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New Moon in Libra Reading

New Moon in Libra Reading

Today I decided to share a reading I did for myself using Ethony’s New Moon in Libra spread. I normally pull a few cards for the New Moon and Full Moon, but this morning I just felt like trying out a fun spread and I thought I would post it on the blog!

I’m using the Circo Tarot, one of my favorites – not to mention it’s fun to shuffle, I just love the flexibility of the cards!

1. How can I bring more balance to my interpersonal life? 9 of Cups

In order to create a balance in my own social circle, I need to work on myself first. Self care and self love is important if you want to create this balance… without it, you are way off balance. You need to take in as much as you give out or you will drain your cups, both emotionally and spiritually.

2. How can I bring more balance into my professional (tarot) life? 5 of Wands

Participate and get more involved with likeminded people. This is a struggle for me always, I’m very much an introvert and always worry how others perceive me since I tend to struggle with words and getting them out right… I’m working on it! I know I’m not alone in this, as this card is suggesting. One thing that comes to mind when I think of this card and question: tarot challenges!! I need to get more involved in the tarot community and participate more!

3. How can I create more of the work I love in the world? The World

Hah, how literal can you be Tarot?! The World, that made me laugh. In order to create more of the work I love (which is tarot, writing, and art), I need to see the bigger picture, set new goals, and expand. I need to let my work reach others in different places and make it more accessible to others. This card really has my brain jogging, I have much to journal about and brainstorm here!

4. Where in my life am I being asked to negotiate? Page of Knives

I need better aim, and to get better aim, I need to slow down and focus my energy more. I will admit, I’m very scattered in everything I do. One second I’m doing “this” and the next I’m doing “that”. I need to direct my energy more precisely and actually follow through on the goals I set for myself.

5. Where in my life am I being asked to re-negotiate? The Chariot

Take control and go down a new road – the road you are on is ok but not the best route to take. A new route will still get you to where you want to go, it will just allow you to see more and do more. My husband and I have been wanting to sell our house and move. We are both unsure of where to move, but we know one thing… we need to move. We need to move because we feel it in our hearts that where we live now is not where we should be. We love our home, it’s great but we just crave new adventures and a change of scenery. This card is suggesting to me that I need to take a better look at the direction that I’m going in and what fuel I need to use in order to get me there.

The Hermit + The Devil

The Hermit + The Devil

The Devil (Card 15) in Tarot – The Open Reading by Yoav Ben-Dov

The one thing that Tarot de Marseille has taught me so far is to slow down. So much can be seen in such simple images, I have been spoiled by the RWS with the vivid imagery. When I slow down and really soak in every aspect of the card, the card reveals more and more. This is also true for any deck, not just TdM and RWS – slow down and really soak in the symbolism.

Yesterday, while reading The Open Reading by Yoav Ben-Dov, I got caught up in the Devil card imagery on the page. Ben-Dov has been great at pointing out little things in the Conver deck and he stats often that everything is a message, nothing is by accident. He has talked about the littlest of things in the cards, like why part of the leg in the Magician card was left uncolored, he believes it wasn’t an accident. He didn’t mention two things on the Devil card that I saw though, perhaps someone else in another book has… or on a blog, this may have been talked about a million times for all I know. Someone did share a fantastic link with me called the The Mysteries of the Tarot de Marseille… I will be diving into this blog big time!

Here are some of my thoughts…

In the Devil card shown in the CBD Tarot (which was a reproduction of the Conver deck), the Devil has 9 toes. Going along with Ben-Dov’s quote “everything is a sign” I took this as just that, a hidden message.

Le Pape (The Pope) + L’ Hermite (The Hermit) + Le Diable (The Devil) from the CBD Tarot

I associated the 9 toes to Card 9 – The Hermit. When thinking about what the Hermit and the Devil had in common, I was drawn to the robe of the Hermit. The Devil has no robe, he bares it all with nothing left for the imagination. The Hermit on the other hand, is fully cloaked like he’s trying to hide something (and yes, the Hermit is often associated to the clothing of a Monk). Then it clicked, what if the Hermit was the Devil… he uses his robe to hide who he truly is.

Going along with this theory… in the Hermit card, he is seen holding up a lamp and walks with a cane or walking stick… this could be seen in the Devil card as the torch the Devil is holding, hidden in plain sight in the Hermit card. The Hermit could then be using his lamp to help his search for someone or something to fuel his hidden desires – like the imps in the Devil card. 

Then I was thinking about the imp’s on the Devil card and noticed one had three dots on the chest, the other did not. It was brought to my attention that it could be an association with Free Masons, which is interesting! Going along with my own theory, what if the 3 dots were associated to the Empress (Card 3) and the other imp would then be the Emperor (Card 4).

Jumping to another card (I was all over the place in the Major’s last night)…there are two heads in the Pope card (The Hierophant) that are like two children, what if they were also the Empress and Emperor… being warned by the Pope about the Devil. Then later on, falling trap to the Hermit’s lure and in turn revealing his true side by lifting the robe, ta-da! The Devil!

The Pope in the Pope card is looking in the direction of the Hermit and the Devil – and the Hermit’s looking right back at him as if his eyes are saying “shhhh”! Maybe the Pope is giving the Empress and Emperor a “heads up” about him and telling them to beware, or perhaps he is sending them in that direction. Who knows?! Perhaps the Major Arcana is about their journey and not the Fool’s journey. Maybe the Fool started off solo, with no gender and was transformed by the Magician and “split in two” by the Popess (High Priestess). Or… maybe I’ve had way too much coffee lately and need to lay off a bit lol!!

Anyways, I was hesitant on sharing this on the blog… I’m always nervous with sharing any of my personal thoughts when it comes to tarot. I always fear what most fear “judgement” as being perceived as either stupid or plain crazy LOL!

Coffee with the Marshmallow Marseille

Coffee with the Marshmallow Marseille

As promised, a little “first glance review” of the Marshmallow Marseille Tarot! Already, I love this deck! I’ve had about a week to play around with it and this was the deck that launched my card study with the Tarot de Marseille (although I’ve been using the Noblet more right now). I mentioned earlier on the blog that I’m falling hard for the TdM and this deck is making it easy to fall even more in love with the system.

If you are interested in the differences between the RWS and TdM, check out the post that Benebell Wen did on the tarot decks. The main struggle with learning the TdM system is unlearning the RWS system (or other systems you are accustomed to) and coming to the Tarot de Marseille with a beginners mind and clean slate. After reading with only RWS decks for the past 5 years, I can see how this can be hard to do but I feel it’s been fairly easy so far. It’s been a fun learning curve and challenge for sure!

Anyways, on to the Marshmallow Marseille! A few have asked me if the deck is in alignment with more traditional decks like the Conver for instance. This deck looks more like a recolored Lombardische deck to me and I’m very happy with that! The cards themselves are poker size, another thing I love about this deck since I’m a fan of the Spirit Speak tarot and that too is poker sized.

The cards have passed my picky shuffle “test” and does well. The cards feel amazing, like a satin finish and the glide easily. The card stock is a great thickness – not to thick and not too thin, there is some bend still to the cards like I prefer.

The box was pretty interesting as far as how it was assembled, I haven’t seen a box like this one before. I don’t use boxes for the most part so I don’t normally care how they are made really, just thought it was neat. It’s also a sweet color of pink and I love the handwritten font on the box.

This deck does not come with a book and I knew about this ahead of time so it wasn’t a big deal for me. I’m currently reading a book by Yoav Ben-Dov called Tarot – The Open Reading and it’s excellent! However, I’m trying not to let the book influence my own interpretations with the cards so right now I’m writing down my own thoughts on the card first and foremost, but I’m enjoying reading about the cards themselves and their history. The symbolism in each card is really interesting!

The colors in this deck are stunning! Not overly cute but just cute enough to keep me happy and on a sugar rush. I have never been very traditional in anything I do and I like my decks to reflect that as well, though I am loving the traditional looking decks lately like the Noblet and CBD Tarot (which is high on my wishlist).

I’m doing something a little different with my TdM deck interview readings and not sticking to the standard “deck interview” spread – I just went with a three card cut and let the cards do the talking!

Queen of Cups + Ace of Cups + 8 of Cups

Can we get anymore cups on the table?! This reading is already making my thirsty… good thing I just poured myself some iced coffee before I sat down with these cards. I get it, your a smooth talker and a better lover. You carry your heart out on your sleeve and offer it to anyone willing to take it, it’s just how you roll. Showing the picture by amplification is so that you don’t have to say something twice, you want it all on the table with nothing to hide and for it be seen clearly, no questions asked.

In the 8 of Cups, I see a great opportunity to network and connect with other like minded people, so branching out and getting involved with others could be a keen idea! This card also suggests to me that it likes order over chaos, patterns matter so follow them and see where they lead… everything is connected and everything is a sign!

I love how the Queen of Cups has her back turned to the Ace of Cups as if she would rather hand me the cup instead of me having to get it myself, this tells me that the deck is polite and likes to please.

* So many cups! *

TdM Study: 2 of Cups

TdM Study: 2 of Cups

I can’t get over the imagery in the Noblet, the color palate is gorgeous and rich! This morning I pulled the 2 if Cups. The one difference between the Noblet and the Marshmallow Marseille were the fish, in the Marshmallow Marseille they were flowers (one open and one closed – which I believe symbolize the masculine/feminine aspect).

This is a card of partnership and commitment, not just in love but also seen in the workplace and in friendships. It’s about a relationship bonded by trust and equal participation on a passionate level. You can see the 2 of Cups throughout your day easily… while grabbing breakfast this morning I noticed the 2 of Cups present in the worker taking our order and the cook filling the order, there is a mutual bond between them and they rely on each other to get the job done. If one dropped the ball, the other would struggle. I saw the 2 of Cups at my home between my husband and I, a marriage between two people. You can also see the 2 of Cups at your own workplace… perhaps you have a partner you work closely with at work and you both have great chemistry!

I noticed a few things on this card. The first was the growing vine between the two cups and how it branches out and over each cup which in then turns into two fish like creatures. This is a growing bond and relationship, it’s fresh and flourishing. The second thing I noticed were the two “fish” above each cup. They are hungrily looking at that flower between them and the flower reminded me of cake, the fish look as if they want to take a bite out of it! I relate the “bite lust” to taking a “bite of commitment”, they are willing to take that chance just based on the fact that they feel drawn to one another.

Keyword: Partnership

TdM Study: 3 of Swords

TdM Study: 3 of Swords

Today I was greeted with the 3 of Swords and if you notice, my Tarot Noblet arrived from Canada! I am working on a “first glance review” of this deck and the Marshmallow Marseille for next week. I will mention real quick that I adore the Noblet to pieces. It’s so rich and simplistic, love it!

The 3 of Swords… this is a card that’s for sure hard to pry away from if you are normally a RWS reader like myself. In the RWS decks, this card typically stands for heartbreak and betrayal, but in TdM it’s more aligned with achievement and victory! There are the two swords framing a single sword that’s piercing through the “X” formation made by the outside swords. It’s the first breakthrough after the barriers of the 2 of Swords. You have jabbed your sword through and felt the first perception of victory.

This card to me suggests that you have prevailed and came up on top. It’s all about being successful, high five! Seeing that this card is in the beginning of the suit, this tells me that it’s not a final victory… it’s more like a completion of the first step and now you can carry on to the next. You are crushing the competition so keep going, though it will get more difficult so you’ll need to keep the momentum going if you do want to see this to the end.

Keyword: Victory

TdM Study: 7 of Cups

TdM Study: 7 of Cups

Kicking off my TdM card study today! I can already tell that I will love this study, I’m falling hard for the Tarot de Marseille system. I mentioned in the previous post that I’m going card by card through the Marshmallow Marseille Tarot, but… I may actually switch back and forth with my Noblet when that arrives. I was going to call these posts “78 Days of Marshmallow” but I don’t want to stick with just this deck, I want some variety within the Marseille… even though most Marseille decks all look the same, they do have many differences! I’ll compare some cards soon, I’m also going to work on a “first glance review” post for the Marshmallow Marseille deck this weekend.

On to the cards! This morning I was greeted by the 7 of Cups. The 7 of Cups suggests that we don’t have to be in total alignment with what everyone else is doing. We can still find our place in “line” while trying to maintain our uniqueness. It’s all about maintaining your individuality and allowing your colors to shine through, all while trying to fit in with the crowds. It’s ok to be a “3rd wheel” and it’s ok to do your own thing or do something different than everyone else. If we were all from the same mold, life would be so fucking boring. Am I right?

I love how the centered cup feels very supported between the two rows of aligned cups and the vines making a loose fencing. The vines are delicate looking and not touching – this suggests to me that we can leave this position anytime we want, we aren’t being held there by force or being pushed away by the others. It’s like being in the middle of a group of people who are there for you and are willing to protect you. You can choose to see yourself as the middle cup or in one of the groups of cups, there is no wrong position here. Some of us are more introverted like I feel with the centered cup (and like myself), others are more extroverted like the outside cups. It’s all about how you want to stand out in a sea of faces.

Keyword: Individuality

TDM Journey Begins!

TDM Journey Begins!

Deck: Marshmallow Marseille

So it begins, my journey with the Tarot de Marseille (TdM). I have actually been studying the TdM system for several weeks now but only just recently got my first TdM deck yesterday, the Marshmallow Marseille by Wandering Oracle! Now I can get hands on with my study. I have one other TdM deck on the way, it’s a more traditional styled deck – the Noblet. This deck is shipping from Canada and shipped over the weekend, so I’m hoping to see this one show up any day now as anything from Canada always arrives fairly quick for me (there was no tracking to follow).

I have been trying to figure out how I want to go about with my TdM study and decided to do a daily card study with a random draw, just like most do with any tarot deck – one card per day until I get through the whole 78 cards. I’ll share my “TdM card of the day” in the next post! I need to work on commitment to projects I start and would really like to keep this post going for 78 days on the blog… like always, we will see (ahem, I’m a Gemini remember)!

Yesterday, I pulled two cards for my first reading with the Marshmallow Marseille deck and was pretty shocked at how accurate it felt for me. Background story: last night, my daughter wanted to play more board games (I played them all day yesterday with her… if your a parent, you’ll understand lol) and I was really not in the mood to play more… I just wanted to dive into the Marshmallow Marseille deck that just arrived and read my book.

My question was this: What will the energy be for me this evening?

[6 of Swords + Page of Wands]

This combo suggested to me that I am turning my back on “going with the flow” tonight and bringing my focus to what drives me the most. I loved how the 6 of Swords shows smaller flowers within the fencing of the swords around it and how the person in the Page of Wands is more free at looking out to open space. I get a very confined feeling in the 6 of Swords and more freedom in the Page of Wands. I related the 6 of Swords to me going with the flow of the evening and giving in to playing more board games, essentially just doing what my daughter wanted and dealing with it (a feeling that I had no choice, but to play more games)… and the person in the Page of Wands looking away as me wanting to allow my creative juice to flow more freely.

What did I end up doing? I played one game with my daughter and husband, then got to switch my focus to what I wanted to do – read and get to know my new deck! I adapted to the situation but took advantage of being able to do both!

Weekly Reading Oct 9 – 15

Weekly Reading Oct 9 – 15

It seems like October is flying by, at least for me. Not sure I like that, October is one of my favorite months but I’m glad our hot heat is slowly going away, we only hit the 100’s a few times last week and I think we are out of the 100’s now for good till next summer – yay! I’m really crossing my fingers for some deck mail this week, I have two decks on order and one shipped yesterday but I doubt it will arrive this week since it’s coming from Canada… but every time I have something coming from Canada it arrives in like 3-4 days, it shocks me every time! Sadly, there is no tracking to follow so I’ll be living on the edge of my seat all week asking myself “is it here today?!” lol!

Since I loved how the reading flowed last week on the weekly reading, I decided to use the same “spread” again for this week. I wish everyone a fantastic week ahead, enjoy!

Decks Used: The Portland Tarot + Spirit Speak

In a hurry? This week is all about getting things done, one thing at a time, to give us a sense of accomplishment! Beware of any compulsions forming, this can happen when we fix ourselves too tightly to a goal or focus.

Energy present this week | Judgement

Love the energy in this card, we have a runner who just crossed the finish line in a race and they are proud! I did my first half marathon race in January this year so I can really relate to the energy of the woman in this card. It’s all about proving to yourself that you can do it! You can overcome and do it if you believe in yourself and trust yourself. The energy of the week is surrounded by believing in what you are truly capable of, be honest and open to your higher self. Take charge and get things done!

Actions to take | 8 of Coins + Ace of Coins

The hard work and dedication you put in this week will be rewarding, you get out what you put in so make it count! Set your goals high and keep them present this week. Try to focus on one thing at a time, even the smallest task will feel like a huge accomplishment! Over the weekend I tackled the dishes that were haunting me… after they were done, I felt like Wonder Woman lol! So really, the smallest things can lead to the biggest results.

Keep an eye out for any unique opportunities, something may present itself to you or will lead you into something that will. Again though, keep your focus centered on one thing at a time, don’t crowd yourself this week. Looking at this Ace of Coins, I would start at what is highest on your list, something that will make the most impact on your week ahead. It’s all about making it easier on yourself, so “eat the toad” (meaning, do the task you don’t want to do first to get it out of the way).

Possible struggle this week | King of Wands

When we are so fixated on a goal, reward, or even just something that is in our radar, we can be consumed by it. We hold this so high up in the air that it becomes an infatuation, not a good one either. Doing this is like putting on blinders so that we can’t see anything else but that one thing, we miss out on a lot this way. This may come into play this week so keep your eyes open so that you can spot this little obsession forming and put a stop to it before it dominates you. It’s all about detachment, when we strip away this “compulsion” it comes to us easier and more naturally.

Single Card “Spread”

Single Card “Spread”

I don’t usually see single card draws as a spread, but here’s a neat way to rethink the single card draw and put a twist in your reading using just one card. I’m always a fan of single card draws and if your in a funk with your tarot practice, try this out! It may be just the thing you need to get back your card slinging mojo! I do this method often when I pull a card for my day but you can use it in any question or situation.

First, grab a deck! It must be a standard format tarot deck, no oracle decks for this. The deck must have the standard Major Arcana, Courts, and Minor Arcana.

As you shuffle the deck, focus your intention with the question “What is the energy, attitude to adopt, or action to take today?” – then pull a card!

If you pulled a…

Major Arcanathis is the energy or theme of the day
Court Cardthis is the attitude you need to adopt today
Minor Arcanathis is the action you need to take today (also with Ace’s, taking the action of allowing yourself to be open to gifts and potential, etc)

Deck Used: Spirit Speak

The other morning I pulled the 3 of Swords, so this told me it was an action needed today:

“Remove those swords, slap a bandaid on your wounds and look to a brighter day. I know this seems way easier said than can be done, but try your best to not let any mental anguish affect your day. Keeping your head in a rain clouded space will only have you focusing on the negative things that may show up in your day, it makes it difficult to see any good happening. It’s the first day of the week, don’t allow these feelings to dictate how your week will go.”

Let me know below if you try this method and how it worked for you!

Weekly Reading Oct 2 – 8

Weekly Reading Oct 2 – 8

A new week has begun! I’m trying out a new reading spread for the week ahead, I feel like I’ve been switching things up every week but I’m trying to find a comfort spot with my weekly readings. I’m currently reading the book Kitchen Table Tarot by Melissa Cynova and she talks about being true to yourself and true to your reading style, this spoke volumes to me! One thing I strive for with my tarot practice is to let my own style shine and be my own, but I do have days where I feel like I just got a tarot deck that morning and I stare at the cards going “wtf?!”… I’m sure many readers can relate to this big time! Ok, I think I’m rambling on and on, oop’s!

Anyways, I’m using the Cosmos Tarot & Oracle deck with the Spirit Speak tarot, I’m loving this deck pair lately!

In a hurry? This week is all about harnessing that strength and courage to make some big changes! We need to keep our focus and goals illuminated, put on our game face and push forward to grab them despite any blocks that may be present as you go about this week.

Energy present this week | Corona Australis (4 of  Earth)

Woah, Godzilla, calm down… or better yet, use that strength! Based on the cards this week I’m feeling we may need all that pent up energy to help us move through this week and make shit happen. This monster of a card is suggesting that there’s some change happening and we are the ones in the drivers seat manifesting this change. If you have a goal in mind this week, use your fear as fuel and make it work for you. Face what you fear, look it in the eye, and take back control! This will be a week of dedicated focus in pursuing what we set out to do and it’s going to take some hefty balls ovaries! Harness this Godzilla energy for the week and push through any barriers you feel that are trying to hold you back. RAWWRR!

Actions to take | The Sun + The Chariot

Two Majors showed up for the week, this is indeed some heavy magic at play – Godzilla wasn’t kidding! When you look at your goals for the week, keep them in view and illuminate them. Write them down and put them somewhere where you can see them daily. The Sun is suggesting that we keep a positive mindset and keep your eye on the “prize”, there is a lot of potential success this week if you keep a clear head and visualize what success means to you. Set some intentions today and make that list!

The Chariot says you are in control and you are the driving force in your part of the world this week. Goals should excite you and scare the hell out of you, but you are capable and you know it. When I see the Chariot pop up, it’s a reminder that even though we may be nervous and have much doubt, but we need to put on our game face and take the reigns. Nothing is going to happen if we sit int he backseat and hope the other driver takes us where we want to go, if we want to go somewhere then we need to make it happen. If there is will, there is a way!

Struggle this week | 7 of Wands

It seems anytime we set out to accomplish something, a block of some kind always pops up, am I right? Don’t let anything stop you, keep pushing through. If you need to, find another way around this blockage to get to where you want to go. The hand in this card isn’t giving up, they’re persevering and holding their stance no matter what is trying to stop them. Keep this card in mind this week and be this hand, take a stand for yourself and don’t back down. Again, I’ll bring Godzilla into this… do you think he’s going to step back? No way, he’s going to crush what’s trying to stop him! Even if you don’t reach a goal that you set out to get, it’s ok. If you give it your all, then you know you tried your best. Dust yourself off and start again… don’t give up.