Sagitta + Indus ● Cosmos Tarot & Oracle

I’m going through all 100 cards in the Cosmos Tarot & Oracle deck, one by one with my own interpretation based on my intuition and notes from the deck creators in the book. I’ve had this deck for quite a while and have yet to dive in, so I’m using this as a way to get to know the deck. From what I have learned and noticed is that it really has it’s own system, not quite like the Rider-Waite or other systems I have found. This deck is a collaboration of 100 different artists through Light Grey Art Lab, it features constellations, planetary, and all things surrounding the universe.

SAGITTA + INDUS (6 of Fire) ● Cosmos Tarot & Oracle

Keywords: Damage Taken to Defend Another

Be the warrior, be that person who takes a stand and defends not only those you love but what you love. This card is about taking action to protect and shield what you hold as sacred. This can also be standing up for yourself in a conversation when you feel attacked verbally. We come into contact with others who push their beliefs and opinions on us way too often – standing in line at the store, at work in the office, or even just over the phone. This is your message to take a stand and defend yourself. The arrows in this card are straight and sharp, so should your conduct, don’t bend your actions or soften your tact. This doesn’t mean you should  start throwing sharp objects!! It also doesn’t mean to be hateful, it’s aimed at taking a stand towards a bully or someone/something that pushes themselves into your life negatively or is hurtful unwanted behavior. I can think of a few situations where I didn’t hold my ground and fight back, so I know this card also urges us to be courageous and use inner strength.

The person depicted in this card seems to be a Native American holding a flag and tomahawk as they face the arrows being shot at them. They have several arrows piercing their arm, yet they are still standing strong and facing those attacking. We may face getting injured or emotionally hurt while taking a stand at what threatens us, but this is a small sacrifice to take. You can’t always go into an argument and not expect to get verbally bruised. As silly as this is, this children’s rhyme comes to mind when looking at this card:

Sticks and stones may break my bones

but names will never hurt me.

A note on the cosmos associated with this card, Sagitta and Indus. Sagitta is the constellation of the arrow while Indus is normally associated as a proud man with arrows in both hands, depicted usually as a Native American. Both constellations are far away from each other but are related in symbolism here. I think they collaborate well in this card and have a powerful message.

I’m going through the Cosmos Tarot & Oracle deck, find the other cards I talk about here! Got this deck and want to follow along? Join in on the comments, I want to hear what you think of each card!

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