Lupus ● Cosmos Tarot & Oracle

I’m going through all 100 cards in the Cosmos Tarot & Oracle deck, one by one with my own interpretation based on my intuition and notes from the deck creators in the book. I’ve had this deck for quite a while and have yet to dive in, so I’m using this as a way to get to know the deck. From what I have learned and noticed is that it really has it’s own system, not quite like the Rider-Waite or other systems I have found. This deck is a collaboration of 100 different artists through Light Grey Art Lab, it features constellations, planetary, and all things surrounding the universe.

LUPUS (9 of Air) ● Cosmos Tarot & Oracle

Keywords: Secret Dealings – Rumors – Provocation

We all encounter trolls online, people in our lives that test us or challenge us, and those who just simply want to prove us wrong even when we are right. These people can make a big hiccup in our day that will drag on into the week and sometimes longer! Ignoring these encounters are often the best choice but sometimes we just need to confront them and call them out. Be the bigger person and put any rumors to rest, clear the air, and move on.

I’m drawn to the hand of the wolf in this card. It is a moment caught in transition, where a human is transformed into a wolf, almost like they are showing their true colors. If a person is just out for a thrill and wants to stir the pot for their own entertainment, it will be shown and they will be exposed.

I’m going through the Cosmos Tarot & Oracle deck, find the other cards I talk about here! Got this deck and want to follow along? Join in on the comments, I want to hear what you think of each card!

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