Weekly Reading fo Feb 19 – 25

Better late than never, right? I’m back today with a weekly reading after going on hiatus last Monday. I was doing a lot of house cleaning (still am) and rearranging last week so I was fairly busy with all of that, my focus was a bit scattered to say the least. Our house is currently getting some redecorating and a much needed “facelift”, haha! I also may have been totally binging on PS4 games, cough… Stardew Valley…

This week I’m using a new deck that arrived on Sunday – the Mystic Mondays tarot! I have a few more decks coming as well! While I love my Next World Tarot, my hands have been itching to shuffle some regular sized cards for a little bit. The decks I have coming soon are the Vessel Oracle by Spirit Speak (to replace the copy I let go last year) and the Seventh Sphere Tarot de Marseille by Labyrinthos…. I have been waiting for the tarot version of the Seventh Sphere deck to be released and when I saw it mentioned in a FB group on Saturday, I ordered it from the car while my husband was driving us around doing errands. I had to buy it right away! I currently have my nose back in the TdM studies but I’ll talk more on that in another post, I don’t want to start rambling more in this post.

Ok, how about a little weekly reading, shall we? I haven’t really been working with spreads lately and I really enjoy free form readings, so that’s what I’m doing! Let’s see what the cards have to say, shall we?

I’ve been curious if anyone reads these posts? If so, are they helpful? I would love to hear from readers, so feel free to drop a hello!


You’re starting off on a high note that may lead to a short victory or a small set back! What a great start to this reading, huh? It’s a victory that could be short lived but we can avoid this if we’re smart about it! The 3 of Swords feels like a “warning” so really reevaluate the options you face. I don’t usually read cards as a “future” interpretation in readings, it just never vibed for me, I tend to read them as more of a warning or a goal depending on the card energy. The 3 of Swords is definitely waving some red flags for me and I don’t think anyone wants to deal with that kind of weight right now, right? Didn’t think so! Though sometimes I feel that the 3 of Swords can be a welcomed message as it brings healing to the table and gives us the nod that it’s ok to start the process of removing these swords, one by one. This week though? Let’s just avoid that!

Some choices may bring false hopes or had sounded better at the time, so tread lightly! Matters made with your heart are perhaps not the best way to move through this week, try to pay attention and listen to your gut instinct. You know that feeling when your gut says “no” but your heart is blowing you kisses while batting its eyes at you longingly… ya, don’t fall for that trap this week! To help avoid getting some swords thrown at you, really pay attention to what is being presented. If it sounds too good to be true… then chances are, it is.

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