Weekly Focus: Oct 17-23

I hope everyone had a great Full Moon, it was gorgeous! This week I’m using a new deck that arrived on Friday, it’s the Wanderer’s Tarot. I received this deck from the deck creator, Casey Zabala, and I adore it! I’ll be doing a deck interview reading this week with it but so far it’s been reading beautifully, I’m glad to have this deck in my collection.


Theme (Soul) // The Hanged Man

Kicking off this week with some Major’s showing up! I really feel the theme this week is all about a different approach to what we normally do. If something isn’t working, look at it from a different angle or simply take a break for a bit so you can refocus. This is something I do often when nothing seems to work how I want it to, I step away and come back to it with different ideas. We may need to do this if we plan on getting some work completed this week!

Focus (Mind) // Judgement

Rejuvenated is the word that keeps coming to mind. Our focus this week is all about opening our eyes with a fresh perspective, this echoes The Hanged Man big time. New perspective will offer a fresh outlook and point of view, it will change us for the good. We are feeling alive this week and reborn. Focus on seeing things in new light and starting over, not necessarily like a clean slate but more of just going in a different direction that leaves you feeling fresh and rejuvenated. Judgement to me is all about coming to realization and rising up from situations that were holding us down.

Action (Body) // 10 of Stones

Stacking things up and adding to your load, in a good way! We are tackling lists this week and moving on up the ladder. This card is normally seen as the 10 of Pentacles in a standard deck and is a card of wealth and stability. My attention is brought to the stacked stones, they look stable and secure. This is our source of action this week, getting things done so we can feel more secure through the week. If that means taking on a few extra tasks, go for it! Whatever you can do to end the week on top is key here.

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