Day 11: Karma

Deck: Bonefire Tarot

Day 11 – Karma

Both cards I pulled for this prompt were from the swords suit and I know why. Being a Gemini, I live in my head all the time yet I never actually take action on anything.

Do more of this // For this prompt I pulled the 6 of Swords and right away this card spoke to me – make a move already! This card is aimed in the realm of mental movement for me and I was instantly reminded that I need to do something with all this brainstorming that I’ve done lately. I keep everything either in my journal or stashed away in my head, but I have yet to act on them and put something into motion. One big thing I’ve had in mind this year has been to create an e-course, I’ve been brainstorming up several ideas that I would love to create and teach.

Do less of this // Then for this prompt, the 4 of Swords was pulled. I adore this card! This deck likes to call me out and it does it well. This card is urging me to get off the couch and stop “relaxing” so much, your being far too lazy. This card suggests that I can’t keep my feet up 24/7 and expect things to get done, I need to get to work – break is over!

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