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My current August reads!

My current August reads!

Books! Who can not love a good book?! I am very much a non-fiction reader, unless it’s a Chuck Palahniuk novel… I’m a sucker for Palahniuk! I have several books I’m juggling right now and all the books are pretty spread out as far as subjects go, here is what I’m reading this month.

I’m not very far into this book seeing that it is 896 pages! This is one beefy book, and it’s loaded with all kinds of good stuff! I’ve been skimming ahead and from what I have read… I love. This book seems to be great for all kinds of readers, whether you just picked up your first deck or have been reading for decades. Benebell Wen adds an interesting perspective to the cards and writes very clearly. I just finished reading the Major Arcana and have been taking notes, she gave me some new perspectives to think about when looking at the Majors. I highly recommend this book so far!

Visit Benebell’s website

This book has really been pushing me to come out of my shell a bit more, I was actually inspired by this book to write about my own spirituality in a recent post on the blog here. I’m about half way through this book and I adore it to pieces! When I pick it up, I find it hard to put down, it’s like the author is speaking directly to me! Fantastic book if you are feeling a calling inside but can’t seem to pin point what it is!

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I have been reading this book while waiting to pick up my daughter after school and love it! I even purchased the planner, so I’ll be starting that fresh at the beginning of September.  This book really has me rethinking of the way I plan out my goals! If your a vision board type of person, this book will help you for sure. It’s all about focusing on how you want to feel and not necessarily focusing on what goals you want but more about how you want to feel reaching those goals. Really love it though so far, I’m about half way done with it.

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Coffee with the Cards of Chaos (and review)

Coffee with the Cards of Chaos (and review)


A new deck arrived yesterday and I had to take some time to gather my thoughts on this tiny little wonder. When I first came across the Card of Chaos on Etsy I knew I had to have them in my hands. My practice is very eclectic and based around chaos so I knew these would suit me perfectly!

At the end of this post I did a deck interview with the cards!


The cards are 2″ x 3″, very tiny! For some reason I had the image size of playing cards in my mind when I ordered them, but they are more like business card size. Very easy to travel with these suckers for sure! The deck is supposed to be a fake tarot deck, I see it more as a a quirky oracle deck.

The deck consists of 24 cards + an opening card (mine was the 3/4 The Bones card). It comes in a sturdy little box and is signed and numbered under the lid. It does not come with a book, so it up to you to determine what the cards mean. Part of me wishes is came with a book and part of me is glad it didn’t… the reason I would love a book is so I could read the creators input on how each card come about, but I really like the mystery!

Keep in mind: These cards are not perfectly trimmed like most decks you buy in store. They have a very unique handcrafted quality, which only adds to the chaotic nature of these cards. I’ll admit I was a bit thrown off at first, but after handling them… I adore them and love the unique nature of each card!

You can buy a copy at LoucheLab here!



Deck Interview


(I always use the spread by Little Red Tarot for my deck interviews)

I sat down with some cold lemonade and got the cards shuffling! I wasn’t sure what to expect and I was surprised at how deep some of these little cards got. One card in particular struck me hard (in a good way)! Some of the cards reminded me instantly of similar tarot cards while others played a different tune.

1. What is your most important characteristic? 5 The Father

I relate this card closely to the Emperor in a traditional tarot deck. This card tells me that the deck is a good compassionate leader when I’m looking for guidance. It made me think about my own fathers characteristics! He is someone I look up to and always gives me the best advice, even if it can feel a bit harsh at the time being since he is only trying to give me the best advice from all angles.

2. What are your strengths as a deck? Iron – Copper – Gold – Mercury

What an interesting card this is! With a good mix of metals and alloy’s, this has me to believe that the deck is quite varied and has all levels of strengths! Depending on what I need at the time, this deck will deliver it to me whether I need softer guidance or very rich and loud slap in the face!

3. What are your limits as a deck? 3 Courage

You may lack some courage, and that’s ok! We can work on this together as I lack courage in confidence from time to time. I think many readers can admit that as well, we all want to be reassured in our readings but still have that underlining fear of being terribly wrong or way off track. Over time we can build courage!

4. What are you here to teach me? I’ll call this the… Royal Chicken!

There is a bit of richness that blooms from this card, but what stands out the most is the fact this chicken is quite the sight! I can tell this deck will teach me to be more creative and grasp the wisdom with an “out of the box” feel!  I also get the feeling this chicken wants to light a fire under my butt and get me moving!

5. How can I best learn and collaborate with you? Rebirth & Death

Another card that sings traditional tarot, Death! Collaborating with you will be a continuous cycle and transformative journey. You will have me questioning the light and dark sides of a problem, rather than just see the situation as it is. Together we can transition through the journey together!

6. What is the potential outcome of our working relationship? 765 The City

Ahh the City, what a beautiful card. I see this card as a good omen. A light source. An adventure. The numbers 765 together generally mean spiritual awakening, enlightenment, and even inner wisdom. I can’t tell you how much I love seeing this card show up. I have some posts to work on soon that surround this subject! This card is a big welcome home to me. What is even more great about this card is that it seems to sum me up completely…

  • Teeth: My molars have been literally crumbling over the past 10 years. My wisdom teeth pushed through and crowded my mouth! To see the broken molars on this card reminds me of the symbology of wisdom that pushing into my life.
  • Bees: I’m allergic to bee’s but yet I adore these remarkable creatures, they always seem to find me in a crowd! Never bothering anyone else but me! They always remind me of what we want but can’t have, so I honor them in my heart constantly.
  • Red Poppy: They symbolize feminism to me, which is dear to my heart. They are also associated with the moon and the moon plays a huge part in my practice.
Deck Review // Nature’s Cycle’s

Deck Review // Nature’s Cycle’s

Ok, so I’ve had this deck for quite a while… and I’m just now getting around to doing a review on it! I’ve used this deck quite often, not consistently, but I would say this deck has been set out on my altar space very often. I’ve been wanting to do a quick review of this deck because I find it simply awesome! It’s a great tool for women (I’m only saying women because it coincides with menstrual cycles).


The deck is made by Laura Bochinski, she has a shop called Amy’s Rag Bag on Etsy. They come in a hand sewn bag that has a drawstring tie, a great little gift for the deck! There are 12 cards in each deck, a hard box, and a little booklet explaining each card. It’s not a tarot deck or an oracle deck, but I’m sure you can find a way to incorporate it in a reading… maybe a timed reading?

Each card has great illustrations, very cut and paste feel, reminds me of zines! The cards are very long and slender, so they don’t take much room on a table for display. They are printed on great quality card stock and feel they can handle a lot of usage. The cards are divided into three groups:

  • Lunar Cycle
  • Seasons
  • Menstrual Cycle

There are 4 cards for each group, so you can mix and match depending on your cycle and such. I keep these cards on my Earth – Goddess – Women altar. I feel they give me a visual look of myself and my own personal cycle. I highly recommend this deck to those wanting a deeper connection with themselves and the moon!


Deck Review: The Portland Tarot

Deck Review: The Portland Tarot

**Want to point out that my deck has been altered, I removed the borders on my version. To see the original borders of this deck head to the website below **

I have had this deck in my hands for a while now and I keep forgetting to do a review of it. This deck… is… AWESOME! The Portland Tarot was on my wish list for a while, I finally ordered it when the new version came out around September. While I don’t normally use or collect major only deck’s, I had to have this one!

Deck: The Portland Tarot
Creator: Theresa Pridemore
Co-Writer (book): Jamie Morris
Card Count: 23 – Majors only
Size: 4″ x 6″



When I got the package and opened it, I was in love. The packaging was awesome, very simple and nice. The deck does not come with a box, instead it comes with a cardboard style wrap (mine is signed above in the picture). The deck comes with 23 Major Arcana cards, 3 Bridge cards, 2 info cards and the book.

First Impression

Love it! I absolutely love the artwork in this deck. I am not very traditional when it comes to art, I prefer more lowbrow or pop surrealism, so this deck was right up my alley! The cards are thick, but still flexible enough for shuffling. I can’t speak much more about the card quality since I cut the borders off my deck, so my edges are not stock anymore and have been peeling a bit but that is my own fault. The cards are great, I also like the shine on them… not to shiny and not too dull.


Different Cards

The deck comes with an extra card that is optional to use, I use it! This card is The Weird. Some cards in the deck are different and do not follow the traditional titles. These cards are:

Tower = Mount St. Helens
The Hanged Man = The Hanged Woman
Hierophant = The House of the Seeker
The World = The City
Extra Cards
Other than The Weird card I mentioned above, the deck comes with 3 Bridge cards. There is an info card that goes along with these and explains how they can be used. I haven’t played much with these cards but I really like the idea, so I will be using these soon in a spread.


I have to say, I am very impressed with the book that comes with the deck! The info it packs is awesome and different than all the other books. The book is quite large compared to a normal LWB. The first 16 pages are all about the deck, spreads, etc. The rest of the book is about each card and how it reads in a reading, affirmations, etc. The booklet is 64 pages total and consists of information on the last page about how this deck links to the city Portland. LOVE that!



First Glance: The Ceccoli Tarot

First Glance: The Ceccoli Tarot

** Update: I have done a little video about this deck on my channel here: **

A very awesome package arrived a day early yesterday and it was The Ceccoli Tarot! The second I heard the knock at the door I knew the deck was here. I tried to keep my cool when the FedEx guy gave me the package, that was very hard and I’m sure my smile was ear to ear. He must have thought I was extremely glad to see him! I posted some pics on my Instagram the second I opened the box and I was getting so many questions about the deck that I decided to do this post about it. Now, this isn’t going to be a full review, but more of a “first glance impressions” of the deck if that makes sense. I will be doing a full review down the road after I have spent more time with the deck and used it more. On a side note, I do plan to do a review of The Collective Tarot and The Portland Tarot very soon, just need to find a chunk of time to do a proper write up.

The Box
I absolutely loved the artwork on the box! I have only seen the front of the box in pictures online, so I was pleasantly surprised to see more varied artwork on the box. Not much else to say really about the box, it’s a typical tarot box and I never expect too much as far as quality unless it’s supposed to be a special box or something.

Card Quality
The cards are nice, I did notice they were a tad thin but I’m used to my thicker cards so it may just be me. I would say the card thickness is similar to my RWS deck. Shuffles nice and very smooth. The big thing I did notice right after unwrapping them is that the deck stinks! It smells so bad, reminds me of old wall paint, not quite paint thinner but close. This will disappear over time or after a couple smudge/incense sessions so it doesn’t bother me at all, was more of “wow!” factor. Also, this was just my deck, so others maybe from a different print batch may not smell.

Ahhh… Love it! Naturally I picked up the deck because I’m a huge Mark Ryden fan and her work is very Ryden-esque and I adore it. The artwork is very imaginative and feels like the images were plucked right from dreams. I’ve been getting asked if the artwork was created for the deck or if the artwork was just fitted to the deck. Now, I’m not too familiar with Nicoletta Ceccoli’s artwork, I’ve loved it but I have never dug deep into it like a collector. I am not 100% sure about this, but after digging around a bit I noticed that a lot of the artwork in this deck is also in print form, so I’m going to guess and say that some if not most of the art was fitted to the deck and not made specifically for it. This doesn’t seem to affect the reading of the cards at all, in fact it flows very well with her descriptions of the cards. Also, this deck really has given me all kinds of creative freedom with interpretations, which I love!

Little White Book (LWB)
I normally don’t read these or spend time looking through them since most are all the same, but I was curious about this one to see if there was any different input from the artist in there. The book is actually really nice, it’s a standard LWB but the card descriptions are different. I really liked that! The descriptions were fresh (at least to me), here is one about the 10 of Swords:

The situation is ruined, and it’s time to cut your losses. Grieve for what might have been, but don’t stay in that dark place too long. Gather your courage and begin again.

So all in all, I love the deck so far! I’m very excited to work with it, already it is proving to be a very good deck that suits me. This morning while thinking about my daughter and such, I was shuffling the cards and a jumper flew out of the deck that just fit the moment so perfectly, so I’m confident that the deck and I will have a beautiful relationship.

People have been asking where I got this deck, I ordered my deck from Llewelyn after my Amazon pre-order was on hold due to low supply. I pre-ordered on Amazon right when it was available for pre-order and it was supposed to arrive on the 10th of October but it was then back ordered! I emailed them and apparently they didn’t have enough stock come in to fill the pre-orders, so I panicked and searched everywhere. Saw Llewelyn had it in stock so I canceled my Amazon order and rebought it there.