Day 12: Acceptance

Day 12 – Acceptance

I sat down with my cards this morning and pulled four cards – two from the Bonefire Tarot to answer each prompt and two cards from the Spirit Speak to answer a question for each Bonefire Card.

I can do this // The first card drawn was the 8 of Coins – love this card and yes, I feel ready to create more! This is a card of putting forth your best work and applying major focus and dedication into it. I have many things on the back burner that are being called to me lately and this card tells me that it’s time to get to work! I need to select one thing at a time so that I can fully focus on what I’m working on, this isn’t a time to juggle many things at once or go back and forth between two projects… it’s about attention to detail.

How can I do this? The Knight of Cups gives me some insight as to what approach needs to be used in order to harness the energy of the 8 of Coins. This card tells me that I need to create using a loving touch, allow my emotions to fuel the projects that I work on… this will reflect in my work, you can always tell when someone puts their heart into something and it’s the only way I prefer to work as well..

This needs more time // The 9 of Wands! This card threw me in a loop – we have someone emerging from a cave and ready to fight… or go on. They aren’t done yet, despite what others may think. Applying this card to this prompt had me thinking, what needs more time?! Perhaps this card is telling me that I need to slow down and not rush anything, I tend to rush into things way too fast!

Why does this need more time? I pulled the Sun card for this prompt. The Sun radiates light and positivity in a reading for me, but does come with warning… sometimes things can be too “bright” and we need to tone it down a notch, it’s just too much. When matching this card up to the 9 of Wands, it tells me that I need to step back. While I may feel the need to push on while I’m super pumped and excited, it’s not a time to move forward.

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