Hello, Persephone Tarot

A new deck has landed and I was hoping to get this post up sooner but I’ve been busy, ack! I received this deck last week by the always inspiring, Maris de la Peña, the mastermind behind Ciro Tarot and the Strange Lands Oracle. I was grateful to receive this deck early and was blown away when it arrived, it’s so unique!

The Persephone Tarot was inspired by Goddess Persephone and both Greek and Roman mythology. The Major Arcana has been renamed in themes of the Greek Gods and Goddesses, but the meaning behind the cards remain the same. While this deck still follows the RWS system, it is unique on its own. I’ve found that I read this deck very intuitively, the cards really paint a picture of their own!

The deck arrived with a tuck box, cloth printed bag (yay!), book, and the cards themselves. One thing that Marisa does very well is package her decks beautifully! They’re like opening a gift and I treasure that. Also, her illustration and art is one of my favorites! I’m a sucker for everything she creates, in fact she just released a new comic called the Four Mothers Vol. 1 – you can find that here!

The cards themselves are standard tarot deck size, so they fit in your hand perfectly like most RWS decks. The book is packed with info on regarding each card along with the black + white card illustrations. I love the book! It gives you a sneak peek into the world of Roman and Greek mythology. Even if you’ve never studied Roman and Greek mythology before, you will quickly learn the stories with this deck and love them. I feel like this would be a fantastic companion if you base your practice around the Roman/Greek pantheon as well! When I saw that Marisa added Demeter, I got extra excited! I’ve been working very closely with Demeter since the Lunar Eclipse, she presented herself as the asteroid Ceres in my birth chart, along with Vesta.

I’m in love with this deck! It shuffles like a dream and the card stock is really nice, it’s smooth and not glossy. I also really like the way this deck is set up, you can tell a lot of work went into the creation process! The entire deck is black with white illustrations except for one card, Cupid + Psyche (The Lovers), this card is white with black illustrations. I had a hard time pulling out my favorite cards to show, there really isn’t a card I don’t like! Also, this deck works perfectly with Marisa’s Strange Lands Oracle deck, the color oracle cards really pop and the illustrations blend really well.

You can find the Persephone Tarot up for pre-order HERE!

Ok, let’s check out how it reads with a deck interview! As always, I’m using a spread by Little Red Tarot. What can I say, it’s a great spread!

(5 of Swords) You like to stand out from the crowd and raise above the others! I was quickly drawn to that apple perched so perfectly on that center sword. While this is more of a “selfish” card in general, I just feel more pulled in the direction of being on top in a more positive way when reading this card right now.

(Queen of Cups) Your strengths are in compassion and love, you present yourself in a caring and more luring manor. I also feel you prefer to take a more gentle approach to the readings.

(6 of Cups) As your limit, you tend to get caught up in things (distraction) and hung up on the old stories and moments. Duh, your based on mythology, of course you will get stuck in the past, it’s ok, I’ve got time to listen!

(9 of Swords) Oooh, you’re here to teach me how to handle my fears. I really like this card in this position, fear can really be a hard thing to overcome and tarot is a great tool to use when working with it.

(Page of Coins) Be open to learning and to all possibilities. In order to work with you, I must remain curious and question everything. There is more than meets the eye, I need to be willing to slow down and seek out.

(Page of Cups) Another Page, I love seeing court cards in a deck interview, it really gives more character to a deck and lets you slip on different shoes. The Page of Cups lets me know that “good changes are coming”, what a fantastic omen for this deck and I! I get a pure sense of excitement and wonder from this card. Lots of potential to come when working with this deck!

Hello, Heart and Hands Tarot!

Getting cozy on the blog today with the Heart & Hands Tarot by Liz Blackbird! I was hoping to get this post up last week but with the holidays and craziness…. I got pretty distracted and swamped, haha! Better late than never, right?

I first came across this deck on Kate’s blog, Daily Tarot Girl, she does a weekly tarot reading and has used this deck a few times, I fell in love instantly! I’ve had a chance to really dive into this deck before doing this post and I have to say, it’s one of my current favorites. I’m loving the artwork and how well it reads for me, it speaks volumes and packs a punch with readings. There is so much to look at in each card, it’s like I discover something different every time.

First off, this is a large deck! It’s one of the biggest I’ve used yet, even larger than the Collective Tarot and Bonefire Tarot (if you are familiar with those then you’ll know what I mean). However, I’m not finding any trouble shuffling this deck since I have very long hands and fingers, I feel that if the deck were smaller in size you would lose a lot of detail in the artwork so I clearly understand why this deck was made so large. The illustrations are stunning and so detail orientated! The cards measure a whopping 3.5 inches x 5.5 inches and stacked together with a  thickness of 1.25 inches.

The deck comes in a sturdy box, an accordion style booklet, and an title/artist card on top of the deck itself. While the cards have thick white bordered, they go with the deck and don’t feel like borders at all. The artwork steps outside of these borders in each card and allows the images to really pop!

love this deck so much! I used it for a week straight for my daily pulls and the energy surrounding the cards were awesome. It’s been pretty spot on for myself in personal readings I’ve done, I haven’t had a chance to read for others yet with this deck (my reading shop will be back open next month). Due to the card size, I try to keep the readings to just 1-4 cards just because of my table size, but it would look gorgeous in a larger spread! I could go on and on about this deck, I’m shocked that I don’t see it everywhere on Instagram and online, it’s such a great deck! Go get this deck!!

Now, let’s see what this deck has to say! I’m using my favorite deck interview spread by Little Red Tarot.

(5 of Cups) You tend to focus solely on what needs your attention right away. I love how this card has a shadow only showcasing what has gone wrong (the spilled cups), yet there are two fresh glasses sitting right in front of you.

(Ace of Swords) First off, love this card in this deck! This card tells me that the deck has strength in how it speaks – it brings a fresh outlook to the table with a sharp perspective. I really feel that with this deck, it has me thinking about the cards in new light even though it follows the RWS style pretty well.

(The Moon) Not everything will be shown, you like to keep somethings hidden and secret. In order to dive in further, the reader really needs to rely heavily on intuition to feel their way around the cards imagery.

(4 of Swords) Take things slow… I tend to zip through my own personal readings, but this card tells me that this deck likes a little more relaxed. There is no rush, just enjoy this quiet time between the cards and I (over coffee).

(6 of Swords) My first reaction to this card is saying I need to let myself to go on a journey with this deck and allow it to take the lead, just trust in the deck as to where we’ll end up. I relate the 6 of Swords to a card of mental movement, moving yourself to a better headspace and I feel like the boat in this card is the deck and I am the swords. This deck is a breath of fresh air.

(Wheel of Fortune) Ah! It’s all on the table of fate, take a spin of the wheel and go through the cycles. This card tells me that I will most likely put it in a good rotation with my other decks and I’ve already been doing that so it was funny to see this card show up.

Hello, Forces Flora + Fauna Oracle

First off, did you notice the new blog theme?! It was time for a totally fresh new look and I’m loving the clean lines and negative space! I hope you enjoy this new look as much as I am! I’m eagerly trying to prepare for 2018 and want to make my blog a big focus once again.

Deck: Forces Flora + Fauna Oracle

It’s been a while since I got a new deck, last one was the Bonefire Tarot in November. I have several new decks on the way and the first to arrive was a deck I got from someone on a FB swap group. It’s the Forces Flora + Fauna Oracle by Colleen Hardy of the Hardy Tarot – which is another deck high on my wishlist! Oddly enough, most of the decks I have coming in the mail are oracle decks, only one is a tarot deck that I purchased. I guess I’ve been feeling the love for oracle decks lately!

When I first saw the Forces Flora + Fauna deck, my heart skipped a beat – it is stunning! The color palette of this deck is right up my alley and when someone voiced a swap in the group… it was a no brainer, I had to take them up on the trade! The Forces Flora + Fauna is a 54-card deck, there is a book coming out and Colleen has a downloadable booklet in her shop right now for $1 (as well as a printed version for a little more). I went ahead and purchased the PDF copy to have on hand.

Box + Cards + Extra Cards

One day I hope to add the Hardy Tarot to my collection, I’ve had it high on my wishlist for ages and I saw that it’s up for preorder again right now. I’m so bad at preordering decks since I tend to prefer the “instant gratification” rather than wait months and months for it to ship, but I may have to bite down and preorder it next month. Funny, one of the decks on the way to me soon was a preorder deck!

Deck: Forces Flora + Fauna Oracle

Back to the Forces Flora + Fauna! This deck measures out at 2.75″ x 4.75″, perfect size! The card stock is amazing and it’s fantastic quality! Shuffling this deck is very smooth and makes me happy, I can riffle my heart out with no issues. The card stock actually feels very similar to my own Seed Oracle!

This deck came to me “used” so I’m not entirely sure everything is included in what I received or not but it came with the box (signed under the flap), and 6 extra cards – title/artist card, about the deck, how to use the deck, and three keyword cards.

When I did the deck interview reading, I really dived hard into the symbols! I’ve never really read up much on some of them and it had me doing some homework to get a better understanding of the card and meaning on my own. I have a feeling I will be using this deck quite often!

On to the deck interview reading!

Deck Interview Reading

Ok, let’s see what this deck has to say and how it reads! Of course, I’m using my favorite deck interview spread by Little Red Tarot.

When I did this reading, I was really drawn to connecting with the cards on my own. Some of the keywords associated with each card in the “book” just didn’t fit for me. So diving into the symbology of each image really helped me connect!

(The Toad) While going through this deck, I noticed there was a really good balance to it and this card is all about balance. The toad is an interesting little creature, they start out living in the water before the move to the land – they remind me a lot of the Greek goddess Persephone, the Queen of the Underworld. She too gets to dip her toes in two worlds – the underworld and the world above.

(The Linden Tree) First thought on this card is that most trees in general are pretty strong and grounded. You can’t get any more grounded than a tree, am I right? This deck has strength in being stable and gentle, just like the wind blowing through its branches. I love the folklore behind the Linden tree, there are so many stories. This is a tree seen as sacred and I get the same feeling from this deck, a sacred tool.

(The Thistle) As a medical plant, it’s limits are often in its uses. Not all plants will treat every ailment, this is the same for this deck. It’s all about trial and error to see what this deck is comfortable reading! Thistle is often used for protection in many spells and crafts, this tells me that this deck may bit a bit guarded in getting all the info on the table. I’ve actually found this to be very true for me so far. At first I struggle with interpreting the cards since I get so transfixed with the keywords in the little guidebook, but once I let down my own walls and dive into each card, it becomes much more “chatty”.

(The Crow) Seeing this card show up in this position was very welcoming. A couple mornings ago, I decided to leave my front door open, which is something I never do since my dog barks at every tiny sound, and not even 5 minutes later I heard a loud raven call near my front door. I rarely see ravens where we live, just small crows and such, so it was really interesting and caught my attention. Then, the following morning, I heard the raven again! Still couldn’t see her, but I knew she was nearby. So when I saw this card show up, it reminded me of that raven I heard (even though the card is a crow). I take this card as a good omen in this reading, it really vibrates the meaning to watch for signs and messages. I feel this deck came to me for a reason, I didn’t even list it on my wishlist when I did the swap.

(The Acorn) If I invest the time in working with this deck, a lot will come out of it. Much like seeds in general, you nurture a seed and there is a pretty good chance it will grow.! My husband and I have a small garden and we know a thing or two about growing – and how not to get something to grow, lol. It’s all about what effort I put in is what I’ll get in return. It’s funny, I was just talking to my husband the other night about this card and mentioned how I feel acorns can represent currency or a harvest. It’s like squirrel cash!

(The Cave) I LOVE this card! Retreat, retreat! I’m being invited to dwell within this deck, touch the walls and every corner of the cards. Each card has a story, just like writings found in caves left by ancient civilizations. They are simple yet so deep, each illustration telling its tale. Enjoy listening to the echoes and vibrations that this deck is giving out.

What current tarot deck are you loving on right now? Let me know in the comments below!

Coffee with the Vicky Filiault Tarot

Yesterday I received a deck in the mail that I got in a swap! This was a swap that I was on the fence with but decided to just do it anyways and see how I like the deck. It’s called the Vicky Filiault Tarot (there was no name) and it’s a Major Arcana only deck (22-cards). I’ve been looking to add more Major only decks to my collection (I just have one, the Portland Tarot).

There is a spread I started using that I saw Kasia on Tarot Map use, it’s called “Where is the Fool headed?“. You are the Fool – no, your not an idiot, haha! The Fool is just the significator card and since they are a “traveler”, you can use it to see what direction you are heading and what you are leaving behind. You don’t have to use a Major only deck, you can pull the Majors out of any deck.

Anyways, back to this deck! The deck swap ended up being awesome! I made sure I had a free moment to sit with the cards and go through each one slowly, to really soak in the imagery… I love it!

The cards are nice quality and have a nice bend. It’s not a full deck, but I can still riffle shuffle it pretty well! The deck feels handmade but in a good way, it doesn’t feel like it was made on a printer at home if that makes sense, it has some nice quality to it. Though, one card I noticed was a tiny bit blurry, but it doesn’t bother me since it’s not very noticeable… I just tend to notice everything, I’m very observant!

It came with a faux leather wrap that has a single tie and block printing of an eye on the front, it’s right up my alley since I love eyes! The wrap lays out as a spread cloth and fits 3 cards perfectly. There’s no book, just a white artist stamped card and a blank white card. I’m guessing these were originally placed on top and bottom of the deck for shipping.

I’m not going to do a deck interview with this deck but I will show some of my favorite cards! The Death (La Mort) card is my favorite by far, usually is in any deck but this one is killer! I’m also very fond of the Fool (Le Mat) card, but the mask on the Magician (Le Bateleur) takes the cake for me… I’m obsessed plague doctor masks, they’re creepy and yet so interesting!

Coffee with the Jean Noblet Tarot

Another deck I wanted to “review” is the Jean Noblet Tarot! This deck landed in my hands a couple weeks ago from The Hermit’s Lamp in Canada. I ordered this deck right after I ordered the Marshmallow Marseille since I wanted a more “traditional” feeling deck to go with my Marshmallow Marseille (that deck is traditional, but fun).

I was drawn to the Noblet by the rich color palate, gorgeous card backings, and the artwork. It was a toss up between the Dodal and the Noblet, obviously the Noblet won this time… I blame the Fool card with his junk out, I just loved how it was presented and left lots of room to interpret.

Starting with the box – It’s a sturdy tuck box that came plastic wrapped and the Queen of Coins card on top to note the edition year (2014). I was able to pry this card away from the plastic untouched and now use it as a bookmark! As far as boxes go, this one is pretty nice for a typical tuck box.

The deck did come with a little booklet talking about the deck, history, and the Trump cards. I really haven’t had a chance to read the booklet thoroughly yet. I’m usually not one to read the little booklets (LWB) that come with decks but I’m sure I will check out this one sooner or later since it’s aimed at TdM.

Now, the cards! The deck itself is taller than poker size and a tad more narrow, they measure up around 2.5″ x 4″ I believe. One thing I noticed right off the bat is that they are thick! Some of the thickest cards I’ve had, including oracle decks. If I split the deck in half, I can riffle shuffle each stack no problem, but as a whole… barely! They have almost zero bend to them as a whole, I’ve tried. I’ll admit, this did bother me at first but after playing with the deck for a bit I’m able to get a light “falling” riffle shuffle out of the deck. This works for me! I tend to always riffle shuffle first to help clear my head and relax, then switch to an overhand shuffle when I start focusing on the reading itself and querent or questions. The deck overhand shuffles super well and the cards slide easily, just watch those sharp corners… they can be a bitch and do hurt! I’ve seen some readers round the corners on their Marseille decks but I love the charm of them, so I will not be touching them. I feel the sharp corners add a historic feel to the cards and I wouldn’t want them any other way.

The illustrations are so rich and bold, I love them! The pips are actually my favorite so far of the deck, the bold lines are just gorgeous. The color palate of this deck is also stunning. One thing I adore about the illustrations are the faces of the people, some are pretty funny and almost all are very relatable. You can read the people in the cards very easily!

Following the lead of what I did with the Marshmallow Marseille tarot, I decided to pull three cards and let them do the talking!

3 of Cups + The World + The Moon

Open and ready! With two feet forward and your head looking back – your messages keep you logical and your heart moves forward. You keep a sharp eye on what’s important and needs to be brought to attention, but the Moon pulls you in with a bit of mystery. At the center of your core, you are complete and surrounded in what you need, I just need to pay close attention! Even the simplest of images hold the deepest of messages.

You would much rather be drinking at the bar, than have to show up at your late night shift. I get that you like to enjoy the time we spend together but know that work must be done, so I feel like this would be a great deck to use with reading for others, but it does like a drink break or two! It knows how to get to the heart of the matter and rather quickly.

The 3 of Cups suggests to me that this deck likes to show its best version of itself and is always ready to display something in new ways – where the Moon likes to leave some things a mystery. I get a funny feeling that this deck likes to hide messages in plain sight, you don’t have to dig too deep to uncover them like one would think. I was overthinking this reading way too much and the Moon gave me the look of “Really? Relax a bit, it’s not rocket science!”.

Coffee with the Marshmallow Marseille

As promised, a little “first glance review” of the Marshmallow Marseille Tarot! Already, I love this deck! I’ve had about a week to play around with it and this was the deck that launched my card study with the Tarot de Marseille (although I’ve been using the Noblet more right now). I mentioned earlier on the blog that I’m falling hard for the TdM and this deck is making it easy to fall even more in love with the system.

If you are interested in the differences between the RWS and TdM, check out the post that Benebell Wen did on the tarot decks. The main struggle with learning the TdM system is unlearning the RWS system (or other systems you are accustomed to) and coming to the Tarot de Marseille with a beginners mind and clean slate. After reading with only RWS decks for the past 5 years, I can see how this can be hard to do but I feel it’s been fairly easy so far. It’s been a fun learning curve and challenge for sure!

Anyways, on to the Marshmallow Marseille! A few have asked me if the deck is in alignment with more traditional decks like the Conver for instance. This deck looks more like a recolored Lombardische deck to me and I’m very happy with that! The cards themselves are poker size, another thing I love about this deck since I’m a fan of the Spirit Speak tarot and that too is poker sized.

The cards have passed my picky shuffle “test” and does well. The cards feel amazing, like a satin finish and the glide easily. The card stock is a great thickness – not to thick and not too thin, there is some bend still to the cards like I prefer.

The box was pretty interesting as far as how it was assembled, I haven’t seen a box like this one before. I don’t use boxes for the most part so I don’t normally care how they are made really, just thought it was neat. It’s also a sweet color of pink and I love the handwritten font on the box.

This deck does not come with a book and I knew about this ahead of time so it wasn’t a big deal for me. I’m currently reading a book by Yoav Ben-Dov called Tarot – The Open Reading and it’s excellent! However, I’m trying not to let the book influence my own interpretations with the cards so right now I’m writing down my own thoughts on the card first and foremost, but I’m enjoying reading about the cards themselves and their history. The symbolism in each card is really interesting!

The colors in this deck are stunning! Not overly cute but just cute enough to keep me happy and on a sugar rush. I have never been very traditional in anything I do and I like my decks to reflect that as well, though I am loving the traditional looking decks lately like the Noblet and CBD Tarot (which is high on my wishlist).

I’m doing something a little different with my TdM deck interview readings and not sticking to the standard “deck interview” spread – I just went with a three card cut and let the cards do the talking!

Queen of Cups + Ace of Cups + 8 of Cups

Can we get anymore cups on the table?! This reading is already making my thirsty… good thing I just poured myself some iced coffee before I sat down with these cards. I get it, your a smooth talker and a better lover. You carry your heart out on your sleeve and offer it to anyone willing to take it, it’s just how you roll. Showing the picture by amplification is so that you don’t have to say something twice, you want it all on the table with nothing to hide and for it be seen clearly, no questions asked.

In the 8 of Cups, I see a great opportunity to network and connect with other like minded people, so branching out and getting involved with others could be a keen idea! This card also suggests to me that it likes order over chaos, patterns matter so follow them and see where they lead… everything is connected and everything is a sign!

I love how the Queen of Cups has her back turned to the Ace of Cups as if she would rather hand me the cup instead of me having to get it myself, this tells me that the deck is polite and likes to please.

* So many cups! *

Coffee with the Creatures of the Moon Deck

Wednesday was the official “stock-the-mail-because-there-is-a-deck-out-for-delivery” type of day. Naturally, the mail always arrives way late on the days that I have a package coming, it’s a conspiracy I tell you! Anyways, a new deck landed in my hands and I’m madly in love… I know, I say that about all the decks that I get, but this time… I really, really mean it!

The deck I received is the Creatures of the Moon by Rebecca Schoenecker (AKA Laughing Eye Weeping Eye). It’s a double-sided 32-card deck (64-card images in total) that mixes the lore of the Moon and Creature totems, as well as numerology and storytelling. It’s packed with stories, divination, Moon info, and so much more. The deck comes with a 308 page book that is loaded, this deck has so many facets to it and I love it!

I’m for sure more of a tarot reader than oracle reader but when the right oracle deck sparks my interest, I tend to trust my instinct and buy it. The only other oracle decks I currently own and use is my own Seed Oracle (I’m still working on getting this deck printed) and the Iris Oracle by Mary Elizabeth Evans. I recently sold my Animal Spirit oracle deck since I just couldn’t get into it, despite the gorgeous artwork. I’m also currently letting go of the Wild Unknown tarot copy I have as well for the same reasons.

Back to this deck, I get distracted way too easy! So this post is part review and part “first glance” impressions, I don’t want to go too heavy into a review since I haven’t had time to work with the deck fully yet but spoil alert: I LOVE THIS DECK!

The Box

Love the box! I’m not normally a box lover in general, I usually put my decks in their own bag, but I loved the box for some reason. It’s a nice sturdy, black matte box with silver font and image of the Creature Bast on the front from the Triple Moon card. The cards are snug in the box, but with room so they are jumbled in there at all.

The Book

I mentioned above that the book is cram packed with info, but it’s not cluttered, it was put together in a very clean way. The book is very easy to read and understand, it’s also aesthetically pleasing and full color. There are sections about each card side called the Creature-side and the Moon-side, info about the Moon and phases, Goddess aspects, spreads, tips with working with the deck, stories, timing, and so much more! I was pretty shocked, in a good way! ou can truly tell how much time and effort went into making this deck just perfect.

The Cards

I’m really picky with how a deck shuffles and this passed my test! It riffle shuffles well and side shuffles like a dream. The cards are a satin matte, about the size of most oracle cards and fit nicely in my hand. There are 32-cards but a total of 64-cards images since they are double sided, so it’s like getting two decks in one! The Moon side features all the phases of the Moon, symbols that relate to each Goddess aspect (Maiden, Mother, Crone, and Enchantress), plus two extra moon cards (Lunar Eclipse and Triple Moon). The Creature side of the deck are Creature totems that feature the moon title, a keyword, and the moon phase relating to the creature. Within the deck are element cards as well!

I used this deck the other morning with my daily tarot pull and decided to use the First Quarter Moon card as an intentional card to mirror the moon at that time. It paired up lovely with my Spirit Speak tarot and I plan to use it often with tarot pairing, curious to see how it pairs up with my Pagan Otherworlds tarot!

I also had a chance to play with some spreads in the book, I tried out both Moon spreads and was pleasantly surprised with the readings. They were extremely spot on and I rarely get a strong reading like that with oracle decks, usually it’s just little “you can do it” messages but this deck actually showed some layers and called me out on some of my current struggles. There are many ways to read the info from each card, whether it’s time, numerology, moon phase, stories, Goddess aspects, environments, etc. Literally no wrong way to go about these cards, you can take what you want and leave the rest or use it all.

Would I recommend this deck? YES! I highly recommend this deck to anyone curious about the Moon or works with the Moon on a daily basis like I do. This deck adds flavor to tarot readings and as stand alone deck by itself. I tried to find cards in the deck that I didn’t resonate with and honestly, I couldn’t find any at all. I love them all! This deck really makes me regret letting go of my Laughing Eye Weeping Eye tarot deck, badly. I would love to use both decks together! I sold that deck a couple years back and have no idea why I did that, now I want to order it again… will have to wait till finances open up, lol!

Using my favorite deck interview spread from Little Red Tarot, I grabbed some iced coffee… with almond Pumpkin Spice creamer (so good) and got shuffling! Here is what the deck had to say!

I decided to focus on the Creature side of this deck for the sake of keeping this reading somewhat short. I only touched based on the face value of each card and a few notes of the numerology here and there. There is just so much info I can pull from each card, I didn’t want to write a novel for this post lol!

✖︎ Tell me about yourself. What is your most important characteristic? Transition/Goose

First off, I love this card! It just has a warm feeling to it and really feels like Fall to me. This card is suggesting to me that this deck is one of opportunity and personal growth. It’s all about allowing natural rhythms to take place and let them flow without resisting or blocking. From a numerology aspect, the card number 10 relates to an ending of a cycle and the position to begin something new. Applying that to this position, it tells me that this is a deck of new opportunity in learning, it’s a fresh new adventure and I’m excited!

✖︎ What are your strengths as a deck? Reflection/Sloth 

This card has been popping up in every reading I’ve done so far and I love that this card showed up in this position, it’s all about reflection, observing, and taking your time. The strength this deck has is about stopping to smell the roses, this is a deck that wants you to truly see what is going on and take your time with it. There is no rush involved when reading with this deck, it urges you to take a moment and really dive into the cards to see all aspects it has to offer. This card is associated with number 4, this is a card of stability and I think this fits very well with the strengths this deck has! This is a deck of structure and I feel like it’s very grounding.

✖︎ What are your limits as a deck? Union/Koi 

I always tend to read this question/position like an RX card and since this is a card normally associated with unity and harmony, I feel like the limits are that this deck would prefer to be used as a stand alone deck and not mix with other decks often. Looking at this card intuitively, the fish in the water remind me of the Cups suit in tarot… it’s all about emotions and our bond with others. Taking that into consideration, perhaps this deck wants me to leave all attachment to the side and dive in with an open mind and heart.

✖︎ What are you hear to teach me? Courage/Snake

Courage, but most importantly, coming out of my skin! This is something I need in areas of my life, one being that I really want to break out of my shell more. It’s exhausting to stay closed up to try and hide aspects of myself from friends and family, I’m sure others can agree and it’s not something easy to do. I’m working hard on this and learning how to say “no” more often which is something I normally don’t say but always want to. This card is suggesting to me that it can help break down walls that I have when working with this deck and help shed what’s not important in my life. I’m thinking that this would be a great deck for self exploration and my own path.

✖︎ How can I best learn and collaborate with you? Crafty Fox/Fox 

Just like a fox, this deck can be full of tricks up its sleeve, but in a good way! It’s versatile, so I can collaborate and learn from it any way I please. Looking at this card made me think of direction and following this fox to see where it’s heading. The fox in the card image seems to be moving up an ever so slight hill and it’s urging me to come along. This fox can easily shift roles and knows it’s way around their forest home, that would make Fox a great teacher in the field of direction. A note on the numerology for this card, number 11, this is a number of unity… 1 +1 = 2, perfect for collaboration!

✖︎ What is the potential outcome of our working relationship? Community/Bees 

What a fantastic ending to this little reading, nothing says “working relationship” like a beehive. This is for sure a mutual relationship as long as we pull our own weight in this pairing. It’s a constant movement going on and it’s active, so that tells me that this deck is ready for the work I want to use it for as long as I’m on the same page… it’s not going to pick up the slack! I was already wondering if I should use this deck with readings I do for others and this was a big “yes”! Bees have always been a huge focus for me and oddly enough, I’m allergic to bees yet I am drawn in by their curious nature and beauty. I seem to attract bees all the time, I can be with a group of people and a bee will always bother me and no one else. It’s like they find me wherever I am!

Coffee with the Pagan Otherworlds Tarot

A new deck has landed in my hands thanks to an awesome deck swap! I traded a few decks for the gorgeous, Pagan Otherworlds Tarot, and I couldn’t be happier. I’ve had this deck on my wishlist since it came out in 2016 but I have never pushed the “buy” button… I’ve wanted to though! When someone in a swap group asked if I wanted to trade… I jumped on it without even having to think!

This deck was made my Uusi in 2016. My swap package included: the Pagan Otherworlds Tarot deck, Pagan playing cards, and the Pagan Otherworlds guide book. The cards are absolutely beautiful, both the card stock and art. You can tell a lot of love went into this deck and the creators paid very close attention to detail. The card stock is a linen finish and shuffles like a dream. The cards are a tad wider and taller than your standard Rider Wait Smith deck, which works well for me since I have very long hands and fingers.

The book is great, very “to the point” with not a lot of clutter as it just talks about each card and nothing more. I was half hoping for a little more info in the book, but overall it’s great!

This deck comes with extra cards – The Seeker, and five moon cards (if you read reversals, you will get all the moon phases). I have yet to figure out how I want to use these cards, but for now they remain in the deck for some added texture to the readings! If you have this deck, how do you use the Seeker card? I have some ideas but would love to hear others!

Using my favorite deck interview spread from Little Red Tarot, I grabbed an iced coffee and got to shuffling! Here is what the deck had to say!

I have already done a few readings with this deck, one being a first pull that was the waxing moon card, how fitting as it was a waxing moon when I did the pull! I took this as a good omen for sure. This morning I used this deck for my daily tarot pulls and received the King of Pentacles and the 4 of Swords… funny, later on as the morning went on, I had a 4 of Spades card at my feet that my dog found.

I’m going to be bringing back the weekly reading to the blog on Monday’s, this deck will be used for next weeks reading for sure!

I noticed this reading was heavy on the suit of swords – 4 out of 6 cards were swords – this makes me feel that it’s a great deck to use that focuses on solving problems and getting your head out of the clouds. While some readers prefer relationship based readings or spiritual themed, I’ve always been interested in doing readings that are based around mental clarity and opening up options when it comes to projects, work/career, and goal planning. 

✖︎ Tell me about yourself. What is your most important characteristic? Temperance

Ahh, the Temperance card, what a great spot too! You are fair, modest, and balanced. I love that this deck reveals that they are calm and centered, when I tend to be a bit off balance at times.

✖︎ What are your strengths as a deck? Page of Swords

Your strengths as a deck are that you are full of information to share, sometimes a little too much based on the energy of this card, much like a young teenager who loves to be involved in gossip. You are restless and eager to participate in readings, which is a good thing since I have a feeling I will be using this deck quite often and I may have already pushed my other decks aside! The strength that the Page of Swords has to offer is that they are constantly curious and always full of energy, this makes for a fantastic reading deck.

✖︎ What are your limits as a deck? 8 of Swords

Nope, not giving anymore info… is what I read when I saw this card flip over. This deck is telling me that they are a bit stiff on giving out more info and details, it’s letting me know that I can work with the info I get in the reading and I don’t need more.

✖︎ What are you hear to teach me? 9 of Swords

This card really pulled at my heart strings when I went through the entire deck yesterday. It’s upsetting to see a beautiful swan chained to the waters where it normally seeks solace. Sometimes what we enjoy can feel like a job, it can be the ball and chain that wears on our mind, that constant strain. This deck is hear to teach me how to confront what makes me uncomfortable… It’s about mind over matter! I also get the feeling that this deck doesn’t like to sugar coat anything so it wants me to see the truth even if I’m not wanting to, I can be very stubborn.

✖︎ How can I best learn and collaborate with you? 8 of Pentacles

Let’s make magic! This card tells me that it loves to get dirty and can be a bit on the perfectionist side of things. This deck likes quality and so do I, so this will be a perfect partnership. I also get the nudge of “practice” with this card, this deck wants to be used, and used often!

✖︎ What is the potential outcome of our working relationship? Queen of Swords

How perfect, the Queen of Swords, this is a court that I resonate well with. Our relationship will be honest, fair, and sometimes down right bossy. I think we will both have our say in a reading and with sharp minds coming together, we can pull out some much needed clarity for myself and my clients! 

Coffee with the Iris Oracle

Look what landed?! The Iris Oracle by Mary Elizabeth Evans of Spirit Speak! I mentioned in my September Wrap Up that I was wishing hard to the universe that I could get my hands on this deck… and I did! This deck arrived last week and did not disappoint, it’s beautifully made and you can feel the love pouring out of each card. Mary has a true talent and I’m proud to own all of her decks. One of my most well used and loved decks is the Spirit Speak Tarot, I was lucky enough to grab a first printing copy of that deck.

Like always, I mention the shuffle factor since it’s a “make or break” for me with decks and this shuffles like a dream! Just like butter, love it! I also adore the box!! The Iris Oracle and the Vessel Oracle both have awesome boxes, my Spirit Speak Tarot was from the first printing so it was just a standard tuck box and it’s falling apart. I would so love to get my hands on one of the new Spirit Speak Tarot boxes!


I have a few new decks that arrived this week, so I’ll be doing posting some deck interviews as each week goes on! I’ll try to spread them out so you are hit with a ton in one week haha! The others are the Fountain Tarot and the Mythical Goddess Tarot.

A quick review of the Iris Oracle (since I know I’ll never get around to doing a full one, I’m sure). The card stock is fantastic! It feels like a sheen matte, not glossy but not full matte. They slide like butter when shuffling and riffle well, it passed the test for me! Riffle shuffling is usually a “make or break” for me with a deck, regardless of how much I treasure the illustrations… if I can’t start a reading with a riffle shuffle before my overhand shuffling, it’s a no-go. The illustrations are bold, raw, and hand drawn like all of Mary’s decks.

If your a fan of her decks, like myself, she is working on a second tarot deck which I believe is called the Divina Tarot! Just take my money already Mary, I’m so excited to see this deck in print!


Using my favorite deck interview spread from Little Red Tarot, I grabbed an iced coffee and got to shuffling! Here is what the deck wanted to say!

✖︎ What is your most important characteristic? Ripe Fruits – 33

This deck is fresh and abundant! I get a sense of pride coming from this card and it really wants to show it. Everything is at your fingertips and ready to capture your attention, you lure us in with a fresh perspective.

✖︎ What are your strengths? Death of the Deceitful – 76

You are not afraid to clear out what needs to be released, you are daring and direct. You reveal what truly needs to be seen and cut out the sugar coating, not to be heartless but to be honest.

✖︎ What are your limits, or weakness? The All Knower – 14

I get the feeling you may be a bit closed up and want us to do the digging, you have the answers but they need to be found out for ourselves. You hint at what is there but leave it to us to put the pieces together. 

✖︎ What are you hear to teach me? Predictions of Growth – 36

Growth, this card screams growth. You are hear to teach me how to put down my roots and grow, to trust in the process and learn how to transform. This card is very personal to me.

✖︎ How can I best learn and collaborate with you? Slimy – 2

Jealousy is hard to get caught up in, we all look at the lives of others and compare. It’s a natural thing, but we can steer around this. I can learn how to transition this slimy feeling when it arises and face it head on. I have a feeling this deck will call me out on my bullshit when I need it most!

✖︎ What is the potential outcome of our working relationship? Good Things – 11

When I first say this card flipped over it felt just right, all the way down to the number 11. When we bought our house last year and I saw that it was house unit 11, I got the same feeling… it was meant to be and that this was our house! This card reminded me instantly of that feeling last year. After taking a peek in the book, it confirmed this feeling! This is a great omen indeed!

Coffee with the Circo Tarot


A new deck has landed in my hands (well… it arrived Monday and was a day early) – it was the Circo Tarot by Marisa De La Peña. Words cannot describe how much I love this deck already. I have been wanting this deck since the second I saw it on Kickstarter but sadly couldn’t back the campaign at the time and I was so bummed! The second my eyes landed on this deck I knew that it would be the one – you know what I’m talking about, we all have that one deck that feels so perfect for you and it feels like it was made for you… this was that deck. I always thought it was the Collective Tarot (which in all honesty, still gives me butterflies when I use it) but this deck really resonates with me a million times more, which is hard to believe!

I didn’t want to just jump into a reading with this deck like most of my decks, this time I wanted to take my time with it before I used it. I smudged it Monday night and even pulled out the “big guns” and smudged it with sage… I rarely ever use sage since it literally makes me sick (the smoke from it does not agree with me, literally) but I really wanted a good cleansing. After that, I kept it on my bedside table overnight, I really wanted to be close with this deck and imprint my energy onto it. By morning it felt so good in my hands, I shuffled it a million times since it arrived, it shuffles like a dream! Perfect amount of bend and the card stock feels great! It even came with a hand screened and sewn bag, love it!!

Yesterday morning I finally pulled my first card with it and it was the 4 of Cups – I love the depiction of this card and ended up filling a journal page about it. I’m trying something new with this deck and how I get to know it, I will write about that later in another post. The colors in this deck are divine, the palette is right up my alley! I’m a huge mint – peach – pink – and lime color type of person, these colors run through this deck in all the right places!


This time I’m using a slightly new deck interview spread by the lovely Chelsea of Noble Lion Prints!

✖︎ Please introduce yourself // 8 of Pentacles

This is a deck filled with warmth and compassion – I get a cozy craft vibe from this card! I often work on crafts while camped out on the couch and spend so much time focusing on the details of what I’m doing that I completely zone everything and everyone else out around me. Just me and the craft in my hands. This is a deck that likes to pay attention to details without making a big fuss about everything else.

✖︎ Your strengths as a deck // 2 of Pentacles

You like to put on a show so others can see that you are able to keep balanced under any circumstances. I also get the notion that you are quite flexible when more movement or direction is needed in a reading. I often like to pull an extra card to open up another card in a reading from time time to time, so I take it that this deck is able to handle that extra load and balance it out fairly well. I also noticed that the person in this card appears to be missing a hand – this made me feel that the deck has strength in working through painful or emotional readings.

✖︎ Your weakness or limitations as a deck //6 of Pentacles

Haha! Your a needy one, huh? I guess I will schedule you for full moon baths each month to help replenish your energy lost through readings. I get the feeling that you often give and give and give, but never take so that can leave you quite drained. I get the feeling that you have a big heart, sometimes that can be weakness as some take advantage of that but I promise I won’t! I will be sure to treat you with the respect you deserve and give my gratitude.

✖︎ What can I learn from you // The Lovers

Trust – confidence – and learning to be more open with myself and to others. These are a few keywords that came to mind while studying this card. I’m often very closed up and tend to second guess myself often, I see myself as both of these people, like two facets of myself. One part of me seems to be pushing away, while the other is inviting everything in. There is a middle ground to be found, to learn to trust in the messages that are resting on the tip of my tongue and get them out instead of holding them back.

✖︎ What is the best way to work with you // 10 of Pentacles

Is it bad that my first thought was “money, money, money!” LOL! This is a deck that wants to be used because it is full of abundant messages to give. I also get the sense that this deck would be great with client readings (payment doesn’t always have to be in money form though, it can be in trades and barters)! I also feel like this deck works well with matters surrounding the material realm and finances – I love reading for small business owners when it comes to setting goals and focus for your shop!! If you noticed, this reading is very pentacles heavy, 4 out of the 6 cards are pentacles!

✖︎ Outcome of our relationship // 10 of Cups

Ahh, what a way to end the reading! I always see the 10 of Cups as the ultimate “happy ending” card! I try not to think of certain cards as overly happy, but how can you not with this card?! This is such a warm and fuzzy card, it mirrors the Lovers card very well too! This to me is a card of completely happiness, contentment, and loyalty. I take it that this deck feels the same way towards me as I do to it, I can see a fantastic relationship forming and I can’t wait to read more with this deck.