Weekly Focus: Oct 24-30

Wow, I’m late this week! It’s been a long 4-day weekend over in my house (well, for my husband lol) so we have been busy with house stuff and in the garden. I decided to just enjoy the time and relax, so I didn’t do much tarot card throwing at all. I meant to post the weekly focus yesterday, like normal, but I got heavily distracted and decided to just wait till today so I could focus more. Let’s jump in, we still have nearly all of this week left!


This morning I was drawn to using the Spirit Speak Tarot and the Iris Oracle, these decks work so beautifully together, one of my favorite pairing.

Theme (Soul) // Death of the Deceitful

Our theme this week is all about cutting cords and letting shit go! We are talking about digging deep into our closets and getting rid of the shadows we no longer wish to deal with, yet we drag along through life anyways. It’s all about clearing things out, both mentally and physically. Whether this relates to people in your life that are hindering and holding you back – negative thought patterns we have nagging at us daily – and emotionally ties to things and objects that are no longer in the picture. It’s time to just clean house whether people think your being harsh or not, remember that this is your life story and your the writer!

Focus (Mind) // Judgement

Wow, this card really resonates well with our theme this week! This card to me amplifies that it really is time to clear out what is not serving us anymore, more so than your regular releasing. Our focus for this clean out should be to feel refreshed, awaken, and new! We want that “just had the best morning coffee, ever!” feeling after we cut these cords that are holding us back. Have you had this kind of coffee before?! If you have, you know the feeling I’m talking about! It’s good… real good! Let this card be your motivation this week, what we can strive to be by the weekend… though, all this mental and emotional work may have us feeling like a zombie by the end of the week… I always see zombies when I look at this card, lol! So, if your feeling more like a zombie rather than fresh and new… you deserve some good rest and pat on your back!

Action (Body) // The Lovers

What ever you do this week, try not to do this alone or at least put a lot of love into what you are doing and feeling. Greet everything with compassion rather than fear, especially if you are cutting cords and clearing out the shadows. When we greet things with fear and anger, it really doesn’t help at all. It makes things worse, leaves us in a blah mood, and only feeds the fear even more. Some of the work you do this week could be better done with your partner, best friend, or close relative. If you are feeling like you need to pair up, do it! Call someone you know you can trust and that will help you in this process… not judge you or hold you back.

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