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Weekly Reading Oct 9 – 15

Weekly Reading Oct 9 – 15

It seems like October is flying by, at least for me. Not sure I like that, October is one of my favorite months but I’m glad our hot heat is slowly going away, we only hit the 100’s a few times last week and I think we are out of the 100’s now for good till next summer – yay! I’m really crossing my fingers for some deck mail this week, I have two decks on order and one shipped yesterday but I doubt it will arrive this week since it’s coming from Canada… but every time I have something coming from Canada it arrives in like 3-4 days, it shocks me every time! Sadly, there is no tracking to follow so I’ll be living on the edge of my seat all week asking myself “is it here today?!” lol!

Since I loved how the reading flowed last week on the weekly reading, I decided to use the same “spread” again for this week. I wish everyone a fantastic week ahead, enjoy!

Decks Used: The Portland Tarot + Spirit Speak

In a hurry? This week is all about getting things done, one thing at a time, to give us a sense of accomplishment! Beware of any compulsions forming, this can happen when we fix ourselves too tightly to a goal or focus.

Energy present this week | Judgement

Love the energy in this card, we have a runner who just crossed the finish line in a race and they are proud! I did my first half marathon race in January this year so I can really relate to the energy of the woman in this card. It’s all about proving to yourself that you can do it! You can overcome and do it if you believe in yourself and trust yourself. The energy of the week is surrounded by believing in what you are truly capable of, be honest and open to your higher self. Take charge and get things done!

Actions to take | 8 of Coins + Ace of Coins

The hard work and dedication you put in this week will be rewarding, you get out what you put in so make it count! Set your goals high and keep them present this week. Try to focus on one thing at a time, even the smallest task will feel like a huge accomplishment! Over the weekend I tackled the dishes that were haunting me… after they were done, I felt like Wonder Woman lol! So really, the smallest things can lead to the biggest results.

Keep an eye out for any unique opportunities, something may present itself to you or will lead you into something that will. Again though, keep your focus centered on one thing at a time, don’t crowd yourself this week. Looking at this Ace of Coins, I would start at what is highest on your list, something that will make the most impact on your week ahead. It’s all about making it easier on yourself, so “eat the toad” (meaning, do the task you don’t want to do first to get it out of the way).

Possible struggle this week | King of Wands

When we are so fixated on a goal, reward, or even just something that is in our radar, we can be consumed by it. We hold this so high up in the air that it becomes an infatuation, not a good one either. Doing this is like putting on blinders so that we can’t see anything else but that one thing, we miss out on a lot this way. This may come into play this week so keep your eyes open so that you can spot this little obsession forming and put a stop to it before it dominates you. It’s all about detachment, when we strip away this “compulsion” it comes to us easier and more naturally.

Weekly Reading Oct 2 – 8

Weekly Reading Oct 2 – 8

A new week has begun! I’m trying out a new reading spread for the week ahead, I feel like I’ve been switching things up every week but I’m trying to find a comfort spot with my weekly readings. I’m currently reading the book Kitchen Table Tarot by Melissa Cynova and she talks about being true to yourself and true to your reading style, this spoke volumes to me! One thing I strive for with my tarot practice is to let my own style shine and be my own, but I do have days where I feel like I just got a tarot deck that morning and I stare at the cards going “wtf?!”… I’m sure many readers can relate to this big time! Ok, I think I’m rambling on and on, oop’s!

Anyways, I’m using the Cosmos Tarot & Oracle deck with the Spirit Speak tarot, I’m loving this deck pair lately!

In a hurry? This week is all about harnessing that strength and courage to make some big changes! We need to keep our focus and goals illuminated, put on our game face and push forward to grab them despite any blocks that may be present as you go about this week.

Energy present this week | Corona Australis (4 of  Earth)

Woah, Godzilla, calm down… or better yet, use that strength! Based on the cards this week I’m feeling we may need all that pent up energy to help us move through this week and make shit happen. This monster of a card is suggesting that there’s some change happening and we are the ones in the drivers seat manifesting this change. If you have a goal in mind this week, use your fear as fuel and make it work for you. Face what you fear, look it in the eye, and take back control! This will be a week of dedicated focus in pursuing what we set out to do and it’s going to take some hefty balls ovaries! Harness this Godzilla energy for the week and push through any barriers you feel that are trying to hold you back. RAWWRR!

Actions to take | The Sun + The Chariot

Two Majors showed up for the week, this is indeed some heavy magic at play – Godzilla wasn’t kidding! When you look at your goals for the week, keep them in view and illuminate them. Write them down and put them somewhere where you can see them daily. The Sun is suggesting that we keep a positive mindset and keep your eye on the “prize”, there is a lot of potential success this week if you keep a clear head and visualize what success means to you. Set some intentions today and make that list!

The Chariot says you are in control and you are the driving force in your part of the world this week. Goals should excite you and scare the hell out of you, but you are capable and you know it. When I see the Chariot pop up, it’s a reminder that even though we may be nervous and have much doubt, but we need to put on our game face and take the reigns. Nothing is going to happen if we sit int he backseat and hope the other driver takes us where we want to go, if we want to go somewhere then we need to make it happen. If there is will, there is a way!

Struggle this week | 7 of Wands

It seems anytime we set out to accomplish something, a block of some kind always pops up, am I right? Don’t let anything stop you, keep pushing through. If you need to, find another way around this blockage to get to where you want to go. The hand in this card isn’t giving up, they’re persevering and holding their stance no matter what is trying to stop them. Keep this card in mind this week and be this hand, take a stand for yourself and don’t back down. Again, I’ll bring Godzilla into this… do you think he’s going to step back? No way, he’s going to crush what’s trying to stop him! Even if you don’t reach a goal that you set out to get, it’s ok. If you give it your all, then you know you tried your best. Dust yourself off and start again… don’t give up.

Weekly Reading: Sept 25 – Oct 1

Weekly Reading: Sept 25 – Oct 1

I’ve been really grabbing for my Cosmos Tarot & Oracle deck this weekend so I decided to use it for me weekly reading today! I keep both of these decks together in one large deck, it makes for some great readings and I love seeing when an oracle card shows up. A while back, I started a deck study with this deck but only made it several cards in, you can find the master list of the cards here. I would love to pick this study back up but I am so scattered these days so I’m not sure I will be able to stick with it lol! I tend to dive all in then jump right back out, I’m learning that I tend to sway easily and need to pencil things in more and more. We will see, maybe I could dive into a card or two each week! I have some other deck studies I’ve been wanting to do, one was the Slow Holler Tarot that I also started a while back. I started that and abandoned that project after a few cards in. I think I just get so distracted, so easily… on that note, on to this weeks reading!

(Deck Used: Cosmos Tarot & Oracle)

In a hurry? This week is all about nurturing what we feel is the most important to us, but not letting it out into the world just yet. Also, keep it cool with your actions and words, let things play out and see what happens. We don’t always need to control everything, even if you’re a control freak like I am. Find some time to unwind as the week comes to a close, it’s good medicine for your mind, body, and soul!

The theme of the week is nurture! The card pulled was Fornax (2 of Fire). This card links closely to the 2 of Wands, I still feel it has its own identity. We have a spirit rising high in the sky holding dear to what she treasures. It suggests to me that we need to keep a tight hold on to what we hold important, keep these items, ideas, and things close to us. They are not ready to be sent out into the world just yet… much like the 2 of Wands, it’s about planning and preparing.

Before jumping into the weekly cards, I love how all the cards showed up as courts (minus the theme)! Sometimes court cards come to me as people in our life or hats we need to wear. This week, I’m drawn to the courts being attitudes and “hats” we need to put on to navigate the week.

To kick off the week we are greeted with Pyxis (Page of Fire). This card is kicking off our week and reflects the feeling I got from the theme card, Fornax. Planning and preparing, but I also feel this card is suggesting that we need to let our own personal compass take the lead this week. Don’t be afraid to go where you are being intuitively pulled, let any messages or signs you feel or see lead you. If your finding it difficult to start the week, go within and just listen. When we allow everyone else to tell us what to do and where to go, we often forget to listen to ourselves. We need to pay attention to our own internal needs, so listen up!

Moving to the middle of the week we are greeted by Piscis Austrinus + Volans (Page of Air). This card has such a calm feeling for me, the way the woman is so centered and focused while the fish swim around her. I feel like this is a “fight or flight” message for the midweek, it’s up to us on how we react. You can easily jump to action immediately, or sit back and see what happens. Drawing from the feeling I get from this card, I vote lets not fight this week! Let’s take a backseat and just remain calm and rational, let things flow and let things unravel on their own. Save your energy for what really needs your attention this week. Also, be sure to tap into your heart space before making a decision when it deals with communication, really see how that feels in our core. We need to save our breath and energy for what is more important.

Ending the week and moving into the weekend I pulled Ophiuchus + Serpens (King of Fire). This is the third “fire” card that showed up this week and I feel it! The suit of fire is filled with ambition, creativity, and energy, so we may be feeling a bit on edge this week or we could be feeling the need to create and unleash! I’m feeling that surge of energy and it’s only Monday so far, big time! The end of the week may have us dueling between what we know is right but what we feel is wrong. Don’t push anything that doesn’t feel like it should be pushed, let things just flow. We all know right from wrong, so be smart about your choices and actions as you head into the weekend (AKA don’t go running around naked with snakes like this dude on the card, if you do though, just don’t get arrested at least)! On a side note, we may feel a bit strapped and tied down at the end of the week… use the weekend to untangle and let loose, just be smart! If you’re unable to unwind, try to at least find a moment that you can. This will only help ease some tension you may be feeling.

Weekly Reading for Sept 11-17

Weekly Reading for Sept 11-17

It’s Sunday! Time to grab my cards and get shuffling to see what’s in store this week, not without my iced coffee of course! Today I’m using my Circo Tarot a lot so I decided to use it again for this weeks messages. I forgot how much fun this deck is, I’ll need to pull it out more often for sure this week.

(Deck: Circo Tarot)

In a hurry? This week is mainly surrounded on planning and how you plan out your week! A good strategy can lead to a fantastic week… bad planning, could leave you crying over spilled (almond) milk. So lets really set some intentions for the new week and make it kick ass!

The theme of this week is the 2 of Wands will have a lot of play in how our week will go. It’ all about planning well! I think if we plan our week accordingly it will get us to those goal focused victories that we are always after. Poor planning will lead to… well, still a good week, but not as great as it could be and we know what we are fully capable of so no excuses!

Everything seems to be pointing towards the 3 of Cups in this reading so I feel like that’s the big aspect of our week. We need to focus on how we interact with others and what roles we play in any groups that we’re in, this will be key. Get your planners out, pens ready, and set some goals!

Starting off the week we have the 3 of Cups! It seems we will be starting off on a high note and I’m ok with that! It’s suggesting that we will be kicking off the week surrounded by those who lift our spirits. I’m drawn to the layout of this card and it makes me think of working together with others just like I mentioned above or possibly even the feeling of being crowded in these groups that we find ourselves in. If you are feeling a bit crowded, readjust your position in your week and find what’s comfortable for you. Overall, I’m feeling connectedness with this card!

Moving to the middle of this week we are greeted by yet another great card, this time from the 6 of Wands. I’m liking where this week is going! We must have done something right at the start of the week with planning because I’m seeing some praise headed our way, which is always welcomed, right? I feel like this reason of this recognition is closely tied to the 3 of Cups “events”. Someone or something helped bring about this feeling of achievement so you should for sure enjoy the moment and be proud! However, If you are not at the center stage of all this and find yourself cheering on someone else, perhaps it had something to do with how well you stuck with your plan or vision for the week. Either way, I see this being a great midweek!

Ending the week we are gifted the Ace of Cups. Are we feeling a bit emo while entering the weekend? This is the week that just keeps giving it seems and I’m not complaining. The Ace of Cups suggests that we will be an overflowing cup of gratitude and that could possibly be a bit overwhelming so be sure to let some of this overflow out to those around you and not keep it all bottled up. After seeing the other cards this week I can see why we may feel a bit emotional at the end. Either something went very right or you didn’t map accordingly and we are eating (vegan) ice cream on the couch Friday while binge watching reruns of Friends… let’s hope it’s not the latter or the two! I hope everyone has a great week!

Weekly Reading for Sept 4-10

Weekly Reading for Sept 4-10

I have missed posting my weekly readings and decided to start them back up again! I hope to get them posted on Sunday but this weekend threw me off with my husband and kiddo home today for Labor Day lol! Better late than never, right?

Get comfy, grab some coffee (or something else you may like) and let’s dive into the week ahead! I’m using two decks, the weekly cards with the Spirit Speak Tarot and this weeks theme card from my own Seed Oracle deck.

(Decks: Spirit Speak + Seed Oracle)

In a hurry? This week is all about seeing the bigger picture while blocking out the illusions and nonsense that is presented to you.

Starting off the week we have some expanding the horizon going on with the 3 of Wands! This can be seen all over the place… at your job with perhaps more tasks on your desk than you had planned to take on, or even at home with some extra work to be done. Take the first few days to work this extra load into your schedule but don’t overload yourself, see this as good growth happening! If this is something that someone else is unloading onto you, then that just means they think you can handle this extra work and have given it to you for a reason.

Moving to the middle of this week, the 7 of Cups comes as a little warning to be aware of. Keep an eye out for things too good to be true as we settle into the week, they often come with false hopes. Perhaps the 3 of Wands has opened up something bigger in your life, be sure to read the fine print and take a closer look before making a decision. This is also a good time to sort out your “needs vs. wants”, take priority on what is truly needed this week, the rest can wait.

Ending the week we come to the 5 of Swords. Block out the nonsense and get away from it. You don’t need this going into the weekend so just ditch the gossip and chatter and focus on what you want to do. The 5 of Swords is all about “whatever it takes, just do it” so if your faced with some kind of verbal fight or just an annoying cloud hanging over your head, escape if you need to. This could be the perfect weekend to get out of town, unplug, or even just stay home and unwind. Just don’t give in to this nonsense around you so that it doesn’t ruin your weekend.

The theme of this week is Transition – movement, changes, easing into new waters. This card is all about transitioning and taking shape into something new. You can link this card up closely with the Death card in tarot, it’s the transformation aspect of the Death card. So this week keep moving and keep growing, much like the 3 of Wands suggests at the beginning of the week. This card will be your ticket out of the 5 of Swords popping up at the end of the week, move out of this position and into a position that brings you more peace.

Overall, looking at the big picture this week… I can see some growth forward and then possibly a step back, and that’s ok! Just keep moving forward, even if it feels like you aren’t making much progress.

Weekly Focus: Oct 31-Nov 6

Weekly Focus: Oct 31-Nov 6

Happy Halloween and Samhain! I hope everyone is having a great holiday today, it’s been feeling very minimal over here for me today. I’m just having a hard time finding the spirit this year (no pun intended), Halloween is my absolute favorite holiday too! I’m sure I will feel it more as the day goes on!


Theme (soul) // 8 of Knives

Shutting out the world, closing yourself off, and possibly some shadow work to kick off this new month. The theme this week tells us that we may feel a bit distant and that it is ok! If October was a rough one for you, this may be key medicine telling you that you should spend some time closed off a bit. This could also mean that there will be some distance felt this week, more on the stubborn side of things. We may not wish to see things as they are and want to remain in a safe position where we feel secure and comfortable. However, If you are curious then go ahead and take the blind fold off to take a peek around. You may surprise yourself in what you find hidden in front of you!

Focus (mind) // Death

What do you want to end? What would you like to see take over in this new space? This is the focus for the week, making room for new beginnings and it is so fitting as the New Moon just passed us over the weekend. Celebrate those who have passed this week, not just today for the 31st. Celebrate life and death in their natural and raw forms. Connect with the aspects of death and what it means to you.

Action (body) // 9 of Pentacles

Be creative in your pursuits and use what you have. You may not realize this, but you have everything you need this week with you now. There is no need to give your wallet a run for it’s money, give it a rest and enjoy what you are surrounded in. Be resourceful and be grateful for what you have in your life at this point. Referring back to the Death card, this is a great card of giving gratitude to those who were before you.

Weekly Focus: Oct 24-30

Weekly Focus: Oct 24-30

Wow, I’m late this week! It’s been a long 4-day weekend over in my house (well, for my husband lol) so we have been busy with house stuff and in the garden. I decided to just enjoy the time and relax, so I didn’t do much tarot card throwing at all. I meant to post the weekly focus yesterday, like normal, but I got heavily distracted and decided to just wait till today so I could focus more. Let’s jump in, we still have nearly all of this week left!


This morning I was drawn to using the Spirit Speak Tarot and the Iris Oracle, these decks work so beautifully together, one of my favorite pairing.

Theme (Soul) // Death of the Deceitful

Our theme this week is all about cutting cords and letting shit go! We are talking about digging deep into our closets and getting rid of the shadows we no longer wish to deal with, yet we drag along through life anyways. It’s all about clearing things out, both mentally and physically. Whether this relates to people in your life that are hindering and holding you back – negative thought patterns we have nagging at us daily – and emotionally ties to things and objects that are no longer in the picture. It’s time to just clean house whether people think your being harsh or not, remember that this is your life story and your the writer!

Focus (Mind) // Judgement

Wow, this card really resonates well with our theme this week! This card to me amplifies that it really is time to clear out what is not serving us anymore, more so than your regular releasing. Our focus for this clean out should be to feel refreshed, awaken, and new! We want that “just had the best morning coffee, ever!” feeling after we cut these cords that are holding us back. Have you had this kind of coffee before?! If you have, you know the feeling I’m talking about! It’s good… real good! Let this card be your motivation this week, what we can strive to be by the weekend… though, all this mental and emotional work may have us feeling like a zombie by the end of the week… I always see zombies when I look at this card, lol! So, if your feeling more like a zombie rather than fresh and new… you deserve some good rest and pat on your back!

Action (Body) // The Lovers

What ever you do this week, try not to do this alone or at least put a lot of love into what you are doing and feeling. Greet everything with compassion rather than fear, especially if you are cutting cords and clearing out the shadows. When we greet things with fear and anger, it really doesn’t help at all. It makes things worse, leaves us in a blah mood, and only feeds the fear even more. Some of the work you do this week could be better done with your partner, best friend, or close relative. If you are feeling like you need to pair up, do it! Call someone you know you can trust and that will help you in this process… not judge you or hold you back.

Weekly Focus: Oct 17-23

Weekly Focus: Oct 17-23

I hope everyone had a great Full Moon, it was gorgeous! This week I’m using a new deck that arrived on Friday, it’s the Wanderer’s Tarot. I received this deck from the deck creator, Casey Zabala, and I adore it! I’ll be doing a deck interview reading this week with it but so far it’s been reading beautifully, I’m glad to have this deck in my collection.


Theme (Soul) // The Hanged Man

Kicking off this week with some Major’s showing up! I really feel the theme this week is all about a different approach to what we normally do. If something isn’t working, look at it from a different angle or simply take a break for a bit so you can refocus. This is something I do often when nothing seems to work how I want it to, I step away and come back to it with different ideas. We may need to do this if we plan on getting some work completed this week!

Focus (Mind) // Judgement

Rejuvenated is the word that keeps coming to mind. Our focus this week is all about opening our eyes with a fresh perspective, this echoes The Hanged Man big time. New perspective will offer a fresh outlook and point of view, it will change us for the good. We are feeling alive this week and reborn. Focus on seeing things in new light and starting over, not necessarily like a clean slate but more of just going in a different direction that leaves you feeling fresh and rejuvenated. Judgement to me is all about coming to realization and rising up from situations that were holding us down.

Action (Body) // 10 of Stones

Stacking things up and adding to your load, in a good way! We are tackling lists this week and moving on up the ladder. This card is normally seen as the 10 of Pentacles in a standard deck and is a card of wealth and stability. My attention is brought to the stacked stones, they look stable and secure. This is our source of action this week, getting things done so we can feel more secure through the week. If that means taking on a few extra tasks, go for it! Whatever you can do to end the week on top is key here.

Weekly Focus: October 10-16

Weekly Focus: October 10-16

I really liked last week’s reading spread so I’m using it again this week with a slight twist. I wanted to give more focus to two aspects in our week and make it more of a “mind, body, soul” type of reading for the week ahead. This weeks reading felt really good and I think I will be using this spread more often! I hope you guys find it useful this week!


This week I pulled out the Spirit Speak Tarot and the Iris Oracle, both created by Mary Elizabeth Evans. These decks work so well together, I just adore how the Iris Oracle card stands out in the reading against the black on white tarot cards. Perfect combo I think!

Theme (Soul) // Fire Mother

This card surrounds the Phoenix and it’s rebirth and death transition. Our attention should be drawn towards putting our focus and love into what means the most to us right now. It deserves our attention and may not be there tomorrow. Things change quickly and sometimes we aren’t prepared for it. This card reminds me of impermanence… we attach ourselves so tightly to objects, people, and situations that when they end or leave we are left feeling a void. This void can bring about emotional strains, heartache, and emptiness. We need to remember that nothing is permanent, even our bodies and mind. What is here today may not be here tomorrow, and preparing ahead for this can be a form of medicine for our soul.

Focus (Mind) // 2 of Swords

Can we get a more perfect card! Talk about major focus, we need to make some decisions this week whether we like it or not. These are not light hearted decisions either like what should you have for lunch, these are aimed towards bigger things that require deep thinking and focus, so don’t just agree to something without thoroughly thinking things through and weighing the odds. I really feel that some of the decisions you make this week will make a play in the weeks to come.

Being that we are creeping up on a Full Moon in Aries on the 15th, this is a great week to hone in on what we really desire to manifest and put into action. If you set intentions on the New Moon, some intentions may not feel like they are working or fizzling out rather than amping up… let them go. Focus on what is working and put your attention towards that!

Action (Body) // 8 of Pentacles

Another fitting card! The 8 of Pentacles tells us that we need to put a lot of effort into the quality of work we do. This could be aimed towards your daily life, your work, projects, and other hands on effort. Ask yourself if what you are doing right now is your best work or can it be improved? Don’t fall into the trap of finishing something up quick just for the sake of getting it done, take pride in what you are creating and let show. Others will take notice when you put in the extra effort, this could play well in your favor if you are wanting to draw attention in, especially when it comes down to your business or presentations.

Week Focus: October 3-9

Week Focus: October 3-9

I’m changing things up this week! The weekly reading has been on my mind a lot lately and I have been thinking about what I really want to get out of this reading for both my readers and myself. So, I’m bringing focus to the theme for the week and what aspects surrounding it are most important. This week I’m using the Sacred Symbols Oracle and the Spirit Speak Tarot, two of my favorites! I hope you enjoy the reading this week!


Our theme this week is “Transmute” from the Sacred Symbols Oracle. This is all about transitioning, change of thoughts, and shedding of skin. This card to me feels very connected to the Death card in tarot, it surrounds the focus of release and letting things go. As we progress this week, keep this card in mind and ask yourself “What do I want to change? What do I want to release?”Take time to reevaluate how we spend our energy and time – if something is no longer working, release it and cut it free.

Our first focus this week comes from the 4 of Wands! With the theme of transmutation in mind we can use this to our benefit with how we engage in our friendships and close knit circles. If some of our social groups are no longer bringing you joy it may be time to move on. Letting people in and out of our life is a natural cycle – some are only in our lives for a short period while others are here for what feels like a lifetime. Dragging around burned out relationships or social groups and gatherings can be a huge toll on us, not only emotionally but mentally. On another spectrum, I see this card telling us to participate more in what does bring you satisfaction and delight! If you have felt closed up lately and a bit like a hermit, this is a great time to step out of your shell and rekindle your social life.

Raising the bar in the quality of work we do and how we present ourselves in what we create is the focus of the 8 of Pentacles right now. Step it up and improve what you are working on, fine tune these things that are most important to you. We can work on transitioning our work from drafts to reality – whether this is in the field of art, writing, or even business. It’s all about going forth in the next step of the process and working on the details and labor involved. This reminds me a lot of the intentions we had set during the Black Moon – it’s time to get them into motion and work towards manifesting! 

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