Hello, Strange Lands Oracle

Another deck arrived before Christmas, the Strange Lands Oracle! I had this deck on pre-order and I’m so glad it was finally in my hands!! The Strange Lands Oracle was created by Marisa De La Peña of Circo Tarot and Tight Rope Press. It’s her second deck since creating the Circo Tarot (which is one of my favorite decks). She also has two other decks coming out soon!! The Persephone Tarot and Fire Opal Oracle – I can’t wait!

Right off the bat, I could tell I was going to love this oracle deck! I’m a sucker for hand drawn styled decks, then add in a gnarly color palette… I’m sold! It was hard to pick my favorite cards since I really like them all, but a few stuck out immediately to me – Nyx (and the Persephone card), Cicada, Beetle, and Fast Growing.

Nyx is a feminine archetype that has been popping up a lot for me lately and when I saw her in this deck, I knew right away that I need to dive deeper into Her story, I’m very drawn to her energy. Persephone is another feminine archetype that came to me in the very beginning of my Goddess studies a couple years ago and has still struck a cord with me ever since. I come across her symbols and messages often! I feel like both SHE-mazing archetype’s will be guiding me in 2018.

Ok, back to the deck! This deck shuffles like a dream! I have been saying that about decks often on my blog, but this deck truly shuffles like (vegan) butter for me, it’s so smooth. The cards themselves are poker sized and pairs up beautifully with the Spirit Speak Tarot!! I’m always looking for a great match for that deck since it’s one of my main working decks. The card stock is perfect and the cards are more satin than gloss, which I love.

The deck comes with a cute hand stamped deck bag, a guide book, a tuck box, and the deck. The guidebook is great, it’s written really well and easy to navigate, very clearly written and to the point. I love the bag Marisa sent with the deck, she did this also with the Circo Tarot and I still have and use that bag for my Circo Tarot deck. I hate keeping my working decks in their box since I’m in and out of them often and it wears them out fast, so bags are a plus for me! I usually create a bag to suit the deck, but in this case, it’s already done!

I am really enjoying this deck! Like I said, I played around with pairing up with my main deck, Spirit Speak Tarot, and it’s a perfect match. They partner up really well together and I love the energy bouncing back within the cards! While mentioning that, I recently launched a free weekly oracle reading newsletter and used the Strange Lands Oracle to kick off the first email! I will be using this a ton in those readings, be warned! You can read about this emailed newsletter HERE, it goes out every Sunday and is interactive! Yay!

It’s time to see what this deck has to say!

Ok, let’s see what this deck has to say and how it reads! Of course, I’m using my favorite deck interview spread by Little Red Tarot.

(Pearl Baby) One of your best qualities is that you like to dazzle and show yourself off, I can tell! You took some time to be created and now you want all the attention!

(Grab a Star) You are rich in opportunity and you are the star to grab for! You’re just begging to be picked for a reading and are trying to stand out the most… it’s working.

(Protect) This deck may get a bit closed off and protected, so I feel it works well paired with tarot as to dive in a little bit deeper. It doesn’t want to give out all the answers.

(Romance) Love, simple as that! I’ve had a love – hate relationship with oracle decks over the years and your here to teach me just how to fall madly in love with you! This deck doesn’t have to try hard, I’m already swooning over these illustrations and bright colors.

(The Road) If I invest the time in working with this deck, a lot will come out of it. Much like seeds, you nurture a seed and there’s a pretty good chance it’ll grow! It’s all about the efforts I put in is what I’ll get out in return if I’m patient enough.

(Does it work?) Hah! I LOVE this card! Retreat, retreat! I’m being invited to dwell within the cards and explore in the dark. There is no one to hold my hand so I need to feel things out myself and test the waters. I think as readers we have always asked ourselves “do these cards really work?” and they surprise us every time!

Do you have this deck? If so, let me know your thoughts in the comments below!

Weekly Reading Dec 18 – 24

The weekly readings are back! I took some time off from doing them and didn’t plan on bringing them back until January, but I was having a pretty low key Sunday… so why not?! I hope everyone’s December has been going well, I know this is a busy time of the month for a lot of us!

This week I’m using the Heart & Hands Tarot, I’ll be posting a first impressions of this deck in a few days! I just got it last week and I’m obsessed with it. It has been so fun reading with and has really packed a punch for me lately. I also pulled a card from the Forces Flora + Fauna Oracle, you can read about this deck here. Let’s see what energies are at play this week! I’m not sticking with my normal “beginning, middle, end of the week” reading – I just want to see what energies are popping up for us and I have to say, I miss doing freeform readings like these!

Two of Coins

A lot of us are busy at work, finishing up holiday shopping, and trying to squeeze in time with family all while trying to keep the house running smoothly and everything in balance. This card suggests to me that we need to be sure we maintain some harmony, don’t over do it! It can be so easy to exhaust ourselves right now so be sure to take breaks and make time for yourself. I know we all want to get everything done, but face it, we can’t do it all. Our best approach this week is to tackle things one at a time and get the most important tasks checked off our list first, that way we can nibble away at the smaller things throughout the week. If you struggle with keeping your head above the water this time of year don’t be afraid to ask for some help! Better to ask for help than to drop the ball on something crucial, right?

Four of Wands

Following in the 2 of Coins footsteps… now I know why a reminder to keep balanced revealed itself this week, it’s so we can make room for fun! This is a perfect time of year to spend it with people around us. Have a fun game night, grab some drinks with friends after work, or just simply enjoy this time with family! I love how this card showed up, the first thing that came to my mind was Yule! The Winter Solstice is on Thursday for us in the Northern Hemisphere and what better card to see than the 4 of Wands to remind us that it’s a time for enjoyment and celebration. Winter is here and it’s time to get cozy! Stay in or go out, whatever you decide to do just be sure you enjoy yourself and your surroundings. This is a time to let loose and get lost in good conversation!


We are greeted with one Major Arcana card this week, Death. Don’t fear this card it’s not what you think. I often feel that this is a very welcoming card… almost like getting a permission slip to get rid fo old junk. It’s about allowing things to end that are just not working out or have been sitting stale for far too long. Think of the Death card as a closet that needs to be cleaned out. Death is all about allowing things to come to an end so that we can make room for something new to begin, especially as we creep closer to the end of the year – 2018 is approaching very fast! You can always breathe new life into something later on when you’re ready or even restart something over from scratch (sometimes it’s much easier this way), but right now just cut those ties loose and don’t stress about it. Elsa sings it best “let it go… let it go, turn away and slam the door!”.

The Violet

I wanted to see what the overall guidance is for the week so I pulled an oracle card, The Violet. This card to me suggested right away “intuition”. I was really drawn into that eye at the top of the triangle and often eyes are associated with truth and visions. This tells me to trust your intuition this week and rest assured that the feelings you are sensing are correct. Find the truth in things rather than just relying on what other people are telling you. See for yourself!

What are you doing this week? I’m so excited to bring in the new year!

Hello, Forces Flora + Fauna Oracle

First off, did you notice the new blog theme?! It was time for a totally fresh new look and I’m loving the clean lines and negative space! I hope you enjoy this new look as much as I am! I’m eagerly trying to prepare for 2018 and want to make my blog a big focus once again.

Deck: Forces Flora + Fauna Oracle

It’s been a while since I got a new deck, last one was the Bonefire Tarot in November. I have several new decks on the way and the first to arrive was a deck I got from someone on a FB swap group. It’s the Forces Flora + Fauna Oracle by Colleen Hardy of the Hardy Tarot – which is another deck high on my wishlist! Oddly enough, most of the decks I have coming in the mail are oracle decks, only one is a tarot deck that I purchased. I guess I’ve been feeling the love for oracle decks lately!

When I first saw the Forces Flora + Fauna deck, my heart skipped a beat – it is stunning! The color palette of this deck is right up my alley and when someone voiced a swap in the group… it was a no brainer, I had to take them up on the trade! The Forces Flora + Fauna is a 54-card deck, there is a book coming out and Colleen has a downloadable booklet in her shop right now for $1 (as well as a printed version for a little more). I went ahead and purchased the PDF copy to have on hand.

Box + Cards + Extra Cards

One day I hope to add the Hardy Tarot to my collection, I’ve had it high on my wishlist for ages and I saw that it’s up for preorder again right now. I’m so bad at preordering decks since I tend to prefer the “instant gratification” rather than wait months and months for it to ship, but I may have to bite down and preorder it next month. Funny, one of the decks on the way to me soon was a preorder deck!

Deck: Forces Flora + Fauna Oracle

Back to the Forces Flora + Fauna! This deck measures out at 2.75″ x 4.75″, perfect size! The card stock is amazing and it’s fantastic quality! Shuffling this deck is very smooth and makes me happy, I can riffle my heart out with no issues. The card stock actually feels very similar to my own Seed Oracle!

This deck came to me “used” so I’m not entirely sure everything is included in what I received or not but it came with the box (signed under the flap), and 6 extra cards – title/artist card, about the deck, how to use the deck, and three keyword cards.

When I did the deck interview reading, I really dived hard into the symbols! I’ve never really read up much on some of them and it had me doing some homework to get a better understanding of the card and meaning on my own. I have a feeling I will be using this deck quite often!

On to the deck interview reading!

Deck Interview Reading

Ok, let’s see what this deck has to say and how it reads! Of course, I’m using my favorite deck interview spread by Little Red Tarot.

When I did this reading, I was really drawn to connecting with the cards on my own. Some of the keywords associated with each card in the “book” just didn’t fit for me. So diving into the symbology of each image really helped me connect!

(The Toad) While going through this deck, I noticed there was a really good balance to it and this card is all about balance. The toad is an interesting little creature, they start out living in the water before the move to the land – they remind me a lot of the Greek goddess Persephone, the Queen of the Underworld. She too gets to dip her toes in two worlds – the underworld and the world above.

(The Linden Tree) First thought on this card is that most trees in general are pretty strong and grounded. You can’t get any more grounded than a tree, am I right? This deck has strength in being stable and gentle, just like the wind blowing through its branches. I love the folklore behind the Linden tree, there are so many stories. This is a tree seen as sacred and I get the same feeling from this deck, a sacred tool.

(The Thistle) As a medical plant, it’s limits are often in its uses. Not all plants will treat every ailment, this is the same for this deck. It’s all about trial and error to see what this deck is comfortable reading! Thistle is often used for protection in many spells and crafts, this tells me that this deck may bit a bit guarded in getting all the info on the table. I’ve actually found this to be very true for me so far. At first I struggle with interpreting the cards since I get so transfixed with the keywords in the little guidebook, but once I let down my own walls and dive into each card, it becomes much more “chatty”.

(The Crow) Seeing this card show up in this position was very welcoming. A couple mornings ago, I decided to leave my front door open, which is something I never do since my dog barks at every tiny sound, and not even 5 minutes later I heard a loud raven call near my front door. I rarely see ravens where we live, just small crows and such, so it was really interesting and caught my attention. Then, the following morning, I heard the raven again! Still couldn’t see her, but I knew she was nearby. So when I saw this card show up, it reminded me of that raven I heard (even though the card is a crow). I take this card as a good omen in this reading, it really vibrates the meaning to watch for signs and messages. I feel this deck came to me for a reason, I didn’t even list it on my wishlist when I did the swap.

(The Acorn) If I invest the time in working with this deck, a lot will come out of it. Much like seeds in general, you nurture a seed and there is a pretty good chance it will grow.! My husband and I have a small garden and we know a thing or two about growing – and how not to get something to grow, lol. It’s all about what effort I put in is what I’ll get in return. It’s funny, I was just talking to my husband the other night about this card and mentioned how I feel acorns can represent currency or a harvest. It’s like squirrel cash!

(The Cave) I LOVE this card! Retreat, retreat! I’m being invited to dwell within this deck, touch the walls and every corner of the cards. Each card has a story, just like writings found in caves left by ancient civilizations. They are simple yet so deep, each illustration telling its tale. Enjoy listening to the echoes and vibrations that this deck is giving out.

What current tarot deck are you loving on right now? Let me know in the comments below!

The Gemini Deck is born

Last week I was feeling pretty melancholy, it’s been popping up often here and there. I’ll go through a few days of depression, then magically snap out of it… only for it to return a week or two later. A couple of days ago I decided to try some art therapy when the blues kicked in for the second day… and it was great medicine! It really helped me snap out of it and something new was born from it.

While embracing the energy of the Magician, I decided to create the first card to another deck I had in mind. This deck idea came to me in my dreams, not kidding. I saw the whole deck coming together, the inspiration, the creation process… you name it! This deck is a tarot inspired oracle deck that will consist of all 78 cards and be themed on keywords from each card in the tarot.

The first card I created was based on the Star card. When I look at the Star card in tarot, I see hope. I see making a wish and hoping it comes true, it’s now in the hands of the Universe. I loved that this card was the first to come to me, it helped break the blues that day for sure and gave me a sign of hope that all days will not be like this. I like to think of it as the Universe/SHE nudging me with a message.

Last week I created 3 cards to this new deck: Hope (The Star) – Memories (6 of Cups) – Rebirth (Death) + the card back

I’m calling this deck, the Gemini Deck. It’s gong to be a very personal deck, just like the Seed Oracle. Being a deck inspired by tarot, brings another side to this oracle deck. Not to mention, I’m (very) Gemini! The collaged art combines a tarot card and sums up the overall emotions and reactions I get from it. These cards will be poker sized since I really love this size.

A mock up of the card layout. These cards aren’t scanned in so a few pictures are blurry, ignore that.

Another Update: Seed Oracle

Earlier this week I shared an update on the Seed Oracle and I wanted to do another update! I rescanned the deck and the scans of the cards were a big success! Last time, they scans were far too small so they were unusable. This time I bumped up the DPI massively and ta-da!

I wanted to mention the guidebook again, I had noted that I wasn’t planning to create one right now but that changed overnight… I will be creating a small booklet of keywords to get you started on this deck. Most of the cards are very obvious but some have some hidden messages that I would like to mention. Not sure if I want to do a small snippet of info about the card with the keywords, or just some keywords… that part is still being thought over. Since I’m a huge zine and handmade lover, the booklets will be in zine fashion.

In the booklet, I want to have a few spreads to use with this deck, also tips with other ways of working with this deck. I created several cards within the deck that can be used for other things other than reading cards: element cards, moons, yes/no, etc. I’m  big fan of using cards on my altar space to help manifest what I desire like courage, success, and some others.

While on the topic of custom decks, I must have had this deck on my mind heavily yesterday since I ended up dreaming about oracle and tarot decks. I was greeted with a new idea for another deck and I am beyond excited. Once I get the Seed Oracle off the ground, I will begin working on this deck that “came to me”… it’s going to be just as awesome! A Gemini always has other projects in the background, on their desk, and in their mind… am I right?

Update: Seed Oracle

Decks: Top is Spirit Speak – bottom is the Seed Oracle

It’s been a while since I posted an update on my own oracle deck so I thought I would today! I have been slacking on getting the cards rescanned… but… I am doing this today!!! Yay! If all goes well, I will be able to place an order for a sample deck early next week. Once the deck arrives, I’ll be taking a close look at the cards and giving it a spin in some readings. I still have to design the card backs this weekend, although I have several designs already picked to test out.

I’m very excited to be getting closer to holding this deck in my hands… without falling apart, right now it’s a bitch to shuffle and handle since it’s collage and doesn’t take a beating very well (I’m a rough shuffler, what can I say). Once I scan the cards in (again), I’ll be doing some minor edits online to any damaged spots on the cards but I plan on leaving coffee stains in tact. I noticed a few coffee drips on some of the cards since I do drink a lot of iced coffee and much coffee was consumed while creating this deck… but I decided to leave those untouched. This only adds to the handmade quality of the deck and the labor I put into it while creating. Perhaps some may interpret these drips as well – everything is a message.

** Guidebook Update: I have decided to make a reference style booklet to with the deck!

Guidebooks… I’ve been on the fence with a book for this deck and it still weighs heavy on me. At this point, I will not be including a guidebook for the deck. Why? I want you, the reader, to interpret the cards on a personal level without my imprint on your interpretations. Since I personally rely heavily on intuition when I read cards, I want this to be the same with my deck. I will, however, be doing a blog post (possibly a series of posts) on this deck with personal interpretations, spreads, etc. If there is a lot of requests, I may create a separate book for the deck down the road like I have mentioned before in a past post or make a free downloadable printout… we will see!

Expansion! Also on my mind is expanding this deck and creating more cards for it down the road. While the Seed Oracle is currently a 50 card deck, I want more. There are many cards I would like to add to this deck and I’ll most likely do just that, add to the deck. I’m leaning towards offering the expanded deck separately, so if you already end up owning the first deck when it’s out, you can have the option to add to it by purchasing the expansion if you like.

I mentioned a few times that this will be a limited release of just 100 decks for the first edition. Why? Simply because I don’t want to release this deck in a mass market fashion. On top of that, I tend to stress out easily and jump into things blindly, so I think going in smaller batches will help my sanity. If there’s demand for more decks, then I may do a second edition of 100 decks and so on. I’ll know more once I get the first sample deck ordered and have a better idea on what the next step is!

Update: The Seed Oracle

I wanted to do an update and announcement regarding the custom deck I’m creating! First off, the custom deck has a name – The Seed Oracle. This name has been there all along but I wasn’t sure if I wanted to change it or not, but it stuck and I love it. So what is new with this deck?! For starters, I am only two cards away from finishing up all the cards!! The deck will contain 50 cards since I like a thicker oracle deck to shuffle and this number felt right.

The Seed Oracle is more than an oracle deck, I wanted to create this deck for multiple uses and not just card slinging. Within this deck, there are cards like:

  • New Moon, Full Moon, and the Sun
  • Elements (4 in total)
  • The Void
  • Cards for manifesting
  • Cards for self love
  • … the list goes on

I don’t want to post every card to this deck since I personally love some surprise when I buy a new deck. I often watch deck review video’s of a deck I want or have ordered, but skip around the video so I don’t see all the cards and ruin it for myself lol! Anyone else like this?

Now on to the announcement!

will be making this deck available to purchase! When I started this deck in 2015, I really wasn’t open or interested in the idea of releasing this deck but over time I changed. I just don’t want to keep it to myself! I do not have any set dates just yet, I am hoping to get a sample copy printed in September, if all goes well and there aren’t many fixes (and if I get the booklet done), I hope to list a pre-order up for this deck in October.

The deck will be around $50 and come with a LWB (little white book) and I am toying with the idea of making larger guidebook for optional purchase to those interested in that. I have a lot to say about each card so doing a larger book only seems fitting, plus I would love to load it with extra things you can do with the cards and such. Each deck will be a limited release edition of just 100 copies to help me from overloading and stressing out, I tend to do that easily. If the first 100 copies sell out and others still want a copy, I will open up a second edition for pre-order and so forth.

A little about the cards:

Each card has a light and shadow aspect (similar to reversals), as well as questions to ask yourself during a reading or daily card pull. As for card stock, I am back and forth with doing a linen finish on these cards or just your standard smooth card finish. The cards are standard tarot card size. They will be borderless and have a number at the bottom of each card for easy look up in the book. Some cards have a title on them and some do not, the words are mostly just to represent the energy or feeling of the card.

I have done several readings with this deck and have also partnered it up with a tarot deck, it reads beautifully! Also, i’m planning to add some custom spreads to go in the larger guidebook to share.

Words cannot describe how much I love this deck, it was a true labor of love… and a lot of glueing and paper cuts! I would love to hear your thoughts on this deck so far, anything you would love to see in the book, etc.

Custom Oracle Update!

A while back… long while actually, last time I mentioned this custom deck I was working on was in 2015?! Wow lol! Yesterday I pulled out my custom oracle deck and decided to start working on some cards again. It’s been quite some time since I’ve touched this oracle deck, yet alone worked on it. While enjoying the energy of the solar eclipse, I harnessed the Ace of Wands and got to creating!

In a few short hours, five new cards were brought to life. I like to think my cards create themselves, I allow images to jump at me and call to me when I create each card.

The first card I created is by far one of my favorite’s and has a very deep meaning to me. This card is called Activist and it’s a reflection of my own life. Back in May I made the switch to going vegan, for years I felt like my life was out of balance between how I was living and my own personal ethics revolving around animal welfare. The weeks after I made the switch, I felt like my life and my ethics were weaving together like a quilt, everything fit. This card isn’t about veganism in general, it’s about taking a moment to reassess your life and personal ethics, checking in if they mirror one another. Sometimes we don’t realize we are living against our own advice that we give to others, it happens more often than you would think.

A few of the new cards are pretty self explanatory and can be interpreted fairly easy. Another card that I loved creating was The Crowded (top left in picture above). I was focused on creating another card but this one came to me while trying to work on the other card. I was sitting at my desk and my cat kept running across my work space… my Golden Retriever kept bugging me under the desk and I was just about ready to explode due to being annoyed and interrupted. It hit me, I felt crowded and just wanted some space to breath… the card was born!

When this card shows up, it is asking for you to take a moment and breath. Go outside, take a break from work, grab some coffee… anything that gets you to stop what you are doing to catch your breath. It can also be used a sign to check in with yourself if you are feeling annoyed, it’s urging you to question “Why am I annoyed? What is causing this stress? and then work on how to change this pattern (this would be a great time to pull a tarot card for assistance!).

I have a lot more cards to create but have no ending number in my mind, I just know I like thick decks to shuffle so I want at least 40 cards and I’m getting fairly close (around 29 cards so far). I’ve had many people ask me if this deck will be for sale when it’s done… sadly it will not be for sale. After taking with a magazine editor, I can sell this deck since the artwork I used was altered in collage art. Stay tuned while I do some research!

Open for Readings


Hello tarot seekers and readers! Last week I closed the shop up for a short time so I could get caught up with readings and organized, but it is now open again for new readings! I look forward to working with you, if you have any questions feel free to send me a message!

This Friday on the 14th, I will be announcing some free reading options! Say, what?! Yes, that is correct… free readings! These are 1-card readings and will only be available through my Tumblr. I will soon be offering a free reading options on the blog (these are 3+ card readings), so stay tuned for info regarding that… I will be talking more about that soon.

Midweek Oracle Guidance

Guess what is coming back?! My “Midweek Oracle Guidance” readings, if you couldn’t guess by the post title! I will be bringing these back this Wednesday on my social media platforms only, so you will not be seeing this on the blog… but you can get them emailed to you every Wednesday! So if you aren’t on social media, this is a great option for you!

Now, my oracle readings aren’t done with your typical oracle decks… you know, the ones containing angels, butterflies, and overly “love and light” styles. Though, there is nothing wrong with those decks, they just aren’t my own personal style. I tend to draw towards the more lowbrow, down to earth, and modernized styles decks. I even use my own oracle deck from time to time. Check out the oracle list below of what decks I currently use and will be making an appearance in my weekly oracle guidance!

Sign up for my Midweek Oracle Guidance email HERE!

How this works:

Every Wednesday morning (around 10am MST) I will post a 3 card oracle reading on my social media platforms (Instagram, Facebook, Tumblr, and Twitter). This will be a photo of three oracle cards with a number below each card. When you see this post, clear your mind, take a deep breath and choose which card you are drawn to. You can leave a comment with the number you picked if you like too as well! Around 12pm MST I will reveal the messages of the cards and you can read your card message.

If you are signing up for the weekly email, I will be sending this around noon every Wednesday with the instant reveal of the messages (around 12pm MST).

My current decks: