Lost + Found

Don’t you love it when you come across things while cleaning that you didn’t realize you still had? This happened to me yesterday with the Golden Thread tarot deck! I was moving around some things on my shelf and there it sat in it’s black hard box, dusty, and out of sight. I love this deck! It was a favorite of mine since I bought it (I have the first edition that is cardstock, I actually prefer this edition best compared to the plastic). I forgot I stuck this deck aside after I black edged the cards, I wanted them to really dry well. For a while, I thought I traded it out in one of my many swaps, but I was surprised that I did since I really loved this deck… but you never know, sometimes a mood strikes and things leave your hands without even thinking much.

Yesterday I spent quite a bit of time playing with the Golden Thread tarot to get acquainted again, and I have to say… I adore this deck to pieces. It reads like a dream, is very RWS based (which is what I lean towards) and it’s clean lines make my heart skip a beat. I’m very much a crisp white, clean lines, Ikea type of person lol!

I mentioned that I prefer cardstock cards to plastic cards above and that rings true to any deck. Haven’t owned a few plastic decks, I just don’t feel that connection as I can with a regular deck of cards. Maybe it’s a weird quirk, but I feel that plastic can’t absorb energy the same way cardstock can. Perhaps it’s because card stock is paper and I get that “nature” contact, I’m not sure. I just don’t feel it when I shuffle and use plastic cards. One of my favorite decks was the Ellis Tarot but I had received the plastic edition in a swap and while they shuffle like a dream, I just didn’t feel the connection.

Anyways, I’m rambling lol! I have some new things up my sleeve that I plan to slowly work on and release as time goes on. I’m hoping to keep my focus right now with tarot, I tend to slip in and out of interests and it can be quite frustrating! For the astrology addicts, I’m a Gemini mutable air sign, I’m always changing direction and it can be quite annoying at times. I tend to go all in and get lost in what I’m doing, then burn out… so I’m trying to do things in small steps and sections, as to hopefully avoid a burnout… we shall see!

Hello Hola Bonjour Hallo

Wow, has it really been since October that I last posted on the blog?! You can for sure say that I took some time off and I won’t lie, it has been a nice vacation. What happened? Well, the US election had a toll on my mental health… it triggered some panic attacks and just really effected me pretty hard. I had a break down at the grocery store and had trouble being around others in public due to fear and stress. I won’t go too much into it, but I wanted to explain my absence truthfully to my readers. It’s now April and I can safely say that I am in a better mental headspace now.

What does this mean?! Not sure exactly! I don’t want to say “I’m back” and make any promises, but I would like to dust off the blog and begin posting again just not sure how often, so we will see!

I am not reopening my reading services right now or in the near future. Right now, I just want to focus on getting my decks shuffling again and get back into the practice of reading cards, it’s been a while! On a happy note, I did get a new deck in the mail yesterday… which triggered this post on the blog! I preordered the Illuminated Tarot by Caitlin Keegan in October and it finally came out. The deck is 53-card deck based off of tarot and playing cards. So far I’ve done two pulls from it and love it! The colors are so vibrant and right up my alley.

Hopefully in the next few days I will work on some new posts, I have gotten a few emails asking if I’m still going to do card study with the Cosmos Tarot & Oracle, yes! I do plan on starting that back up… I think returning to this project will help break the ice with me getting back into reading cards. Anyways, I think that is all I want to post right now but watch for new ones!!

Book of Mirrors, Book of Shadow… or Journal

First off, I’ll explain what sparked this post! I’m in an online, private group of 9 magickal babes! We share our practice with one another, ceremonies, “crafty” art projects, and more. We are all diverse in our paths, but we all have one shared passion… goddess centered, whether that means a higher power or just symbolic. It’s really a fantastic group of women and that is all I will say, we are secret after all! So I got to thinking about journals, I wanted to start a new journal with this group I’m in, a record of what I learn from the others, the ceremonies we do “together”, what I create and share, etc. This could be called a book of shadows or a book of mirrors as well, but I prefer to call it a journal, I’m weird like that.




So this week I went through all my blank journals (I have tons that I buy and then don’t use, so I have quite the collection) and came up with a better idea of how I could keep my writings! Since I tend to start journals over and over… and over, due to my sloppy handwriting, I decided this journal would work best for me. I have done online journaling as well in the past, but there is something special about holding that sacred book in my own two hands. I decided to use my Personal size Filofax planner… and I’m in love!

If your familiar with Filofax, or planners in general, you’ll know that most have a binder like center. This makes it easier to remove pages or rearrange pages as needed. Perfect! I took out most of the insides of this planner, it wasn’t being used anyways, and just added all lined paper and a calendar. The calendar is there to help me keep track of the moon phases, astrological signs, the moon houses, etc. Also, great for a quick glance at special events like sabbats and quarter points in the year. I don’t know why I haven’t thought of this before, this is a great modern approach to keeping a magickal recording book… whether it’s your Book of Shadows, Book of Mirrors, or anything in between.



Nine of Feathers

Waxing Moon in Scorpio // 4th House // Pluto – Saturn – Moon

Man, this week has really been filled with feathers! I actually do have quite a lot on my mind though, so it makes sense to me. This morning when I drew the Nine of Feathers, I knew this card was meant to be. We are finally going back to our old apartment today to pack the rest of the stuff up that is still there, clean, and lock the doors for good. This apartment has been on my mind ever since we got the keys to our new house we bought last month. I love it when tarot gives you that “aha!” moment.

The Nine of Feathers is the card that keeps you up at night, the heavy feeling that you forgot something, the nightmares that won’t go away… it’s also a card of release, it’s telling you to face those worries and deal with them. The more you push them away, the longer they will stay and the harder they will push back. Since most people are familiar with the imagery on the RWS deck, I decided to pair this up with the card. They both have completely different illustrations, however they both share similar symbolism. You have a bird who is so completely strung out of his mind that he is loosing feathers over it. His eyes look as if he has been awake for days!

PicTapGo-Image (3)

An interesting note about this card that I noticed is that there are not only 9 feathers in this pictures to represent the nine of feathers, but there are also 9 bars to his cage. Maybe I need my morning coffee or I’m a little nuts, but adding up 9+9, you get 18… When you look at the Major Arcana, the number 18 is the Moon, if I pair this card up with the Nine of Feathers, I can see that the Moon’s advice could be to seek out these shadows that are keeping you up at night. Just something I noticed and thought I would share.

Some keywords and phrases that I associate this card with:

worry – self induced fear – stress – something keeping you up at night – heavy on the mind – shadow work – fear – release – anxiety

Mentor of Feathers

Waxing Moon in Libra // 4th House // Pluto – Saturn – Moon

Ahhh… the Mentor of Feathers, also known as the King of Swords! Just looking at this card, you can tell the bird is a mouthy one! He seems to be dictating directions or a message, perhaps just sharing a story. This little bird has a lot of knowledge to share, a pure leader in fact! He is careful with his words and puts them in good order. The other people in this card are giving his full attention, so what he is saying must be interesting or very important.

To me, this card represents a good handle on authority and will rise to the occasion when called upon. If your having a tough time with decision making, this person can help to direct your mind on the path it needs to take. This is someone you can trust to give you good advice, possibly a grandfather/grandmother or someone who has been around the block!

PicTapGo-Image (2)

Tip: The courts can be tricky, but breaking them down into people you can relate to helps, whether they are celebrities, fictional characters or people in your life. Finding that one person to associate the card with will help greatly when interpreting the court card when it shows up.

Some keywords and phrases that I often associate the Eight of Feathers with:

authority – wise words – advice – in good order – can be a bit pushy – knowledge – storytelling

Custom Deck Update!

Some of you may remember a collage deck I was working on. It was supposed to be a Lenormand deck, but with a lot of thought over the months, I have decided to turn it into an oracle deck! I think it works better this way since the images I have used tend to call out certain feelings for me. I have picked this project back up and plan to work on more cards. I don’t have a number of cards in mind that I want to end up with, right now I have 23.


I did a mock up of what I plan to have the cards look like above! I’m unsure if I will add the words before or after I scan them in… I really want that black plastic label look to the wording area, so we’ll see. I’m thrilled to use these cards in my daily draws since I have adapted to using both Tarot and Oracle in my daily readings, as well as readings for others. I will be working on a post in the future regarding using both types of decks in the same reading!

IMG_0521(The Hermit from The Collective Tarot)

I wanted to see how the cards look with Tarot and I think this card reflected the Hermit beautifully! You see a person holding the lantern up in the darkness, the collaged card further pushes that shadow side. It’s telling me there is no fear while digging a little deeper to reveal what is hidden and buried within. This collaged card also can reflect death and rebirth, transition, melancholy, something stirring, or many other possibilities!

As far as selling this deck when I have it printed… I’m not sure yet, I am still looking into the copyrights regarding collaged art. Since I have heavily used other artists work from magazines, I’m finding it very likely that I will not be producing this deck for resale unfortunately. This deck will most likely be used only by myself.

Daily Energy + Advice


(The Collective Tarot and The Connected & Free Oracle)

The feeling of being stuck can be not only frustrating but very boring. Remember to keep your eye on the prize, the end is in sight, you just need to break this dull cycle and continue on! It’s not always easy to shake things off when your feeling low, but trust me, you will feel much better when you move out of this zone. To help move past this moment, try opening yourself up and saying yes more today! If a rare opportunity comes knocking, take it! This could be your ticket to freedom and the end of this cycle!

Daily Energy + Advice

(Homestuck Tarot and Connected & Free Oracle)

Keep your head clear and your heart open in any direction or choices that may come your way. Try to reach out of your comfort zone and make an attempt at something new, even if it just means getting out of the house!
If you like this little post, I may continue them Monday through Friday! I’m also in the works of moving the blog to a website, so I apologize in advance if the blog gets a bit weird for a bit.

Daily Life + New Moon

With the new New Moon around the corner, I’ve been thinking a lot about my life right now and how it has changed. For a long while I have been feeling much like the Death card in tarot, but I feel myself emerging from that shell and becoming more like the Moon. I’m starting to explore the shadows and new things in my world. Reaching out of my comfort zone and just feeling around. Sometimes I feel like I’m searching blind, but it’s not a bad feeling.

My path and practice has made some quick changes this past year, and I feel I am on the right track lately. I’m learning more and more that “picking and choosing” is how my practice thrives, I definitely follow a chaotic path! I love it that way!

Each New Moon (and Full) I’ve been fine tuning my own ways of honoring her. Seems that every month it is drastically different than the previous month, I like this. I like random and I like my “rituals” to be free flowing. I don’t necessarily like the word “ritual”, it’s another word that never sits well with me, but I’ll go with it!

I was reading  Woman Magick and loved what Nessa mentions about naming the moons yourself! This makes each moon very personal, I love that. I’ve been pondering what I would name the New Moon…

What do you do for the New and Full Moons? Has your path or practice been changing lately?

Always room for growth!

Since I am always looking to learn and grow as a reader, I love a good tarot course! I have taken a few courses with Biddy Tarot and loved them, they really helped fill in some area’s that I wanted to improve. I don’t think there is anything wrong with taking tarot classes and courses! No matter where you are in life as a reader, I think courses are always great to take. Whether you have been reading for years or whether you just picked up your first deck today.

The courses I tend to look for are ones that take a slightly different approach to tarot. I like teachers that think outside of the box when it comes to throwing cards. Last night I decided to sign up for The Alternative Tarot Course taught by Beth Maiden of Little Red Tarot! The course totally caught my eye and I just had to sign up. I have always really loved Beth’s approach to reading the cards, I feel a strong connection to her style and adore her blog. Not to mention she is a fellow Collective Tarot owner as well! The reason I decided to take this course in general was to help improve my tarot blogging. She had mentioned that the course can help with blogging inspiration, as well as a different approach to reading the cards. My style is very intuitive, meaning I tend to toss the book out the window when I read my cards. So this was right up my alley!
I’m starting this course on Monday, even though I already kind of read through the first week chapter. It’s an 8-week course and looks super fun! I’m debating on posting my “homework” on the blog or just keep it in my new journal… that I totally bought just for the class! My 2014 journal is filled to the last page and I had yet to start a 2015 journal, gasp! Another thing I need to think of over the weekend is what deck/s I want to use. Thinking of using this course to either work on a deeper connection to one of my current decks or alternate a deck each week. The other day I mentioned I have a new deck coming so I know for sure I want to use this in the course, but I don’t think it will be here for a couple weeks, bummer! So I went through all my decks (my collection has shrunk, I have sold a lot of decks recently that got no love and kept only the decks that truely had a place in my heart) and came to these:
  • Collective Tarot – a given, since it was my grail deck and I have a great relationship with it
  • Homestuck Tarot – another one I adore, this deck has really grown on me!
  • “The new deck coming” – shhh, a secret till it arrives!
What about you, do you like tarot courses? If so, what are your favorites that you have taken? (I need some enabling! lol)