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If you were on the blog yesterday, you probably read that I received the Spirit Speak Tarot in the mail, and I was quite excited! The deck was created by Mary Elizabeth Evans in Oakland, Ca. I love her illustration style, it’s very clean lined and visual. I’ve been wanting a black and white deck for some time, I love color but I tend to be drawn to that clean, crisp look. I remember seeing the box opening pictures of this deck on Mary Evan’s Instagram stream and found it really neat, but I didn’t think to order a copy back then… sometimes a deck is not ready to come to you just yet, it’s waiting for the right moment!


The deck comes with a zine style guide book that is filled with just the card info, it’s simple and to the point. The guide book doesn’t read like a standard little white book, it gives a unique view on each card and her thoughts. I love this! I could tell right away that her and I share similar feelings about certain cards, this made the deck connect quick for me. The deck also comes in a nice black flip top box, love the design!



The best thing I love about this deck is the size. It’s not your standard tarot card size, it’s more like poker or playing card size. It’s a nice fat little deck, fits great in your hands. Super easy to shuffle, the cards have a great feel and aren’t to thin or thick. I always start my readings with a riffle shuffle when I pull them out, so being able to do this with ease is a huge plus! I’ve had many decks in the past that I loved to death, but they didn’t riffle shuffle at all, some were stiff as boards! No joke.

I highly recommend this deck, you will not regret getting it! Buy it directly from Mary Elizabeth Evans here!

Deck Interview


(The spread I always use is by Little Red Tarot)

1. What is your most important characteristic? The Emperor

You can count on me to be stable, you can always count I will tell you just how it is. I’m a strong deck and I hold my own! Think of me as a fatherly figure who you can come to for advice anytime.

2. What are your strengths as a deck? King of Wands

I have clear visions with leadership in giving you the best guidance as possible, even if they may seem a bit far fetched. There is a fire within me that won’t burn out anytime soon.  Together we can get a lot of work done!

3. What are your limits as a deck? The World

The world is your limit, it can feel endless but it does have a limit… I wouldn’t worry too much though. I can be pretty vast with knowledge. Though, sometimes it may be best to look within yourself rather than out in the world. You may have the answers already but you need to peel back the layers to uncover them.

4. What are you here to teach me? Ace of Wands

I’m here to tell you that there is a spark in you that will unleash many possibilities! You have potential but may not realize it just yet, you will see. I will teach you how to use that spark to begin an awesome creative practice!

5. How can I best learn from you? 10 of Pentacles

Hard work will pay off if your willing to study and practice. Those who work hard will reap the rewards of their effort, not just on a material level but also spiritually. You will grow internally and in life. You may even learn how to keep a stable business practice, how to really lay down your roots and grow.

6. What is the potential outcome of our relationship? Queen of Wands

Over time our relationship will strengthen and bond, together we will work hard and clear the clouds! I’m one who likes to get things accomplished, I never wear out so use me often. Compared to the King of Wands, I would say I wear the pants in this relationship… but don’t tell him that!

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