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“What’s the Focus Right Now” Spread

“What’s the Focus Right Now” Spread


I’m a fan of simple things, if you can’t tell in my own spreads that I create! I used this spread recently in the new “Weekly Focus” reading earlier this week. You can use this spread in just about any situation, not just a weekly reading. Use it for your daily pulls or in needed advice from the cards. Just base your question to suit what you are after, here are some examples:

– What do I need to focus on today? or What do I need to focus on this week?
– What do I need to know about my current job/relationship/etc?
– How can I improve my intuition with tarot reading?

– Why am I having trouble in my studies?

Like all my 2-3 card simple spreads, I do not claim to be the first to create them because of their simplicity. The questions can be endless! This spread is about finding the main focus in the matter and then presents two other aspects that reflect it. I often like to use an oracle card for the first card and tarot for the rest, or you can use all tarot or just oracle. Totally up to you, it’s your reading so customize it to suit your own needs. Here is a a quick run down of the cards and what they mean:

Card 1 – Main Focus

This is the heart of the matter and the main focus of your situation or question.

Cards 2 and 3 – Aspects

These are two aspects reflecting the center card, I also call this “opening up the card”. These will help open up the main card and present options, advice, and/or ideas linking to the heart of the matter. Imagine that the first card is the book and the other two cards are the words written in it.

Putting the spread into action! I’m using the Vessel Oracle and the Spirit Speak Tarot for this sample reading. One of my favorite resources EVER is the “scenario generator” over at the Farmhouse Oracle. I find this great for creating situations to read on when practicing, trying a new spread, or learning tarot before reading for others. I highly recommend it!


Sample Question:

Should I get a new roof or redo the kitchen?

I used two tarot decks for this one (Circo Tarot and Spirit Speak) – you can use an oracle and tarot or just one tarot deck too! The cards pulled were The Magician (card 1), King of Wands (card 2), and Ace of Cups (card 3).

Card 1 – Main Focus // the Magician

Right off the bat, this card feels very kitchen to me! We have a magician standing behind a table of tools that reminds me a lot of being at the kitchen counter with cooking utensils and prepping a meal. The pentacle looks like a dish, then we have the cup and a knife… this magician is skipping the magic tonight and cooking up dinner!

Card 2 – Aspect // King of Wands

I was drawn immediately to the contract in the hand. Even though this is a court card and can represent the querent, someone in their life, or even a personality trait… I’m reading this card as the contractor coming in to inspect what is the focus with plans in hand. Whether the querent is leaning towards the kitchen redo or a new roof, plans are going forward.

Card 3 – Aspect // Ace of Cups

What brings the querent the most joy and happiness? When I think of our house and where love is shared the most, I think of the kitchen. This is a place where gatherings take place, people cook together and socialize. When we have family events, there is always family hanging out in the kitchen sharing stories and laughing together.

All together, I can clearly see that the kitchen redo will bring the querent the most joy and seems to be the most practical to focus on right now. Mix it with the Magician at his kitchen counter, the contractor with the kitchen plans in hand, and the overflowing cup of joy.

What do you think? Do think the reading is leaning towards the roof instead? Leave your comment below!

The 2-Card “Bad Mood” Spread

The 2-Card “Bad Mood” Spread


I’m sure we all have those days where nothing seems to go right and your stuck in a frustrating mess that you just can’t snap out of. Yesterday, that was me! I was having a really bad day and it wasn’t directed towards anything in general – just a blah day. I decided to sit out on the patio to get some fresh air (it was gloomy and sprinkling, my kind of weather!) with a tarot deck and ended up pulling a few cards that inspired this simple 2-card spread. I’m a fan of quick spreads, ones that get straight to the point – this may or may not be a new spread at all due to its simplicity!

1 – What is causing my bad mood?

Let’s get to the heart of the matter, dig up what is really causing your funk today! This card will help you see the bigger picture and bring more focus to what may be bothering you today.

2 – How can I shift out of this mood?

Treat this card as an action to take or how you can shift your perspective.

If you ever want more detail on a card, here is a method I use to dig a little deeper! Place the card in question back into your deck and reshuffle… then find that card again and pull out the card in front and behind it in the deck. Those two cards are your extra details!


Spread in action! I used the Circo Tarot for this mini reading and it was just the slap I needed to snap myself out of the funk I was in… I should have turned to my cards earlier!

5 of Pentacles

I really didn’t feel money was the reason for my mood, even though we’re a couple days away from pay day and having some spending money would be a nice mood booster – it just felt deeper than that. My attention was drawn to the negative space where the footsteps were, it’s like they are purposely avoiding the coins buried in the snow. It hit me! All day I have been adding to my bad mood by staying so fixated in feeding this frustration by focusing solely on the negative aspects of my day that I wasn’t willing to see anything positive. There were highlights in my day that could have turned this mood around if only I had only taken the time to open my eyes and realize them. Not to mention there were many people that could have cheered me up if I reached out to them!

The Chariot

The action was clear! In order for me to move out of this blah headspace I need to actually steer myself in a new direction and take charge on how I want to feel. I’m the driver and if I’m going down Sad Avenue it’s because I’m directing myself there. Just like driving an actual car, if you reach a dead end you turn around and try another route. Just like that, I took the advice of the Chariot and changed my perspective and direction by switching my focus to the positive notes in my day. I decided to take back the power of how I feel!

Want to me to read the cards for you, I have this reading option in the shop to book a reading!

The WTF?! Spread

The WTF?! Spread


Decks Shown: Golden Thread Tarot + Dame Darcy’s Mermaid Tarot

I thought I would share a spread that I use often, it’s part free-form and part spread… meaning, the cards have positions, but kind of not really. I like to use two decks, or sometimes three! This adds some depth to the reading, sometimes you may get a double card and that draws my attention quick! If you want to use a different deck for each card… go for it! You can even swap out any card for an oracle card instead as well, or do the whole reading with an oracle deck. Have fun with it, nothing is set in stone.

The reading above was for a fake reading I did for my cat, Fish. He has been troubled by the bullying our Golden Retriever is doing to him… ya, lol! I would say that first card is pretty spot on with how he is feeling!

Double cards: If you use multiple decks in a spread and see the same card pop up twice (example: you get two Ace of Coins), I see this as a huge focal point. Something is obviously going on here and the cards want you to pay close attention! I read these cards as top priority and see them magnified in a reading.

✖︎ The first card is your situation, question, or can even be intentionally pulled to represent the querent or the theme of the situation – example: use a court card to represent the querent/you, or use The Lovers card to represent a relationship, etc.

✖︎ The middle cards are seen as the pages in a novel. You have the first card as the “book cover”, then the middle three cards are the story or info relating to the situation. This could be themes playing out, factors involved, or even can be read as a sentence. I like to read these as details and reasons involved for the current situation. Example: perhaps things are moving very rapidly (8 of wands) – you currently are handling several things at once (2 of coins) – you are determined to keep going (9 of wands).

✖︎ You end the reading with two cards. One represents advice or a focal point, the second card is more of what to avoid and watch out for. You can even swap these out for “what to focus on – how to do that”.

➡︎ Here is an awesome post I found on using multiple decks in a spread!

If you try this spread out, please tag me on IG or Twitter (@tarotseed)! I would love to see how it worked for you and what decks you chose!