Filling the Void: The Return

Filling the Void: The Return

A while back I started a blog series called “Filling the Void”. If you are long time reader of my blog, you may have remembered this series but you may have also noticed that I no longer updated it… and I took the posts down. Why? Hard to answer that one, I felt the urge to retreat and one day I just decided to remove the posts from my blog and close the book on this adventure with the feminine divine.

I’m a pure Gemini, my portrait should be in a dictionary under the word “indecisive”. I tend to dive all into something only to pull back the reigns when things get too real for me or I start to open up too much. Exploring the Creatrix was one venture that I decided to step back from. I’ve been an Atheist all my life but as I got to know myself more and more I learned that I identify much more as a Pantheist over the years, yet I don’t often don’t speak about it. One thing I’ve learned is that I am very much on a spiritual journey and the older I get, the more interested I become. Another thing I’ve learned about myself is that when it comes to my own spiritual journey, labels can’t be a focus or I tend to really feel disconnected and consumed at the same time, at least right now. This may change as I grow more and get more comfortable, it usually does.

This is the only area of my life that I have learned labels do not work for me. I give myself many labels in other areas of my life… vegan, feminist, tarot reader, mother, daughter, wife... the list goes on. But when it comes to spirituality, I have a struggle with labels and what they mean to me. Am I witch? Yes. Do I call myself one? Not often but I’m slowly saying it more, it’s very rare that I do. I don’t feel shame or anything, in fact it’s the opposite. I find the word “witch” to be very empowering! So why not say it? Possibly fear of being judged… no, not possibly, I know that’s the reason. I have been afraid of so much growing up when it comes to speaking my mind and I always fear being judged. Yet, I give everyone else advice to say “fuck off” to those that judge you… I never take my own advice. I’m sure I’m not the only one!

There is so much I want to write about on my blog but fear is the underlying theme of why I don’t. I’m tired of being afraid. I’m tired of hiding what I want to say. Publishing this post alone is a big step for me, just like the first one I did in this series. It’s stepping out of the shadows of my comfort zone to speak what’s on my mind.

Nothing brings me more joy than when I surround myself with SHE and her power. I feel the happiest when I take time out of my day to go outside and thank the Universe. Before every tarot reading, I start out by saying “Dear Creatrix/Universe…”. Being a feminist, I love the energy that women raise when together or apart, I am proud to be a woman and proud to be in good company. I love every story and depiction of the Goddess, yet the second I feel like I could be judged, I retreat. I clear off my Creatrix altar, pack away my goddess books, and put away my spiritual journal. Everything goes out of sight and I feel I have turned my back on HER and it hurts. I have never been threatened, told, or emailed about anything I’ve ever done, ever. I’ve never been trolled and I’ve never been laughed at. So why do I fear so much? I’m pretty sure I need to sit down and work on some shadow work!

So what is this post all about? No idea, but it feels good to type it out! Typing away about my passion that I fear, but love at the same time. I will be returning to this post series here and there as I feel inspired, I can’t ignore the messages any longer and I’m once again drawn back into working with the Goddess in my life. This time, I will not run away and hide! The Creatrix is well and alive in my house and on my altar, in fact my daughter has been actively involved in helping to create the new SHE altar!She calls it the “Girl Power” table and I love it. I feel comforted by bringing this back into my life. I have been seeing signs everywhere I go that the Universe is trying to get my attention… I am listening.

*I use Creatrix/Goddess/SHE/ Universe/Etc all interchangeably

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Weekly Reading for Sept 11-17

Weekly Reading for Sept 11-17

It’s Sunday! Time to grab my cards and get shuffling to see what’s in store this week, not without my iced coffee of course! Today I’m using my Circo Tarot a lot so I decided to use it again for this weeks messages. I forgot how much fun this deck is, I’ll need to pull it out more often for sure this week.

(Deck: Circo Tarot)

In a hurry? This week is mainly surrounded on planning and how you plan out your week! A good strategy can lead to a fantastic week… bad planning, could leave you crying over spilled (almond) milk. So lets really set some intentions for the new week and make it kick ass!

The theme of this week is the 2 of Wands will have a lot of play in how our week will go. It’ all about planning well! I think if we plan our week accordingly it will get us to those goal focused victories that we are always after. Poor planning will lead to… well, still a good week, but not as great as it could be and we know what we are fully capable of so no excuses!

Everything seems to be pointing towards the 3 of Cups in this reading so I feel like that’s the big aspect of our week. We need to focus on how we interact with others and what roles we play in any groups that we’re in, this will be key. Get your planners out, pens ready, and set some goals!

Starting off the week we have the 3 of Cups! It seems we will be starting off on a high note and I’m ok with that! It’s suggesting that we will be kicking off the week surrounded by those who lift our spirits. I’m drawn to the layout of this card and it makes me think of working together with others just like I mentioned above or possibly even the feeling of being crowded in these groups that we find ourselves in. If you are feeling a bit crowded, readjust your position in your week and find what’s comfortable for you. Overall, I’m feeling connectedness with this card!

Moving to the middle of this week we are greeted by yet another great card, this time from the 6 of Wands. I’m liking where this week is going! We must have done something right at the start of the week with planning because I’m seeing some praise headed our way, which is always welcomed, right? I feel like this reason of this recognition is closely tied to the 3 of Cups “events”. Someone or something helped bring about this feeling of achievement so you should for sure enjoy the moment and be proud! However, If you are not at the center stage of all this and find yourself cheering on someone else, perhaps it had something to do with how well you stuck with your plan or vision for the week. Either way, I see this being a great midweek!

Ending the week we are gifted the Ace of Cups. Are we feeling a bit emo while entering the weekend? This is the week that just keeps giving it seems and I’m not complaining. The Ace of Cups suggests that we will be an overflowing cup of gratitude and that could possibly be a bit overwhelming so be sure to let some of this overflow out to those around you and not keep it all bottled up. After seeing the other cards this week I can see why we may feel a bit emotional at the end. Either something went very right or you didn’t map accordingly and we are eating (vegan) ice cream on the couch Friday while binge watching reruns of Friends… let’s hope it’s not the latter or the two! I hope everyone has a great week!

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My Top 5 Go-To Tarot Decks

My Top 5 Go-To Tarot Decks

It’s no surprise that I love to vary my decks week to week. I’m a pure Gemini and I’m never happy with sticking with the same deck, day by day. I have tried a few times to stick to just one deck but I always resort to mixing things up! One thing is for sure, I have several decks that tend to be in rotation and are my go-to when doing a reading or bringing with me when I travel. Other decks in my collection are simply loved due to the artwork or memories attached to them.

Here are my top 5 go-to decks that I use often and will most likely never leave my collection!

1. Spirit Speak Tarot

I have gushed about this many times and I just can’t help it, I love this deck! I’m a big fan of clean lines and black & white, so this deck hits all the right spots for me aesthetically. Not to mention it has pulled through on many readings and packs a punch with intuitive interpretation! Some of the cards in this deck are very RWS but some walk their own path but don’t stray too far off. My deck is the first edition and I believe the one available is white on black design but still just as awesome! I love the size of this deck, it’s poker card size, and fits in my hands perfectly even though I have insanely long fingers and hands. I love to sit with a deck and shuffle while watching tv and I grab this deck often since it’s just a fun deck to shuffle.

2. Pagan Otherworlds

Ahh… the Pagan Otherworlds! This is a fairly “new to me” deck that has joined my tarot family a couple weeks ago and I just can’t put it down. Lately this has been my absolute go-to deck! There are few decks that have crossed my path that read as well as this deck, the other was the Collective Tarot for me. It usually takes me some time to really resonate with a deck and “get to know it” but this deck was an instant connection for me and has really pushed out some spot on readings. I recently did some light deck study with this deck and every time I pick it up I find something new that I fall in love with. If you are picky with shuffling, this deck shuffles like a dream and feels good in your hands due to the linen finish.

3. The Rider Tarot (RWS)

While very common, my RWS deck is my closest companion when it comes to deck picks. This deck also has some personal memories attached to it since I bought it while on a trip to Flagstaff and Sedona for my father in laws memorial service. I love buying decks when I am on vacation to capture the memory of a trip or place, so this deck is close to my heart. The RWS deck never fails me and is always a go-to when I do any type of deck study or meet with friends to give them a reading. It’s a deck that people recognize even if they aren’t a tarot reader, it’s iconic and easy for them to follow along with. I always recommend someone new to tarot to pick up any deck that draws them in but I always suggest starting with your standard RWS.

4. The Golden Thread

If you can’t tell, I’m a huge fan of RWS typed decks so it may not be a shock that this deck made the cut, lol! I have so much love for the Golden Thread tarot! It is stunning and not to mention adorable, also shuffles like (vegan) butter! I have the first edition copy but have edged my deck in black pigment, the second edition has the black edges already but is made of plastic I think. Anyways, the reason this made the cut is because it also reads very well for me and cuts right to the point. This deck has called me on my B.S. more times than I can count! This is a deck I would highly recommend to anyone interested in tarot, even the well seasoned reader!

5. Circo Tarot

This was a tough choice to narrow down! I was torn between the Sasuraibito Tarot and the Circo tarot, but it was a given for me just based on the fact that the Circo tarot has helped me through some tough times. I have turned to this deck when I need some heart to heart advice and it gives me chills with its accuracy for me. It helped me process loss with ease and it’s illustrations are calming, yet vibrant. I don’t often recommend this deck to others only due to the fact it is currently out of stock, but when it’s available I tell everyone to BUY IT! It’s fantastic and I also love the way it shuffles. It is thicker than most cards but very bendy, it does show wear quite easily but I love worn decks… they show character and love.

What are your “go-to” decks? Leave a comment, I would love to hear!

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Tarot Readings

Tarot Readings

Yay! Today my tarot reading shop is OPEN! I have been working behind the scenes on reopening my reading shop all last month and it’s finally time to relaunch. I am offering 20% off all my readings through the month of September as well, prices are already marked in the shop.

I took quite some time off to work on myself, I felt that doing so would better help me to help others. Taking this time away has really brought more vision to my services and what I wish to offer, as well as growing as a reader. I look forward to working with new clients and past clients! If you have any questions at all, please contact me here and I will get back to you swiftly.

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Daily or Weekly Temp Check Spread

Daily or Weekly Temp Check Spread

Thought I would share this little spread that came to mind on Monday after posting the weekly reading. I’m a fan of getting right to the issue when it comes to tarot readings and cutting out all the clutter. While it’s nice to have extra details and little notes from other cards, I like to focus on the matters at hand that are right in my face. If I feel I need a little extra, I’ll pull a card or two but it’s rare.

This spread uses just 3 cards and you can add in an extra oracle or tarot card for a message to go along with this reading or a shadow aspect. When I do pull an extra card, I will often pull the bottom card in the deck. This either validates the reading for me or helps to tie it all together.

Grab some coffee (or a beer, why not?), your deck, and let’s get shuffling! If you are using this for a weekly reading, the best time to do this reading is on Sunday or early Monday morning. If it’s a forecast for the day, I like to pull cards that morning before starting my day but you can pull them the night before if that floats your boat!

Card 1 This is you right now! The energy you are giving off, what you are currently doing, or what is going on in your world right now.

Card 2 This is the energy and the people around you. It could be the actions of others and what they are doing, it could also be what is greeting you this week.

Card 3 Take this card as your ticket to make it through the day/week. This is how to handle the situations that come up and what energy to send out in order to survive the day/week!

Spread in Motion

I’m using one of my favorite decks, the Spirit Speak tarot! My love of this deck never dims and I don’t think it ever will. I decided to do this sample reading for myself, why not?! Ok, let’s check out the cards!

(Deck used: Spirit Speak Tarot)

Card 1 (4 of Coins) – I had to laugh a little when this gem showed up as “me”… I have been racking my brain all morning with how to earn some extra funds so I can do a little retail therapy on Amazon. I woke up feeling a bit selfish and I gave myself permission to feel this today, I do a lot for others. Right before shuffling, I made some extra money online and said out loud “this is my spending money today!”… being an adult… with a kid… and spouse, brings on responsibilities (ahem, bills) so it’s rare that I splurge on myself, lol! I was determined that this was mine to use lol! So this card is very spot on today for me, I’m being greedy and have no shame.

Card 2 (The Empress) – “Nurturing” was my first response to this card and I feel it today! Despite the horrible crap going on in the news, I have felt the love today being shared around both online and around me while running errands this morning. Sometimes the Empress can come off as a little smothering though, much like an over protected parent. This card can also act as a heads up as to not get too defensive over the actions of others, they may mean well but may also not be aware of what they are doing.

Card 3 (Ace of Swords) – Since today has been going very well for me (knock on wood), I will for sure raise my sword up high in victory and seize the day! I would see the Ace of Swords urging me to be clear with my thoughts and words today. I mentioned the Empress being a bit smothering at times and this card may come in handy when speaking up a bit. Also, I ended up spending my extra cash and ordered a book on learning astrology! Lately, I have been wanting to dive further into learning and it has been on my mind… quick like a sword being swung, I hit the “buy” button on Amazon, lol!

I would love to hear how this spread worked for you, so be sure to leave a note in the comments below!

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Weekly Reading for Sept 4-10

Weekly Reading for Sept 4-10

I have missed posting my weekly readings and decided to start them back up again! I hope to get them posted on Sunday but this weekend threw me off with my husband and kiddo home today for Labor Day lol! Better late than never, right?

Get comfy, grab some coffee (or something else you may like) and let’s dive into the week ahead! I’m using two decks, the weekly cards with the Spirit Speak Tarot and this weeks theme card from my own Seed Oracle deck.

(Decks: Spirit Speak + Seed Oracle)

In a hurry? This week is all about seeing the bigger picture while blocking out the illusions and nonsense that is presented to you.

Starting off the week we have some expanding the horizon going on with the 3 of Wands! This can be seen all over the place… at your job with perhaps more tasks on your desk than you had planned to take on, or even at home with some extra work to be done. Take the first few days to work this extra load into your schedule but don’t overload yourself, see this as good growth happening! If this is something that someone else is unloading onto you, then that just means they think you can handle this extra work and have given it to you for a reason.

Moving to the middle of this week, the 7 of Cups comes as a little warning to be aware of. Keep an eye out for things too good to be true as we settle into the week, they often come with false hopes. Perhaps the 3 of Wands has opened up something bigger in your life, be sure to read the fine print and take a closer look before making a decision. This is also a good time to sort out your “needs vs. wants”, take priority on what is truly needed this week, the rest can wait.

Ending the week we come to the 5 of Swords. Block out the nonsense and get away from it. You don’t need this going into the weekend so just ditch the gossip and chatter and focus on what you want to do. The 5 of Swords is all about “whatever it takes, just do it” so if your faced with some kind of verbal fight or just an annoying cloud hanging over your head, escape if you need to. This could be the perfect weekend to get out of town, unplug, or even just stay home and unwind. Just don’t give in to this nonsense around you so that it doesn’t ruin your weekend.

The theme of this week is Transition – movement, changes, easing into new waters. This card is all about transitioning and taking shape into something new. You can link this card up closely with the Death card in tarot, it’s the transformation aspect of the Death card. So this week keep moving and keep growing, much like the 3 of Wands suggests at the beginning of the week. This card will be your ticket out of the 5 of Swords popping up at the end of the week, move out of this position and into a position that brings you more peace.

Overall, looking at the big picture this week… I can see some growth forward and then possibly a step back, and that’s ok! Just keep moving forward, even if it feels like you aren’t making much progress.

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Finding peace with the Tower

Finding peace with the Tower

[ Decks: Portland Tarot – Pagan Otherworlds – Spirit Speak – Smith Waite Centennial Edition in tin ]
The Tower, a card that most see as “doom and gloom” is a card I often see it as a sign of peace. The Tower card to me is a big “reset” button, it’s a quick and sudden clearing that will be over before you know it.  No one loves unplanned surprises (not the happy kind), they can be uncomfortable and not having a plan in place when something triggers so hard can be brutal to our delicate moods and daily lives.

I see the Tower as a chance to start again, a fresh clean slate. If something isn’t working out do you really want to keep dragging it along in hopes it will change… when you really know it won’t. Here comes to Tower to do the dirty work for you! Let things crumble, let things fall apart, let the deed go on and destroy what you worked so hard for. Ok, that does sound pretty harsh, it’s going to suck, no lie. We will feel powerless, but you know what? That’s ok! The Tower sometimes will do things that we subconsciously wish we could do ourselves, but sometimes we just aren’t that brave. Other times, it can pop up when we need it to but just don’t know it.

The one thing you can do when the Tower comes to town is to pack your bags and hold on tight to the ground beneath you… if you have a stable foundation when the Tower hits, you can easily build back up and start again. The key is to not lose your shit over all that has happened, you still have the ground beneath your feet and your head on your shoulders. This train wreck gives you a chance to try a new plan or go down a new path, it’s all about a big shiny red “reset” button that lands in your lap. It’s like when you spill coffee on your journal and it destroys the pages. You can always buy another journal to replace it with, it may not be the same as before and you may have lost a lot of important information, but you can start over and the world will still go on, I promise.

When shit hits the fan, it just means a new direction is needed in order to reach them. If you’re not willing to start again, then it’s pretty clear that what you had before wasn’t that important after all. The Tower helps you see what is truly important in your life and all the other stuff is just that, stuff. So next time you see the Tower in a reading, smile and hold on tight. Enjoy the ride and keep an eye on the bright side of things. It’s about a sudden and much needed release.

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Update: The Seed Oracle

Update: The Seed Oracle

I wanted to do an update and announcement regarding the custom deck I’m creating! First off, the custom deck has a name – The Seed Oracle. This name has been there all along but I wasn’t sure if I wanted to change it or not, but it stuck and I love it. So what is new with this deck?! For starters, I am only two cards away from finishing up all the cards!! The deck will contain 50 cards since I like a thicker oracle deck to shuffle and this number felt right.

The Seed Oracle is more than an oracle deck, I wanted to create this deck for multiple uses and not just card slinging. Within this deck, there are cards like:

  • New Moon, Full Moon, and the Sun
  • Elements (4 in total)
  • The Void
  • Cards for manifesting
  • Cards for self love
  • … the list goes on

I don’t want to post every card to this deck since I personally love some surprise when I buy a new deck. I often watch deck review video’s of a deck I want or have ordered, but skip around the video so I don’t see all the cards and ruin it for myself lol! Anyone else like this?

Now on to the announcement!

will be making this deck available to purchase! When I started this deck in 2015, I really wasn’t open or interested in the idea of releasing this deck but over time I changed. I just don’t want to keep it to myself! I do not have any set dates just yet, I am hoping to get a sample copy printed in September, if all goes well and there aren’t many fixes (and if I get the booklet done), I hope to list a pre-order up for this deck in October.

The deck will be around $50 and come with a LWB (little white book) and I am toying with the idea of making larger guidebook for optional purchase to those interested in that. I have a lot to say about each card so doing a larger book only seems fitting, plus I would love to load it with extra things you can do with the cards and such. Each deck will be a limited release edition of just 100 copies to help me from overloading and stressing out, I tend to do that easily. If the first 100 copies sell out and others still want a copy, I will open up a second edition for pre-order and so forth.

A little about the cards:

Each card has a light and shadow aspect (similar to reversals), as well as questions to ask yourself during a reading or daily card pull. As for card stock, I am back and forth with doing a linen finish on these cards or just your standard smooth card finish. The cards are standard tarot card size. They will be borderless and have a number at the bottom of each card for easy look up in the book. Some cards have a title on them and some do not, the words are mostly just to represent the energy or feeling of the card.

I have done several readings with this deck and have also partnered it up with a tarot deck, it reads beautifully! Also, i’m planning to add some custom spreads to go in the larger guidebook to share.

Words cannot describe how much I love this deck, it was a true labor of love… and a lot of glueing and paper cuts! I would love to hear your thoughts on this deck so far, anything you would love to see in the book, etc.

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Coffee with the Pagan Otherworlds Tarot

Coffee with the Pagan Otherworlds Tarot

A new deck has landed in my hands thanks to an awesome deck swap! I traded a few decks for the gorgeous, Pagan Otherworlds Tarot, and I couldn’t be happier. I’ve had this deck on my wishlist since it came out in 2016 but I have never pushed the “buy” button… I’ve wanted to though! When someone in a swap group asked if I wanted to trade… I jumped on it without even having to think!

This deck was made my Uusi in 2016. My swap package included: the Pagan Otherworlds Tarot deck, Pagan playing cards, and the Pagan Otherworlds guide book. The cards are absolutely beautiful, both the card stock and art. You can tell a lot of love went into this deck and the creators paid very close attention to detail. The card stock is a linen finish and shuffles like a dream. The cards are a tad wider and taller than your standard Rider Wait Smith deck, which works well for me since I have very long hands and fingers.

The book is great, very “to the point” with not a lot of clutter as it just talks about each card and nothing more. I was half hoping for a little more info in the book, but overall it’s great!

This deck comes with extra cards – The Seeker, and five moon cards (if you read reversals, you will get all the moon phases). I have yet to figure out how I want to use these cards, but for now they remain in the deck for some added texture to the readings! If you have this deck, how do you use the Seeker card? I have some ideas but would love to hear others!

Using my favorite deck interview spread from Little Red Tarot, I grabbed an iced coffee and got to shuffling! Here is what the deck had to say!

I have already done a few readings with this deck, one being a first pull that was the waxing moon card, how fitting as it was a waxing moon when I did the pull! I took this as a good omen for sure. This morning I used this deck for my daily tarot pulls and received the King of Pentacles and the 4 of Swords… funny, later on as the morning went on, I had a 4 of Spades card at my feet that my dog found.

I’m going to be bringing back the weekly reading to the blog on Monday’s, this deck will be used for next weeks reading for sure!

I noticed this reading was heavy on the suit of swords – 4 out of 6 cards were swords – this makes me feel that it’s a great deck to use that focuses on solving problems and getting your head out of the clouds. While some readers prefer relationship based readings or spiritual themed, I’ve always been interested in doing readings that are based around mental clarity and opening up options when it comes to projects, work/career, and goal planning. 

✖︎ Tell me about yourself. What is your most important characteristic? Temperance

Ahh, the Temperance card, what a great spot too! You are fair, modest, and balanced. I love that this deck reveals that they are calm and centered, when I tend to be a bit off balance at times.

✖︎ What are your strengths as a deck? Page of Swords

Your strengths as a deck are that you are full of information to share, sometimes a little too much based on the energy of this card, much like a young teenager who loves to be involved in gossip. You are restless and eager to participate in readings, which is a good thing since I have a feeling I will be using this deck quite often and I may have already pushed my other decks aside! The strength that the Page of Swords has to offer is that they are constantly curious and always full of energy, this makes for a fantastic reading deck.

✖︎ What are your limits as a deck? 8 of Swords

Nope, not giving anymore info… is what I read when I saw this card flip over. This deck is telling me that they are a bit stiff on giving out more info and details, it’s letting me know that I can work with the info I get in the reading and I don’t need more.

✖︎ What are you hear to teach me? 9 of Swords

This card really pulled at my heart strings when I went through the entire deck yesterday. It’s upsetting to see a beautiful swan chained to the waters where it normally seeks solace. Sometimes what we enjoy can feel like a job, it can be the ball and chain that wears on our mind, that constant strain. This deck is hear to teach me how to confront what makes me uncomfortable… It’s about mind over matter! I also get the feeling that this deck doesn’t like to sugar coat anything so it wants me to see the truth even if I’m not wanting to, I can be very stubborn.

✖︎ How can I best learn and collaborate with you? 8 of Pentacles

Let’s make magic! This card tells me that it loves to get dirty and can be a bit on the perfectionist side of things. This deck likes quality and so do I, so this will be a perfect partnership. I also get the nudge of “practice” with this card, this deck wants to be used, and used often!

✖︎ What is the potential outcome of our working relationship? Queen of Swords

How perfect, the Queen of Swords, this is a court that I resonate well with. Our relationship will be honest, fair, and sometimes down right bossy. I think we will both have our say in a reading and with sharp minds coming together, we can pull out some much needed clarity for myself and my clients! 

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Custom Oracle Update!

Custom Oracle Update!

A while back… long while actually, last time I mentioned this custom deck I was working on was in 2015?! Wow lol! Yesterday I pulled out my custom oracle deck and decided to start working on some cards again. It’s been quite some time since I’ve touched this oracle deck, yet alone worked on it. While enjoying the energy of the solar eclipse, I harnessed the Ace of Wands and got to creating!

In a few short hours, five new cards were brought to life. I like to think my cards create themselves, I allow images to jump at me and call to me when I create each card.

The first card I created is by far one of my favorite’s and has a very deep meaning to me. This card is called Activist and it’s a reflection of my own life. Back in May I made the switch to going vegan, for years I felt like my life was out of balance between how I was living and my own personal ethics revolving around animal welfare. The weeks after I made the switch, I felt like my life and my ethics were weaving together like a quilt, everything fit. This card isn’t about veganism in general, it’s about taking a moment to reassess your life and personal ethics, checking in if they mirror one another. Sometimes we don’t realize we are living against our own advice that we give to others, it happens more often than you would think.

A few of the new cards are pretty self explanatory and can be interpreted fairly easy. Another card that I loved creating was The Crowded (top left in picture above). I was focused on creating another card but this one came to me while trying to work on the other card. I was sitting at my desk and my cat kept running across my work space… my Golden Retriever kept bugging me under the desk and I was just about ready to explode due to being annoyed and interrupted. It hit me, I felt crowded and just wanted some space to breath… the card was born!

When this card shows up, it is asking for you to take a moment and breath. Go outside, take a break from work, grab some coffee… anything that gets you to stop what you are doing to catch your breath. It can also be used a sign to check in with yourself if you are feeling annoyed, it’s urging you to question “Why am I annoyed? What is causing this stress? and then work on how to change this pattern (this would be a great time to pull a tarot card for assistance!).

I have a lot more cards to create but have no ending number in my mind, I just know I like thick decks to shuffle so I want at least 40 cards and I’m getting fairly close (around 29 cards so far). I’ve had many people ask me if this deck will be for sale when it’s done… sadly it will not be for sale. After taking with a magazine editor, I can sell this deck since the artwork I used was altered in collage art. Stay tuned while I do some research!

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