On Tuesday I decided to start a “78 Days of Slow Holler” where I go through the whole deck in 78 days (no card repeats). I was inspired by @annalionhearted on Instagram. I started something similar a long while back with the Cosmos Tarot & Oracle deck, but never finished… I didn’t even come close to finishing lol! I do plan to return to that project down the road when I am inspired to pick up that deck again though.

Today was day 3 of #78DaysofSlowHoller and I have to say, I really enjoy getting to know this deck like this. I’m not drawing a card with the thought that this is my “card of the day” but more like “my study of the day”.

Tuesdays card was the 8 of Branches (8 of Wands) and when I originally looked at this card, I didn’t see the connect to it like I did with other decks, I felt I was missing the idea of this card… but then after a little study and picking it apart, I realized this card is a fantastic representation of the 8 of Wands. It’s all about rolling up your sleeves and getting work done, if that means dipping your hands in multiple projects to get it done faster, so be it. It also shows that you have the capability to get it done in high speed (with all these extra hands)… I also see this card as a nudge to ask for help if there are willing hands. So I love the extra layer this card provided, not just your standard wood rods flying quickly through the air.

Yesterdays card was the Architect of Stones (King of Coins), this was another card that threw me off a tad but then fell in love with this interpretation of the King of Coins. I’ve always seen this card as a very wealthy, selfish person on your traditional RWS version. My interpretation of this card is someone who has a vision and it is unlimited, if we want something we can do it or achieve it, our only limitation is ourselves. So if it means collaborating with others to get something done, so be it. This is someone who will always find a way, no matter the goal or object of desire. I think a lot of time we think something is too out of the way so we don’t go after it, like my dream is to have a couple acres of land where we can have a huge garden and fruit tree space… along with a small animal rescue of goats, chickens, and (hopefully) a cow. This dream seems impossible to reach, but I know that if I take the right steps and be patient, it can be a reality!

This mornings card was the 9 of Knives… what a nightmare of a card! My first reaction was “this is where nightmares live, in this card”. When I break it down, our nightmares are simply just dreams that become reality in the form of anxiety, stress, and unnecessary worry. We are usually the cause of all this stress that hangs over our head, I know mine is! We always try to see the positive, but most of the time we focus solely on the negatives “this is going to end well… I knew this would happen”. This card urges us to dig deep and find the cause of all this. We need to change our perspective, do some shadow work, and find the root cause of our current turmoil. If you’re not willing to change, then you should get comfortable in this feeling of dread, change isn’t scary… it can be a positive thing if we take the right steps and get out of our head.

I don’t know if I will break down every card on the blog, but I may, or I may just do a group post on several cards… Not sure. I’m trying not to hold myself to any challenges, commitments, or promises as I have learned I am not one to stick with things if I become too obsessed. I go through “seasons” where I get obsessed with running for several months, then switch to creating for a few months, then back to tarot for a couple months…. I used to hate these “seasons” I would fall into, but I’m trying to accept that this is just how I work lol! It’s not that I get bored easy, I just get inspired to focus on one thing at a time. So we will see! You can follow my exploration of the Slow Holler deck on Instagram.

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  1. Great idea!

    And when you get to The Guild, please post if you have the energy. It’s one card I just cannot connect to yet. Always looking for more insight.

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