Day 8: I am my strength – I am not my weakness

Deck: The Light Grey Tarot

Day 8 – I am my strength – I am not my weakness

The Hermit tells me that my strength in going solo and seeking out the truth is a great ally. I’m a massive introvert and prefer to stay at home, so this card lets me know that there is no shame in that at all. It’s ok to be an introvert and admit it!

The “I am not my weakness” threw me off a bit when I saw the 6 of Cups show up. Most people get uncomfortable seeing the Tower, Death, or even the Devil…. my card is the 6 of Cups. I don’t like memories and I don’t like catching myself daydreaming about the past. With this prompt in mind, this card suggests to me that its ok to dwell in past memories and relive moments in my life. I’m human and it’s natural to pull these out of memory. While I do this often, my past does not define me now or my future.

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