My Top 5 Go-To Tarot Decks

It’s no surprise that I love to vary my decks week to week. I’m a pure Gemini and I’m never happy with sticking with the same deck, day by day. I have tried a few times to stick to just one deck but I always resort to mixing things up! One thing is for sure, I have several decks that tend to be in rotation and are my go-to when doing a reading or bringing with me when I travel. Other decks in my collection are simply loved due to the artwork or memories attached to them.

Here are my top 5 go-to decks that I use often and will most likely never leave my collection!

1. Spirit Speak Tarot

I have gushed about this many times and I just can’t help it, I love this deck! I’m a big fan of clean lines and black & white, so this deck hits all the right spots for me aesthetically. Not to mention it has pulled through on many readings and packs a punch with intuitive interpretation! Some of the cards in this deck are very RWS but some walk their own path but don’t stray too far off. My deck is the first edition and I believe the one available is white on black design but still just as awesome! I love the size of this deck, it’s poker card size, and fits in my hands perfectly even though I have insanely long fingers and hands. I love to sit with a deck and shuffle while watching tv and I grab this deck often since it’s just a fun deck to shuffle.

2. Pagan Otherworlds

Ahh… the Pagan Otherworlds! This is a fairly “new to me” deck that has joined my tarot family a couple weeks ago and I just can’t put it down. Lately this has been my absolute go-to deck! There are few decks that have crossed my path that read as well as this deck, the other was the Collective Tarot for me. It usually takes me some time to really resonate with a deck and “get to know it” but this deck was an instant connection for me and has really pushed out some spot on readings. I recently did some light deck study with this deck and every time I pick it up I find something new that I fall in love with. If you are picky with shuffling, this deck shuffles like a dream and feels good in your hands due to the linen finish.

3. The Rider Tarot (RWS)

While very common, my RWS deck is my closest companion when it comes to deck picks. This deck also has some personal memories attached to it since I bought it while on a trip to Flagstaff and Sedona for my father in laws memorial service. I love buying decks when I am on vacation to capture the memory of a trip or place, so this deck is close to my heart. The RWS deck never fails me and is always a go-to when I do any type of deck study or meet with friends to give them a reading. It’s a deck that people recognize even if they aren’t a tarot reader, it’s iconic and easy for them to follow along with. I always recommend someone new to tarot to pick up any deck that draws them in but I always suggest starting with your standard RWS.

4. The Golden Thread

If you can’t tell, I’m a huge fan of RWS typed decks so it may not be a shock that this deck made the cut, lol! I have so much love for the Golden Thread tarot! It is stunning and not to mention adorable, also shuffles like (vegan) butter! I have the first edition copy but have edged my deck in black pigment, the second edition has the black edges already but is made of plastic I think. Anyways, the reason this made the cut is because it also reads very well for me and cuts right to the point. This deck has called me on my B.S. more times than I can count! This is a deck I would highly recommend to anyone interested in tarot, even the well seasoned reader!

5. Circo Tarot

This was a tough choice to narrow down! I was torn between the Sasuraibito Tarot and the Circo tarot, but it was a given for me just based on the fact that the Circo tarot has helped me through some tough times. I have turned to this deck when I need some heart to heart advice and it gives me chills with its accuracy for me. It helped me process loss with ease and it’s illustrations are calming, yet vibrant. I don’t often recommend this deck to others only due to the fact it is currently out of stock, but when it’s available I tell everyone to BUY IT! It’s fantastic and I also love the way it shuffles. It is thicker than most cards but very bendy, it does show wear quite easily but I love worn decks… they show character and love.

What are your “go-to” decks? Leave a comment, I would love to hear!

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