Tracking Your Daily Tarot Cards (for Bujo Addicts, like me)

With the new year, I knew I wanted to do something a little different on how I keep track of my daily tarot pulls. I’ve been pulling two cards in the morning for my “Energy + Advice” the past few years but since getting the Next World Tarot, I wanted to really take my time with getting to know this deck and bring it back to basics with a single card draw… yes, I’ve mentioned this deck in nearly every post since the start of the year, it’s just that good, haha!

Here comes bullet journaling to the rescue, one of my favorite ways to journal! I’ve been using this method of journaling/planning for a few years now and while I love using it for journaling, I got tired of using this method for my planner. I’m a big time perfectionist so using the ruler constantly to map out my month, week, and days… got old, haha! I just can’t not use a ruler!

One of my favorite planners to use is the Passion Planner! I’ve used this system for a few years on and off. In the back of the Passion Planner it has graph paper and blank pages, so I’m using a spread of the graph paper for my daily tarot tracking (I think this planner comes with 20 pages of graph and 20 pages of blank). I spent a good couple hours putting this chart together, I won’t lie, it took a while. When it comes to regular journaling, my favorite journal to use is Leuchtturm 1917 in the dotted grid, love them and own several!

My goal with this daily tarot tracking was to see how often I pulled certain suits and around what time of the month were they most prominent. Some will write down the card title too, I write that down in my actual daily section in this planner that has all my weekly info and such, plus I keep track of my daily cards on Instagram in photo form. For this experiment, I was more interested in the suit quality that was popping up rather than which card itself.

Was I getting more cups around the Full Moon? When do I tend to pull more Swords during the month? What suit didn’t I pull in March? Etc.

Creating and Using the Chart

Every morning when I pull my daily card, I color in the square based on what suit it is or if it’s a Major Arcana. The colors I chose were intuitive, I didn’t want to stick with the traditional green for earth/coins, blue for water/cups, etc, I wanted colors that make me feel good and lately I’ve been loving pinks and oranges so I went with that for the year! Also, primary colors make me cringe, haha! You can chose whichever colors that you feel called to use or feel that embody the suit in your vision, have fun! There is not wrong here!

Next, I wanted to keep the months separate but still be able to see the whole year at a glance. I designated 3 squares wide per month to include the day of the month – Moon phases – and the color grid. This fit perfectly! I also added red dots to note the days I’m on my moontime each month, this gives me an idea of what cards show up at this time too! I have been working very closely with my menstrual cycle and I can’t tell you how amazing this practice has been, it’s beyond insightful! I’ll talk more about that on another post since I have some great books and app’s to recommend! 

At the bottom of one page I added a little reminder of the colors I’m using for what suit and such. I’m sure this chart will change over time, I’ll add more to it as I see fit (and what I can squeeze in). Already, I can see how this chart is going to work just how I had hoped! I’m excited to see the months fill up!

What I’ve noticed so far

It’s only 10 days into the month but already I’m seeing some patterns begin to form. With the Waning Moon and my moontime, I noticed I started to pull more suit of Cups. The start of the month I pulled (lots) of Major Arcana cards, I like to think of this as some new lessons I’m being prepared for. I’m curious how the rest of the month will go and see what patterns start to take shape. I’m also curious if I’ll get Major’s at the beginning of next month!

Now, I’m not tracking the cards from spreads that I do for myself and such. This chart is just strictly for single daily pulls only. If you prefer to pull 2-3 cards a day (like a Mind/Body/Spirit reading or Energy/Advice), then you could change the chart around to fit 2-3 color blocks per day rather than just one, that would be really interesting to see the patterns and card pairs pop up!

That’s all there is to it! It’s really simple, you could even create this on the computer and print out if you prefer that method (Google Sheets or Excel would work for this easy)!

If you already do this or decide to create your own daily tracking chart, I would love to see! Tag me on Instagram @jessrollar or leave a comment below!

Crystals, Stones and Tarot

I work with crystals and stones in different ways when reading tarot and thought I would talk about how I marry them together. I really feel that minerals can raise the vibration and energy in a reading, they help set the mood of the situation or question and can also bring focus. Not to mention, they give your querent something to look at and focus on if they are nervous! Here are a couple ways I like to use minerals with tarot, also some of my favorite crystals and stones I like to work with.


Deck Friends

I love pairing up a certain crystal or stone to a specific deck. I choose this intuitively and allow my instinct to select which deck and stone go together, some are an instant connection while others may take a while to pair up. When my Fountain Tarot arrived, I immediately felt drawn to using Smoky Quartz with this deck. I now rest a chunk of Smoky Quartz on top of my deck when it’s sitting on my reading table or not in use. Another stone that tends to travel from deck to deck (usually whichever deck I’m using the most at the time) is Chrysoprase. Right now I have my favorite piece of Chrysoprase sitting on top of my Spirit Speak Tarot. Let your intuition guide you on what stone wants to work with what deck, you can really feel this out and get an idea if they resonate together. It’s all a personal choice so have fun with it!

TIP: Sometimes set the intention with the stone and the deck. I do this by smudging the stone first in Palo Santo (you can use Sage or incense, or skip the smudging all together), then I hold the stone in one hand and the deck in the other and state my intention that these will be used together. I usually set the chosen stone on top of the deck under the next Full Moon, I feel like this kind of resonates the two together. Before I begin a reading, I will hold the stone to the deck I’m using in my hands while I take some deep breaths and clear my mind… it’s a way for me to prepare for a reading and connect to the deck I’m working with.


Setting the Mood

Another way I work with stones and tarot together are by pairing them up based on the reading theme. If I’m doing a relationship reading, I’ll usually set out Rose Quartz before I begin a reading. Or if I’m doing a reading themed around business, I’ll set out Citrine or Pyrite if they are wanting to attract more abundance in their business. There are SO many stones out there, so search online or pick up a book on crystal properties. You can also select stones intuitively for this as well, so you don’t have to use a love stone with a love reading.


Some of my favorites

There is no denying my love for minerals, if you come to my house you would clearly see that! I have stones and crystals pretty much everywhere through our home… in the kitchen window, on the coffee table, in shelves, and in the bathrooms… you name it! I am in utter awe over minerals, not just on a “woo” level but just the fact that something so beautiful and unique came from the Earth. I’m proud to call myself a mineral nerd! My Grandfather is also big into mineral collecting and I inherited a few of his crystals, they are two of my most treasured items I own (one is a large Smoky Quartz cluster pictured on this post, this other is a large natural Citrine).

Here are just a couple of my favorite stones and crystals to work with:

  • Smoky Quartz :: Great for grounding and clearing negative energy, I also love using this stone for shadow work
  • Chrysoprase :: Happiness, positive energy, and acceptance
  • Citrine :: Great for money work and attracting
  • Rose Quartz :: Promotes love and healing, also great for self love
  • Malachite :: Helps tension and clear thinking
  • Clear Quartz :: I call this the “everything stone” and it is the main crystal I work with
  • Mookaite :: Fantastic for adventure and path working

3 Tips for Tarot Beginners!


It’s so exciting to embark on a tarot journey but often times you are not sure where to start! Here are my 3 simple and very effect tips to get you started with intuitive tarot reading!

1. Get To Know Your Deck

Spend a lot of time getting to know the cards in your deck. Don’t worry about the meanings of the cards, first discover your own interpretations and feelings of each card. Take a moment each day to sit with your deck and just thumb through all 78 cards once or twice, look at the images and soak in everything you see. If you can, speak out loud to yourself as you go through each card, it really helps on a new level! I’m always talking to myself at the dining table when playing with a new spread or new deck… or I talk to my cat!

2. Find Your Style

Before even starting to read the cards, it’s good idea to get comfortable with shuffling and how you lay down your cards. Everyone has their own style of doing this, so don’t get caught up in the idea that you need to do it a certain way. Getting into a habit of your own helps reading the cards later on, it will help you keep focus so your not fiddling with the shuffling and laying the cards down in a spread. Try out different methods of shuffling and ways to lay out the cards. If you like to cut your deck, try out different ways to do it. If you find you don’t like cutting a deck and just want to pull from the top, go for it! Just discover what works for you and feels the most comfortable. I always recommend watching other readers shuffle and lay cards down, perhaps you may resonate with something they do.

3. Journaling 

I know… I know… I’m sure you have read this tip a million times on every tarot blog and website. I stand by this 100%, journaling helps a ton, this is why readers will repeat this over and over again. You don’t have to write everything down, and you don’t even have to keep a paper journal. You can use a blog, Tumblr, or even Instagram to keep track of your daily pulls, spreads, and readings. There are also heaps of phone apps that you can use to create a journal such as Day One and Penzu to name a few. With all the social media platforms and free online blogs or journals you can set up, there is an endless amount of ways to keep a tarot journal. Be creative and find what works for you!

What are your favorite tarot tips for beginners? Leave a comment below!

Just the majors, please!

Untitled design (1)

You have most likely come across a deck or two online that are just the major arcana only (22-card). I see them often on Etsy and there are some great self published decks out there! I hear often that most readers don’t collect or use major arcana only decks, but there are some who love them, like myself!

They can be a total tease when shopping for a new deck… You come across this amazing deck, fall madly in love with the art and style of it… then read the details and find out it’s only a 22-card deck, not a standard deck, and then you’re crushed because you had hopes it would be a full deck. It’s hit me from time to time, but it hasn’t stopped me from buying it! While I wish it was a full card deck, I can appreciate what it is and how I can use it.

Now, I do prefer a full 78-card deck, but I don’t mind the major only decks. I like the feel of a thick stack of cards when shuffling, so that is my only downfall with 22-card decks. They are fun though and usually feature some amazing artists who don’t want to do a full deck but want to dip their toes in the water of doing a tarot deck in general. Some artists go further and create a full deck later on, like The Wooden Tarot. This deck started out as a majors only deck and later on became a full size deck. I owned the majors only deck version but later on traded it since I got my hands on the full deck… which I am still kicking myself, the major only deck was awesome!

One of my favorite major arcana only decks is The Portland Tarot! I love this deck, it comes with an extra card called “The Weird”, so it’s actually a 23-card deck. I adore this deck and I don’t think it gets enough publicity. It’s queer, has amazing illustrations, packaged with care, and I think sums up Portland very well. I did a review on this deck a long while back here.

So, how do you use a major arcana only deck? 

The same way you use a 78 card deck! You can use any spread and chose to use a majors only deck for certain positions, use all the cards, end the reading with a major arcana card, the options are endless!

● Decks: Serpents TarotSolipsist TarotHardy TarotThe Portland Tarot

● Biddy Tarot has a neat post about using just the majors!

I created a quick spread to use with the major arcana and the rest of the cards. You can use a majors only deck along side a standard 78 card deck, or use two decks: one with just the majors and the other as is. Try to use two different decks though, in case some majors want to show up within the spread.

“Where am I at on my life’s journey?”

1. (using the major arcana deck) Where I am currently at on my life’s journey.

2. What is helping me on my journey right now. What is on my side.

3. What is hindering my journey right now. What am I having trouble with.

4. What do I need to focus on.

5. How can I progress to the next stage of my journey.


Decks Used: The Portland Tarot + Spirit Speak

What are your thoughts on using just the majors? Do you have a favorite major arcana only deck? Leave a comment below!

The WTF?! Spread


Decks Shown: Golden Thread Tarot + Dame Darcy’s Mermaid Tarot

I thought I would share a spread that I use often, it’s part free-form and part spread… meaning, the cards have positions, but kind of not really. I like to use two decks, or sometimes three! This adds some depth to the reading, sometimes you may get a double card and that draws my attention quick! If you want to use a different deck for each card… go for it! You can even swap out any card for an oracle card instead as well, or do the whole reading with an oracle deck. Have fun with it, nothing is set in stone.

The reading above was for a fake reading I did for my cat, Fish. He has been troubled by the bullying our Golden Retriever is doing to him… ya, lol! I would say that first card is pretty spot on with how he is feeling!

Double cards: If you use multiple decks in a spread and see the same card pop up twice (example: you get two Ace of Coins), I see this as a huge focal point. Something is obviously going on here and the cards want you to pay close attention! I read these cards as top priority and see them magnified in a reading.

✖︎ The first card is your situation, question, or can even be intentionally pulled to represent the querent or the theme of the situation – example: use a court card to represent the querent/you, or use The Lovers card to represent a relationship, etc.

✖︎ The middle cards are seen as the pages in a novel. You have the first card as the “book cover”, then the middle three cards are the story or info relating to the situation. This could be themes playing out, factors involved, or even can be read as a sentence. I like to read these as details and reasons involved for the current situation. Example: perhaps things are moving very rapidly (8 of wands) – you currently are handling several things at once (2 of coins) – you are determined to keep going (9 of wands).

✖︎ You end the reading with two cards. One represents advice or a focal point, the second card is more of what to avoid and watch out for. You can even swap these out for “what to focus on – how to do that”.

➡︎ Here is an awesome post I found on using multiple decks in a spread!

If you try this spread out, please tag me on IG or Twitter (@tarotseed)! I would love to see how it worked for you and what decks you chose!

Free-Form Reading


One of my favorite ways to read the cards is with no spread or specific card position. I call this a “free form tarot reading”, you just go with the flow!

There a few ways I will do this kind of reading, I sometimes lay the cards one by one and place them in the position based on the previous cards direction, other times I lay the cards out and see what is going on as I feel the need to. I’ll explain both methods I use!

I made up a story to use for example:

Mr. Donut came in for a reading and wanted to know where his new relationship was heading. He has been dating Miss Coffee for 3 months now.

#1 Free-Form


First, I pulled a single card to start the reading and for the situation (you can also choose a card specifically rather than blindly pull a card, do what works for you). This card was the Knight of Wands. Then, as I shuffle, I’ll ask “what are things Mr. Donut needs to know about his current relationship?”. I pull 3 cards, I tend to work in 3’s most of the time… this number holds a personal significance to me, you can pull however many you want. Now I can see the first card a little deeper! If there is a card I want to explore more, I’ll ask about that card while shuffling and pull 1-2 cards and so on (like I did with the 6 of Wands). You can add in more questions and put those to the side or end it there. To end the reading, you can ask for some advice for Mr. Donut or pull a “probably outcome” card. I like to pull an oracle card for some extra guidance that the client can take with them, it’s a nice way to end a reading and give them some reading closure to think about.

Based on what I see on the table… I would say that Mr. Donut may be facing some bumps in the road with this relationship and seems a bit stubborn with not wanting to see something that is clearly an issue (5 of Pentacles + 8 of Wands). He has his blinders on and may still be feeling the butterflies in his stomach from being fresh in love (The Fool). He feels he has found the one and is done searching (6 of Wands), but deep down he doesn’t feel 100% ready to settle down anytime soon (The Chariot + 4 of Swords), he may not be ready to commit. I think Miss Coffee may also just be there for a temporary passing as she is not ready to settle down just yet and has more to examine in her life, as well as room to grow (Page of Pentacles + Queen of Wands + The Hermit). 

#2 Direction Free-Form

15 (1)

This is a fun way to read the cards! You can even do this for practice when you get a new deck and see where the story takes you. Just like above, I lay down a card to mark the situation either from a blind shuffle or I’ll choose it specifically. Then, you just follow the direction of the card and continue to lay down cards until you hit a dead end, the cards loop back to another., or if you feel you have everything you need to know. Follow your intuition! What I mean by “direction of the card” is that I look for what people, animals, creatures, you name it… are looking at or facing. You can even follow the direction of objects and items shown in the cards. Here is an example:

2 of wands – you can pull two cards for each side of the card, like what choices you have. The  9 of Wands – I pulled two to see what both faces were looking at. Knight of Wands – the horse was looking to the right, so I pulled a card to see what he was looking at.

So, same question and fake reading as above, but I’ll be doing it in the moment and follow the flow of the cards. If a card has two directions in it, then I’ll lay a card down for both (like I mentioned in the example above). I will continue to pull cards if I see directions I want to examine. You can stop anytime you feel you have all the info you need, or continue until you can’t find a direction anymore or have looped back to a card.

Based on this reading, I can see that there are a couple decisions on his mind (2 of Wands) and he may be a little unsure. One, he’s willing to take a risk for love if it pays off and stays committed (9 of Wands + 2 of Cups + 6 of Pentacles). Second, he too may feel he needs to see what is out there (The Hermit, again) and do a little soul searching (Knight of Wands + 9 of Pentacles). Lots of 9’s in this reading, this tells me that he is almost there but not just quite. Something is missing from his “love puzzle”. Also, a lot of movement… this tells me that he may be a little edgy and knows the relationship may be moving around a bit, hence why he was concerned about it in general! 

If I find that I looped back to a card already on the table, then I note that as something of significance and examine it. This tells me that the card was important enough to be pointed out more than once! This is just a personal preference though, you may not see any significance to it. I always look for patterns and flow when the cards have all been placed. Perhaps a loop can mean a cycle is forming, or I look for dead ends… this could be the focus the client was missing, etc.

As always, I would love to hear back from you and how you do free-form readings! If you have never tried it, try it out and see how it goes for you! What happened when you tried it? Tag me on IG @tarotseed, I would love to see!

Essential oils and how I work with them!

For a long time, I was really interested in essential oils but never really played much with them. I did have a small vial of Rosemary that I used for protection work and manifesting, but that was pretty much it! After a while I started to play around with a few more oils and use them in my chakra work, I was sold! I just recently ordered an essential oils kit from Young Living and have been hooked!

Now, a lot of people have asked me “what do you do with them?!” so I thought I would talk about how I use them in my spiritual practice rather than for medicinal benefits, though they are amazing for that as well but I’ll save that for another post!

Chakra Balancing

When one of your chakras feels either under stimulated or over stimulated, it can leave you feeling all sorts of things. This post here is a great article regarding chakras and how they may feel if they are off! When I do chakra work, I diffuse essential oils in my sacred space or I’m known to rub a drop or two on my chakra points. Here are some oils you can use for specific chakras:

Root – Cedarwood
Sacral – Clary Sage
Solar Plexus – Lemon
Heart – Rose
Throat – Peppermint
Third Eye – Rosemary
Crown – Frankincense


If you have dreams and goals like many do, then you may already work with manifesting. Manifesting is all about creating those dreams and goals and turning them into a reality! You are adding focus and intent in getting these idea’s off your vision board and into your life. You can use oils for anointing your candles, yourself, money, and so forth. I’ve used essential oils many times when working with manifestations. Here are some oils to aid in manifesting:

Abundance and Prosperity

Abundance Blend
Egyptian Gold Blend

Dreams and Goals

Build Your Dream Blend
Dream Catcher Blend
Envision Blend
Into the Future Blend

Love and Romance

Ylang Ylang
Sensation Blend


One of the most common uses of essential oils is aromatherapy. Some scents bring back positive childhood memories, some bring the feeling of joy and happiness, some simply help to wake your ass up! Just a simple sniff of these oils can trigger emotions and moods, I’ve been known to walk past my oil stash and sniff Peppermint when I’m running low on sleep and need a little eye opener! A few of my favorites include:

Peppermint – brings focus and clarity
Lemon – brings joy and purity
Frankincense – helps set sacred space and a spiritual connection
Lavender – relaxes and calms the mind

So as you can see, you can use essential oils for an abundance of things other than medicinal uses! I love them so much that I have incorporated them into my practice!

Candle Dressing

Candles make up a big part of my practice when reading tarot. I use them for other things like manifesting, setting intentions, and the New and Full Moon. There was a post previously about candles, but I took it down since I knew I wanted to explain more on how to create a custom candle… but not actually pouring candles, this is more focused on dressing a candle.

I normally use the glass novena candles. These are not only cheap, but they come in all colors and can be found at most grocery stores or dollar stores! Major plus! My go-to color is usually white, I keep these in stock in the drawers in my office. To me, white it pure and is a blank slate. I use glitter and confetti to add color!

Everything is better with glitter!

When dressing a new candle, I focus in on the intent I plan to use the candle for. Then I work on a little “master list” for that candle…

  • Glitter: Since I use white candles mainly, I use glitter for adding color. I also add it to help magnify that intent in color form, much like using certain colors some use in spell work. If it’s for self-love, I’ll aim for pinks, reds, and heart confetti. If it’s for prosperity or business, I’ll go aim for greens, golds, and dollar sign confetti… you get the idea!
  • Herbs: With the intent of my choice, I’ll narrow down my herbs to 1- or 3, sometimes 6, but I always work in three’s. It’s just a number thing for me. The book I use most often for herb associations is Hoodoo Herb and Root Magic by Catherine Yronwode. So if I’m creating a candle for intuition and my Third Eye Chakra, I’ll use mugwort. Or if I’m creating a love candle, I’ll usually add crushed rose petals.
  • Oil: Now, I don’t always use oil on my candles, but when I do I tend to use oils that I have personally made. You can use any oil of choosing though, so if all you have is Olive Oil… go for it! If you want a specific oil for your intent, check out Lucky Mojo or on Etsy. There are some great oil crafters out there, I have plans to release a few custom oil blends soon as well.
  • Misc: Sometimes I’ll add stickers to the outside of my candle, this only helps boost the intent. I’ve used sun stickers in the past for a solar candle I created, I also glued on a real dollar bill to a business prosperity candle in the past. Be creative!




I always dress candles in my sacred space, which is my office room. Normally early in the morning when my six year old is still sleeping! Find a nice quiet place, or time of the day so you can give your candle your full focus. A candle being dressed without focus and intent, is just a candle. A candle that has your full focus and intent, is a powerful candle that can help aid you in manifesting what you desire!

After I create my candle, I will infuse it with my own energy by briskly rubbing my hands together to form a warm friction. Then I hold my hands palm down over the candle and tell it what I want it to do. For the candle I created recently, I wanted to infuse it with the intent to open my Third Eye Chakra and intuition when I read tarot. I spoke to it softly and said:

“When I light this wick, I am lighting my intuitive spark and opening my third eye to that I can see the story unfolding in the cards.”

Now, I tend to look at everything with skeptic eyes, I’m a bit of a psychology geek. It took me a long time to fully understand how things work that can’t be seen, much like spell craft and manifestation. A dressed candle is not going to do the work for you, it will help you if you help it. The way I personally view manifesting is this… going out of your way to create a candle by adding certain colors to it to boost your desire, then adding certain herbs that associate with your desire, and infusing it with your desire creates a visual representation of what you wish to manifest.

I will be sending out a free PDF gift called “Manifesting with Tarot” in the next newsletter! Sign up here so you don’t miss it!

Tarot Journaling

The dreaded tarot journaling that every reader talks about and urges other readers to do! I’ll admit, I slack on journaling badly! It’s not that I don’t want to journal, it’s that I haven’t found a way to journal that works for me… until now.

I have tried all kinds of journaling methods, from hand written to online to photograph journaling on Instagram. Nothing really sticks with me. My handwriting can be a pain at times, even I can’t read it after a while. Just like many, I start out writing clean and neat, everything all nice looking… then one day it looks like my cats wrote next entry! I’m a bit of a perfectionist, so this drives me insane! Plus, I rarely look back in my journals since I can never really find what I’m looking for unless I have to go through page by page. I love online journaling but I also love holding on to a handwritten journal as well… it’s a love-hate relationship for sure!

While floating around on YouTube over the weekend, I came across a really neat journaling idea! The video I came across was this one here! There are a few other video’s on this method as well, but this was the one I watched in the beginning. She uses a big Month-at-a-Glance planner book! So… I ran out on Sunday to pick up a book, I already had my eye on this one last week but couldn’t figure out what I could use it for since I already use a FiloFax for my planning and such. Also, I wanted a big book so I had more space for writing and wouldn’t feel cramped (unlike the smaller planners that only give you a square to write in).


Now that I have my journal all set up, I’ll explain how I use it! I’m only using this journal strictly for daily pulls, nothing more. Daily pulls are not only great for beginners, but also people who have been reading for years and years! They help build a special relationship with a single card, it’s also great if your getting to know a new deck! I may pick up another one for normal readings or something similar, still plotting that! I got a glittery silver one at Target for $9.99, I’m a sucker for anything at Target and anything glitter at that!

My first page is a bit scrappy, I added some art cards I had gotten with my Spirit Speak Tarot and a postcard from Fennec Designs (I have a full wardrobe of their shirts). I also added a pen color legend for my journaling, I’ll explain:

  • Black – Event notes, moon phases/houses/signs/planets, etc
  • Lilac – Oracle cards (sometimes I use an oracle card for my daily draw)
  • Burgundy – Major Arcana
  • Red – Wands/Fire
  • Green – Pentacles/Earth
  • Blue – Cups/Water
  • Orange – Swords/Air

Sounds a bit insane, I’m sure… I’m a little bit of a freak when it comes to everything in order. Starting on the first page, there is a full spread of days for the entire year (2015 – 2016). Since I am starting this book a little late in the month, I crossed out the previous days, not very classy but it works! On these pages, using the color legend, I’ll jot down my pull of the day. I think it would be neat to see all the colors when I fill the book up. I can see what months were heavy in certain suites and such.


Next page is the actual month at a glance. Since I’m studying astrology, I tend to put the moon signs, my house that the moon is in, and planets in that house! I write that info on everything! I also note down the lunar phases and any other events going on as well. All this is done in black. Then, for each day that I pull a card (using the color legend) I’ll write down the card I pulled, the deck I used, and a couple keywords that come to mind for this card. Since I sway more with intuition than book meaning, the keywords can change drastically each time they are pulled!


The next page is the main section in this book, the journaling! I specifically got a book that had a good chunk of writing space for each day. I tend to get really overwhelmed in blank journals when I see a full page to write in. Even though I know I don’t have to fill the whole page out, I don’t want to waste the space… but I also don’t want to put multiple entries on one page, that gets confusing for me. This space is perfect and it gives me a little push to write more than just a sentence. I start out writing down the card once more, also using the color legend, then just go to town with writing. I’ve been using it since Sunday (I added Saturday’s card since I had it written down already in a journal) and I can say that this journaling method has really improved my writing in just 4 days! I love this glittery book to pieces!


I hope this post is helpful to those who are trying to find a new journaling method! I was going to talk about this in a video on my YouTube, but I couldn’t get time to record a new one! I am planning to record again though (yay)!

So now I ask you, what is your favorite way of journaling?




Tarot Tip – The Details

(Cards from a dollhouse miniature)

Do you ever sit and really look at a tarot card? Like really, really look at it. If not, lets do that today!

We all know that feeling when you start a reading feeling calm, grounded and centered… lay down the cards and then hear crickets playing in your ear. It can be really irritating when you draw a blank, more so when you are doing a face-to-face reading, the horror! Even I have days where I find myself staring at a card for 15 minutes and thinking “wtf?!”.

Here is a tip for getting those gears in motion and creative juices flowing! When you flip over card and get that blank stare, draw your attention to the first thing you see. What draws you in… is it the tree in the distance? Perhaps the main person in the card? Or maybe it’s just the color blue?!

When you look at this little detail, ask yourself these questions:

  • What could this image represent?
  • How does it tie in with the reading?
  • Does it remind me of something, someone or somewhere?
  • How do I feel when I look at this image?

If the first detail doesn’t do anything for you, let your attention draw to another image in the card. Use this little technique when drawing a blank!

What is the first thing you notice on the Devil’s card? Or what about the Wheel of Fortune?