Day 9: My love – My life

Deck: Bonefire Tarot

Today I’m using the Bonefire Tarot for this prompt! This deck just landed in my hot little hands yesterday and I couldn’t resist seeing what it had to say. I will be sharing a first impressions review and deck interview later this morning on the blog, just need to finish writing up the deck interview reading! SPOILER ALERT: I love it!!

Day 9 – This is me: My love – My life

For this prompt we had two choices to either pick the cards we felt represented us right now or, let the tarot select the cards for you… naturally, I let tarot take the lead. When I first pulled the cards, they made no sense as to why they were representing me in both of these area’s but after a closer look and a quick dive into book to see what the artist had to say about both, they made perfect sense to me! In my “first impressions review” of this deck I talk about the book and how awesome it is, it’s rare that I read the book that comes with a deck but this was a neat one!

My love // 7 of Wands

While I did look to see what the artist said about this card in general and her own take on it, I felt my first impression suited it best when it comes to love and myself – defense. I’m sure people around me would agree that I am hard to get close to, it’s not that I aim to make it hard, I’m just stubborn in all ways possible. I’m not a very affectionate person but I do have my moments, this card does ring true to me putting up a guard and protecting (my heart) often. I’m not sure why I put up such a wall, but I do. I come off as “cold” to most people but really, I’m just over protective of myself.

My life // Queen of Wands

So far this deck knows when to present me with a court card and I like it! This card truly does encompass my life right now in my own perspective. I am creative and passionate in what I do, I am a tad selfish but that’s ok! This card suggests to me that while I throw myself into what I create and do, I can quickly burn out just as fast. Relating this card to my life in general, I would say that it feels very “by the moment” and I like it like that!

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