Day 10: Harmony

Deck: Bonefire Tarot

Day 10 – Harmony: How do I reach my 10 of Cups?

I pulled the Wheel of Fortune from the Bonefire Tarot. Patience, young grasshopper – your time will soon come! This card tells me to be patient and wait my turn or make the change myself. Sometimes we’re riding high on top of the wheel and feel on top of the world (or something like that)… other times, we feel we’re being crushed by the wheel of others, over and over again. It’s a spin cycle that’s ever revolving, that’s how life rolls the dice, but it lets me know that my time is coming.

This has always been a weird card for me. Often times I read it as a risk or chance, like a gambling wheel. You spin it and never know where it’ll land. Most of all though, the Wheel of Fortune suggests to me that I need to get actively involved to create my own vision of happiness when answering this question. I need to make the wheel turn since it doesn’t always move on its own… it needs a gust of breath to get it in motion. If my current cycle is working, I need to make some changes!

Let’s get this wheel moving!

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