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OctoberMonth Ahead Reading

OctoberMonth Ahead Reading

I normally do a month ahead reading for myself in my journal from time to time and thought it would be fun to bring it to the blog! When I do my own readings I tend to just pull two cards but I wanted to go a little more in depth for you all, I was inspired by a spread I found on Pinterest and decided to tweak it a bit to suit my own style. I hope you enjoy this month ahead reading, please let me know if you like this reading and want me to do it again for November. I would absolutely love to hear your feedback!

➥ If you would love a reading like this for your own personal life, question, or situation send me a message! I would love to do this reading spread for you!

This month I’m pulling from three different decks – Cosmos Tarot & Oracle, Pagan Otherworlds, and Spirit Speak.

Main Theme | The Devil

Right off the bat, the Devil pulls us in. This months theme is coming from the energy of the Devil, let’s not let them win this month and try our best to detach from what we hold on to, oh so dearly. When things become obsessive, that’s when we have a problem… this is where the Devil takes its grasp. This is a card of addictions and bondage, not the good kind! We all have obsessions and habits, some better than others, but habits none the less. Take a good look at yourself this month and see where your time is going and what dependency you may have that is sucking the life out of you and keeping you from doing the things you want to be doing. October is a great month for shadow work, take advantage of this time of the year to really dig deep and find out what is holding you back, chances are, it’s you!

Attitude | King of Cups

Ah, the King of Cups. To me, I find the King of Cups such a kind soul. They are in touch with their emotions and are indeed a great person to be around when you are feeling sensitive. Looking at this card for advice on what attitude we need to adapt this month, I would like to think we should be a lot more open with our emotions to those closest to us. Don’t give our hearts away though! You must set boundaries when it comes to heart matters, but do be generous. With all that is going on in the world right now, from natural disasters to fascist presidents, emotions are running high and we are all hurting in our own ways. Extend compassion to those who need it the most this month but keep some water in your well for yourself. It’s ok to cry and it’s certainly ok to ask for help, especially so since the Devil made it’s appearance in this reading. If you are looking to break some habits and free yourself, look for or be the King of Cups in your life and greet all that comes your way with loving-kindness.

Actions | 8 of Coins + 9 of Swords

Work, work, work… but don’t let it overwhelm you! This is a great opportunity to get some much needed work done, tweak some projects, edit some writing you have been working on… whatever it is, get some progress made on what you are currently working on. The 8 of Coins always tells me that the work we put into something matters, it can be seen and noticed when you slack off and try to get away with taking the easy route. Put pride into what you create this month and don’t be afraid to let it show… however, we are working with the Devil this month, so don’t obsess over what you are doing! Take breaks but always return back to what you are working on and don’t let it be put on the back burner.

When we are so focused in a project, job, or activity, it can be hard not to get sucked in. If we don’t take some moments to breath and clear our head, it can turn into stress and anxiety. Don’t do this to yourself, it’s pure torture and not good mojo for your mental health. Like I mentioned above, if you need help, ask for it! Don’t be afraid to speak up, no one will think less of you and in fact some may take your lead and do the same. We’re human and we’re not perfect, we make mistakes. Sometimes we jump in head first with positive intentions and excitement, only to find ourself drowning in doubt and fear days later. The Devil can make its appearance in situations like this, feeding your headspace with defeat and negative rationality, don’t let them win!

Struggle | 5 of Wands

At the bottom of the deck we have the 5 of Wands, I look at the bottom of the deck often to get an idea if there is any underlying issues or struggles. Nothing says annoying like the 5 of Wands in the Spirit Speak tarot! You have here a person with eyes looking at these flies on their face. These flies would indeed annoy the shit out of me or anyone! The number 3 stands out to me in this card and brings me back to the 3 of Wands. If we want to move forward in any planning we have set out to do for ourselves, we must stay focused. The struggle this month I feel is distraction. Don’t allow yourself to fall down this black hole, it can really lead to self sabotage! Keep your eye on the prize and push forward, despite what bumps in the road you have to jump over… or flies we have to swat away. It’s up to you on how you handle the situations that you face, you can allow them to bug the shit out of you and lead you off course OR you can pull out your fly swatter and take care of the issue right away, so you can carry on in peace and apply your energy to what is needed most.

Hello Hola Bonjour Hallo

Hello Hola Bonjour Hallo

Wow, has it really been since October that I last posted on the blog?! You can for sure say that I took some time off and I won’t lie, it has been a nice vacation. What happened? Well, the US election had a toll on my mental health… it triggered some panic attacks and just really effected me pretty hard. I had a break down at the grocery store and had trouble being around others in public due to fear and stress. I won’t go too much into it, but I wanted to explain my absence truthfully to my readers. It’s now April and I can safely say that I am in a better mental headspace now.

What does this mean?! Not sure exactly! I don’t want to say “I’m back” and make any promises, but I would like to dust off the blog and begin posting again just not sure how often, so we will see!

I am not reopening my reading services right now or in the near future. Right now, I just want to focus on getting my decks shuffling again and get back into the practice of reading cards, it’s been a while! On a happy note, I did get a new deck in the mail yesterday… which triggered this post on the blog! I preordered the Illuminated Tarot by Caitlin Keegan in October and it finally came out. The deck is 53-card deck based off of tarot and playing cards. So far I’ve done two pulls from it and love it! The colors are so vibrant and right up my alley.

Hopefully in the next few days I will work on some new posts, I have gotten a few emails asking if I’m still going to do card study with the Cosmos Tarot & Oracle, yes! I do plan on starting that back up… I think returning to this project will help break the ice with me getting back into reading cards. Anyways, I think that is all I want to post right now but watch for new ones!!

Shop Changes!

Shop Changes!

Yesterday I decided to take the plunge in moving my tarot shop and I couldn’t be happier about the change! With switching, I am able to offer more reading options that suit specific interests and needs like lunar, small business, creativity, and so on. These will be added as time goes on – you can find the New Moon option in the shop for only $12!!

I will be slowly working on new deck bags, I know some of you have been waiting for these to hit the shop once again! They are coming, I just need to finish unpacking my sewing space – I packed it all up when we got a treadmill last year and had to make room. Along with deck bags, I’m planning to add spread cloths to the shop in two sizes – small size for 1-3 card readings (great for traveling too) and a larger size for readings like the Celtic Cross. 

Another thing coming to the shop are hand selected crystals and stones!! I have been wanting to add these to the shop for ages but have never pulled the trigger on doing so. I will be able to hand pick crystals and stones for the shop through a shop I adore near our house. Being able to hand select these minerals is very important to me – also, before they are added to my shop I will be smudging and moon charging each and every stone.

Visit the new shop here:


10 Questions Every Tarot Reader Must Answer

10 Questions Every Tarot Reader Must Answer


I stumbled across the Left-Hand Tarot blog, run by James Bulls. He had an interesting post he created called “10 questions every tarot reader must answer” and I was really drawn to answering this on my blog! They are meant to bring forth your personality as a reader. Being a lover of psychology, I was interested to answer these and see what emotion and response was pulled out of me. Some questions truly had me thinking deep about how I view myself as a reader.

1. Were you mentored, or self taught?

I was self taught, though mentoring always appealed to me. When I picked up tarot, I didn’t know anyone else that read cards and I didn’t have any extra money to pay for mentoring online so I picked up a book and just started playing with a deck. I ended up switching to intuitive reading with the cards since the book meaning of most of the cards didn’t resonate how I felt they were to be interpreted. Looking back now, I’m glad I was self-taught. I don’t think I would be the reader I am today if I didn’t go that route, I don’t think there is anything wrong with being mentored at all though. Everyone is different. I learned as I went with tarot, picking up techniques and tips along the way until I created my own reading style. I often urge new readers to do the same, create your own style and relationship with the cards, don’t worry about being mentored or what the books tell you.

2. Are you a psychic or a tarot reader?

I am a tarot reader, I am far from psychic… although, that would be fun, haha! I don’t pretend to be and I would never tell someone I was. I have come across people that say “you have to be psychic to be a reader” and I roll my eyes. Do I believe people can be psychic? Who knows, I just know I am not.

3. Are your predictions accurate, and is accuracy important to you?

Accuracy is very important to me as a reader and I think that should be for all readers, but I will never claim to be 100% accurate. I believe it’s natural for something or someone to be inaccurate at times, I don’t trust anyone who claims they are. The cards have the answers, but sometimes we don’t always see them or we sometimes miss them. This is why I urge my clients to never let the reading replace their own natural judgement… meaning, don’t run off and quit your job after a reading! My readings lean towards helping a client gain their power back, area’s of focus, and how to overcome challenges and blockages. I never say “do this and do that”, I give them areas of focus and things to consider. I often leave clients with some questions to ask themselves and journal about on their own time.

4. Is there anything you can’t predict in a reading?

I cannot predict anything and don’t claim to. I cannot tell you when you will get a job, when you will get married, how many children you will have, or if you will win the lottery, etc. I can, however, help you find a direction to take that may help you reach what you seek, but getting there is up to you. These are just stepping stones that could possibly lead to what you want. Everyone controls their future, and I believe it’s not set in stone. You cannot control outside forces, these things will effect you and your course of action.

5. Do you use only Tarot, or are you multi-disciplinary?

Right now, I only read tarot and oracle cards. I would love to use more astrology in the future but I’m still learning and won’t attempt to use it with my clients until I am confident. I’m quite comfortable with the cards though and will mostly likely stay with just them for a long while.

6. Is the message in the cards, or in your head?

Ooooh.. what a loaded question! Let’s see if I can word this right… I believe the question is in the cards but it’s up to your head/mind to bring it out. I feel there is a relationship that needs to be met between your mind and the cards. I depend heavily on symbolism when I read tarot and am drawn to decks that reflect this. The more symbols, illustrations, and action going on in the card the better for me. This is why I don’t like reading non-illustrated pip cards, my decks must be fully illustrated or I feel I would have to resort to book meaning… which is not my style as a reader. I do love some decks that are non-illustrated but I know they don’t suit my style (one was the Royal Tarot, loved the Major’s to death – it had a killer Devil card – but the pips were not illustrated so it just sat on my shelf).

7. Are you a priest or a fortune-teller?

I don’t identify as either but I know I have to pick one so that answer won’t work, haha! I will say that I’m non-religious and most religion talk tends to put me off. This is tricky for me to answer because I don’t want to insult or offend anyone, this is by far not my intent so I will tread lightly. With that being said, I would actually say I am more of a priest than a fortune-teller. As a reader, I am there for the client in anyway I can, whether it’s just to listen to them, to help them with advice, or help guide them on their path all through using tarot. I’ve heard many times that people will often see a priest for similar reasons. This is for sure one of the hardest questions for me to answer out of all of them.

8. Are you a fixer or a looker?

I’m very much a looker, and then I look for a way to fix it through options and direction with tarot. I never tell someone “you must do this or that”, I have no authority or power to tell you how to live your life and what to do. I will simply offer up what I see in the cards, it is up to you to take the next step. When you come to me for a reading, I will give you a “map”, it’s up to you to get to your destination and up to you to choose the route to take. There are many roads you can take, and if you choose wisely, all will lead to your destination… some may take you longer and some may have blocks, but you will get there if you keep moving forward. I always catch myself saying “let’s take a look at the cards and see what they have to say”.

9. Do you read for free, or for a fee?

Both! I absolutely love to read for free and do, but I also now my worth as a reader and how much time is spent while doing a reading. I charge for my time to read the cards, not the reading itself. I often read for free for friends, family, and sometimes for those simply just asking (not always, but if I’m free and willing, absolutely). In fact, I am hoping to start a free reading option soon on the blog. This option is for those who don’t mind having their reading posted on my blog to use as examples and such (all names changed though for their privacy). I also love to barter for readings, sometimes I get more joy in exchanging tarot readings for goods rather than actually money. It’s an exchange of energy and craft between two people, it’s awesome! I mention bartering on my FAQ page here.

10. Is there anything you won’t predict in a reading?

Just like question 4, I won’t predict anything. Now if it’s for fun with a friend and no money involved, for shits and giggles I’ll try to predict something fun but it’s not to be taken serious at all. I’ve had a cousin ask purely for fun if I could tell what sex her baby would be, it was all fun and games… even more thrilling was that I guessed a girl and she had a girl, but that was all by chance. I don’t claim to have predicted that at all, not even close. I will not and cannot predict anything and will never claim to.

I would love to hear your answers to these questions, be sure to link me to your blog post if you do so I can check it out! Also, check out the Left Hand Tarot blog!

Shop is Open!

Shop is Open!

It’s been a long time since I’ve created deck bags and they are finally back in the shop (the new shop, I might add)! This morning I listed five new bags. My bags are not your traditional bags, I like my bags to reflect on the readers personalities! Why not add a little fun to your table!

A little about my bags… each of my bags I create are made in my office, which is my sacred space. When I finish sewing up each one, they are smudged in Palo Santo, then rest over night on my tarot reading table. By resting them there, I feel it infuses them with the intent of intuition, what I think every reader needs and uses!


When you receive your bag, I always suggest that the new bag owner infuses the bag with their own intent and add a connection to themselves. This will help connect your deck with the bag and yourself. ☽

You can check out the new shop HERE (or click the “shop” link at the very top of the page)

Shifting Thoughts and Plant Spirits

Shifting Thoughts and Plant Spirits

This past week I have been very hands on. I’ve been doing a lot of reading, studying, and note taking… but I rarely put what I learn into action, it was time. I decided to work on some tinctures, oil infusions, and essence elixirs. For a long while I was not motivated to get my “hands dirty” while living in an apartment. It wasn’t because of the apartment though, it was just the mood I felt while living there. It seemed to suck my energy out of me when all I wanted to do is put my roots down. When we bought the house, I knew I could finally branch out and let myself blossom.


So what do I have brewing? I crafted a Mugwort tincture that will be ready in August, will most likely aim for the New Moon. I also have a solar infused oil being brewed on my living room windowsill, it’s a rich blend of wild rose and cinnamon. Will be delightful, I’m sure! This morning I set out a Vinca flower essence and sat with this plant for a moment. She whispered to me:

“I am a mother, a nurturer. My essence is pure and kind.” 


My mind has been wandering lately as my practice blooms, the main focus is my name “Tarot Seed“. Since I not only focus on Tarot, I thought that maybe I need to rethink my name. I am registering for an herbalism certificate course at our local herbal shop and really leaning more into folk herbalism and women medicines, along with green witchery and hedge craft. Right now, my practice embraces Tarot, lunar energies, chakra balancing, and herbal lore and medicines. I will be excited to see where these herbal classes take me! I’m already thinking about taking Reiki classes early next year as well, so we shall see where the rest of this year takes me…

Witchy Wants for June

Witchy Wants for June

Some sacred items I’ve been lusting for this month! Thought I would share! What are some things you have been wishing for this month?
◉  ◉  ◉


Palmistry Moon Mystic Altar Tile by Unusual Optical Designs

These wood tiles have been calling my name for a while now, I would love to add one to my moon space! This shop has gorgeous crystals and other wood tiles, the jewelry selection is stunning!



Ancestors Handmade Ritual Candle by Magic Hour Astrology

I adore these candles! I have the Clearing candle and I use it every morning with my yoga and meditation, as well as anytime I wish to hold sacred space. They are beautifully made and smell wonderful. I have wanted to add a few to my collection and this Ancestor candle will for sure be my next purchase from their shop.



Midsummer Ritual Incense by Black Earth Botanica

With the Summer Solstice right around the corner (and on my birthday!), these have been sitting in my shopping cart. Not only does the incense blend sound delightful, but the packaging looks inviting!



Starfield Leather Journal by Odelae

What fellow Pantheist wouldn’t treasure this blank journal, I know I do! I’ve been drooling over this journal for some time now. This shop also carries other gorgeous journals, they all look so carefully made.



Luna Ring by Kulla

Being a seeker and follower of La Luna, this would be a pretty piece to add to my daily attire. I love the simple style of this ring, I’m not normally a ring wearer so this is right up my alley! The seller also makes some gorgeous stone rings as well!



Tutorial: Intention Candles

Tutorial: Intention Candles

This tutorial was supposed to be a video but my set up wasn’t working for it, so I blogged it! I wanted to share how I collaged my intention candles, it’s super easy and fun to! The one thing I will not be showing you is how to dress or fix your candle. I feel it’s a very personal and varied thing to do so I wanted to leave that part out so you can create your own ritual for that. Now, these candles aren’t very “traditional” for magick and such, but I like things like that! :)

** Update, I did talk a little more about these candles on my YouTube:

You will need…

  • Glass Candles (found at most grocery stores and some retail shops, or search online)
  • Glue Stick (I usually use the Elmer’s Extreme, but any kind works great for this)
  • Magazines (that features are you are drawn to)
  • A paper cutter OR scissors (I recommend using a ruler as well if you are using scissors)
  • Your intention!


I will be doing the tutorial on the taller glass candles. Figure out what intent you want your candle to be for, I’m doing a tarot candle to use when cleanse my decks. I have several others I did for daily intentions (like setting goals for the day) and one for self-love to bring out my higher self.

You will cut your art down to 3.5″ wide x 6″ tall (you can also do what size you like as well, just make sure it measures up on your candle right).

After I get my image cut, I added some ransom styles letter cuts to spell out TAROT. You can leave your image like this or add more cut outs on the image. Be sure to glue each cut out down good!

Now, we are ready to glue down the image on to the candle. So your candle doesn’t move while you are glueing down the image, I like to prop it still with some books or magazines. I add the glue to the back of the image (not directly on the candle), then only stick the image down in the center. Carefully rub the image center to edge, rubbing from center out will get rid of bubbles under the image.

To be sure the image is really pressed on good, I use my leg to rub and press the image down. I kind of roll and rub if that makes sense.

… and now you have your candle! It’s ready for you to dress or fix and get to work! There are lots of online and book tutorials on how to do dress or fix your candle, I’m sure YouTube has some video’s as well. If you are into Rootwork, the book The Art of Hoodoo Candle Magic is excellent for candle work.

I really love making these candles and may list some in the shop soon. The candles have that extra personal touch and I think that helps amplify that intent.