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Update: The Seed Oracle

Update: The Seed Oracle

I wanted to do an update and announcement regarding the custom deck I’m creating! First off, the custom deck has a name – The Seed Oracle. This name has been there all along but I wasn’t sure if I wanted to change it or not, but it stuck and I love it. So what is new with this deck?! For starters, I am only two cards away from finishing up all the cards!! The deck will contain 50 cards since I like a thicker oracle deck to shuffle and this number felt right.

The Seed Oracle is more than an oracle deck, I wanted to create this deck for multiple uses and not just card slinging. Within this deck, there are cards like:

  • New Moon, Full Moon, and the Sun
  • Elements (4 in total)
  • The Void
  • Cards for manifesting
  • Cards for self love
  • … the list goes on

I don’t want to post every card to this deck since I personally love some surprise when I buy a new deck. I often watch deck review video’s of a deck I want or have ordered, but skip around the video so I don’t see all the cards and ruin it for myself lol! Anyone else like this?

Now on to the announcement!

will be making this deck available to purchase! When I started this deck in 2015, I really wasn’t open or interested in the idea of releasing this deck but over time I changed. I just don’t want to keep it to myself! I do not have any set dates just yet, I am hoping to get a sample copy printed in September, if all goes well and there aren’t many fixes (and if I get the booklet done), I hope to list a pre-order up for this deck in October.

The deck will be around $50 and come with a LWB (little white book) and I am toying with the idea of making larger guidebook for optional purchase to those interested in that. I have a lot to say about each card so doing a larger book only seems fitting, plus I would love to load it with extra things you can do with the cards and such. Each deck will be a limited release edition of just 100 copies to help me from overloading and stressing out, I tend to do that easily. If the first 100 copies sell out and others still want a copy, I will open up a second edition for pre-order and so forth.

A little about the cards:

Each card has a light and shadow aspect (similar to reversals), as well as questions to ask yourself during a reading or daily card pull. As for card stock, I am back and forth with doing a linen finish on these cards or just your standard smooth card finish. The cards are standard tarot card size. They will be borderless and have a number at the bottom of each card for easy look up in the book. Some cards have a title on them and some do not, the words are mostly just to represent the energy or feeling of the card.

I have done several readings with this deck and have also partnered it up with a tarot deck, it reads beautifully! Also, i’m planning to add some custom spreads to go in the larger guidebook to share.

Words cannot describe how much I love this deck, it was a true labor of love… and a lot of glueing and paper cuts! I would love to hear your thoughts on this deck so far, anything you would love to see in the book, etc.

Custom Oracle Update!

Custom Oracle Update!

A while back… long while actually, last time I mentioned this custom deck I was working on was in 2015?! Wow lol! Yesterday I pulled out my custom oracle deck and decided to start working on some cards again. It’s been quite some time since I’ve touched this oracle deck, yet alone worked on it. While enjoying the energy of the solar eclipse, I harnessed the Ace of Wands and got to creating!

In a few short hours, five new cards were brought to life. I like to think my cards create themselves, I allow images to jump at me and call to me when I create each card.

The first card I created is by far one of my favorite’s and has a very deep meaning to me. This card is called Activist and it’s a reflection of my own life. Back in May I made the switch to going vegan, for years I felt like my life was out of balance between how I was living and my own personal ethics revolving around animal welfare. The weeks after I made the switch, I felt like my life and my ethics were weaving together like a quilt, everything fit. This card isn’t about veganism in general, it’s about taking a moment to reassess your life and personal ethics, checking in if they mirror one another. Sometimes we don’t realize we are living against our own advice that we give to others, it happens more often than you would think.

A few of the new cards are pretty self explanatory and can be interpreted fairly easy. Another card that I loved creating was The Crowded (top left in picture above). I was focused on creating another card but this one came to me while trying to work on the other card. I was sitting at my desk and my cat kept running across my work space… my Golden Retriever kept bugging me under the desk and I was just about ready to explode due to being annoyed and interrupted. It hit me, I felt crowded and just wanted some space to breath… the card was born!

When this card shows up, it is asking for you to take a moment and breath. Go outside, take a break from work, grab some coffee… anything that gets you to stop what you are doing to catch your breath. It can also be used a sign to check in with yourself if you are feeling annoyed, it’s urging you to question “Why am I annoyed? What is causing this stress? and then work on how to change this pattern (this would be a great time to pull a tarot card for assistance!).

I have a lot more cards to create but have no ending number in my mind, I just know I like thick decks to shuffle so I want at least 40 cards and I’m getting fairly close (around 29 cards so far). I’ve had many people ask me if this deck will be for sale when it’s done… sadly it will not be for sale. After taking with a magazine editor, I can sell this deck since the artwork I used was altered in collage art. Stay tuned while I do some research!

Open for Readings

Open for Readings


Hello tarot seekers and readers! Last week I closed the shop up for a short time so I could get caught up with readings and organized, but it is now open again for new readings! I look forward to working with you, if you have any questions feel free to send me a message!

This Friday on the 14th, I will be announcing some free reading options! Say, what?! Yes, that is correct… free readings! These are 1-card readings and will only be available through my Tumblr. I will soon be offering a free reading options on the blog (these are 3+ card readings), so stay tuned for info regarding that… I will be talking more about that soon.

Midweek Oracle Guidance

Midweek Oracle Guidance

Guess what is coming back?! My “Midweek Oracle Guidance” readings, if you couldn’t guess by the post title! I will be bringing these back this Wednesday on my social media platforms only, so you will not be seeing this on the blog… but you can get them emailed to you every Wednesday! So if you aren’t on social media, this is a great option for you!

Now, my oracle readings aren’t done with your typical oracle decks… you know, the ones containing angels, butterflies, and overly “love and light” styles. Though, there is nothing wrong with those decks, they just aren’t my own personal style. I tend to draw towards the more lowbrow, down to earth, and modernized styles decks. I even use my own oracle deck from time to time. Check out the oracle list below of what decks I currently use and will be making an appearance in my weekly oracle guidance!

Sign up for my Midweek Oracle Guidance email HERE!

How this works:

Every Wednesday morning (around 10am MST) I will post a 3 card oracle reading on my social media platforms (Instagram, Facebook, Tumblr, and Twitter). This will be a photo of three oracle cards with a number below each card. When you see this post, clear your mind, take a deep breath and choose which card you are drawn to. You can leave a comment with the number you picked if you like too as well! Around 12pm MST I will reveal the messages of the cards and you can read your card message.

If you are signing up for the weekly email, I will be sending this around noon every Wednesday with the instant reveal of the messages (around 12pm MST).

My current decks:



Interview with Cait Zellers

Interview with Cait Zellers

There have been so many amazing decks coming out and The Mayhem Tarot popped up on my radar while searching on Etsy. I didn’t even give it a second thought and ordered it right away. The artsist and creator of this deck is the amazingly talented, Cait Zellers! Most have seen her witches print around social media, along with her zines, stickers, and Tumblr. I can’t wait to see what else she does, her artwork is definitely awesome!

PicMonkey Image

Can you tell us about yourself?

My name’s Cait, and i’m an illustrator and comic artist. I live in Austin, Texas with my three terrible cats that I love more than any sane person should love an animal. I have a degree in Studio Art from the University of Texas, and now I’m self publishing comics, as well as making other fun things like prints, pins, and tarot decks! My current projects include my webcomic Hey Chikita Hey! and a sci-fi comic called The Elizabeth Pill.


Where do you get your inspiration from?

Oh man, all over the place. I love Austin for a lot of reasons, but the people watching and the art scene are definitely in the top five; there’s always a show that I can pop into and get inspired by. I’m also an avid reader of books and comics, especially sci-fi and fantasy, so a lot of inspiration comes from there as well. Music is always a huge inspiration source too- Spotify is always my buddy when I’m working on a project. Lately I’ve been digging on Strange Trails by Lord Huron and Evelyn Evelyn.

Why did you decide to create this deck?

This deck actually started out as a project in college- someone had gifted me the Edward Gorey Fantod Pack and I had kind of become obsessed with Oracle decks. I wanted to take some of my favorite symbols and myths and turn them into an original oracle deck. The first seven decks I made were actually composed of cards that were individual hand-pulled lithographs. But, that is time consuming and expensive, so when I came back to the project last year, I decided to re-create the deck digitally.

PicMonkey Collage1

Out of the whole deck, which was your favorite card to create and why?

Oh man, that’s a tough question! It’s probably a tie between the Krolik and the Witch cards- the Krolik card actually came directly out of my nightmares, and I was pretty happy that I was able to translate it so well. The Witch card is the card that I want to embody the most, so it was a lot of fun to create.

What’s next, any new projects brewing?

I would love to do a full tarot deck soon! It’s a big project, but I’m hoping to have it done in 2017. I’m also working on a new original comic called Mayhem! which I’ll be debuting in September.

Where can others find you?

You can find me on Twitter and Instagram @CaityMayhem
I also have my decks listed on my Etsy page:


Weekly Reading: July 25 – 31

Weekly Reading: July 25 – 31

It’s a new week ahead! I decided to use my the Cosmos Tarot & Oracle deck for this weeks reading, it’s been screaming to be used. I use this deck as a full oracle and have actually combined both decks together as one, it works out great like this! Curious how these cards may come into play this week. I will be home watching over our Golden Retriever, she just got spayed on Friday and is only 6 months… so she is hyper and full of energy! Keeping her calm will be a huge chore for sure!


Fornax (2 of Fire)

Some things may not be ready to put into motion just yet. Even though it’s a fresh week, we may still be cultivating some things on the burner. Not everything is like instant coffee, sometimes it’s good to let things sit and brew before seeing them come to life. Take this time to sit on an idea or plan without action. Nurture this for just a little longer to ensure everything will start off strong. Whether it’s a project or plan, the extra effort you put in will show!

Aries (The Magician)

As you move through this week, it may be a good time to take the lead. If the opportunity calls, jump on it and don’t let it slip away! This could be very rewarding and profitable to you in the long run. Maybe a job opportunity will arise, if this tickles your fancy… go for it! It’s all about impulse and listening to your intuition, I know my intuition never fails. Often times I feel the urge to act on something but take to long to think about it, then miss it entirely. If I had just listened to my gut and acted right away…

Auriga (King of Earth)

This may be a long week for us and filled with lots of focus, so be sure to relax and look back on your accomplishments by the end of the week. Enjoy the weekend and remember that you deserve a break! We can’t always be pushing ourselves to get more done, sometimes we just need to grab a beer (or Starbucks!) and put our feet up. Take this time to treat yourself for the work you have done and the accomplishments you made. Give yourself permission!

Coffee with the Food Fortunes Deck

Coffee with the Food Fortunes Deck


While checking out a local bookstore the today, I ran across a deck on my current wish list. The Food Fortunes deck! I decided to grab it even though I was unsure of exactly how I would use these cards. I know some are using them to decide on “what to eat” and such, but I thought they would be a fun challenge to see if I could actually pull a reading from them.

I figured a good test for reading this deck was to do an interview with the cards. These cards can be read for other than “what’s for dinner?” typed questions! I had so much fun with this reading. To read them, I decided to focus on the energy aspect you get when consuming that food and how it makes you feel or what type of event you eat it at, rather than see them all as meals or try to figure out what card this could be in a traditional deck. This worked really well for me!

A little about the deck: The Food Fortunes deck was written and illustrated by Josh Lafayette. They feature all the Major and Minor Arcana, with four suits: Mains, Sides, Sweets, and Drinks. I’m not entirely sure what suit matches up with the traditional suit (other than guessing Drinks is the Cups), nor do I think it matters with this deck, it’s just all fun!

You can buy a copy here!


As always, I’m using my favorite interview spread from Little Red Tarot:

✖︎ What is your most important characteristic? The Constant

Bacon! This is something I actually gave up last year (all pork actually) but several people would say that bacon is a staple item! This is a comfort to some and I take it that this deck just wants to be loved and consumed. Want a donut? Put some bacon on it! Want a salad? Add some bacon to it! Want to go running? First, let’s eat bacon!

✖︎ What are your strengths? The Many Named

You are fully loaded, stacked high, and ready to party. You fit in at any group activity and everyone has a favorite style. Your not afraid to stack yourself high and attempt to fit everything between your buns!

✖︎ What are your limits? The Steeped One

I’m for sure more a coffee type, but I get what you mean. You like to let things sit a while and take time to process. When steeped for the right amount of time, depending on the reading, you may enhance the taste but you can take forever to get the messages out. Patience is much needed to see through your delicious layers.

✖︎ What are you hear to teach me? The Other Duo

Ooo… a little variety is nice! You’re here to teach me that it’s ok to mix things up and be daring. Perhaps, you do your best teaching when I pair you up with my lunch, it’s a date! 

✖︎ How can I best learn and collaborate with you? Page of Sweets

I like where this is going, sugar is one way to get me to work and I think you know it! I may not always promise to bring cupcakes to the table when I work with you, but I’ll try! I think we can work best together if we pull things apart and dissect things, you know… eat the cake first and then the frosting, try something different.

✖︎ What is the potential outcome of our working relationship? The Greens

Nutritious, always room on a plate, and yet, sometimes frowned upon… we will be a good blend of healthy and devilish meals, I mean friends. I can see that this relationship will be good for my soul and will be a way to help me grow (as a reader). 

Weekly Reading: July 4 – 10

Weekly Reading: July 4 – 10

Oh boy, there are some heavy cards this week ahead, but it’s ok! Nothing we can’t handle, right?! This week I’m using the Golden Thread Tarot and Connected and Free Oracle. I’ve been working with the Golden Thread deck all week since it arrived, I’m quite smitten!


To kick off the new week we have the Ace of Wands! Looks like there is some promise taking hold, something shiny and new. Put your sunglasses on in case things start out a little too bright and blind you. You know that saying “too good to be true”? Keep that in mind this week! I find it awesome how this card shows up at the beginning of the week being 4th of July holiday tomorrow for us in the USA… fireworks anyone?!

By mid week we have a change of course with The Tower, so be prepared for a little hiccup in the road ahead. Seeing what surrounds this card tells me that it won’t be too harsh though, so try not to take things the wrong way or let it affect you too much. Sometimes things are just out of our hands and perhaps it just wasn’t meant to be. Be optimistic this week and try not to dwell on things out of your control. I always see this card as promising… as long as you have good intentions, you can always begin again.

We end this week with the Hierophant. This may be a good weekend to kick back with a book and learn something new, or dig deeper in some studies that you have already started. Nothing wrong with spending a solo weekend with yourself! Perhaps use the weekend to refocus and build back up anything that didn’t work out this week.

Our theme for the week is Expectation! This card pairs perfectly up with the nasty Tower that may show up this week. Expect the worst and prepare for the best, having a plan B (or C, D, and E) may be helpful to transition the week if plans fall through or shit hits the fan.

Lenormand Mail + Oracle Talk

Lenormand Mail + Oracle Talk

Last year I started studying the Lenormand but after a while got distracted and left it be. I decided to light that spark back up and pick up a new book and deck! I ended up ordering the Maybe Lenormand and the book, The Complete Lenormand Oracle Handbook by Caitlin Matthews. It arrived yesterday (Amazon, rocks!) and I already started to read the first few pages of the introduction of this book. So far, so good! I like the author and how she writes already, so it should make for a good read. I mat set this aside though while I work on some tarot study for the time being though, but I wanted it here when I’m ready to dive back into the Lenormand.


It’s funny, my collage Seed Oracle deck that I post about from time to time actually started out as a Lenormand deck! I eventually swayed away from that system and turned it into an oracle deck. While looking for a new Lenormand deck to buy, I now remembered why I started my own Lenormand deck… I couldn’t find one that resonated with me. Now I want to dive back into creating a Lenormand deck of my own again, hah! But… not right now. I have something much larger on my radar. If you follow me on FB you may have seen my recent post on it! I’m tempted t start an illustrated oracle deck based on my monsters that I sketch!


People have asked me every once in a while if I would ever consider illustrating a monster tarot deck, but sadly I fear sticking to a set of guidelines like having court cards, suits, and Major & Minor Arcana, etc. Then the idea popped into my mind that I should just go the oracle deck route! I may start sketching up some ideas this weekend, but I am already excited about this long project. I want to create a slightly unique oracle deck that has inspiration from tarot, but not a tarot deck. I won’t go into too much detail right now, don’t want to give anything away yet. I’ll try to touch this subject again as I dig deeper into this project!

Spotted some fun season symbols today while at the plant nursery, came home with a new golden bougainvillea for our backyard.


Weekly Reading: June 27 – July 3

Weekly Reading: June 27 – July 3

I do a weekly reading for myself every Sunday (if I have time) so I decided to bring this to the blog! This week I’ll be using my trusty Collective Tarot along with a single card pull from the Color Mage Oracle for the general theme of the week!

IMG_20160626_090029Jumping straight to the beginning of the week we have Death. Woah, don’t jump out of your seat just yet, let me explain! This is an excellent card for the start of the week, this shows some transformation brewing and some shedding of skin going on. No, I don’t mean to exfoliate… but that does feel nice too! This may be the right timing to let something go that has been pulling you down. Perhaps something you were once passionate about has burned out, this could be a sign to let it go and start something new.

By the middle of the week we see the 9 of Bottles, we will be basking in all that change we started at the beginning of the week. Seems the transformation may be paying off! When I see this card pop up in a reading, it also reminds me to honor myself and work on some self love. With any transition going on, sometimes we forget about ourselves due to being caught up with new things. Take a moment this week to celebrate yourself, maybe even take yourself out on a date. Coffee, anyone? Celebrate the victories you have made so far, no matter how small!

As we come to a close for the week, the Artist of Keys reminds us to send out some vibes to others around you. Maybe you had a great week, while someone near you have not. Pass any good karma you received on to others, even if your week has not been 100%. Remember to not dwell on the negatives, keep your light burning through the weekend and take it easy. If you worked on some self love midweek, perhaps carry it through the weekend!

The theme of this week is Sunset Joy, it’s all about pleasure and laughter. See that 9 of Bottles, she is one happy camper! Take her advice and smile this week, there is much to be grateful for even if some days it feels dim. Laugh it off and keep moving forward!

Would love to hear your card interpretations in the comments!