Coffee with the Creatures of the Moon Deck

Wednesday was the official “stock-the-mail-because-there-is-a-deck-out-for-delivery” type of day. Naturally, the mail always arrives way late on the days that I have a package coming, it’s a conspiracy I tell you! Anyways, a new deck landed in my hands and I’m madly in love… I know, I say that about all the decks that I get, but this time… I really, really mean it!

The deck I received is the Creatures of the Moon by Rebecca Schoenecker (AKA Laughing Eye Weeping Eye). It’s a double-sided 32-card deck (64-card images in total) that mixes the lore of the Moon and Creature totems, as well as numerology and storytelling. It’s packed with stories, divination, Moon info, and so much more. The deck comes with a 308 page book that is loaded, this deck has so many facets to it and I love it!

I’m for sure more of a tarot reader than oracle reader but when the right oracle deck sparks my interest, I tend to trust my instinct and buy it. The only other oracle decks I currently own and use is my own Seed Oracle (I’m still working on getting this deck printed) and the Iris Oracle by Mary Elizabeth Evans. I recently sold my Animal Spirit oracle deck since I just couldn’t get into it, despite the gorgeous artwork. I’m also currently letting go of the Wild Unknown tarot copy I have as well for the same reasons.

Back to this deck, I get distracted way too easy! So this post is part review and part “first glance” impressions, I don’t want to go too heavy into a review since I haven’t had time to work with the deck fully yet but spoil alert: I LOVE THIS DECK!

The Box

Love the box! I’m not normally a box lover in general, I usually put my decks in their own bag, but I loved the box for some reason. It’s a nice sturdy, black matte box with silver font and image of the Creature Bast on the front from the Triple Moon card. The cards are snug in the box, but with room so they are jumbled in there at all.

The Book

I mentioned above that the book is cram packed with info, but it’s not cluttered, it was put together in a very clean way. The book is very easy to read and understand, it’s also aesthetically pleasing and full color. There are sections about each card side called the Creature-side and the Moon-side, info about the Moon and phases, Goddess aspects, spreads, tips with working with the deck, stories, timing, and so much more! I was pretty shocked, in a good way! ou can truly tell how much time and effort went into making this deck just perfect.

The Cards

I’m really picky with how a deck shuffles and this passed my test! It riffle shuffles well and side shuffles like a dream. The cards are a satin matte, about the size of most oracle cards and fit nicely in my hand. There are 32-cards but a total of 64-cards images since they are double sided, so it’s like getting two decks in one! The Moon side features all the phases of the Moon, symbols that relate to each Goddess aspect (Maiden, Mother, Crone, and Enchantress), plus two extra moon cards (Lunar Eclipse and Triple Moon). The Creature side of the deck are Creature totems that feature the moon title, a keyword, and the moon phase relating to the creature. Within the deck are element cards as well!

I used this deck the other morning with my daily tarot pull and decided to use the First Quarter Moon card as an intentional card to mirror the moon at that time. It paired up lovely with my Spirit Speak tarot and I plan to use it often with tarot pairing, curious to see how it pairs up with my Pagan Otherworlds tarot!

I also had a chance to play with some spreads in the book, I tried out both Moon spreads and was pleasantly surprised with the readings. They were extremely spot on and I rarely get a strong reading like that with oracle decks, usually it’s just little “you can do it” messages but this deck actually showed some layers and called me out on some of my current struggles. There are many ways to read the info from each card, whether it’s time, numerology, moon phase, stories, Goddess aspects, environments, etc. Literally no wrong way to go about these cards, you can take what you want and leave the rest or use it all.

Would I recommend this deck? YES! I highly recommend this deck to anyone curious about the Moon or works with the Moon on a daily basis like I do. This deck adds flavor to tarot readings and as stand alone deck by itself. I tried to find cards in the deck that I didn’t resonate with and honestly, I couldn’t find any at all. I love them all! This deck really makes me regret letting go of my Laughing Eye Weeping Eye tarot deck, badly. I would love to use both decks together! I sold that deck a couple years back and have no idea why I did that, now I want to order it again… will have to wait till finances open up, lol!

Using my favorite deck interview spread from Little Red Tarot, I grabbed some iced coffee… with almond Pumpkin Spice creamer (so good) and got shuffling! Here is what the deck had to say!

I decided to focus on the Creature side of this deck for the sake of keeping this reading somewhat short. I only touched based on the face value of each card and a few notes of the numerology here and there. There is just so much info I can pull from each card, I didn’t want to write a novel for this post lol!

✖︎ Tell me about yourself. What is your most important characteristic? Transition/Goose

First off, I love this card! It just has a warm feeling to it and really feels like Fall to me. This card is suggesting to me that this deck is one of opportunity and personal growth. It’s all about allowing natural rhythms to take place and let them flow without resisting or blocking. From a numerology aspect, the card number 10 relates to an ending of a cycle and the position to begin something new. Applying that to this position, it tells me that this is a deck of new opportunity in learning, it’s a fresh new adventure and I’m excited!

✖︎ What are your strengths as a deck? Reflection/Sloth 

This card has been popping up in every reading I’ve done so far and I love that this card showed up in this position, it’s all about reflection, observing, and taking your time. The strength this deck has is about stopping to smell the roses, this is a deck that wants you to truly see what is going on and take your time with it. There is no rush involved when reading with this deck, it urges you to take a moment and really dive into the cards to see all aspects it has to offer. This card is associated with number 4, this is a card of stability and I think this fits very well with the strengths this deck has! This is a deck of structure and I feel like it’s very grounding.

✖︎ What are your limits as a deck? Union/Koi 

I always tend to read this question/position like an RX card and since this is a card normally associated with unity and harmony, I feel like the limits are that this deck would prefer to be used as a stand alone deck and not mix with other decks often. Looking at this card intuitively, the fish in the water remind me of the Cups suit in tarot… it’s all about emotions and our bond with others. Taking that into consideration, perhaps this deck wants me to leave all attachment to the side and dive in with an open mind and heart.

✖︎ What are you hear to teach me? Courage/Snake

Courage, but most importantly, coming out of my skin! This is something I need in areas of my life, one being that I really want to break out of my shell more. It’s exhausting to stay closed up to try and hide aspects of myself from friends and family, I’m sure others can agree and it’s not something easy to do. I’m working hard on this and learning how to say “no” more often which is something I normally don’t say but always want to. This card is suggesting to me that it can help break down walls that I have when working with this deck and help shed what’s not important in my life. I’m thinking that this would be a great deck for self exploration and my own path.

✖︎ How can I best learn and collaborate with you? Crafty Fox/Fox 

Just like a fox, this deck can be full of tricks up its sleeve, but in a good way! It’s versatile, so I can collaborate and learn from it any way I please. Looking at this card made me think of direction and following this fox to see where it’s heading. The fox in the card image seems to be moving up an ever so slight hill and it’s urging me to come along. This fox can easily shift roles and knows it’s way around their forest home, that would make Fox a great teacher in the field of direction. A note on the numerology for this card, number 11, this is a number of unity… 1 +1 = 2, perfect for collaboration!

✖︎ What is the potential outcome of our working relationship? Community/Bees 

What a fantastic ending to this little reading, nothing says “working relationship” like a beehive. This is for sure a mutual relationship as long as we pull our own weight in this pairing. It’s a constant movement going on and it’s active, so that tells me that this deck is ready for the work I want to use it for as long as I’m on the same page… it’s not going to pick up the slack! I was already wondering if I should use this deck with readings I do for others and this was a big “yes”! Bees have always been a huge focus for me and oddly enough, I’m allergic to bees yet I am drawn in by their curious nature and beauty. I seem to attract bees all the time, I can be with a group of people and a bee will always bother me and no one else. It’s like they find me wherever I am!

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