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My readings are fresh and down to earth with a traditional backbone. I aim to leave you feeling empowered and will often give you some questions for you to journal about.

To get an idea of my reading style you can check out my Instagram page where I share daily readings, I also offer free Weekly Readings here on the blog each week!


I offer readings through email only right now. You will receive: a PDF write up of your reading, photograph of your cards drawn, and info regarding the deck I used, as well as any crystal companions I used.

Currently I’m offering tarot and oracle readings by donation only. It’s a “pay what you can” type of service since I want my readings to be available to everyone, despite what they can or can’t afford.

· 2  Card Reading … $10
· 3  Card Reading … $15

· 5  Card Reading … $25

Which option?

· 2 – C A R D // This is a nice, quick reading without a lot of clutter! A simple “energy + advice/guidance” type of reading regarding your situation or life in general. This option is best suited for a single question or a quick life “check in”! (approx. 100-175 words)

· 3 – C A R D // My most popular option! I’m a big fan of a 3-card spread, it’s a way to get a little more info surrounding your situation. Sometimes less is more! Depending on your situation or question, I will create a three card spread to suit you best! (approx. 300-400 words)

· 5 – C A R D // My go-to when it comes to diving in deeper and seeing all areas of a situation or question. This option will give you a flow perspective of what you’re carrying with you from your past into your present situation and where you’re heading, it will also take a peek at your strength and weakness/challenge surrounding your current situation. (approx. 500-600 words)


Please read my policies & ethics first. When you are ready, simply fill out the form below to contact me for a reading. Once I receive your message, I’ll contact you back within 24 hours to gather any extra info needed or ask any questions that come to mind for your reading, followed with a PayPal invoice. I so look forward to working with you!

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