Cygnus ● Cosmos Tarot & Oracle

I’m going through all 100 cards in the Cosmos Tarot & Oracle deck, one by one with my own interpretation based on my intuition and notes from the deck creators in the book. I’ve had this deck for quite a while and have yet to dive in, so I’m using this as a way to get to know the deck. From what I have learned and noticed is that it really has it’s own system, not quite like the Rider-Waite or other systems I have found. This deck is a collaboration of 100 different artists through Light Grey Art Lab, it features constellations, planetary, and all things surrounding the universe.


CYGNUS (5 of Fire) ● Cosmos Tarot & Oracle

Keywords: Keeping Up Appearances – Tactical Finesse

It can be difficult to keep it together and look at ease, yet also try to put your foot down and lay down the rules. I think some of us do this well, while others crumble under the pressure. This card tells me to breath, to take a moment to collect myself before turning into the Tower and losing my shit. Being able to keep your cool in rocky situations is a challenge in itself but one that offers a lot of respect.

I’m really drawn to the fierceness of the swan. Normally you see a swan as graceful and delicate while it swims softly through the water, but this swan is out for blood. I feel it is protecting something, it’s like it was finally pushed over the edge… but the swan is being a bad ass! It is showing control and dominance, in yet a graceful tact. This is a swan you don’t want to mess with and would like on your side. I feel like it would take a lot for the swan to be pushed to this state so it must be over something dear to them, perhaps it’s cygnets (babies). 

This card is associated with the Cygnus constellation, which is known as the swan constellation. In Latin, Cygnus means “the swan”. This constellation is associated with the Greek mythology of Zeus and Leda, read more on this constellation here.

I’m going through the Cosmos Tarot & Oracle deck, find the other cards I talk about here! Got this deck and want to follow along? Join in on the comments, I want to hear what you think of each card!

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