Tracking Your Daily Tarot Cards (for Bujo Addicts, like me)

With the new year, I knew I wanted to do something a little different on how I keep track of my daily tarot pulls. I’ve been pulling two cards in the morning for my “Energy + Advice” the past few years but since getting the Next World Tarot, I wanted to really take my time with getting to know this deck and bring it back to basics with a single card draw… yes, I’ve mentioned this deck in nearly every post since the start of the year, it’s just that good, haha!

Here comes bullet journaling to the rescue, one of my favorite ways to journal! I’ve been using this method of journaling/planning for a few years now and while I love using it for journaling, I got tired of using this method for my planner. I’m a big time perfectionist so using the ruler constantly to map out my month, week, and days… got old, haha! I just can’t not use a ruler!

One of my favorite planners to use is the Passion Planner! I’ve used this system for a few years on and off. In the back of the Passion Planner it has graph paper and blank pages, so I’m using a spread of the graph paper for my daily tarot tracking (I think this planner comes with 20 pages of graph and 20 pages of blank). I spent a good couple hours putting this chart together, I won’t lie, it took a while. When it comes to regular journaling, my favorite journal to use is Leuchtturm 1917 in the dotted grid, love them and own several!

My goal with this daily tarot tracking was to see how often I pulled certain suits and around what time of the month were they most prominent. Some will write down the card title too, I write that down in my actual daily section in this planner that has all my weekly info and such, plus I keep track of my daily cards on Instagram in photo form. For this experiment, I was more interested in the suit quality that was popping up rather than which card itself.

Was I getting more cups around the Full Moon? When do I tend to pull more Swords during the month? What suit didn’t I pull in March? Etc.

Creating and Using the Chart

Every morning when I pull my daily card, I color in the square based on what suit it is or if it’s a Major Arcana. The colors I chose were intuitive, I didn’t want to stick with the traditional green for earth/coins, blue for water/cups, etc, I wanted colors that make me feel good and lately I’ve been loving pinks and oranges so I went with that for the year! Also, primary colors make me cringe, haha! You can chose whichever colors that you feel called to use or feel that embody the suit in your vision, have fun! There is not wrong here!

Next, I wanted to keep the months separate but still be able to see the whole year at a glance. I designated 3 squares wide per month to include the day of the month – Moon phases – and the color grid. This fit perfectly! I also added red dots to note the days I’m on my moontime each month, this gives me an idea of what cards show up at this time too! I have been working very closely with my menstrual cycle and I can’t tell you how amazing this practice has been, it’s beyond insightful! I’ll talk more about that on another post since I have some great books and app’s to recommend! 

At the bottom of one page I added a little reminder of the colors I’m using for what suit and such. I’m sure this chart will change over time, I’ll add more to it as I see fit (and what I can squeeze in). Already, I can see how this chart is going to work just how I had hoped! I’m excited to see the months fill up!

What I’ve noticed so far

It’s only 10 days into the month but already I’m seeing some patterns begin to form. With the Waning Moon and my moontime, I noticed I started to pull more suit of Cups. The start of the month I pulled (lots) of Major Arcana cards, I like to think of this as some new lessons I’m being prepared for. I’m curious how the rest of the month will go and see what patterns start to take shape. I’m also curious if I’ll get Major’s at the beginning of next month!

Now, I’m not tracking the cards from spreads that I do for myself and such. This chart is just strictly for single daily pulls only. If you prefer to pull 2-3 cards a day (like a Mind/Body/Spirit reading or Energy/Advice), then you could change the chart around to fit 2-3 color blocks per day rather than just one, that would be really interesting to see the patterns and card pairs pop up!

That’s all there is to it! It’s really simple, you could even create this on the computer and print out if you prefer that method (Google Sheets or Excel would work for this easy)!

If you already do this or decide to create your own daily tracking chart, I would love to see! Tag me on Instagram @jessrollar or leave a comment below!