OctoberMonth Ahead Reading

I normally do a month ahead reading for myself in my journal from time to time and thought it would be fun to bring it to the blog! When I do my own readings I tend to just pull two cards but I wanted to go a little more in depth for you all, I was inspired by a spread I found on Pinterest and decided to tweak it a bit to suit my own style. I hope you enjoy this month ahead reading, please let me know if you like this reading and want me to do it again for November. I would absolutely love to hear your feedback!

➥ If you would love a reading like this for your own personal life, question, or situation send me a message! I would love to do this reading spread for you!

This month I’m pulling from three different decks – Cosmos Tarot & Oracle, Pagan Otherworlds, and Spirit Speak.

Main Theme | The Devil

Right off the bat, the Devil pulls us in. This months theme is coming from the energy of the Devil, let’s not let them win this month and try our best to detach from what we hold on to, oh so dearly. When things become obsessive, that’s when we have a problem… this is where the Devil takes its grasp. This is a card of addictions and bondage, not the good kind! We all have obsessions and habits, some better than others, but habits none the less. Take a good look at yourself this month and see where your time is going and what dependency you may have that is sucking the life out of you and keeping you from doing the things you want to be doing. October is a great month for shadow work, take advantage of this time of the year to really dig deep and find out what is holding you back, chances are, it’s you!

Attitude | King of Cups

Ah, the King of Cups. To me, I find the King of Cups such a kind soul. They are in touch with their emotions and are indeed a great person to be around when you are feeling sensitive. Looking at this card for advice on what attitude we need to adapt this month, I would like to think we should be a lot more open with our emotions to those closest to us. Don’t give our hearts away though! You must set boundaries when it comes to heart matters, but do be generous. With all that is going on in the world right now, from natural disasters to fascist presidents, emotions are running high and we are all hurting in our own ways. Extend compassion to those who need it the most this month but keep some water in your well for yourself. It’s ok to cry and it’s certainly ok to ask for help, especially so since the Devil made it’s appearance in this reading. If you are looking to break some habits and free yourself, look for or be the King of Cups in your life and greet all that comes your way with loving-kindness.

Actions | 8 of Coins + 9 of Swords

Work, work, work… but don’t let it overwhelm you! This is a great opportunity to get some much needed work done, tweak some projects, edit some writing you have been working on… whatever it is, get some progress made on what you are currently working on. The 8 of Coins always tells me that the work we put into something matters, it can be seen and noticed when you slack off and try to get away with taking the easy route. Put pride into what you create this month and don’t be afraid to let it show… however, we are working with the Devil this month, so don’t obsess over what you are doing! Take breaks but always return back to what you are working on and don’t let it be put on the back burner.

When we are so focused in a project, job, or activity, it can be hard not to get sucked in. If we don’t take some moments to breath and clear our head, it can turn into stress and anxiety. Don’t do this to yourself, it’s pure torture and not good mojo for your mental health. Like I mentioned above, if you need help, ask for it! Don’t be afraid to speak up, no one will think less of you and in fact some may take your lead and do the same. We’re human and we’re not perfect, we make mistakes. Sometimes we jump in head first with positive intentions and excitement, only to find ourself drowning in doubt and fear days later. The Devil can make its appearance in situations like this, feeding your headspace with defeat and negative rationality, don’t let them win!

Struggle | 5 of Wands

At the bottom of the deck we have the 5 of Wands, I look at the bottom of the deck often to get an idea if there is any underlying issues or struggles. Nothing says annoying like the 5 of Wands in the Spirit Speak tarot! You have here a person with eyes looking at these flies on their face. These flies would indeed annoy the shit out of me or anyone! The number 3 stands out to me in this card and brings me back to the 3 of Wands. If we want to move forward in any planning we have set out to do for ourselves, we must stay focused. The struggle this month I feel is distraction. Don’t allow yourself to fall down this black hole, it can really lead to self sabotage! Keep your eye on the prize and push forward, despite what bumps in the road you have to jump over… or flies we have to swat away. It’s up to you on how you handle the situations that you face, you can allow them to bug the shit out of you and lead you off course OR you can pull out your fly swatter and take care of the issue right away, so you can carry on in peace and apply your energy to what is needed most.

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