will update your records and join me on the new website and blog!

New Link:


Weekly Reading fo Feb 19 – 25

Better late than never, right? I’m back today with a weekly reading after going on hiatus last Monday. I was doing a lot of house cleaning (still am) and rearranging last week so I was fairly busy with all of that, my focus was a bit scattered to say the least. Our house is currently getting some redecorating and a much needed “facelift”, haha! I also may have been totally binging on PS4 games, cough… Stardew Valley…

This week I’m using a new deck that arrived on Sunday – the Mystic Mondays tarot! I have a few more decks coming as well! While I love my Next World Tarot, my hands have been itching to shuffle some regular sized cards for a little bit. The decks I have coming soon are the Vessel Oracle by Spirit Speak (to replace the copy I let go last year) and the Seventh Sphere Tarot de Marseille by Labyrinthos…. I have been waiting for the tarot version of the Seventh Sphere deck to be released and when I saw it mentioned in a FB group on Saturday, I ordered it from the car while my husband was driving us around doing errands. I had to buy it right away! I currently have my nose back in the TdM studies but I’ll talk more on that in another post, I don’t want to start rambling more in this post.

Ok, how about a little weekly reading, shall we? I haven’t really been working with spreads lately and I really enjoy free form readings, so that’s what I’m doing! Let’s see what the cards have to say, shall we?

I’ve been curious if anyone reads these posts? If so, are they helpful? I would love to hear from readers, so feel free to drop a hello!


You’re starting off on a high note that may lead to a short victory or a small set back! What a great start to this reading, huh? It’s a victory that could be short lived but we can avoid this if we’re smart about it! The 3 of Swords feels like a “warning” so really reevaluate the options you face. I don’t usually read cards as a “future” interpretation in readings, it just never vibed for me, I tend to read them as more of a warning or a goal depending on the card energy. The 3 of Swords is definitely waving some red flags for me and I don’t think anyone wants to deal with that kind of weight right now, right? Didn’t think so! Though sometimes I feel that the 3 of Swords can be a welcomed message as it brings healing to the table and gives us the nod that it’s ok to start the process of removing these swords, one by one. This week though? Let’s just avoid that!

Some choices may bring false hopes or had sounded better at the time, so tread lightly! Matters made with your heart are perhaps not the best way to move through this week, try to pay attention and listen to your gut instinct. You know that feeling when your gut says “no” but your heart is blowing you kisses while batting its eyes at you longingly… ya, don’t fall for that trap this week! To help avoid getting some swords thrown at you, really pay attention to what is being presented. If it sounds too good to be true… then chances are, it is.

Hello, Persephone Tarot

A new deck has landed and I was hoping to get this post up sooner but I’ve been busy, ack! I received this deck last week by the always inspiring, Maris de la Peña, the mastermind behind Ciro Tarot and the Strange Lands Oracle. I was grateful to receive this deck early and was blown away when it arrived, it’s so unique!

The Persephone Tarot was inspired by Goddess Persephone and both Greek and Roman mythology. The Major Arcana has been renamed in themes of the Greek Gods and Goddesses, but the meaning behind the cards remain the same. While this deck still follows the RWS system, it is unique on its own. I’ve found that I read this deck very intuitively, the cards really paint a picture of their own!

The deck arrived with a tuck box, cloth printed bag (yay!), book, and the cards themselves. One thing that Marisa does very well is package her decks beautifully! They’re like opening a gift and I treasure that. Also, her illustration and art is one of my favorites! I’m a sucker for everything she creates, in fact she just released a new comic called the Four Mothers Vol. 1 – you can find that here!

The cards themselves are standard tarot deck size, so they fit in your hand perfectly like most RWS decks. The book is packed with info on regarding each card along with the black + white card illustrations. I love the book! It gives you a sneak peek into the world of Roman and Greek mythology. Even if you’ve never studied Roman and Greek mythology before, you will quickly learn the stories with this deck and love them. I feel like this would be a fantastic companion if you base your practice around the Roman/Greek pantheon as well! When I saw that Marisa added Demeter, I got extra excited! I’ve been working very closely with Demeter since the Lunar Eclipse, she presented herself as the asteroid Ceres in my birth chart, along with Vesta.

I’m in love with this deck! It shuffles like a dream and the card stock is really nice, it’s smooth and not glossy. I also really like the way this deck is set up, you can tell a lot of work went into the creation process! The entire deck is black with white illustrations except for one card, Cupid + Psyche (The Lovers), this card is white with black illustrations. I had a hard time pulling out my favorite cards to show, there really isn’t a card I don’t like! Also, this deck works perfectly with Marisa’s Strange Lands Oracle deck, the color oracle cards really pop and the illustrations blend really well.

You can find the Persephone Tarot up for pre-order HERE!

Ok, let’s check out how it reads with a deck interview! As always, I’m using a spread by Little Red Tarot. What can I say, it’s a great spread!

(5 of Swords) You like to stand out from the crowd and raise above the others! I was quickly drawn to that apple perched so perfectly on that center sword. While this is more of a “selfish” card in general, I just feel more pulled in the direction of being on top in a more positive way when reading this card right now.

(Queen of Cups) Your strengths are in compassion and love, you present yourself in a caring and more luring manor. I also feel you prefer to take a more gentle approach to the readings.

(6 of Cups) As your limit, you tend to get caught up in things (distraction) and hung up on the old stories and moments. Duh, your based on mythology, of course you will get stuck in the past, it’s ok, I’ve got time to listen!

(9 of Swords) Oooh, you’re here to teach me how to handle my fears. I really like this card in this position, fear can really be a hard thing to overcome and tarot is a great tool to use when working with it.

(Page of Coins) Be open to learning and to all possibilities. In order to work with you, I must remain curious and question everything. There is more than meets the eye, I need to be willing to slow down and seek out.

(Page of Cups) Another Page, I love seeing court cards in a deck interview, it really gives more character to a deck and lets you slip on different shoes. The Page of Cups lets me know that “good changes are coming”, what a fantastic omen for this deck and I! I get a pure sense of excitement and wonder from this card. Lots of potential to come when working with this deck!

Weekly Reading for Feb 5 – 11

I had high hopes starting a new week… then a cold struck me! It seems my daughter passed on some germs and ya, I feel pretty crappy today. Despite being “ugh” I am looking forward to what this week brings! The cards seem pretty interesting, so let’s take a peek! I’m using, yet again, the Next World Tarot!

START // The Fool

You can’t get any more fresh than the Fool! The Fool is asking us to step out of our skin this week and just go where the wind blows, embrace the unknown and curious. If you’ve been waiting to start over with something or start something fresh, this is the week! The Fool is all about exploring what speaks to you at that moment, it’s a curious energy and very childlike (not to be confused with childish). Embrace your inner child, pack your bags and take the first steps!

STOP // Wheel of Fortune

Stop the wheel… now! This is your stop and it’s time to get off. The Wheel of Fortune is all about a turning of events and cycles. This card is telling us to put an end to cycles this week that just keep going and going and going. If you’ve been juggling the same shit or routine daily, just let it go and let it fall where it wants to fall. No more juggling, no more shifting around, just take a break.

CONTINUE // 4 of Coins

This card is often about greed for me in most decks, but in the Next World Tarot I’m really seeing more security within these paper walls. The 4 of Coins tells us to continue to grow our sense of security and keep your energy intact. If you’re feeling vulnerable and exposed this week, tighten down the hatches and close up your circle a little. It’s ok to pull yourself away from the crowds to protect your personal space, take care of yourself and the ground under your feet!

Weekly Reading for Jan 29 – Feb 4

It’s Monday – time for the weekly reading! I hope everyone had a great weekend and woke up today nice and refreshed… or are currently refueling on your second (or third) cup of coffee… like me! I had a somewhat busy weekend, Saturday my daughter turned 9 and we had a small family party for her at our house. Then on Sunday I put my feet up for most of the day and relaxed!

This week I’m using the Small Mysteries Tarot (mini version) and was thrilled to see it all fit on one hand, haha! This deck is too cute and I’m loving how blunt the readings have been for me with it.

START // High Priestess

If you haven’t already, start listening to your higher self and begin to trust your intuition! Try to check in with yourself throughout this week, look and listen for messages and trust that forces are in play. There are messages available for downloading if you are willing to just tap in to listen!

STOP // Queen of Knives

This week, stop pointing fingers and start accepting more responsibility for your words. This may sound harsh but the Queen of Swords this week is demanding that you take ownership with yourself, it’s far too easy to play the blame game. This card also suggests that we may need to get out of our head a bit. Spending too much time in there can lead to overthinking and dropping the ball on more important things that needed our attention the most.

CONTINUE // Temperance

Keeping things flowing can be tricky, but just keep at it this week! Try to keep a continual balance of things and don’t overdo it, but also be sure to step up if you’re able to in order to even it all out. The Temperance card to me is always about finding that moderation and going with the flow. If something is clearly working, keep it going – if it’s not, slow down!

Weekly Reading for Jan 22-28

It’s been a while since I posted a weekly reading! I’ve been pretty busy at the start of each week and pretty distracted on the weekends, then my father passed away last Monday… so, I didn’t think I would be posting it again this week but I’ve been crutching on my tarot cards like crazy lately and I just felt like pulling cards to see what may be stirring in the new week.

I’m slowly getting back into blogging. Grief is a very odd thing. Anytime someone passes away I ask myself “am I doing this right?”… the first few days after my father passed away were hard. I was going through the emotions of sadness, anger, and frustration. It’s been exactly a week today of his passing and I’m at a point now where I can focus on just good memories. I cry in between the pauses of my thoughts but always try to laugh or smile. I’ve always felt that “everything is a message, everything is a sign” but it’s been even more prominent in my life as of late. So many messages and synchronicities have been coming my way, some I feel are my Dad, while some feel like they are SHE calling me.

This morning a giant Raven caught my attention on the lamp post near my house, I almost didn’t go out this morning but something told me to… the Raven was the first thing to get my attention. This is the second Raven I’ve spotted in the past few weeks, you don’t see them often in my area, just crows, dove’s, and other typical birds. The Raven always stops me in my tracks and leaves me in awe, words can’t describe what I feel when I see a Raven in person. They are breathtaking.

For this week I’m using the Next World Tarot (no surprise there) and trying a new spread that has been working really well for me lately in other readings:


I love this simple spread, it cuts through B.S. and gets right to the point. Since I do daily tarot pulls for the day ahead every morning, I just felt like I need something else for the week ahead readings. Does that make sense? I hope you enjoy the reading and have a great week!

START // 7 of Coins

If you have been waiting for a sign to move from draft to creation, here it is! The 7 of Coins asks you to get busy this week and turn your visions into creation. Birth something from the heart this week. It’s important that you align your visions with your work, trust me, it shows! When you take your passion out of the art and work you do it reflects back to you in more ways than you would think, so take this time to realign with what you do if you feel like you have strayed.

STOP // Knight of Cups

It’s time to stop putting your heart in front of those who clearly don’t care. It’s great that you want to help everyone or be closer to others but sometimes it’s just a dead end and you need to step back. It’s hard, but it will save you a lot of heartache down the road. This card reminds me of a waiter that just keeps refilling your cup over and over again, even if you don’t want a refill. You normally just smile and say thank you with every pour, pretending you’re thirsty. This week, take your hand and cover the cup. You don’t need a refill and you don’t need to keep refilling the cups of others. Let them fill up their own damn cup for a change and focus on your own.

CONTINUE // Revolution

While more commonly known as the Tower, the message pulls through just the same. Much may be falling down in your life or around you in heaps, but it does not define you. Continue to hold on to your truths and the foundation beneath your feet, everything else can be rebuilt or replaced. It’s a tender time and a lot of us are very vulnerable. We must take care of one another! We all have our own battles and struggles but remember, we don’t have to face them alone. Your voice can still be heard so keep speaking up and shouting your truth, destruction may try to pull you down but it will never win if you remain stronger. Continue to hold one another, support one another, and raise your fist in resistance. Whatever wants to crumble, let it crumble…

Tracking Your Daily Tarot Cards (for Bujo Addicts, like me)

With the new year, I knew I wanted to do something a little different on how I keep track of my daily tarot pulls. I’ve been pulling two cards in the morning for my “Energy + Advice” the past few years but since getting the Next World Tarot, I wanted to really take my time with getting to know this deck and bring it back to basics with a single card draw… yes, I’ve mentioned this deck in nearly every post since the start of the year, it’s just that good, haha!

Here comes bullet journaling to the rescue, one of my favorite ways to journal! I’ve been using this method of journaling/planning for a few years now and while I love using it for journaling, I got tired of using this method for my planner. I’m a big time perfectionist so using the ruler constantly to map out my month, week, and days… got old, haha! I just can’t not use a ruler!

One of my favorite planners to use is the Passion Planner! I’ve used this system for a few years on and off. In the back of the Passion Planner it has graph paper and blank pages, so I’m using a spread of the graph paper for my daily tarot tracking (I think this planner comes with 20 pages of graph and 20 pages of blank). I spent a good couple hours putting this chart together, I won’t lie, it took a while. When it comes to regular journaling, my favorite journal to use is Leuchtturm 1917 in the dotted grid, love them and own several!

My goal with this daily tarot tracking was to see how often I pulled certain suits and around what time of the month were they most prominent. Some will write down the card title too, I write that down in my actual daily section in this planner that has all my weekly info and such, plus I keep track of my daily cards on Instagram in photo form. For this experiment, I was more interested in the suit quality that was popping up rather than which card itself.

Was I getting more cups around the Full Moon? When do I tend to pull more Swords during the month? What suit didn’t I pull in March? Etc.

Creating and Using the Chart

Every morning when I pull my daily card, I color in the square based on what suit it is or if it’s a Major Arcana. The colors I chose were intuitive, I didn’t want to stick with the traditional green for earth/coins, blue for water/cups, etc, I wanted colors that make me feel good and lately I’ve been loving pinks and oranges so I went with that for the year! Also, primary colors make me cringe, haha! You can chose whichever colors that you feel called to use or feel that embody the suit in your vision, have fun! There is not wrong here!

Next, I wanted to keep the months separate but still be able to see the whole year at a glance. I designated 3 squares wide per month to include the day of the month – Moon phases – and the color grid. This fit perfectly! I also added red dots to note the days I’m on my moontime each month, this gives me an idea of what cards show up at this time too! I have been working very closely with my menstrual cycle and I can’t tell you how amazing this practice has been, it’s beyond insightful! I’ll talk more about that on another post since I have some great books and app’s to recommend! 

At the bottom of one page I added a little reminder of the colors I’m using for what suit and such. I’m sure this chart will change over time, I’ll add more to it as I see fit (and what I can squeeze in). Already, I can see how this chart is going to work just how I had hoped! I’m excited to see the months fill up!

What I’ve noticed so far

It’s only 10 days into the month but already I’m seeing some patterns begin to form. With the Waning Moon and my moontime, I noticed I started to pull more suit of Cups. The start of the month I pulled (lots) of Major Arcana cards, I like to think of this as some new lessons I’m being prepared for. I’m curious how the rest of the month will go and see what patterns start to take shape. I’m also curious if I’ll get Major’s at the beginning of next month!

Now, I’m not tracking the cards from spreads that I do for myself and such. This chart is just strictly for single daily pulls only. If you prefer to pull 2-3 cards a day (like a Mind/Body/Spirit reading or Energy/Advice), then you could change the chart around to fit 2-3 color blocks per day rather than just one, that would be really interesting to see the patterns and card pairs pop up!

That’s all there is to it! It’s really simple, you could even create this on the computer and print out if you prefer that method (Google Sheets or Excel would work for this easy)!

If you already do this or decide to create your own daily tracking chart, I would love to see! Tag me on Instagram @jessrollar or leave a comment below!

Hello, Strange Lands Oracle

Another deck arrived before Christmas, the Strange Lands Oracle! I had this deck on pre-order and I’m so glad it was finally in my hands!! The Strange Lands Oracle was created by Marisa De La Peña of Circo Tarot and Tight Rope Press. It’s her second deck since creating the Circo Tarot (which is one of my favorite decks). She also has two other decks coming out soon!! The Persephone Tarot and Fire Opal Oracle – I can’t wait!

Right off the bat, I could tell I was going to love this oracle deck! I’m a sucker for hand drawn styled decks, then add in a gnarly color palette… I’m sold! It was hard to pick my favorite cards since I really like them all, but a few stuck out immediately to me – Nyx (and the Persephone card), Cicada, Beetle, and Fast Growing.

Nyx is a feminine archetype that has been popping up a lot for me lately and when I saw her in this deck, I knew right away that I need to dive deeper into Her story, I’m very drawn to her energy. Persephone is another feminine archetype that came to me in the very beginning of my Goddess studies a couple years ago and has still struck a cord with me ever since. I come across her symbols and messages often! I feel like both SHE-mazing archetype’s will be guiding me in 2018.

Ok, back to the deck! This deck shuffles like a dream! I have been saying that about decks often on my blog, but this deck truly shuffles like (vegan) butter for me, it’s so smooth. The cards themselves are poker sized and pairs up beautifully with the Spirit Speak Tarot!! I’m always looking for a great match for that deck since it’s one of my main working decks. The card stock is perfect and the cards are more satin than gloss, which I love.

The deck comes with a cute hand stamped deck bag, a guide book, a tuck box, and the deck. The guidebook is great, it’s written really well and easy to navigate, very clearly written and to the point. I love the bag Marisa sent with the deck, she did this also with the Circo Tarot and I still have and use that bag for my Circo Tarot deck. I hate keeping my working decks in their box since I’m in and out of them often and it wears them out fast, so bags are a plus for me! I usually create a bag to suit the deck, but in this case, it’s already done!

I am really enjoying this deck! Like I said, I played around with pairing up with my main deck, Spirit Speak Tarot, and it’s a perfect match. They partner up really well together and I love the energy bouncing back within the cards! While mentioning that, I recently launched a free weekly oracle reading newsletter and used the Strange Lands Oracle to kick off the first email! I will be using this a ton in those readings, be warned! You can read about this emailed newsletter HERE, it goes out every Sunday and is interactive! Yay!

It’s time to see what this deck has to say!

Ok, let’s see what this deck has to say and how it reads! Of course, I’m using my favorite deck interview spread by Little Red Tarot.

(Pearl Baby) One of your best qualities is that you like to dazzle and show yourself off, I can tell! You took some time to be created and now you want all the attention!

(Grab a Star) You are rich in opportunity and you are the star to grab for! You’re just begging to be picked for a reading and are trying to stand out the most… it’s working.

(Protect) This deck may get a bit closed off and protected, so I feel it works well paired with tarot as to dive in a little bit deeper. It doesn’t want to give out all the answers.

(Romance) Love, simple as that! I’ve had a love – hate relationship with oracle decks over the years and your here to teach me just how to fall madly in love with you! This deck doesn’t have to try hard, I’m already swooning over these illustrations and bright colors.

(The Road) If I invest the time in working with this deck, a lot will come out of it. Much like seeds, you nurture a seed and there’s a pretty good chance it’ll grow! It’s all about the efforts I put in is what I’ll get out in return if I’m patient enough.

(Does it work?) Hah! I LOVE this card! Retreat, retreat! I’m being invited to dwell within the cards and explore in the dark. There is no one to hold my hand so I need to feel things out myself and test the waters. I think as readers we have always asked ourselves “do these cards really work?” and they surprise us every time!

Do you have this deck? If so, let me know your thoughts in the comments below!

Full Moon in Cancer – January 1 2018

With the first full Moon of the year landing smack on the first day of the year, I just had to take this opportunity to write about how I honored the Moon. I would like to do a post on each Full Moon and New Moon, but we’ll see. I don’t always pull cards for each Moon or cycle but I set intentions overall for 2018 to really deepen my relationship with the Moon. The Moon is a major focal point in my own practice, even if I don’t pull cards or set intentions for each Moon, I do send Her my gratitude daily and honor Her often.

The Full Moon in Cancer is a strong one, it also happened to be a Super Moon! I decided to do a small intention setting ritual for self love, following the suggestion in the Many Moons workbook by Gottess. I tried to do this last night but I’ve been feeling under the weather the past few days, I did pull cards last night though. I did my self love ritual this morning in my office/studio, which I share below.

The tarot reading I did from the Many Moons workbook was awesome, it was a new-to-me spread and I enjoyed using it. I chose to use the Next World Tarot deck and my Spirit Speak Tarot. I’ll be doing a review and deck interview for the Next World Tarot soon, I want to get to know it first a bit first more intimately and really take my sweet time with this deck to soak up every inch of it. Every reading I’ve done for myself with it so far has been amazingly spot on, to the point where I swear it knows how to use my MacBook and Googles me in the night while I sleep, lol!

Ok, on to my Full Moon in Cancer reading. This was a personal reading I did for myself that I’m sharing, you can do your own reading from this post that Sarah so graciously shared on her blog (this is the same one in the Many Moons workbook).


What is this Full Moon bringing to me that I can work with; what are the gifts?


Continue to walk the path that I align with the most, regardless of the nay-sayers who feel otherwise. We all have our differences and we all have our own beliefs, it’s important that I embrace my own truths despite others who may look down on it or think otherwise. I don’t need to be a part of that crowd. Even if I walk my path alone, I will still not be walking solo, there are many who want to fight back and find their place in the world just like me. I know that living my own authentic truth is one of the biggest gift I can give to myself. My card for 2018 is JUSTICE and already I feel that I am understanding just what that means, and it’s only two days into the new year. This should be an interesting year for sure!


What do my desires wish to tell me about the work involved?


The work involved is not for the weak, it is filled with passion and fire as we see in the Page of Wands. It’s a creative expression to go against the stream. In this card I see a young person standing their ground with their visions spread in front of them as represented in photographs. This card tells me that I need to stay true to the visions I hold so deeply, some may not see eye-to-eye with me but they will eventually understand. I often start something and then put it away because I don’t think anyone will like this… I need to remember that I’m not creating it for them, I’m creating it for me. Someone out there will enjoy what I do and understand it, not everyone… and that’s ok!


What does my heart need, what does it wish to tell me? 


My heart wishes to tell me that I need to find enjoyment in everything I do, especially when it comes to connecting with others. I’m a super shy introvert, so when I socialize with others (especially in person) I tend to come off as either a massive bitch or very shallow… when really, I’m just trying to figure out what words to say without making me look like a major weirdo. I get tongue tied very easily, one reason I freeze up when asked for a tarot reading in person! This card is urging me to jump in and just be myself, take in the surroundings that I’m in and let fear reside. When it comes down to it, I just need to be myself and not worry so much about what others think of me… chances are, they are too busy wondering what I think of them. Life is too short to hide who I am, being weird is more fun anyways!


What must I release in the next few weeks in order to gain more intimacy with my goals?


I can’t do it all and I need to realize that! I tend to over do it or take on far too much… that presented itself yesterday when I went through my stack of planners and lists on what I “need” to do each day, all because I wanted to create new habits for 2018. Let’s just say it ended with much confusion and I burned myself out fast with the “do this in the morning, do this after I draw a card, write down this at night, look up this every morning, move this into this planner, etc”… you get the idea! Some things I will keep and will change as I move through this year, other things already went to the trash, haha! The 10 of Wands is telling me enough already, either push through it, ask for help, or lighten my load. Simple as that!

Early this morning I did a self-love ritual and had an unplanned urge to pull an oracle card after I was done. I ended up reaching for my Åkta Späman Podcast Oracle deck to pull from, this deck seems to suit self-love pretty well, it’s very raw and upfront. The message was beyond perfect:


Weekly Reading Jan 1 – 7

Woohoo! Hello, 2018! I didn’t think I was going to have this post up today since I woke up under the weather this morning. Go figure, I haven’t been sick for months and months (in fact most of 2017) and I wake up sick on the first day of the year, lol! Maybe the Universe is trying to tell me to slow down.

Anyways, let’s check out what is in store for us this week! I’m using the Next World Tarot for a quick tap into the energy going on this week.

Some memories can leave you feeling like you have known someone for a long time, it’s that bond that has no bounds. This card suggests that reliving the positive aspects (and people) of your past may be apparent this week in how you take the first steps forward. We can learn a lot from dwelling in nostalgia. Life is a spiral, we’ll often reach a point in our life many times over but we are never the same person twice. You may feel like you’ve hit the same wall, again and again, but trust that you haven’t. You’ve grown since the last time you were at this wall. Try to find the bridge between the past and present that can help you better prepare for what is to come.

5 of COINS
Not exactly the card I would like to show up at the beginning of the year but it can be a truth we all may face. With the holidays over and our not-so-frugal spending, it’s time to tighten up the reigns a bit on our cold hard cash. We can’t be on holiday 24/7… unless your Beyonce or someone, right? The 5 of Coins is letting us know that what we are facing is only temporary this week and it will pass. Watch your spending and count your pennies a little more than usual, perhaps even try to give yourself a buffer if you can. Most of all, just slow down a bit when it comes to purchases and whipping your wallet out… I wish I pulled these cards before I went on an Etsy splurge earlier today, haha! I will say, I have zero regrets on what I bought!

While typing this, I’m sitting under my window in the presence of a Full Moon in Cancer. I feel so much like this person in the card as I get ready to prepare a full moon ritual and tarot reading in the next few hours (which I will recap on the blog tomorrow). The Moon is here to remind us to listen to our deeper truths this week, pay close attention to what is pulling at us and luring us in. TRUST YOUR INTUITION! Take a moment this week to step outside and gaze up at La Luna, soak in all her luminescent rays and set your intentions this week. The Moon is often a card of deep illusion and uncertainty, but I feel that we can actually see more clearly if we just let her guide us day to day.

Looking at these cards as a whole, it’s clear that while we may be uncertain about what may lie ahead in the days to come, we can bring our attention to what gives us the most insight and feeling of warmth that is our memories. Lean hard on what boosts your spirits if you are struggling this week and use the moon in the next full days to help release what is holding you back. I normally do release work a few days after the Full Moon (more so around the last quarter), so use this time to set intentions on what you wish to let go of in your life. The Moon is in the cards this week, she is calling us to trust her.