Day 7: What should I do for myself?

Deck: The Light Grey Tarot

Day 7 – Something I should do for myself

When I pulled the Hanged Man this morning, I did not want to deal with this card. I (very) rarely put a card back into the deck and reshuffle, but that was how I was feeling this morning when I saw this card show up… for no reason really, I just didn’t think it related to me. So, I put it back in the deck and reshuffled for a bit only to have a card land flat on my lap… the Hanged Man, we meet again. Apparently this is the card for me after all and it wants me to deal with it.

I decided to leave this card on my table while I took a shower to think it over. I’m a mother and a wife, I’m in a constant state of “sacrificing” myself for others, so I couldn’t see how this card would be any different than what I do… I said out loud to myself “I need to look at this in a different perspective”, then it hit me… PERSPECTIVE.

I’m constantly on the go in some area in my life. I’m a gemini, so I’m nose deep in many projects, books, and interests. My mind really never rests, it’s always running a mile a minute along with talking – ask my husband! This card spoke to me through a megaphone this morning… “Shut up, relax, and surrender”

This truly is the card for me right now and I put it to use this morning while “sacrificing” some of my own time in a mindful way. I took my dog out to play in the grass, normally I try to do this quickly so I can get back to whatever it is that I’m doing in the house (see, always doing something), but this morning I decided to use this time to just unwind and be in the moment. I watched my dog run around the grass with absolute delight and when I surrendered to this moment I caught myself smiling while watching her. Happiness is contagious!

When people say that tarot is good at calling you out on your bullshit, it’s 100% true. It calls me out all the time and I may have some words with my deck from time to time *insert a lot of grumbling and swearing* but it always rings true, whether I want to hear it or not.

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