Tarot Seed has Moved!

Hey guys! You may have noticed it’s been a bit quiet here on the blog and that’s been for good reason – I have moved to a new platform and rebranded from Tarot Seed to Radical She Tarot! Say what?!

Some may remember me mentioning my father passing away in January. He was not only my father but also my website host for Tarot Seed and a bit tech help when I had questions! All of his hosting sites were transferred to a new host manager, who I hear is very nice but I really only want to work with my dad when it comes to my websites and hosting. After weighing several options, the idea of starting fresh sounded like the best option. I really didn’t want to have to rely on someone else for help with my website/blog, I wanted to have full contro so I decided to rebrand and move to Squarespace. This way I have help if I need it through Squarespace but will also get full control on how I fix things and use it. This has been the best move for me so far and I’m loving the new platform!

What will happen to Tarot Seed? Not much will be changing right now. I’m leaving the site as is until the domain expires. When will that be? I’m not entirely sure but I know it will be live for several more months at least. This way, you can still access my posts, deck reviews, etc. The new site was already launched last month and it’s going really well, I’m very happy with Squarespace, with all the excitement of starting fresh I totally forgot to leave this post on this blog, oop’s!

I have launched some new things over at Radical She Tarot such as Tarot Reader Interviews and Full/New Moon readings! I have some other post series to start soon but I’m keeping it slow and steady so I don’t overload myself, haha! I do that easy (ahem, Gemini here).

I hope you will update your records and join me on the new website and blog!

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