Weekly Reading for Feb 5 – 11

I had high hopes starting a new week… then a cold struck me! It seems my daughter passed on some germs and ya, I feel pretty crappy today. Despite being “ugh” I am looking forward to what this week brings! The cards seem pretty interesting, so let’s take a peek! I’m using, yet again, the Next World Tarot!

START // The Fool

You can’t get any more fresh than the Fool! The Fool is asking us to step out of our skin this week and just go where the wind blows, embrace the unknown and curious. If you’ve been waiting to start over with something or start something fresh, this is the week! The Fool is all about exploring what speaks to you at that moment, it’s a curious energy and very childlike (not to be confused with childish). Embrace your inner child, pack your bags and take the first steps!

STOP // Wheel of Fortune

Stop the wheel… now! This is your stop and it’s time to get off. The Wheel of Fortune is all about a turning of events and cycles. This card is telling us to put an end to cycles this week that just keep going and going and going. If you’ve been juggling the same shit or routine daily, just let it go and let it fall where it wants to fall. No more juggling, no more shifting around, just take a break.

CONTINUE // 4 of Coins

This card is often about greed for me in most decks, but in the Next World Tarot I’m really seeing more security within these paper walls. The 4 of Coins tells us to continue to grow our sense of security and keep your energy intact. If you’re feeling vulnerable and exposed this week, tighten down the hatches and close up your circle a little. It’s ok to pull yourself away from the crowds to protect your personal space, take care of yourself and the ground under your feet!

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