September Wrap Up

Circo Tarot

Is it just me or did September fly by?! Seems like yesterday was just the first of the month – I’m not complaining though, I’m thrilled that fall is here! I’ve made some lovely new friends and contacts this month, as well as picked up a few new decks, so it was a great month!


  • I didn’t read a ton this month but I am nearly finished with Jailbreaking the Goddess by Lasara Firefox Allen. It has been a mind opening experience and have loved every word of it! I really need to finish it up, I’m only pages from being able to put it back on my bookshelf.
  • Another book I started but I’m no where near done, is Moonology by Yasmin Boland. This is another book that I’m loving, even though I’m only a few chapters in. I’m taking my time with this book and following the moon cycle as I go. If you have read The Way of the Moon Journey by Aquarius Nation, then you will love this book! It shines new light on working with the moon and your life. I recommend that book to anyone who is interested in lunar manifestation!
  • I have a few books on my radar to order: Code Red and Tarot for Life.


  • Oh man, I got my hands on a very desired deck this month, it was the Circo Tarot! This gorgeous deck has been at fingers reach since I received it in the mail, I just can’t not use it! It has quickly became my main deck (along with my Spirit Speak) and has given me fantastic readings with it – both for personal and client readings! I recommend this deck fully and you won’t regret it!
  • I can’t remember if I got this deck on the 1st of September or not, but another new (to me) deck was the Alchemical Tarot by Robert M. Place. I adore the crap out of this deck and I was lucky enough to get it in a swap (with the book)! I moved this deck aside once the Circo Tarot landed but I will be revisiting this deck again soon, it has fantastic energy and is a delight to read intuitively!
  • On my wishlist is the new Iris Oracle by Spirit Speak! I hope to snag a copy of this deck soon but the wallet has been pretty dusty – it’s killing me!! Every deck Mary creates is pure love, you can truly tell she put a lot of heart and soul into creating a deck. I’ll be sending out a wish to the universe in hopes the Iris Oracle lands in my hands!
  • A few decks on my radar are: Pagan Otherworlds, Tarot of the Crone, and the Mary El Tarot.

Blogs & Links

  • While this isn’t really a blog or link, I have been having fun playing along with Tuesday’s #TarotRap on Twitter, hosted by the always awesome, Theresa Reed (The Tarot Lady)! It’s great fun and you are in good company, read about it on Theresa’s website.
  • If you are looking for some great video’s to watch, I highly recommend Jessi Huntenburg on YouTube! She has put out some very inspiring video’s that have for sure cracked me open – it really feels like she is talking directly to me!
  • Asali of Asali Earthwork did a fantastic interview with Courtney Alexander the creator of the Dust II Onyx Tarot!
  • The article “What makes a feminist tarot?” was a great read and has some great insight from other readers, plus mentions some fantastic decks.

On My Blog!

  • This month I only had one interview, and that was with Ruune! Ruune is a brilliant witch and musician who creates music inspired by the tarot! It was a great interview and very inspiring!
  • I launched a new “dear diary style post series called Filling the Void – it’s all about my exploration into a goddess centered spirituality. This series may be slowing down a bit as things have been shifting again in my path a bit.
  • I shared a fun and simple spread on the blog – The 2-Card “Bad Mood” Spread
  • One recent happening was I moved my tarot shop!! You can find it here – I’m also adding more spread options as time goes on!
  • Lastly, I had a few deck interviews:

What tarot blogs are you loving right now? Let me know in the comments!

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