Day 7 of #78DaysofSlowHoller

Day 7 of #78DaysofSlowHoller

Today was day 7 of the #78daysofslowholler study I’m doing. I’m loving this deck more and more with each pull I do. This deck has been giving me some fantastic readings with some spreads I use. I really would like to post these cards one by one but life happens and I get busy.

Here is a group of the last four I have pulled:

2 of Branches

Allow yourself to not only see the new changes and growth happening, but to feel them too. Feel the changes from the inside growing and yearning to branch out. This is just another step for you to climb. If things get uncomfortable, change your position but never stop the growth from continuing, trust in the process.

Traveler of Branches

Normally I view this card as power house that is ready to go full force without delay (or thinking). I pulled this card on Friday and was really drawn to the “warning” this card brings instead. There was no need for us to go full force, so take this card as a heads up and pace yourself. It can be way too easy to get heavily involved, sometimes when we drop our blinders we can get burned or make mistakes.

9 of Vessels

We are sometimes always so caught up on the things we don’t have or things that are out of reach. Doing this can make is feel miserable regardless if we have everything we need. Turning your focus onto the small things or what you already have can bring us joy that we didn’t realize was there. This could be enjoying a day out with friends, finding a book on your wishlist at the library, or just allowing yourself to be happy! You are deserving of everything you have worked hard for and have in your life, enjoy them!

The Precipice

When I pulled this card this morning I couldn’t see how it would be relevant to my day… it’s Monday, I have nothing hanging out in limbo, I’m feeling good, etc. Then it dawned on me, I’ve actually been this card all morning while I focused on creating new goals for myself and my blog. Sometimes when we start a new focus on our life we are left to reevaluate what we are doing, what we want, and what we wish to focus on. This can also be seen in the form of goal planning and tweaking our goals as we go and grow. What are you doing today that encompasses this card?

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