Weekly Reading for Sept 11-17

It’s Sunday! Time to grab my cards and get shuffling to see what’s in store this week, not without my iced coffee of course! Today I’m using my Circo Tarot a lot so I decided to use it again for this weeks messages. I forgot how much fun this deck is, I’ll need to pull it out more often for sure this week.

(Deck: Circo Tarot)

In a hurry? This week is mainly surrounded on planning and how you plan out your week! A good strategy can lead to a fantastic week… bad planning, could leave you crying over spilled (almond) milk. So lets really set some intentions for the new week and make it kick ass!

The theme of this week is the 2 of Wands will have a lot of play in how our week will go. It’ all about planning well! I think if we plan our week accordingly it will get us to those goal focused victories that we are always after. Poor planning will lead to… well, still a good week, but not as great as it could be and we know what we are fully capable of so no excuses!

Everything seems to be pointing towards the 3 of Cups in this reading so I feel like that’s the big aspect of our week. We need to focus on how we interact with others and what roles we play in any groups that we’re in, this will be key. Get your planners out, pens ready, and set some goals!

Starting off the week we have the 3 of Cups! It seems we will be starting off on a high note and I’m ok with that! It’s suggesting that we will be kicking off the week surrounded by those who lift our spirits. I’m drawn to the layout of this card and it makes me think of working together with others just like I mentioned above or possibly even the feeling of being crowded in these groups that we find ourselves in. If you are feeling a bit crowded, readjust your position in your week and find what’s comfortable for you. Overall, I’m feeling connectedness with this card!

Moving to the middle of this week we are greeted by yet another great card, this time from the 6 of Wands. I’m liking where this week is going! We must have done something right at the start of the week with planning because I’m seeing some praise headed our way, which is always welcomed, right? I feel like this reason of this recognition is closely tied to the 3 of Cups “events”. Someone or something helped bring about this feeling of achievement so you should for sure enjoy the moment and be proud! However, If you are not at the center stage of all this and find yourself cheering on someone else, perhaps it had something to do with how well you stuck with your plan or vision for the week. Either way, I see this being a great midweek!

Ending the week we are gifted the Ace of Cups. Are we feeling a bit emo while entering the weekend? This is the week that just keeps giving it seems and I’m not complaining. The Ace of Cups suggests that we will be an overflowing cup of gratitude and that could possibly be a bit overwhelming so be sure to let some of this overflow out to those around you and not keep it all bottled up. After seeing the other cards this week I can see why we may feel a bit emotional at the end. Either something went very right or you didn’t map accordingly and we are eating (vegan) ice cream on the couch Friday while binge watching reruns of Friends… let’s hope it’s not the latter or the two! I hope everyone has a great week!

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