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I’ve been pulling my decks out more and more lately. It’s been quite a while since I did a reading that involved more than a single card, but this morning I felt drawn to doing a simple 3-card reading on myself and my vegan journey. On May 4th this year I switched to a full vegan lifestyle and when I started picking up my cards recently I was pretty amazed with how I felt when shuffling. I can’t quite explain it but my intuition felt very strong. I’ve always felt I had a strong intuition but this just felt so much different.

Usually when I shuffle and feel the deck out before I cut or pull a card, I get a very gut sinking feeling. I’ve always had this gut feeling since I started tarot a couple years ago, but it just feels a lot more intense. I’m not sure if it’s because I have cleaned my body really well over the past month and a half or what, but I’m going to pin it on my recent change to veganism.

Anyways, I wanted to do a quick card pull on my current journey to see what the cards say… this reading ended up pretty interesting! I did a simple past-present-future spread, which I rarely use, and used my Cosmos Tarot & Oracle deck (I have combined this deck and don’t use the two decks separate).

First, I want to talk about some things I noticed about this reading before I get into each card… I always look for a few things in a reading:

  • Communication between the cards – how the cards speak to one another
  • Progression of the cards – how they build up or build down
  • Direction – which way the images in the cards face

I quickly noticed the progression int he cards from left to right. The “past” card is a Godzilla like creature, he is angry and yelling. I get a very frantic and aggressive sense with this card. Then moving to the “present” card I see a a being who looks to be the center of attention and these other beings are looking up to him… but I get a very “gathering” feel of this card, like this main being in the card is building up some power or control. Moving on to the card on the right we have the “future”. This card is such an opposite of the first card… you had a destructive looking creature, then you move to a feeling of peace and love.

I quickly felt like the progression of these cards flowed really well… you have frantic behavior and chaos to gathering some sense of control and learning to a feeling of peace and serenity.

The communication between the cards are all so different. I get a different feeling and sense from each card, very much like an orchestra of emotions, much like you would get when you are venturing down a new journey… much like how it’s been with me and veganism. I started out as the creature of angst, I was always interested in veganism but I didn’t know where to start and everything felt very confusing, I feel this is portrayed well in this card.

On my journey so far I have taken the time to learn and practice what I preach. I’m still learning and gathering the info I need right now, it’s all a journey. I love that the “future” card is the one presented, I feel this rings fairly true if I stay on course with my learning and living up to the values I believe in. It’s not just a “fad diet” or temporary lifestyle change, I went vegan for the animals and the health benefits. Whenever I do a reading for someone, I always tell them that if they like the ending card then they can use this card as a goal to strive for… if you don’t like what you see, then simply change it. Nothing is set in stone, you have the power.

I, for one, love the ending card and will strive to make this a reality on my path of veganism! I no longer wish to be Godzilla. I have never felt so good and I love it! I not only feel great physically, but also mentally and spiritually. This post kind of turned into a “dear diary” but it’s ok haha! I hope to get back into tarot reading more and more, I’m eyeing a few new decks as well but I think I will work with my current ones for now and get to know them again.

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