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Coffee with the Iris Oracle

Coffee with the Iris Oracle

Look what landed?! The Iris Oracle by Mary Elizabeth Evans of Spirit Speak! I mentioned in my September Wrap Up that I was wishing hard to the universe that I could get my hands on this deck… and I did! This deck arrived last week and did not disappoint, it’s beautifully made and you can feel the love pouring out of each card. Mary has a true talent and I’m proud to own all of her decks. One of my most well used and loved decks is the Spirit Speak Tarot, I was lucky enough to grab a first printing copy of that deck.

Like always, I mention the shuffle factor since it’s a “make or break” for me with decks and this shuffles like a dream! Just like butter, love it! I also adore the box!! The Iris Oracle and the Vessel Oracle both have awesome boxes, my Spirit Speak Tarot was from the first printing so it was just a standard tuck box and it’s falling apart. I would so love to get my hands on one of the new Spirit Speak Tarot boxes!


I have a few new decks that arrived this week, so I’ll be doing posting some deck interviews as each week goes on! I’ll try to spread them out so you are hit with a ton in one week haha! The others are the Fountain Tarot and the Mythical Goddess Tarot.

A quick review of the Iris Oracle (since I know I’ll never get around to doing a full one, I’m sure). The card stock is fantastic! It feels like a sheen matte, not glossy but not full matte. They slide like butter when shuffling and riffle well, it passed the test for me! Riffle shuffling is usually a “make or break” for me with a deck, regardless of how much I treasure the illustrations… if I can’t start a reading with a riffle shuffle before my overhand shuffling, it’s a no-go. The illustrations are bold, raw, and hand drawn like all of Mary’s decks.

If your a fan of her decks, like myself, she is working on a second tarot deck which I believe is called the Divina Tarot! Just take my money already Mary, I’m so excited to see this deck in print!


Using my favorite deck interview spread from Little Red Tarot, I grabbed an iced coffee and got to shuffling! Here is what the deck wanted to say!

✖︎ What is your most important characteristic? Ripe Fruits – 33

This deck is fresh and abundant! I get a sense of pride coming from this card and it really wants to show it. Everything is at your fingertips and ready to capture your attention, you lure us in with a fresh perspective.

✖︎ What are your strengths? Death of the Deceitful – 76

You are not afraid to clear out what needs to be released, you are daring and direct. You reveal what truly needs to be seen and cut out the sugar coating, not to be heartless but to be honest.

✖︎ What are your limits, or weakness? The All Knower – 14

I get the feeling you may be a bit closed up and want us to do the digging, you have the answers but they need to be found out for ourselves. You hint at what is there but leave it to us to put the pieces together. 

✖︎ What are you hear to teach me? Predictions of Growth – 36

Growth, this card screams growth. You are hear to teach me how to put down my roots and grow, to trust in the process and learn how to transform. This card is very personal to me.

✖︎ How can I best learn and collaborate with you? Slimy – 2

Jealousy is hard to get caught up in, we all look at the lives of others and compare. It’s a natural thing, but we can steer around this. I can learn how to transition this slimy feeling when it arises and face it head on. I have a feeling this deck will call me out on my bullshit when I need it most!

✖︎ What is the potential outcome of our working relationship? Good Things – 11

When I first say this card flipped over it felt just right, all the way down to the number 11. When we bought our house last year and I saw that it was house unit 11, I got the same feeling… it was meant to be and that this was our house! This card reminded me instantly of that feeling last year. After taking a peek in the book, it confirmed this feeling! This is a great omen indeed!

Coffee with the Circo Tarot

Coffee with the Circo Tarot


A new deck has landed in my hands (well… it arrived Monday and was a day early) – it was the Circo Tarot by Marisa De La Peña. Words cannot describe how much I love this deck already. I have been wanting this deck since the second I saw it on Kickstarter but sadly couldn’t back the campaign at the time and I was so bummed! The second my eyes landed on this deck I knew that it would be the one – you know what I’m talking about, we all have that one deck that feels so perfect for you and it feels like it was made for you… this was that deck. I always thought it was the Collective Tarot (which in all honesty, still gives me butterflies when I use it) but this deck really resonates with me a million times more, which is hard to believe!

I didn’t want to just jump into a reading with this deck like most of my decks, this time I wanted to take my time with it before I used it. I smudged it Monday night and even pulled out the “big guns” and smudged it with sage… I rarely ever use sage since it literally makes me sick (the smoke from it does not agree with me, literally) but I really wanted a good cleansing. After that, I kept it on my bedside table overnight, I really wanted to be close with this deck and imprint my energy onto it. By morning it felt so good in my hands, I shuffled it a million times since it arrived, it shuffles like a dream! Perfect amount of bend and the card stock feels great! It even came with a hand screened and sewn bag, love it!!

Yesterday morning I finally pulled my first card with it and it was the 4 of Cups – I love the depiction of this card and ended up filling a journal page about it. I’m trying something new with this deck and how I get to know it, I will write about that later in another post. The colors in this deck are divine, the palette is right up my alley! I’m a huge mint – peach – pink – and lime color type of person, these colors run through this deck in all the right places!


This time I’m using a slightly new deck interview spread by the lovely Chelsea of Noble Lion Prints!

✖︎ Please introduce yourself // 8 of Pentacles

This is a deck filled with warmth and compassion – I get a cozy craft vibe from this card! I often work on crafts while camped out on the couch and spend so much time focusing on the details of what I’m doing that I completely zone everything and everyone else out around me. Just me and the craft in my hands. This is a deck that likes to pay attention to details without making a big fuss about everything else.

✖︎ Your strengths as a deck // 2 of Pentacles

You like to put on a show so others can see that you are able to keep balanced under any circumstances. I also get the notion that you are quite flexible when more movement or direction is needed in a reading. I often like to pull an extra card to open up another card in a reading from time time to time, so I take it that this deck is able to handle that extra load and balance it out fairly well. I also noticed that the person in this card appears to be missing a hand – this made me feel that the deck has strength in working through painful or emotional readings.

✖︎ Your weakness or limitations as a deck //6 of Pentacles

Haha! Your a needy one, huh? I guess I will schedule you for full moon baths each month to help replenish your energy lost through readings. I get the feeling that you often give and give and give, but never take so that can leave you quite drained. I get the feeling that you have a big heart, sometimes that can be weakness as some take advantage of that but I promise I won’t! I will be sure to treat you with the respect you deserve and give my gratitude.

✖︎ What can I learn from you // The Lovers

Trust – confidence – and learning to be more open with myself and to others. These are a few keywords that came to mind while studying this card. I’m often very closed up and tend to second guess myself often, I see myself as both of these people, like two facets of myself. One part of me seems to be pushing away, while the other is inviting everything in. There is a middle ground to be found, to learn to trust in the messages that are resting on the tip of my tongue and get them out instead of holding them back.

✖︎ What is the best way to work with you // 10 of Pentacles

Is it bad that my first thought was “money, money, money!” LOL! This is a deck that wants to be used because it is full of abundant messages to give. I also get the sense that this deck would be great with client readings (payment doesn’t always have to be in money form though, it can be in trades and barters)! I also feel like this deck works well with matters surrounding the material realm and finances – I love reading for small business owners when it comes to setting goals and focus for your shop!! If you noticed, this reading is very pentacles heavy, 4 out of the 6 cards are pentacles!

✖︎ Outcome of our relationship // 10 of Cups

Ahh, what a way to end the reading! I always see the 10 of Cups as the ultimate “happy ending” card! I try not to think of certain cards as overly happy, but how can you not with this card?! This is such a warm and fuzzy card, it mirrors the Lovers card very well too! This to me is a card of completely happiness, contentment, and loyalty. I take it that this deck feels the same way towards me as I do to it, I can see a fantastic relationship forming and I can’t wait to read more with this deck.

Coffee with the Bohemian Gothic Tarot

Coffee with the Bohemian Gothic Tarot

I’ve had a few new decks arrive the past week, and a few I have yet to explore. As to not clog up my blog with just deck interviews, I’ll be spreading them out each week! This week I wanted to spend some time getting to know the Bohemian Gothic Tarot by Baba Studios. I received this deck in a swap and I wasn’t sure how I would take to it since I’m not normally into gothic style art, however I ended up loving this deck! I’ve done a few personal readings with it so far and they have been very spot on. I don’t know if I will be using this for client readings or just personal, so time will tell.

Since I doubt I will get around to doing a review of this deck anytime soon, I will add this in before I start on with the fun part, the reading! Shuffling is fantastic, at least for me, the card stock is like a matte sheen and it feels so nice to hold. The cards slide so easily, they have just the right amount of bend and riffle like a dream. I sat in bed one night just shuffling this deck over and over again.

Like usual, I’m using my favorite deck interview spread by Little Red Tarot. I think I may work on a new interview spread here soon!


✖︎ What is your most important characteristic? The Wheel of Fortune

What an inviting card to start this reading – a tarot reader and her querent. I know this card tends to focus more on chance, but I get a nice warm cozy feeling from this card. One of your most important characteristics is accepting the fact that anything can happen, nothing is set in stone and anything can change at any moment. That is one reason I adore tarot – you hold the key to your future and you can change it if you want. If a card comes up and you don’t like it – change it! Take the actions to avoid this and create a new future. If a card comes up that you do like – work towards it! You can make this a focused goal to reach.

✖︎ What are your strengths? Temperance

As a deck, your strength is in temperance itself. You give everything in balance and thrive off patience. I get a cool and collected feeling off this card – the woman in the card seems to casually be pouring water back and forth in the cups. It looks as if she just came out of a trance or someone yelled to get her attention, it’s calming and soothing. Also, your strength is in keeping a middle ground, not straying too far off course!

✖︎ What are your limits, or weakness? 6 of Pentacles

Perhaps you can be too open which leads you not much to hide. One who gives and gives, tends to forget to take so that may leave you feeling a bit drained and worn out. I can totally relate to this as a mother, I give so much to my daughter and to my family that I often forget to think about myself. This can leave you crabby and exhausted! Maybe we can grab coffee together when we are both feeling rough around the edges.

✖︎ What are you hear to teach me? Strength

Patience and persistence – with that comes confidence. Taming a lion isn’t all about action and snapping a whip, it is about taking the time to build trust. This is a lion that you don’t want to walk over to, you want the lion to come to you in trust and in faith. I can agree that I am very impatient, so I’m all ears! Teach me your ways!

✖︎ How can I best learn and collaborate with you? Two of Cups

What a pair! I would like to connect this card to the last, I feel it goes very well together, teaching and learning are indeed in the same grouping. You need patience in order to work well with another, at least I think so! It takes two to do a reading… you and the cards. Without coming together as a team things will fall apart quickly. This isn’t about falling in love with the cards, this is about a trusting partnership in knowing I can rely on the deck, and the deck can rely on my interpretations. It is indeed a shared effort.

✖︎ What is the potential outcome of our working relationship? 8 of Cups

My first thought was “follow me down this dark hallway, it’s filled with adventure”. This is all about taking a chance (yet again) on what possibilities lie ahead in waiting. Following someone in this card would for sure take courage! What I get out of this card is that if I’m willing to follow, we can start to turn this into an interesting working relationship! I’m willing to take a gamble with this deck and follow it where it leads me!

Coffee with the Alchemical Tarot

Coffee with the Alchemical Tarot

A new deck landed on my table the other day, well… new to me! I’ve had this deck on my wishlist for ages, and when it was recently offered up for a trade I didn’t skip a beat. After a few readings and some (very, very) light study, I can tell this deck and I will be a great pair! I am planning to do some deep study with this deck and take my time with it. A lot of the decks subject matter is very new to me and I find it fascinating.

I’m finding some cards don’t read in the same sense at traditional depictions of the card and I knew this before getting the deck… it’s one reason I was so drawn to it in the first place!. Take the 4 of Vessels (cups) for instance, this is the first card in the spread below. Normally I see this card as a feeling of boredom and loss of interest (or even just being plain stubborn). However, this card feels a little different to me… intuitively, I look at this elephant balancing on these delicate vases and think in the real world, assuming the vases are glass, they would be crushed under the weight of an elephant – it must have taken some very careful stepping to get on these vases, now the elephant is in a sticky situation… how does he get down, just as gracefully? Can he do it again? I can still see the traditional meaning in this card but also a whole new facet to it. My very first impression of this card was “wow, this elephant must have been incredibly bored, so he is playing a balancing game with these vases” – this ties into the boredom feeling I get when I see the 4 of Cups, it can even show some stubbornness – like he was told he can’t possibly stand on those, so he wanted to prove them wrong and wouldn’t give up on this quest.

Anyways, enough rambling. I’m using my favorite deck interview spread found at Little Red Tarot, I found it to be a fun reading with this deck.


✖︎ What is your most important characteristic? 4 of Vessels

You are creative in how you approach a subject. While you may get bored with repeated themes, you will be able to bring something different to the reading. Being stubborn can lead to interesting tactics!

✖︎ What are your strengths? 7 of Wands

I get the feeling that you aren’t one to back down, you are determined to get the stories out and in the open. I also feel like this deck can hold it’s own and doesn’t need assistance of other decks to get the messages across. Sometimes I like to read with several decks in the same reading, or add an oracle card in the mix, so I don’t think I’ll be doing that with this deck!

✖︎ What are your limits, or weakness? 10 of Vessels

I’m pulled to read this as a reversal in a sense, it’s hard to see the 10 of cups as a limit or weakness but sometimes too much good can be overbearing. Perhaps your limits are in your beliefs and traditions, families often hold carried down traditions and you may not like to stray away from this. Since this is a deck surrounding alchemy, planets, and such, it may prefer to stick with a structured system.

✖︎ What are you hear to teach me? 6 of Vessels

While intuitively reading this card, my attention was focused on the woman pouring the water or liquid into each vessel. To me, it seems she is preparing these vases for more flowers. When I think of a flower in a vase, it gives me a sense of peace in the house. There is a soothing effect to putting flowers in a vase and positioning it on the table. You get to see these flowers each time you pass by the table and they fill my house with a happy feeling. So I believe this deck is hear to teach me not only about patience and delicate care, but also finding what makes me comfortable.

✖︎ How can I best learn and collaborate with you? Knight of Swords

I really feel like this deck wants to take the lead, so collaborating together may be hard since it will always want to take over! With that, this deck can also be knowledgeable and blunt, I like a deck that doesn’t beat around the bush! This card seems to mirror the 7 of Wands from earlier in the reading, I get that “eager to lead – not quick to back down” quality in this deck.

✖︎ What is the potential outcome of our working relationship? 2 of Vessels

Well, look at that! What a pair we will be, I see that there will be a shared balance in our relationship and much love on the table. I’ll take this as a fantastic omen, I was quite happy to see this card show up! I already can feel a good partnership between the deck and I.

Coffee with the Mayhem Tarot

Coffee with the Mayhem Tarot

I’ve been wanting to sit down with this new deck since it arrived, it’s called The Mayhem Tarot by Cait Zellers. It is actually an oracle deck and it consists of 40 cards with gorgeous illustrations. I have been pairing this deck up with my Light Grey Tarot, the illustrations flow so nicely with this deck!

One thing I look for in a deck is how well it shuffles and the cardstock quality. I like thinner carstock, I know most like it thicker. This cardstock was perfect, just the right amount of bend to the cards without being too bendy. It shuffles like a dream as well! Being able to riffle shuffle a deck is a make or break for me, odd as it is. I have decks that I adore but hate to shuffle, so they just sit. This deck made the cut and I adore it!

I finally I had a chance to throw some cards and have a chat with it – I got some very interesting answers. I’m using my favorite deck interview spread by Little Red Tarot.


First, I want to point out the big picture of this reading. Sometimes I look at the large picture of the reading first, other times I look at it in the end. This time I looked at the big picture after I went card to card and I noticed some neat things! The far left and far right cards, they seem to mirror eachother perfectly! We see a well filled with water, this made me think “full of intuition”… then we have the other card, a vulture standing on a skull. This card rings “death and endings”, so we have life and death in sorts. I thought that was fascinating! Then, the middle cards I saw the elements – Snake as Earth, Siren as Water, Wound as Air, and Bloodstone as Fire. Awesome! I get the feeling that this a very balanced deck for me to read with, it gave me a great vibe seeing that!

✖︎ What is your most important characteristic? The Well

Intuitively, I see this card a being filled with intuition, ready to dip into. This is also telling me the deck is honest, it’s all about the truth… regardless if it stings or not. Sometimes honesty isn’t always pleasant but it’s something we need to hear. I hear this cards saying “sorry… not sorry”!

✖︎ What are your strengths? The Snake

This card very much relates to me as skin shedding. This deck is helpful in the fact that it can pull back the layers and reveal that truth I just mentioned. There is strength in change and rebirth, it’s not an easy route but it can be well worth it if one if willing to take on this journey. 

✖︎ What are your limits, or weakness? The Siren

With the siren relating towards water and the fact that her eyes are covered by her hair, I feel like this deck is shy when it comes to dealing with emotions – it doesn’t like to express these or perhaps doesn’t know how. When thinking about sirens in general though, I am reminded by the old folklore of how the sirens would call out to the sailors and lead them to their deaths… perhaps the deck like to drag a reading into the depths, so you had better be prepared in case.

✖︎ What are you hear to teach me? The Wound

First thing that came to me when I saw this card was “I will teach you how to heal your wounds”. You cannot ignore the signs and messages that you see, you must confront them and deal with them. It may be painful to read but the messages are nothing I can’t handle.

✖︎ How can I best learn and collaborate with you? The Bloodstone

The notes on this card was “power – desire”… I let those words sink in a bit with this card, the seem to ring true to this illustration. I see a heavy, yet delicate necklace on the card. For me, this means that together we can be a powerhouse team but to not let it get to our heads in a reading. Stay focused on the reading and don’t be distracted by “shiny things”… or boobs, lol! 

✖︎ What is the potential outcome of our working relationship? The Vulture

Ouch! That was my first response, this deck must want to eat me for dinner! After doing some more thinking about this card it made me think about how much I love a well used deck. I like to see the edges wear down and the color fade. To get these details on a deck, you have to use it… a lot! So I see this message as growing old together… meaning, we will be working together a lot, so much so that you may wear out quick! I also see that this vulture can easily eat me for dinner… so I better keep my guard up, haha!

Coffee with the Food Fortunes Deck

Coffee with the Food Fortunes Deck


While checking out a local bookstore the today, I ran across a deck on my current wish list. The Food Fortunes deck! I decided to grab it even though I was unsure of exactly how I would use these cards. I know some are using them to decide on “what to eat” and such, but I thought they would be a fun challenge to see if I could actually pull a reading from them.

I figured a good test for reading this deck was to do an interview with the cards. These cards can be read for other than “what’s for dinner?” typed questions! I had so much fun with this reading. To read them, I decided to focus on the energy aspect you get when consuming that food and how it makes you feel or what type of event you eat it at, rather than see them all as meals or try to figure out what card this could be in a traditional deck. This worked really well for me!

A little about the deck: The Food Fortunes deck was written and illustrated by Josh Lafayette. They feature all the Major and Minor Arcana, with four suits: Mains, Sides, Sweets, and Drinks. I’m not entirely sure what suit matches up with the traditional suit (other than guessing Drinks is the Cups), nor do I think it matters with this deck, it’s just all fun!

You can buy a copy here!


As always, I’m using my favorite interview spread from Little Red Tarot:

✖︎ What is your most important characteristic? The Constant

Bacon! This is something I actually gave up last year (all pork actually) but several people would say that bacon is a staple item! This is a comfort to some and I take it that this deck just wants to be loved and consumed. Want a donut? Put some bacon on it! Want a salad? Add some bacon to it! Want to go running? First, let’s eat bacon!

✖︎ What are your strengths? The Many Named

You are fully loaded, stacked high, and ready to party. You fit in at any group activity and everyone has a favorite style. Your not afraid to stack yourself high and attempt to fit everything between your buns!

✖︎ What are your limits? The Steeped One

I’m for sure more a coffee type, but I get what you mean. You like to let things sit a while and take time to process. When steeped for the right amount of time, depending on the reading, you may enhance the taste but you can take forever to get the messages out. Patience is much needed to see through your delicious layers.

✖︎ What are you hear to teach me? The Other Duo

Ooo… a little variety is nice! You’re here to teach me that it’s ok to mix things up and be daring. Perhaps, you do your best teaching when I pair you up with my lunch, it’s a date! 

✖︎ How can I best learn and collaborate with you? Page of Sweets

I like where this is going, sugar is one way to get me to work and I think you know it! I may not always promise to bring cupcakes to the table when I work with you, but I’ll try! I think we can work best together if we pull things apart and dissect things, you know… eat the cake first and then the frosting, try something different.

✖︎ What is the potential outcome of our working relationship? The Greens

Nutritious, always room on a plate, and yet, sometimes frowned upon… we will be a good blend of healthy and devilish meals, I mean friends. I can see that this relationship will be good for my soul and will be a way to help me grow (as a reader). 

Coffee with the Tarot Del Fuego

Coffee with the Tarot Del Fuego

I’ve been a bit loose with my wallet this past week and have a few decks on the way! One deck arrived this morning, the Tarot Del Fuego. Naturally, I ripped into this bad boy like a kid on Christmas! After going through each card to get my first initial interpretation and feelings on this deck, I decided to shuffle them up and dive into a deck interview!

If you read my deck interviews often, you’ll know that I don’t like to do deck reviews until I get to know the deck a little bit. I will say this, I love the card stock quality and it shuffles well. The artwork is very interesting and catches my eye, I was able to pull out things from each card intuitively. Sometimes I see the traditional meaning in the card, this deck I got totally different interpretations vs. book meaning, I love that! My “first glance” review of this deck ★★★★★ (5/5 stars)


As always, I’m using my favorite interview spread from Little Red Tarot:

✖︎ What is your most important characteristic? 9 of Pentacles

You have a deep passion for listening to your gut instinct. You show your story from the inside out, not worried about what is on the surface of your cards. You are like an open book and not ashamed to spill your guts if the messages are juicy enough, sounds like you are one to gossip… do tell!

✖︎ What are your strengths? The Priestess

You truly are intuitive with your messages, just like you listen to your gut instinct as you said previously. You are willing to point someone to the answers, but only once. You show enough signs and clues to the message, if you can’t figure it out.. you’re on your own, sorry! 

✖︎ What are your limits? 10 of Cups

I get the notion that you prefer to see the upside of things and will be a bit sarcastic. Perhaps you can be a little too sappy, always hoping for that happy ending. Seeing the darker aspect of you may be a bit of a stretch, so I will need to do some deep digging to get to the heart of the matter and get past all that glitter and gold you add to the picture.

✖︎ What are you hear to teach me? The Devil

Oh, you little devil, you! I get the feeling that you truly love to teach and whip people into shape. I also sense that you would like to lead me down a rabbit hole and teach me your tricks, but I need to keep my guard up. Just because you think you wear the pants on the tarot table doesn’t mean I will listen and follow your lead. 

✖︎ How can I best learn and collaborate with you? 6 of Swords

Working with you will be worth the effort if I’m willing to go through the journey with you, no matter how painful the messages may seem. “Through thick or thin” we will be a team!

✖︎ What is the potential outcome of our working relationship? Justice

Equality and a strong balance. You are calm and collected even though you walk a little on the wild side. Together we can create good harmony and season the readings with both our personality. For some reason Batman and Robin come to mind!

Coffee with the Golden Thread Tarot

Coffee with the Golden Thread Tarot


Oh. My. Universe. I love this deck! It just arrived today and I had an immediate connection to the cards. When I opened it up and started to go through each card to get a general feel with how I pick up the images, I wasn’t too sure about a few but after doing a reading… it was an instant “we are going to get along just fine”!

The deck is the Golden Thread Tarot by Tina Gong. You can purchase a deck here and support the artist!

It is beautifully made, the box and all. I will do a review later, I prefer to do reviews after I have used a deck thoroughly for a while. I will say that the cardstock is fantastic, box is gorgeous and solid, and the cards are stunning. No complaints here at all, I’m in love! I would give this a “first glance” review of ★★★★★ (5/5 stars)!

Using my favorite interview spread from Little Red Tarot:

✖︎ What is your most important characteristic? Ace of Coins

What a nice ice breaker this is! I saw this immediately as a good omen that this deck will a treasure to use. While I don’t know if I will be offering tarot readings anytime soon again, I did get the feeling that client readings would benefit with this deck. Perhaps this deck will help me open some doors, I have had something creative brewing in my head this week… but I’m keeping that hush right now.

✖︎ What are your strengths? 9 of Wands

You are a tough one! Willing to put forth any effort to “get the job done”, or in other words, get the story out no matter how long it takes. I get the sense that you will stick by my and be a deck I can count on for an honest reading.

✖︎ What are your limits? 4 of Coins

You are a little bit of a control freak… and that’s ok, because so am I! I also get the feeling you may be a bit stubborn at times and tend to hold on to information. There could be good reason for that though! Perhaps the messages aren’t ready to be given out at that very moment, but I have trust that you will release them when the time is right.

✖︎ What are you hear to teach me? The Magician

I’m listening! I sense you want to teach me how to fine tune my skills and I’m fully equipped to learn. I will be sure to pay close attention to anything you bring on the table! I get the sense that you are also going to teach me better concentration and focus, sometimes I can be a bit scattered… so this can be a good thing!

✖︎ How can I best learn and collaborate with you? King of Wands

Together we can see the big picture and get the story out, we are both creative and have a sense for imagination. You might take charge from time to time and that’s ok, I don’t mind following along. Just hope you don’t become too demanding, ok! Otherwise, I think we will make a great team!

✖︎ What is the potential outcome of our working relationship? Page of Coins

This is the start of a great journey filled with all kinds of abundance just ready to be discovered. We will start from the beginning and go through this journey together. Just like the Ace of Coins at the start of this reading, I get the feeling there is some kind of business potential within these cards, I’ll have to do more journaling and see where things move in the next few weeks. Interesting!

Coffee with the COSMOS Tarot & Oracle

Coffee with the COSMOS Tarot & Oracle


My new deck is here! Gotta love deck delivery day, even if it’s a deck you previously had! I jumped right into an interview of this deck, I was thrilled with what the cards had to say.

Using my favorite interview spread from Little Red Tarot:

1. What is your most important characteristic? Aquarius

Today is an Aquarius moon and an Aquarius card was the first to show up, how fitting! Aquarius is friendly, creative, and a bit unpredictable… I live with one, my 7 year old! This is for sure a nice match though, I see this deck as rebellious, radical, and imaginative. This deck pushes the boundaries and steps outside of the lines, but still remains fair and just.

2. What are your strengths as a deck? Taurus

Another astrology sign, Taurus! Your strengths are that you flow in an original system of its own, but yet still remains realistic… you follow the philosophies and the stories of the cosmos! With practice and persistence, you will remain reliable and true.

3. What are your limits as a deck? Antlia

Your limits are that you may be too open-minded and can be a tad long winded. I can see that also as a positive, however. You are loose and carefree, so sticking to rules are not something you tend to do.

4. What are you here to teach me? Dark Matter

The effort you put in is what you will receive. Trust in your intuition and what may or may not be seen. The answers are there if your willing to look for them, even in the darkest room something can be found. Focus on the details, the rest will reveal itself when it’s ready!

5. How can I best learn and collaborate with you? Hydra

Stick with me, I won’t fail you! While I may be different, what lies ahead will be worth the adventure and any struggles you may come across. It’s all about what you truly want out of this deck. Together, we can discover some gnarly shit!

6. What is the potential outcome of our working relationship? Leo Minor

I will teach you things that you were not aware of, push the limits and beyond. I am the teacher… pay attention and use your best talents!

Coffee with the Cards of Chaos (and review)

Coffee with the Cards of Chaos (and review)


A new deck arrived yesterday and I had to take some time to gather my thoughts on this tiny little wonder. When I first came across the Card of Chaos on Etsy I knew I had to have them in my hands. My practice is very eclectic and based around chaos so I knew these would suit me perfectly!

At the end of this post I did a deck interview with the cards!


The cards are 2″ x 3″, very tiny! For some reason I had the image size of playing cards in my mind when I ordered them, but they are more like business card size. Very easy to travel with these suckers for sure! The deck is supposed to be a fake tarot deck, I see it more as a a quirky oracle deck.

The deck consists of 24 cards + an opening card (mine was the 3/4 The Bones card). It comes in a sturdy little box and is signed and numbered under the lid. It does not come with a book, so it up to you to determine what the cards mean. Part of me wishes is came with a book and part of me is glad it didn’t… the reason I would love a book is so I could read the creators input on how each card come about, but I really like the mystery!

Keep in mind: These cards are not perfectly trimmed like most decks you buy in store. They have a very unique handcrafted quality, which only adds to the chaotic nature of these cards. I’ll admit I was a bit thrown off at first, but after handling them… I adore them and love the unique nature of each card!

You can buy a copy at LoucheLab here!



Deck Interview


(I always use the spread by Little Red Tarot for my deck interviews)

I sat down with some cold lemonade and got the cards shuffling! I wasn’t sure what to expect and I was surprised at how deep some of these little cards got. One card in particular struck me hard (in a good way)! Some of the cards reminded me instantly of similar tarot cards while others played a different tune.

1. What is your most important characteristic? 5 The Father

I relate this card closely to the Emperor in a traditional tarot deck. This card tells me that the deck is a good compassionate leader when I’m looking for guidance. It made me think about my own fathers characteristics! He is someone I look up to and always gives me the best advice, even if it can feel a bit harsh at the time being since he is only trying to give me the best advice from all angles.

2. What are your strengths as a deck? Iron – Copper – Gold – Mercury

What an interesting card this is! With a good mix of metals and alloy’s, this has me to believe that the deck is quite varied and has all levels of strengths! Depending on what I need at the time, this deck will deliver it to me whether I need softer guidance or very rich and loud slap in the face!

3. What are your limits as a deck? 3 Courage

You may lack some courage, and that’s ok! We can work on this together as I lack courage in confidence from time to time. I think many readers can admit that as well, we all want to be reassured in our readings but still have that underlining fear of being terribly wrong or way off track. Over time we can build courage!

4. What are you here to teach me? I’ll call this the… Royal Chicken!

There is a bit of richness that blooms from this card, but what stands out the most is the fact this chicken is quite the sight! I can tell this deck will teach me to be more creative and grasp the wisdom with an “out of the box” feel!  I also get the feeling this chicken wants to light a fire under my butt and get me moving!

5. How can I best learn and collaborate with you? Rebirth & Death

Another card that sings traditional tarot, Death! Collaborating with you will be a continuous cycle and transformative journey. You will have me questioning the light and dark sides of a problem, rather than just see the situation as it is. Together we can transition through the journey together!

6. What is the potential outcome of our working relationship? 765 The City

Ahh the City, what a beautiful card. I see this card as a good omen. A light source. An adventure. The numbers 765 together generally mean spiritual awakening, enlightenment, and even inner wisdom. I can’t tell you how much I love seeing this card show up. I have some posts to work on soon that surround this subject! This card is a big welcome home to me. What is even more great about this card is that it seems to sum me up completely…

  • Teeth: My molars have been literally crumbling over the past 10 years. My wisdom teeth pushed through and crowded my mouth! To see the broken molars on this card reminds me of the symbology of wisdom that pushing into my life.
  • Bees: I’m allergic to bee’s but yet I adore these remarkable creatures, they always seem to find me in a crowd! Never bothering anyone else but me! They always remind me of what we want but can’t have, so I honor them in my heart constantly.
  • Red Poppy: They symbolize feminism to me, which is dear to my heart. They are also associated with the moon and the moon plays a huge part in my practice.