Daily or Weekly Temp Check Spread

Thought I would share this little spread that came to mind on Monday after posting the weekly reading. I’m a fan of getting right to the issue when it comes to tarot readings and cutting out all the clutter. While it’s nice to have extra details and little notes from other cards, I like to focus on the matters at hand that are right in my face. If I feel I need a little extra, I’ll pull a card or two but it’s rare.

This spread uses just 3 cards and you can add in an extra oracle or tarot card for a message to go along with this reading or a shadow aspect. When I do pull an extra card, I will often pull the bottom card in the deck. This either validates the reading for me or helps to tie it all together.

Grab some coffee (or a beer, why not?), your deck, and let’s get shuffling! If you are using this for a weekly reading, the best time to do this reading is on Sunday or early Monday morning. If it’s a forecast for the day, I like to pull cards that morning before starting my day but you can pull them the night before if that floats your boat!

Card 1 This is you right now! The energy you are giving off, what you are currently doing, or what is going on in your world right now.

Card 2 This is the energy and the people around you. It could be the actions of others and what they are doing, it could also be what is greeting you this week.

Card 3 Take this card as your ticket to make it through the day/week. This is how to handle the situations that come up and what energy to send out in order to survive the day/week!

Spread in Motion

I’m using one of my favorite decks, the Spirit Speak tarot! My love of this deck never dims and I don’t think it ever will. I decided to do this sample reading for myself, why not?! Ok, let’s check out the cards!

(Deck used: Spirit Speak Tarot)

Card 1 (4 of Coins) – I had to laugh a little when this gem showed up as “me”… I have been racking my brain all morning with how to earn some extra funds so I can do a little retail therapy on Amazon. I woke up feeling a bit selfish and I gave myself permission to feel this today, I do a lot for others. Right before shuffling, I made some extra money online and said out loud “this is my spending money today!”… being an adult… with a kid… and spouse, brings on responsibilities (ahem, bills) so it’s rare that I splurge on myself, lol! I was determined that this was mine to use lol! So this card is very spot on today for me, I’m being greedy and have no shame.

Card 2 (The Empress) – “Nurturing” was my first response to this card and I feel it today! Despite the horrible crap going on in the news, I have felt the love today being shared around both online and around me while running errands this morning. Sometimes the Empress can come off as a little smothering though, much like an over protected parent. This card can also act as a heads up as to not get too defensive over the actions of others, they may mean well but may also not be aware of what they are doing.

Card 3 (Ace of Swords) – Since today has been going very well for me (knock on wood), I will for sure raise my sword up high in victory and seize the day! I would see the Ace of Swords urging me to be clear with my thoughts and words today. I mentioned the Empress being a bit smothering at times and this card may come in handy when speaking up a bit. Also, I ended up spending my extra cash and ordered a book on learning astrology! Lately, I have been wanting to dive further into learning and it has been on my mind… quick like a sword being swung, I hit the “buy” button on Amazon, lol!

I would love to hear how this spread worked for you, so be sure to leave a note in the comments below!

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