Hello, Forces Flora + Fauna Oracle

First off, did you notice the new blog theme?! It was time for a totally fresh new look and I’m loving the clean lines and negative space! I hope you enjoy this new look as much as I am! I’m eagerly trying to prepare for 2018 and want to make my blog a big focus once again.

Deck: Forces Flora + Fauna Oracle

It’s been a while since I got a new deck, last one was the Bonefire Tarot in November. I have several new decks on the way and the first to arrive was a deck I got from someone on a FB swap group. It’s the Forces Flora + Fauna Oracle by Colleen Hardy of the Hardy Tarot – which is another deck high on my wishlist! Oddly enough, most of the decks I have coming in the mail are oracle decks, only one is a tarot deck that I purchased. I guess I’ve been feeling the love for oracle decks lately!

When I first saw the Forces Flora + Fauna deck, my heart skipped a beat – it is stunning! The color palette of this deck is right up my alley and when someone voiced a swap in the group… it was a no brainer, I had to take them up on the trade! The Forces Flora + Fauna is a 54-card deck, there is a book coming out and Colleen has a downloadable booklet in her shop right now for $1 (as well as a printed version for a little more). I went ahead and purchased the PDF copy to have on hand.

Box + Cards + Extra Cards

One day I hope to add the Hardy Tarot to my collection, I’ve had it high on my wishlist for ages and I saw that it’s up for preorder again right now. I’m so bad at preordering decks since I tend to prefer the “instant gratification” rather than wait months and months for it to ship, but I may have to bite down and preorder it next month. Funny, one of the decks on the way to me soon was a preorder deck!

Deck: Forces Flora + Fauna Oracle

Back to the Forces Flora + Fauna! This deck measures out at 2.75″ x 4.75″, perfect size! The card stock is amazing and it’s fantastic quality! Shuffling this deck is very smooth and makes me happy, I can riffle my heart out with no issues. The card stock actually feels very similar to my own Seed Oracle!

This deck came to me “used” so I’m not entirely sure everything is included in what I received or not but it came with the box (signed under the flap), and 6 extra cards – title/artist card, about the deck, how to use the deck, and three keyword cards.

When I did the deck interview reading, I really dived hard into the symbols! I’ve never really read up much on some of them and it had me doing some homework to get a better understanding of the card and meaning on my own. I have a feeling I will be using this deck quite often!

On to the deck interview reading!

Deck Interview Reading

Ok, let’s see what this deck has to say and how it reads! Of course, I’m using my favorite deck interview spread by Little Red Tarot.

When I did this reading, I was really drawn to connecting with the cards on my own. Some of the keywords associated with each card in the “book” just didn’t fit for me. So diving into the symbology of each image really helped me connect!

(The Toad) While going through this deck, I noticed there was a really good balance to it and this card is all about balance. The toad is an interesting little creature, they start out living in the water before the move to the land – they remind me a lot of the Greek goddess Persephone, the Queen of the Underworld. She too gets to dip her toes in two worlds – the underworld and the world above.

(The Linden Tree) First thought on this card is that most trees in general are pretty strong and grounded. You can’t get any more grounded than a tree, am I right? This deck has strength in being stable and gentle, just like the wind blowing through its branches. I love the folklore behind the Linden tree, there are so many stories. This is a tree seen as sacred and I get the same feeling from this deck, a sacred tool.

(The Thistle) As a medical plant, it’s limits are often in its uses. Not all plants will treat every ailment, this is the same for this deck. It’s all about trial and error to see what this deck is comfortable reading! Thistle is often used for protection in many spells and crafts, this tells me that this deck may bit a bit guarded in getting all the info on the table. I’ve actually found this to be very true for me so far. At first I struggle with interpreting the cards since I get so transfixed with the keywords in the little guidebook, but once I let down my own walls and dive into each card, it becomes much more “chatty”.

(The Crow) Seeing this card show up in this position was very welcoming. A couple mornings ago, I decided to leave my front door open, which is something I never do since my dog barks at every tiny sound, and not even 5 minutes later I heard a loud raven call near my front door. I rarely see ravens where we live, just small crows and such, so it was really interesting and caught my attention. Then, the following morning, I heard the raven again! Still couldn’t see her, but I knew she was nearby. So when I saw this card show up, it reminded me of that raven I heard (even though the card is a crow). I take this card as a good omen in this reading, it really vibrates the meaning to watch for signs and messages. I feel this deck came to me for a reason, I didn’t even list it on my wishlist when I did the swap.

(The Acorn) If I invest the time in working with this deck, a lot will come out of it. Much like seeds in general, you nurture a seed and there is a pretty good chance it will grow.! My husband and I have a small garden and we know a thing or two about growing – and how not to get something to grow, lol. It’s all about what effort I put in is what I’ll get in return. It’s funny, I was just talking to my husband the other night about this card and mentioned how I feel acorns can represent currency or a harvest. It’s like squirrel cash!

(The Cave) I LOVE this card! Retreat, retreat! I’m being invited to dwell within this deck, touch the walls and every corner of the cards. Each card has a story, just like writings found in caves left by ancient civilizations. They are simple yet so deep, each illustration telling its tale. Enjoy listening to the echoes and vibrations that this deck is giving out.

What current oracle deck are you loving on right now? Let me know in the comments below!

Hello, December!

Hello! It’s been a few weeks… so, how about a little update on what’s going on and what I’ve been up to!

I got pretty busy mid November, all good reasons! One of those reasons being that I opened a little online shop! The shop is called Radical SHE and it had an awesome first shop update last week, I was thrilled!

What am I selling, you ask? I decided to take a leap and start selling my tarot bags again online. I felt that I needed to “rebrand” and start fresh but I also wanted to separate my shop from Tarot Seed while still holding my personality – Radical SHE was born. I am being led fully by SHE right now, I felt a strong push to get this shop going so I took a leap like the Fool and opened this shop. My first update sold out in less than a day, I was blown away! I’m so entirely grateful and I look forward to my next update (on Wednesday). Other than tarot bags, I will eventually carry spread cloths, crystal sets, moontime gifts, and other items surrounding the sacred feminine.

I have been getting pretty in touch with my own cycle and connection that I wanted to share some handmade gifts surrounding our womb space and moontime. I’m excited to work on these and share them with you all!

Another fun thing I started is a new zine called Radical SHE that will be available soon, I’m about halfway done with the content! This zine is inspired by my old “Filling the Void” posts about me exploring the Goddess and this zine is loaded with my own personal thoughts, practice, and path I’ve created with SHE. I’m very non-traditional in everything I do so this is something that you will see in this zine as well, it’s very eclectic. To give you an idea of my practice, my altar consists of the Venus of Willendorf, Wonder Woman, Pamela Colman Smith, everything Moon, and sprinkled in glitter.

I’m launching a second blog here soon inspired by my Radical SHE shop. Since my Tarot Seed blog surrounds mainly tarot, I want a place to blog about my path and practice, share things I love, and everything in between. I’ll be sharing that blog link once it’s ready and live!

Five Friday Favorites – Crystal Love –

It’s Friday!! I’m sharing some current products I’m lusting over and loving this week! I love promoting small businesses and uniquely made products, so each week I share what’s on my radar!

This week I’m drooling over all things crystals! Who doesn’t love them, right? I’m always on the hunt for crystal themed products to brighten my home and bring some intention to my space.

** I’m not an affiliate with any links that I share, nor do I earn any money. All photo’s are rightfully credited.


Oh, my heart! I can’t even tell you how long I’ve been lusting over these stunning ceramic crystal goods. Naomi Singer is the creator behind her shop, Modern Mud, and I adore her style!

Photo Credit: Modern Mud

CRYSTAL GRIDS // The Moods of the Moon

Crystal grids are something I use in my own practice and these beauties don’t disappoint! I love the darker wood boards from this shop, but if I’m being honest… I love them all!

Photo Credit: The Moods of the Moon

CRYSTAL SOAP // Nature & Nurture

This soap makes me crystal addict in me explode! I love how natural these soaps look and it’s hard to believe they aren’t real crystals. I can see a bowl full of these sitting nicely in my moon themed bathroom! Here are a few of my favorites from this shop!

Photo Credit: Nature & Nurture

CRYSTALS // Natural Magics

What crystal list wouldn’t be complete without actually posting some of my favorite crystals? I have been a long time follower of Natural Magics on IG and I adore her selection, she is also an amazing crystal pipe artist. These are a few of my current favorites from her shop, that Smokey Citrine is stunning!

Photo Credit: Natural Magics


There are a lot of crystal themed decks out there but these two decks have been on my wishlist for ages, I really need to just cave and order them! The Crystal Portraits deck is a two volume set and the illustrations are amazing! This is the only crystal deck that resonates with me and I had to include it in my favorites list this week!

Photo Credit: The Efforescent

What are your favorite crystal themed products? Do you have a favorite crystal? Let me know in the comments!

Weekly Reading Nov 13 – 19

Does November feel like it’s going really fast? I feel like the last part of this year is just flying by! This week I’m using the Bonefire Tarot since I just can’t get enough of this deck – I love it! Let’s shuffle and take a look at the energies at play this week, shall we?

Alrighty then, what “fun” cards this week! 😂 After I pulled the three for the week, I was drawn to taking a peek at the bottom of the deck to see if there was any hidden advice or insight for us, I’m glad I did! the 2 of Coins was hiding and I’ll be talking about how this incorporates into our week!

Beginning of the week // 8 of Cups

We are kicking off the week working with the energy of the 8 of Cups. Any time this card shows up for me, it reminds me of embarking on a journey. Not a huge, life changing journey like the Fool, but more of a “lets see what else is out there” type of feel. We have a stack of 8 cups but one is missing, let’s go find it! What we are currently doing right now may not be working out the way we had hoped it would, so we may be called to move on and leave something behind. Something clearly isn’t working and we can feel it! We need to let it go and find what will work and put our energy towards that!

Middle of the week // 5 of Coins

After leaving the 8 of Cups, we are moving into a feeling of isolation or even a “I’ve been here before” type of energy. When I look at this card in the deck, I don’t get a the typical feeling like I do in say, the RWS – which is normally a feeling of scarcity or poverty… I get a more “solo” feel and a 5 of Cups vibe, it shows we may be feeling a bit sorry for ourselves… perhaps we’re even having buyers remorse! The girl in the card can easily go inside but it seems she has chosen to withdraw herself and stay outside in the snow – the door’s open, so it’s not like she is being locked out of the house or something, I get the feeling that this card suggests that we may be really hard on ourselves, don’t be! We all make mistakes… and mistakes can be fixed.

Before this card was the 8 of Cups and it shows someone moving on… now we find ourselves here, a place that I feel we may sense as very familiar. Trust me when I say that we are growing, despite feeling like we have set ourselves back. We may be in a place that feels very familiar, but we have changed and are not the same person we were when in this position before. Try to use this time to figure things out, journal, and even replay some past events in your mind to see if you may have missed something. There is a lesson hidden in this card for you to figure out!

End of the week // The Tower

Just like that, the Tower makes an appearance to end our week. After some much needed transitions and then feeling like we’ve hit a wall, we are greeted with the Tower. I like to think of the Tower this week as cleaning up some things that we really don’t want to face. It’s a huge broom coming for us and cleaning shit up! It may not be fun, it may be a bit messy, but it will be necessary and you will thank it later. No one really loves to see the Tower show up, especially when it’s on a weekend, right?! Hold on tight and enjoy the ride!

Going with the 2 of Coins that was on the bottom of the deck, this will be our crutch this week – our medicine, our advice to keep us on our feet so that we don’t get swept up when the Tower comes to town! This card urges us to keep in check with how we balance out our life this week. It could be a juggle that is difficult but it’s something we can all handle, despite you having some doubt. We can dwell on any bumps we feel this week or we can learn from them! Keep your priorities in check and don’t weigh yourself down too much in one area of your life – like too much work or too much play. Take on only what you can chew and spit out the rest!

Day 13: Something I should appreciate (more)

Day 13 – Something I should appreciate (more)

The Knight of Coins was pulled for this prompt with the Bonefire Tarot and the second I saw the card, I nodded in agreement. One thing I always (usually) hate about myself is something I should truly appreciate more… my dedication and focus that I put forth in what ever I do. I’m an “all or nothing” type of person. If I’m not fully into what I’m doing and can’t do it how I want it done, I simple don’t do it.

I agree with this card 100%! The Knight of Coins has always been a very reliable energy to me. If I were to hire any of the knights from the court cards, I would hire the Knight of Coins. They are reliable and trustworthy in getting something completed while the other Knights have their head in the clouds or are too eager to do things their own way. This is a card of focus, attention to detail (much like the 8 of Coins), and trust in getting the job done correctly.

Any time I start a project, I want it done right and I want my whole heart in it. Although, I suck at keeping blog series going… I’m working on that one lol! I will say, I’m on day 13 of this challenge and I’ve posted it on my blog every day, on time! Hopefully doing this “series” will show that I can do something if I truly want to!

Another thing about this card and is something I can appreciate within myself is that I am always curious and always eager to learn. There are days where I’m up till midnight working on some new graphics because they “just can’t wait” and need to be completed while the idea is still fresh in mind. I know if I put it off, the idea will change and the inspiration will be lost.

Day 12: Acceptance

Day 12 – Acceptance

I sat down with my cards this morning and pulled four cards – two from the Bonefire Tarot to answer each prompt and two cards from the Spirit Speak to answer a question for each Bonefire Card.

I can do this // The first card drawn was the 8 of Coins – love this card and yes, I feel ready to create more! This is a card of putting forth your best work and applying major focus and dedication into it. I have many things on the back burner that are being called to me lately and this card tells me that it’s time to get to work! I need to select one thing at a time so that I can fully focus on what I’m working on, this isn’t a time to juggle many things at once or go back and forth between two projects… it’s about attention to detail.

How can I do this? The Knight of Cups gives me some insight as to what approach needs to be used in order to harness the energy of the 8 of Coins. This card tells me that I need to create using a loving touch, allow my emotions to fuel the projects that I work on… this will reflect in my work, you can always tell when someone puts their heart into something and it’s the only way I prefer to work as well..

This needs more time // The 9 of Wands! This card threw me in a loop – we have someone emerging from a cave and ready to fight… or go on. They aren’t done yet, despite what others may think. Applying this card to this prompt had me thinking, what needs more time?! Perhaps this card is telling me that I need to slow down and not rush anything, I tend to rush into things way too fast!

Why does this need more time? I pulled the Sun card for this prompt. The Sun radiates light and positivity in a reading for me, but does come with warning… sometimes things can be too “bright” and we need to tone it down a notch, it’s just too much. When matching this card up to the 9 of Wands, it tells me that I need to step back. While I may feel the need to push on while I’m super pumped and excited, it’s not a time to move forward.

Day 11: Karma

Deck: Bonefire Tarot

Day 11 – Karma

Both cards I pulled for this prompt were from the swords suit and I know why. Being a Gemini, I live in my head all the time yet I never actually take action on anything.

Do more of this // For this prompt I pulled the 6 of Swords and right away this card spoke to me – make a move already! This card is aimed in the realm of mental movement for me and I was instantly reminded that I need to do something with all this brainstorming that I’ve done lately. I keep everything either in my journal or stashed away in my head, but I have yet to act on them and put something into motion. One big thing I’ve had in mind this year has been to create an e-course, I’ve been brainstorming up several ideas that I would love to create and teach.

Do less of this // Then for this prompt, the 4 of Swords was pulled. I adore this card! This deck likes to call me out and it does it well. This card is urging me to get off the couch and stop “relaxing” so much, your being far too lazy. This card suggests that I can’t keep my feet up 24/7 and expect things to get done, I need to get to work – break is over!

Five Friday Favorites – Candles –

It’s Friday!! Today I decided to share some current products I’m lusting over and loving this week! I love promoting small businesses and uniquely made products, so each week I plan to share what’s on my radar! I use to do a weekly “favorites” post on an older blog many moons ago and it was so fun, so I’m bringing that to Tarot Seed!

This week I’m drooling over some candles that have been on my wishlist! Being vegan, I stay away from beeswax, so all these candles I mention are vegan friendly. Raise your hand if your a vegan tarot reader!

** I’m not an affiliate with any links that I share, nor do I earn any money. All photo’s are rightfully credited.

MAGIC HOUR CANDLES // Magic Hour Astrology

Magic Hour Astrology has some gorgeously handcrafted candles and I own one their clearing candles, I love it to pieces! They burn beautifully and you can clearly see the intention that went into each one. They feature candles for all kinds of situations and energy! Look how gorgeous their Art candles are (first pic)!!

Photo Credit: Magic Hour Astrology

7-DAY CANDLES // Little Sister NC

Love, love, love these candles! I came across them on Etsy not too long ago and fell in love. I’m a sucker for a rad 7-day candle and like them to represent my style, these do just that! I think my favorite is either the Miss Argentina or the Slay All Day… I can’t pick!

Photo Credit: Little Sister NC

ILLEST TAROT CANDLES // Ritual Tarot // Kristi Prokopiak

If there every was a candle at the top of my wishlist, it would be these by Kristi Prokopiak of Ritual Tarot. I have been watching the process of these candles on Kristi’s IG stream and I hope to one day order one (or two) down the road. They are gorgeous! I love them all…. *sigh*

Photo Credit: Ritual Tarot // Kristi Prokopiak


Spitfire Girl shop has so many awesome candles that I just couldn’t narrow it down, I’m fond of them all but these three are my favorite in all of the collections (there are several). They also have some gorgeous constellation candles!!

Photo Credit: Spitfire Girl


Lastly, I adore the crap out of these women empowered candles! So much awesome energy coming from this shop, I have a feeling I will be getting a few of these for my desk soon and maybe some of their other products! I love the size of them since they can really fit well in any space without taking over like some candles, I’m just lusting over these!

Photo Credit: Etta Arlene

Do you have a favorite candle shop or candle? Share in the comments, I’d love to check them out!

Day 10: Harmony

Deck: Bonefire Tarot

Day 10 – Harmony: How do I reach my 10 of Cups?

I pulled the Wheel of Fortune from the Bonefire Tarot. Patience, young grasshopper – your time will soon come! This card tells me to be patient and wait my turn or make the change myself. Sometimes we’re riding high on top of the wheel and feel on top of the world (or something like that)… other times, we feel we’re being crushed by the wheel of others, over and over again. It’s a spin cycle that’s ever revolving, that’s how life rolls the dice, but it lets me know that my time is coming.

This has always been a weird card for me. Often times I read it as a risk or chance, like a gambling wheel. You spin it and never know where it’ll land. Most of all though, the Wheel of Fortune suggests to me that I need to get actively involved to create my own vision of happiness when answering this question. I need to make the wheel turn since it doesn’t always move on its own… it needs a gust of breath to get it in motion. If my current cycle is working, I need to make some changes!

Let’s get this wheel moving!

Coffee with the Bonefire Tarot

Eep! The Bonefire Tarot just landed in my mailbox yesterday and I couldn’t be more excited! This is a deck that I had on my wishlist when I started my tarot journey (along with a few others) but at the time it was out of print, so the only way to get it was second hand – no one was letting their decks go either, can’t say I blame them! The deck was created by Gabi Angus-West as a self published deck several years back, it had a few editions before going to mass production. It was picked up by Schiffer Publishing last year and released  in November 2016. I’m not sure why I stalled for so long on ordering it after lusting after it for several years, but I like to think it was for a reason.

Since ordering this deck, a few fun things have happened that I found really interesting. Right after I ordered the deck, I jumped on Twitter only to find someone sharing a picture of a card from the Bonefire Tarot (the person hasn’t shared a picture from that deck in ages, so it was totally random). Later, while playing around on Instagram, I caught myself asking “I wonder when my deck will ship?” only to stumble upon a random picture with someone commenting “thank you, it’s on the way” and at the very same time I read those words, I got a shipping notification on my phone from Amazon that my deck shipped. Interesting!

This deck has been really pulling at my strings in all the right ways! There are very few decks that I feel a deep connection with so quickly, this is one of those decks. At the end of this post I’m sharing a deck interview reading I did to get to know these cards a little more!

Ok, on to the deck itself! I had a nice afternoon with this deck and got to know the cards and book. While I rarely read the book that comes with a deck, I do like to read the books that come with indie or artist decks. I find these books tend to go deeper into the artists perspective and insights rather than a cookie cutter style interpretation, especially if the book was actually written by the deck creator themselves (sometimes the creator has someone else write the book). Before I dove into the book, I sat down with this deck for about an hour and went through the deck, card by card, to get my own interpretation of the cards.

I gushed over the artwork, took in all the symbols, and… talked to myself out loud, as if I were a teacher explaining each card to a student. I do this so often it’s scary lol! When I talk out loud about a card and explain it as if I’m teaching someone else, it creates a special dialogue and a fun way to get to know a new deck. Try it!

A few things to mention, I love that Gabi titled the Death card in a more traditional sense using just the number “13”. Many Marseille decks do this or leave the title of this card completely blank (as if Death himself cut his name off the card), it was nice to see this little detail here. Also, the use of the word “coins” rather than “pentacles” is a personal preference and I was glad to see it used in this deck as well.

A few of my favorite cards: 2 of Swords – 10 of Swords – 9 of Swords – 13 – Ace of Swords (apparently I really love the Swords suit)

Box + Book

I really like this box! I’m not a huge box person as I don’t care much about deck boxes in general, but for some reason I like this one. I have had decks come in big boxes in the past and I know some readers hate them since they aren’t very practical, but I really don’t mind them. I tend to use big boxes like this as a little place to stash crystals and things, so it’s always fun to get a new one. As far as boxes go, it’s sturdy and it’s pleasing to the eye for sure!

The book is hands down, awesome. There is a lot of extra info about the cards, a symbol glossary in back (which I have spent much time reading), a few spreads, and also some notes about the deck in general including the process of how it was made and the inspiration behind it. I’ve heard many complain that the book font is too small, and I agree but it doesn’t bother me at all. The book itself is just shy of 190 pages, I think 187 if I remember correctly, and is loaded with good stuff!

Like I said above, I rarely read the book that come with the a deck but this is one that I will read. I have already read with this deck a few times now and have been writing down my own thoughts first, then diving into the book to get a little deeper. It’s providing some awesome interpretations mixed with my own and I’m loving it, for sure adding more color to my own readings but not taking away from my own perspective of the cards.


This is a thick, stacked deck and I love it! The cards measure roughly 3.5″ x 4.5″ and forms a nice thick deck (pictures below to show size). When I bought the deck I had a feeling I would not like the card stock just based on the reviews I was reading and watching on YouTube. It was told that the cards are very thick and some readers have trouble shuffling them due to size and flexibility, along with the cards being shiny and “sticky”. I decided I didn’t care and still wanted this deck, so I kept all this in mind and kept my expectations very low when it came to the quality of the deck… when opening the box, I was very pleasantly surprised!

A few of my favorite cards: 4 of Coins, Page of Coins, and 10 of Coins

The cards, while thick, are not as thick as I thought they would be. I had imagined they would be thick and shiny like oracle cards from the Halloween Oracle or Messenger Oracle. They are much thinner that expected and have a nice flex to them. They are a bit shiny but not nearly as much as I thought they would be, another pleasant surprise. My worry with shiny cards is they would be hard to photograph but they gave me no issues at all.

As far as being sticky, they are a tad sticky but nothing like some decks I’ve had in the past. When I say sticky, I mean that the cards tend to suction on to one another due to the laminate, not them actually being sticky to the touch. Hope that makes sense! Some cards in a deck will glide with ease and are too slippery on some occasions. One good thing is that the stickiness will go away with use so it’s only a temporary issue really, if you would even call it an issue.

Top Deck is your standard Rider Waite Tarot – the bottom is the Bonefire Tarot (see what I mean, it’s thick and lovely)


My biggest factor with a deck is how it shuffles! I always say that if I can’t riffle shuffle a deck, it’s an instant “nope” for me. Luckily, I can riffle this deck with ease, I give some credit to the fact that I have very long fingers, but it bends better than I expected. The deck fits nicely in my hand and shuffles great (riffle and overhand) – I’m a happy camper for sure!

I know some readers cringe when someone riffles a deck, but it’s my own version of a fidget spinner. Riffle shuffling the deck before I begin a reading is my way of relaxing and bringing focus to the cards. If I don’t riffle a deck before a reading, it throws me off so much, it’s like I just can’t concentrate and I feel mentally blocked.

Overall, I love this deck! The artwork is stunning and so colorful, I’m not normally drawn to such colorful decks either. If you have been wanting to order it, do it!

Deck Interview

Using the spread by Little Red Tarot, as always! It’s just a great spread and you get some good info regarding the deck and how it reads. I had a lot of fun with this reading, and to be honest, it was one of the first decks that really spoke to me when doing an interview reading. I think we will get along just fine!

1. What is your most important characteristic? // Page of Cups

First off, I love seeing a court card show up for this question, it gives me a deeper look at the personality of this deck and I feel it runs true. The Page of Cups suggests that this deck is creative, curious, and imaginative – very much a dreamer! Can you tell?! I love the youthful energy I get from this card and I feel it matches up with this deck very well, I couldn’t have selected a better card to sum up this deck. I also love how the girl in this card is looking up at the fish, watching it come to life. It’s like she is breathing life into this fish, much like the artist has breathed life into this deck.

2. What are your strengths as a deck? // 8 of Coins

Creativity was the first thing that came to mind when I saw this card, it’s illustrated as a self portrait as the deck creator herself. You are strong in color and strong in skill with showing a story on your cards. A lot of work went into creating this deck and it’s clear, your focus and passion is divine. You find strength in the details you present, which spills out into a colorful array of candy to my eye.

3. What are your limits or weaknesses as a deck? //Knight of Cups

Again, the court cards are showing up just where I would love to see them! Looking at the Knight of Cups weakness tells me that this deck tends to lead with its heart and intuition, which will leave you vulnerable and a bit sulky. The words “love is blind” comes to mind when I look at this card. Some area’s are left unclear (the wisps of clouds) so you like to leave the reader to do most of the work and figure it out on their own.

4. What are you here to teach me? // 6 of Cups

Ah, the 6 of Cups, we meet again. I found it funny that this card shows up here again since I just pulled this card yesterday and expressed how much I “fear” it. I don’t like diving into the past but this deck is here to teach me that it’s ok to do so. The past has created who I am today and I can learn a lot from just that alone, it’s like a gift being handed to me. In order to see where I’m going, it’s keen to look back at where I came from, much like a map. This card also screams “growth” to me… the left side was noted in the book as the past and the right side is possibly the dreamy future. It’s about facing the past to learn, so that I can go forward with more confidence of who I am as a person and create my vision of the future.

5. How can I best learn from you? // Knight of Coins

I won’t lie, I totally thought those leaves were pot leaves so I instantly thought “stoner circle” LOL! I mean, that would make learning great fun, right?! The Knight of Coins tells me that I can learn best if I am dedicated and focused (not stoned) when working with this deck. It tells me to be patient and always ask questions! Take this deck slow and steady as to not miss anything, there is a lot going on in the cards.

6. What is your potential outcome of our working relationship? // Strength

Ending the reading with the Strength card, I see this as a good omen for me and this deck! This card suggests to me a mutual trust and respect, it’s an equal partnership. Just like the women in the card tames the gentle lion, there is no force here…. allow things to happen naturally and unfold as they will, have patience. I find this card has good balance and support, not like one has more power than the other. The deck presents the story and it’s up to me to read the words – work together!