Hello, December!

Hello! It’s been a few weeks… so, how about a little update on what’s going on and what I’ve been up to!

I got pretty busy mid November, all good reasons! One of those reasons being that I opened a little online shop! The shop is called Radical SHE and it had an awesome first shop update last week, I was thrilled!

What am I selling, you ask? I decided to take a leap and start selling my tarot bags again online. I felt that I needed to “rebrand” and start fresh but I also wanted to separate my shop from Tarot Seed while still holding my personality – Radical SHE was born. I am being led fully by SHE right now, I felt a strong push to get this shop going so I took a leap like the Fool and opened this shop. My first update sold out in less than a day, I was blown away! I’m so entirely grateful and I look forward to my next update (on Wednesday). Other than tarot bags, I will eventually carry spread cloths, crystal sets, moontime gifts, and other items surrounding the sacred feminine.

I have been getting pretty in touch with my own cycle and connection that I wanted to share some handmade gifts surrounding our womb space and moontime. I’m excited to work on these and share them with you all!

Another fun thing I started is a new zine called Radical SHE that will be available soon, I’m about halfway done with the content! This zine is inspired by my old “Filling the Void” posts about me exploring the Goddess and this zine is loaded with my own personal thoughts, practice, and path I’ve created with SHE. I’m very non-traditional in everything I do so this is something that you will see in this zine as well, it’s very eclectic. To give you an idea of my practice, my altar consists of the Venus of Willendorf, Wonder Woman, Pamela Colman Smith, everything Moon, and sprinkled in glitter.

I’m launching a second blog here soon inspired by my Radical SHE shop. Since my Tarot Seed blog surrounds mainly tarot, I want a place to blog about my path and practice, share things I love, and everything in between. I’ll be sharing that blog link once it’s ready and live!

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