Tarot Reading Space


I finally moved my tarot space out into the open again in my studio, it feels so nice! I’ve had it stored in boxes and was partially using the dining table for a while. Seeing natural light touch my table once again feels like a breath of fresh air. I get to use my light wood table again as well! I have a weird quirk, I hate reading on dark wood. I get distracted and can’t focus because it bothers me that much. This is only one pet peeve I have as a reader, haha! Another is electronics, I don’t like any electronics on my reading table or near my cards. You will rarely see me place a card on my MacBook.

Before I laid everything in its place, I washed down the table top with Florida water. After I placed down everything, I gave my space a light misting of smudge spray… overkill, perhaps! I’m a huge fan of both smudging and Florida water. I was inspired by Beth’s altar sharing post on Little Read Tarot, so here’s a little walk through of my own table and what I like to keep on it.


I keep my working decks out and at hands reach, but these change up from time to time. Ones that stay out all the time are my Spirit Speak and Collective Tarot, the others are the Ellis Deck, Maybe Lenormand (started studies on Lenormand recently), and the Golden Thread. The little black deck stack is an oracle by Pam Wishbow, love this little deck! I also have stacks of journals at fingers reach, I’m a journal hoarder so these are only a few of what I have. In the stack is a single card journal, lenorman journal (both hand bound by me), and my moon study books. Also more decks that I use often, some are empty boxes to the decks laid out on the table.


On my main altar space I have a spread cloth that I made. I keep my main working candle in this space, along with my new and full moon candles, Florida water, and crystals that are dear to me.


A closer look at this spot. The black and grey medicine bag was made by my friend Jenn, I keep intuitive selected stones in this bag with my ceramic spiral, luna moth wing (I’m very drawn to moths, more specifically the Luna Moth), a talisman that my great grandmother had from when she lived in Thailand, and a piece of honey calcite that belonged to my late father in law. I found this honey calcite in a black fake leather pouch in his side table while we went through his things after he passed away.

I also keep a skeleton key in this space to symbolize the unlocking potential I have in me. The large smokey quartz was my grandfathers that was passed to my Dad, who recently passed it on to me (along with a very large citrine). There is a large clear quartz and black tourmaline also on my table, I work very closely with clear quartz… it’s my thing, hah!


Lastly is the other corner of my table. More decks, some are stored in bags that I make. My collection of essences from Sister Spinster and Worts and Cunning. My friend Jenn made me the smudge spray that I use all the time, I treasure this stuff… I need more soon! Also, some flying ointment from Sarah Anne Lawless that I have not used yet. I keep sage and palo santo on my table as well for smudging before readings, I’m more of a palo santo person though. Sometimes sage is just too overpowering and gives me a headache.


Above my table are some images that reflect feminism and manifesting. The Magician is from the first edition Wooden Tarot, this reminds me of my true potential and skills I have as a reader and what I have to offer to those as a service. The Death card is from the Royal Tarot (one of my favorite Death cards), it teaches me to accept change and transition, and that cycles are not to be feared. The middle card was from a personal meditation deck I started but never finished, she has a fuck all attitude about her and I love it! The “Fuck the Embargo” card is by Cristy C. Road. I got this card with my print order a couple weeks ago and it spoke to me on so many levels.

I keep my ticket from a Chuck Palahniuk book tour on this wall as well. Being able to see him live had a huge impact on me and was something I had on my bucket list. He is my favorite author!

I hope you enjoy this post! Would love to see your tarot spaces, tag me on IG in your pictures (@tarotseed)!

Reading Spaces


My personal reading space has changed a lot! In fact it seems to change weekly and it can be frustrating at times. I tend to rearrange things as I feel need to! I recently cleaned up my sacred space, which also acts as my office, and thought I would get intimate on the blog and share my space with you!

Currently I’m using a 100 year old wood chest that has been passed down in my family from granddaughter to granddaughter. I got this chest when I was 16 I think. It’s beat up, shows it’s age, and I adore it! This chest vibes of energy from all the women in my family who have had it before me.

I do all my readings on this chest, from social media readings on my Instagram, to  personal and client readings. The current decks I’m working with rest in this space. Right now I have the Collective Tarot, Spirit Speak Tarot, Plant Ally Cards, Cards of Chaos, and my own custom oracle deck. Also joining the decks are stones and sacred items:

  • Smokey Quartz to help stabilize me, I’m an emotional empath so this stone helps me focus and keep those energies at bay
  • Black Tourmaline to help soak up the negative energy
  • Amethyst to aid in spirituality and protection, it also helps awaken the Third Eye chakra
  • Citrine to promote clarity and a touch of abundance
  • My clearing candle from Magic Hour Astrology (I adore this candle!)
  • Incense holder (I normally have a shell with palo santo but I was using it on another table) and candle snuffer

What does your reading space look like? Do you keep anything sacred on it, perhaps crystals or stones?

Sacred Space in the New Place

Some big changes have been going on in my life, we moved! Last month we bought a house, I am finally able to have my own room and space as well. I thought I would take a moment and share my sacred space with you on the blog. It’s still a work in progress, but some area’s are nearly done, and I’m thrilled to be in this space.

My favorite spot in this room is my main shelf. It holds all my books, stones, and a few altars.
On this shelf I have two altar spaces on each top end. The left side is my Earth and Womoon altar. This space is where I honor the Mother Earth and everything womoon, from moontime to femininity. While I recognize myself as a Naturalistic Pantheist, I am very drawn to all the many denominations of the Goddess. I find anything Goddess based very interesting and comforting, I have been trying to incorporate this more and more into my practice. My practice has been slowly growing again after a major shift I had last year. I may do a post in the future about what my practice is if anyone is interested. I’ve been wanting to add more to this blog that isn’t just all tarot.
On the other end, I have my ancestor altar. This space just popped up this morning, I felt drawn to set up a space for my father in law. For some reason I get the vibe that I should set this space up. My father in law passed away early last year, he inspired me a lot to study Shamanism this year and I feel I owe him much gratitude for that. He was very active in Native American practices and would make medicine bags by the hundreds (no joke, we have boxes upon boxes of pouches he has made), he also made a large batch of ceremonial incense that we burned at his memorial in Sedona, Az.
There is a small table with drawers near a window, I am currently using this space for my Chakra altars as I work my way through the Chakra Rhythms course with Moondaughter. Currently we are on the Solar Plexus and I set my altar up this morning… I’m a few days behind due to the move, oop’s!
My last altar space (I’m sure this won’t be the last altar I set up, too) is my moon altar! One of my favorite altars of them all, even as simple as it currently is. I plan to add a few more items to this altar when I unpack them, but for now it’s done. This is a space that holds a special place in my heart, my path is very moon based. The sun has been entering my daily practice as well, for some reason I never focused on the sun since it’s very masculine, I tend to favor all things feminine and not so much masculine. I’ve just always been turned off about having a masculine side to my practice.

Sedona Part 2

We are home, even though we planned to stay through Monday. It was a great trip but our Z had to be back in school and I really didn’t want to pull her out of class. So we did lots of more exploring and visited a few new spots in Sedona. We took more time up in Oak Creek and Cottonwood as well! All pictures were on my iPhone 4S.

Sedona Part One

Thought I would share my weekend with you all! I’m calling this “part one” since we are heading back up to Sedona this weekend to celebrate our 7 year anniversary on the 20th. This weekend was kind of last minute but worth it! We seem to be always in Sedona since it’s only a 2 hour trip from our house, we used to go here more often before Z was born as well. Here are some random pictures I took while up there… more next weekend, we plan to do some serious nature hikes!

I even picked up a few goodies! The Zombie Tarot has been popping up on my travels a lot lately so I caved and bought it, along with some new stones and a salt rock candle holder. All pictures were taken with my iPhone (yes, even the moon shot as well… with the help from out telescope of course)

Little Altar

Since our bedroom started to flood again (really, it’s not that bad though), we had to move my Moon altar since it sits right where the rain is coming through the carpet. I decided to take this time to move some things around on my “main” altar and I’m quite pleased with the new additions!

I just adore this little altar space. I’m hoping to slowly build a working altar soon, just not sure where yet.