Day 13: Something I should appreciate (more)

Day 13 – Something I should appreciate (more)

The Knight of Coins was pulled for this prompt with the Bonefire Tarot and the second I saw the card, I nodded in agreement. One thing I always (usually) hate about myself is something I should truly appreciate more… my dedication and focus that I put forth in what ever I do. I’m an “all or nothing” type of person. If I’m not fully into what I’m doing and can’t do it how I want it done, I simple don’t do it.

I agree with this card 100%! The Knight of Coins has always been a very reliable energy to me. If I were to hire any of the knights from the court cards, I would hire the Knight of Coins. They are reliable and trustworthy in getting something completed while the other Knights have their head in the clouds or are too eager to do things their own way. This is a card of focus, attention to detail (much like the 8 of Coins), and trust in getting the job done correctly.

Any time I start a project, I want it done right and I want my whole heart in it. Although, I suck at keeping blog series going… I’m working on that one lol! I will say, I’m on day 13 of this challenge and I’ve posted it on my blog every day, on time! Hopefully doing this “series” will show that I can do something if I truly want to!

Another thing about this card and is something I can appreciate within myself is that I am always curious and always eager to learn. There are days where I’m up till midnight working on some new graphics because they “just can’t wait” and need to be completed while the idea is still fresh in mind. I know if I put it off, the idea will change and the inspiration will be lost.

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