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Words cannot describe how excited I was to see my Slow Holler deck out for delivery this morning. When the Kickstarter for the Slow Holler tarot went live in 2015 I missed backing this project since finances just didn’t align up at the time. Then, when it came out, I stalled on buying it since I was back and forth in tarot… I took a long break and still didn’t order it. When I recently got my tarot mojo back, it was the first deck I ordered!

It shipped the day I ordered it and arrived quick! This deck did not disappoint at all! I knew I would have a connection with these cards and I was right, the deck and I have already gotten along so well. Last week I was starting to feel a bit of regret for letting my Collective Tarot go a while back, but when this arrived today, all those feelings went away. It has a very similar vibe to me like the Collective Tarot had, so I feel like this deck is filling that void. To be honest, I had a void with the Collective Tarot even before I let it go, one of the cards got damaged by our dog when she was a puppy. Since that event, the connection I had to the Collective Tarot was lost, I just couldn’t look past that damaged card and always wondered if I drew the card because I felt it or if I didn’t draw the card because I was trying not to touch it… if that makes sense.

Anyways, back to the Slow Holler tarot! This is not a review or anything, just a little post on my first impressions of this deck and some readings I’ve done with it the day it arrived.

The packaging was stunning, it felt like a treasure opening this deck up. It came wrapped carefully in a printed cloth and tied with a red thread (which I tied around my wrist like a bracelet). It really encompassed the whole feel of this deck perfectly!

I already had a chance to sit down and shuffle this deck for a while, it shuffles like a dream by the way. The first card pulled from the deck was just too perfect, it was The Fledgling (The Fool)! I always find it amusing when a specific card pops up that fits so well. Seeing the Fledgling show up first was a key indicator to me that this deck was just the journey I need right now to kickstart my tarot reading once again. It’s not just about taking a risk or chance, it’s about being open to the journey and be willing. Just let go and soak every inch of the journey up, and that is exactly what I plan to do with this deck, just let it be and learn as I go with an open mind and attitude.

Some of the cards in this deck read very RWS and then a few had me really pulling info from the cards. With indie decks, I never read the book first, I prefer to get my own insight to the card and then look up to see what the artist had in mind when they created the card the way they did. I did this with the Fledgling card, wrote down my own input and then resorted to the book to see what it had to say… the book reminds me so much of the book from the Collective Tarot… which makes me love it even more as I loved that book! I don’t feel it takes away anything from my own interpretation, but only adds some layer to my interpretation. I always feel you can only get this special layer with indie deck books, not with your standard little white book, those always feel so “copy and paste” like.

Before dinner, I decided to do a 3-card reading on myself for a basic “past present future” but since I have never liked the position names of that spread, I instead changed the wording to:

  • Where have I been?
  • Where am I now?
  • Where am I headed?

I don’t usually share personal readings on the blog but one thing that caught my attention with this reading were the cards and their placements. The center card is “where I am now” and it totally called me out! I have been feeling so upset and worried that I have been away from tarot for so long that it has me thinking I will be rusty and out of the loop, or I will be discouraged because I’m not at where I was when I took a break (or at least I thought). I was worried that I would get frustrated with daily readings or intuitive interpretation and not want to continue it. Sounds weird, I know, but this card reflected those feelings the second I flipped it over… I was in denial and kept thinking “nah, I’m not this card”…. but in reality, I am.

When I did a “past present future” reading I always told my clients that if you like the ending card, make it your goal to strive for… if you don’t like it, change it! Simple enough. You have the power, nothing is set in stone. I for one love the ending card (10 of Stones), who wouldn’t?! So for me to reach this card, I need to work past my current struggles and fears. Let time take control and with time I will get back on my feet with tarot soon enough. For now, I’m going to enjoy this fresh new perspective with the cards and get to know them in new light that this break has given me. Before I thought taking time away from my cards would be a terrible thing… now I’m glad that I did as I wouldn’t have these brand new eyes if I hadn’t stepped away!

I always enjoy seeing the “past” card, it tells me right away what this reading is pointing to. Seeing The Oracle (High Priestess) reminded me of a period I was going through where I felt I needed to get in touch with the goddess and such. I have mentioned before that I’m an Atheist but spiritual… anytime I try to look deeper into something it never works out for me and I end up pulling back. I have always fought against this but always return back to my true self. Seeing this card told me that I have always had what I seek, myself. I lost that connection to my own self and I believe this is how it took me to the current card. When the US election ended, I reached a very bad low. I was stressed, worried, and hit some depression. It caused me to pack away all my cards and just bottle everything up. I had trouble leaving the house for a few days… I can only describe it in person, typing just doesn’t cone out the same. I had a breakdown at the grocery store and it threw me off big time, took a while to heal and get back on my feet. Here I am now.

Anyways, I have turned this small post into a novel, oop’s! I plan to spend a lot of time with this deck so you will be seeing it often on my IG stream!

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