New Books!

It’s no secret that I love books, I will buy them at any chance I can. Some of my favorite’s are tarot related that give a new twist on the card tarots. One of my favorite book is Creative Tarot by Jessa Crispin, I just love her interpretations and how they relate to artists, project lovers, and everything in between.

I recently picked up two new books – Modern Tarot by Michelle Tea and Witch by Lisa Lister! I have already dived into Modern Tarot and love it! This book reminds me of Creative Tarot but a whole new spin on the cards. Some will argue that the writing is nothing new, but I see lots of new snippets on these 78 cards. She adds her own relation to some cards and her own story, as well as how to connect with each card.

The other book, Witch, looks so good! I already read the intro section of the book and it caught my attention. I adore Lisa Lister, she is a big inspiration for me in the realms of me as a women and feminism. I’m excited to read this book further!

I’m currently giving all my reading attention to Modern Tarot and pulled out two of my favorite working decks to study along with the book – Circo Tarot and Spirit Speak. Anytime I find a book that goes card by card, like Creative Tarot and 78 Degree’s of Wisdom, I love to pull out my own deck to look at as I read along.

Books, Books, Books

This month has been filled with reading and tarot study. I’ll admit, I rarely finish any books on tarot, but lately I can’t get enough of them. Usually I get bored after the first chapter… or even just introduction loses my interest! I find that a lot of tarot books repeat the same info, over and over again. To find a book that keeps my attention is rare, and when I do find it… I can’t put it down.

Whether you are an intuitive reader or not, I see nothing wrong with digging into books to further your knowledge of the tarot. I consider myself an intuitive reader but I also like to have a basic knowledge of the cards, that historic tradition is what makes tarot so fascinating to me. I will never grow tired of learning more about the history… or at least what history we have discovered. From what I read, there is a lot of clouds covering the history of tarot and the origins exactly, but what I can understand is that many cultures have created their own system of tarot in one way or another. Whether it was used as a simple game or a tool of divination and fortune telling. I personally like to focus my studies more on the psychological level and using tarot to dive into the subconscious, being an atheist this is my own focus towards tarot. Where some like to study more about how they can connect with the divine and use the tarot as a spiritual tool. How do you use the tarot?

I picked up a book the other day at my local bookstore called The Creative Tarot by Jessa Crispin. I had some store credit to use from trading in some used books and since I didn’t see any decks that called to me, this book came home with me instead. I started this right away and I’m about half way finished with it now… I love it! Any book that recommends me to listen to David Bowie or watch a David Lynch films is a plus for me! Being an artist myself, the author seems to interpret the cards in the same way I do, I just suck at getting the words out. I’ve never been great at writing or wording exactly what I mean, most of the time it comes out wrong… this is probably why I’m so shy! I will most likely do a proper review of this book when I’m done, I think this will be my first book review on the blog too!

Along with this book, I ended up ordering two tarot books as well. I love the writing of Mary K. Greer and I am a huge fan of workbook styled books so I ordered 21 Ways to Read a Tarot Card and Understanding the Tarot Court. One of my struggles as a reader has always been some of the courts, not all, just a few. This book looked really interesting and I’ve heard good things about it! I almost ordered Tarot Reversals but in all honesty, I don’t read reversals and I don’t think I ever will. I have read reversals a few times and have gotten some really great readings with them, but they just aren’t my thing. Once in a while I’ll mix things up and allow some reversals in a reading, but it’s rare.

I am also currently reading Seventy-Eight Degrees of Wisdom by Rachel Pollack. I have picked this book up a million times and always stop reading before I get to the actual card talk… this time I made it to the Fool and I’m excited to read more. Like I mentioned above, I don’t make it past the introduction on most books… this way one, but it wasn’t because it was boring or anything. I just kept losing interest, so I don’t think it was great timing when I picked it up. Hopefully I can finish it this time around!

What books are you currently reading? I would love some new recommendations! 

Book Haul

Bring on 2015…. too soon? All I can think about this month is the new year, what new things will be entering my life, opportunities, planning… I love it all! I’m a sucker for list making, even though I rarely stick to.

I followed the Magical Almanac all year and loved that book. My local bookstore was out of the new 2015, but had the Moon Signs one in stock, so instead I picked up We’Moon! I have been really wanting a copy of We’Moon after hearing some awesome chatter about it. The book looks fantastic if you have not seen it before, I highly recommend picking up a copy! The pages are full glossy color and just lovely.

Last night under the Full Moon my husband and I spent some time outside in our patio, burning incense I made to honor her glowing gorgeousness and left some of my decks & crystals out to soak in the Moon’s light. I don’t leave out all my decks & crystals since I have quite a collection, so I decided to pick through the ones that I want to work with during this new Moon cycle.

  • The Collective Tarot (always goes under the Full Moon)
  • The Homestuck Tarot
  • The Ceccoli Tarot
  • Rider Waite Smith (another that always gets set out)


Mini Herb Haul

When I first started this blog my intent was to only discuss Tarot with readings, tips, deck reviews, etc. But since I’ve started Tarot my path and practice came to life along the journey. So the blog started to be more of a sacred space for me to talk about my practice and other things aside from Tarot. I hope you all enjoy the posts and don’t me straying away from Tarot talk on the blog from time to time. I was going to create a whole new blog just for that, but I think I may keep it all in one.

Today I decided to run over to my favorite herb shop Desert Sage Herbs. I just love that place! People are friendly, the store is cozy (and newly remodeled), they have great stock and lots of little extra things. I have been planning out a prosperity honey jar and kept putting it off since I figured I would need to order some new herbs just for this, but then I decided to just get in the car and head to the shop to see what they had on my list. I was shocked to see that they had all but one herb on my list in stock (Alkanet and Abre Camino – but I knew they wouldn’t carry them anyways). I ended up grabbing and ounce each of Alfalfa, Irish Moss and Fenugreek Seed… as well as some extra’s that I saw at the check out. Picked up a Smokey Quartz, candles and an Evil Eye. Ended up paying under $13, good deal I say!
Some properties of the herbs

Alfalfa – To attract money, especially when seeking a loan
Fenugreek Seeds – Will help bring money through wages or through luck
Irish Moss – Increases money and prosperity, also through gambling

Shopping Therapy

What is the best thing to do when you are feeling blue, buy new decks! Yesterday I caved and ordered the Halloween Oracle and the Mystical Lenormand. I will be doing a full review on both of these soon on the blog but I will say, I’m in love! The Mystical Lenormand deck’s artwork reminded me of the hand painted vintage freak show banners. I’ve always loved how those were painted, they were always so smooth and soft. I really haven’t been drawn to a Lenormand deck since I this one caught my eye and it may be the only one I get but who knows!
I have been wanting to get a new oracle deck for a while now. I had three but let two of them go, I have the hardest time bonding with oracle cards. It’s not the cards or anything, just finding the right deck that suits me has been hard. I may have to just make my own oracle deck down the road, it has been mentioned in my journal…