100 Cards of Cosmos


Back in June I got my hands on the Cosmos Tarot & Oracle deck… for the second time after letting go my first copy, which I instantly regretted. I vowed that I would do a deep study with this deck… but ended up getting distracted (probably by another deck arrival) and never started up the study. This deck has been sitting comfortably on my shelf with my many other decks. I was recently inspired by Anna from Lady Lionheart Tarot who is doing a “#100DaysofCosmos” on her Instagram – as well as inspiration from Carrie Mallon and her The Wild Unknown card posts over on her blog (they are excellent)! I’ve been wanting to dive into this deck for months and I think this will be a fun way of doing it!

So, I’m planning on doing a daily draw with this deck on my Instagram and then talk about a few cards each week on the blog (will most likely double up on days or post a few days each week). I don’t want to cram all the cards in but I also don’t want these posts to drag out too long since I tend to lose interest quite easily and there are 100 cards total.

My goal with each blog post is to note the keywords associated with the card given from the book (they are also listed on all the cards), as well as my personal interpretation of each card using my intuition and the info given in the book. I will also try to note on the planetary or constellation associated with each card.

I started a page on the blog where I will list all the cards to this deck so you can find them quick and go right to the post I do. Since I’m going card by card, I will add the link to each card as I go. I’m pulling them at random so they won’t be in order.

I’m going to try to not put a lot of pressure on myself for these posts, but to make them more fun and relaxed. If I miss a week or two, no worries! If you have this deck and want to follow along, please do! Feel free to post your interpretations in the comments, I would love to hear from you guys!

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