Another new deck!

Yesterday, another new deck arrived and it was a day early! I ordered the Sasuraibito Tarot by Stasia Burrington after seeing a few images from the deck on Instagram. The Star card is what really pushed me to hit the “order” button lol! I’m a sucker for anything space related so this deck had to join my collection.

I haven’t spent too much time with it yet but plan to, I did do a few readings with it along with some TV exercises to get a feel of the reading style of this deck. A TV exercise is where you watch a reality show or something like Dr. Phill and ask the deck questions as questions arise in the show… yesterday, Dr. Phill popped on so I decided to watch it with this deck. Some guy was obsessed with being a superhero or something, so I just pulled cards as certain situations appeared like “what is the root cause of his obsession?”. It was interesting and played out to be pretty spot on!


Right now I’m trying to give my full attention to the study with Slow Holler tarot but the Sasuraibito Tarot will be making an appearance here and there for sure! I may use it for my weekend reading today!

I have a few other decks on my current wishlist:

  • Personal Space Tarot
  • Divina Tarot
  • Holly Simple Tarot
  • Fuzzy Prism Oracle
  • New World Tarot

I think my next purchase will be the Holly Simple Tarot and Fuzzy Prism Oracle, I just adore Holly Simple and her decks look amazing! I’m also looking for some new tarot books to dive into!

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