Weekly Reading fo Feb 19 – 25

Better late than never, right? I’m back today with a weekly reading after going on hiatus last Monday. I was doing a lot of house cleaning (still am) and rearranging last week so I was fairly busy with all of that, my focus was a bit scattered to say the least. Our house is currently getting some redecorating and a much needed “facelift”, haha! I also may have been totally binging on PS4 games, cough… Stardew Valley…

This week I’m using a new deck that arrived on Sunday – the Mystic Mondays tarot! I have a few more decks coming as well! While I love my Next World Tarot, my hands have been itching to shuffle some regular sized cards for a little bit. The decks I have coming soon are the Vessel Oracle by Spirit Speak (to replace the copy I let go last year) and the Seventh Sphere Tarot de Marseille by Labyrinthos…. I have been waiting for the tarot version of the Seventh Sphere deck to be released and when I saw it mentioned in a FB group on Saturday, I ordered it from the car while my husband was driving us around doing errands. I had to buy it right away! I currently have my nose back in the TdM studies but I’ll talk more on that in another post, I don’t want to start rambling more in this post.

Ok, how about a little weekly reading, shall we? I haven’t really been working with spreads lately and I really enjoy free form readings, so that’s what I’m doing! Let’s see what the cards have to say, shall we?

I’ve been curious if anyone reads these posts? If so, are they helpful? I would love to hear from readers, so feel free to drop a hello!


You’re starting off on a high note that may lead to a short victory or a small set back! What a great start to this reading, huh? It’s a victory that could be short lived but we can avoid this if we’re smart about it! The 3 of Swords feels like a “warning” so really reevaluate the options you face. I don’t usually read cards as a “future” interpretation in readings, it just never vibed for me, I tend to read them as more of a warning or a goal depending on the card energy. The 3 of Swords is definitely waving some red flags for me and I don’t think anyone wants to deal with that kind of weight right now, right? Didn’t think so! Though sometimes I feel that the 3 of Swords can be a welcomed message as it brings healing to the table and gives us the nod that it’s ok to start the process of removing these swords, one by one. This week though? Let’s just avoid that!

Some choices may bring false hopes or had sounded better at the time, so tread lightly! Matters made with your heart are perhaps not the best way to move through this week, try to pay attention and listen to your gut instinct. You know that feeling when your gut says “no” but your heart is blowing you kisses while batting its eyes at you longingly… ya, don’t fall for that trap this week! To help avoid getting some swords thrown at you, really pay attention to what is being presented. If it sounds too good to be true… then chances are, it is.

Weekly Reading for Feb 5 – 11

I had high hopes starting a new week… then a cold struck me! It seems my daughter passed on some germs and ya, I feel pretty crappy today. Despite being “ugh” I am looking forward to what this week brings! The cards seem pretty interesting, so let’s take a peek! I’m using, yet again, the Next World Tarot!

START // The Fool

You can’t get any more fresh than the Fool! The Fool is asking us to step out of our skin this week and just go where the wind blows, embrace the unknown and curious. If you’ve been waiting to start over with something or start something fresh, this is the week! The Fool is all about exploring what speaks to you at that moment, it’s a curious energy and very childlike (not to be confused with childish). Embrace your inner child, pack your bags and take the first steps!

STOP // Wheel of Fortune

Stop the wheel… now! This is your stop and it’s time to get off. The Wheel of Fortune is all about a turning of events and cycles. This card is telling us to put an end to cycles this week that just keep going and going and going. If you’ve been juggling the same shit or routine daily, just let it go and let it fall where it wants to fall. No more juggling, no more shifting around, just take a break.

CONTINUE // 4 of Coins

This card is often about greed for me in most decks, but in the Next World Tarot I’m really seeing more security within these paper walls. The 4 of Coins tells us to continue to grow our sense of security and keep your energy intact. If you’re feeling vulnerable and exposed this week, tighten down the hatches and close up your circle a little. It’s ok to pull yourself away from the crowds to protect your personal space, take care of yourself and the ground under your feet!

Weekly Reading for Jan 29 – Feb 4

It’s Monday – time for the weekly reading! I hope everyone had a great weekend and woke up today nice and refreshed… or are currently refueling on your second (or third) cup of coffee… like me! I had a somewhat busy weekend, Saturday my daughter turned 9 and we had a small family party for her at our house. Then on Sunday I put my feet up for most of the day and relaxed!

This week I’m using the Small Mysteries Tarot (mini version) and was thrilled to see it all fit on one hand, haha! This deck is too cute and I’m loving how blunt the readings have been for me with it.

START // High Priestess

If you haven’t already, start listening to your higher self and begin to trust your intuition! Try to check in with yourself throughout this week, look and listen for messages and trust that forces are in play. There are messages available for downloading if you are willing to just tap in to listen!

STOP // Queen of Knives

This week, stop pointing fingers and start accepting more responsibility for your words. This may sound harsh but the Queen of Swords this week is demanding that you take ownership with yourself, it’s far too easy to play the blame game. This card also suggests that we may need to get out of our head a bit. Spending too much time in there can lead to overthinking and dropping the ball on more important things that needed our attention the most.

CONTINUE // Temperance

Keeping things flowing can be tricky, but just keep at it this week! Try to keep a continual balance of things and don’t overdo it, but also be sure to step up if you’re able to in order to even it all out. The Temperance card to me is always about finding that moderation and going with the flow. If something is clearly working, keep it going – if it’s not, slow down!

Weekly Reading for Jan 22-28

It’s been a while since I posted a weekly reading! I’ve been pretty busy at the start of each week and pretty distracted on the weekends, then my father passed away last Monday… so, I didn’t think I would be posting it again this week but I’ve been crutching on my tarot cards like crazy lately and I just felt like pulling cards to see what may be stirring in the new week.

I’m slowly getting back into blogging. Grief is a very odd thing. Anytime someone passes away I ask myself “am I doing this right?”… the first few days after my father passed away were hard. I was going through the emotions of sadness, anger, and frustration. It’s been exactly a week today of his passing and I’m at a point now where I can focus on just good memories. I cry in between the pauses of my thoughts but always try to laugh or smile. I’ve always felt that “everything is a message, everything is a sign” but it’s been even more prominent in my life as of late. So many messages and synchronicities have been coming my way, some I feel are my Dad, while some feel like they are SHE calling me.

This morning a giant Raven caught my attention on the lamp post near my house, I almost didn’t go out this morning but something told me to… the Raven was the first thing to get my attention. This is the second Raven I’ve spotted in the past few weeks, you don’t see them often in my area, just crows, dove’s, and other typical birds. The Raven always stops me in my tracks and leaves me in awe, words can’t describe what I feel when I see a Raven in person. They are breathtaking.

For this week I’m using the Next World Tarot (no surprise there) and trying a new spread that has been working really well for me lately in other readings:


I love this simple spread, it cuts through B.S. and gets right to the point. Since I do daily tarot pulls for the day ahead every morning, I just felt like I need something else for the week ahead readings. Does that make sense? I hope you enjoy the reading and have a great week!

START // 7 of Coins

If you have been waiting for a sign to move from draft to creation, here it is! The 7 of Coins asks you to get busy this week and turn your visions into creation. Birth something from the heart this week. It’s important that you align your visions with your work, trust me, it shows! When you take your passion out of the art and work you do it reflects back to you in more ways than you would think, so take this time to realign with what you do if you feel like you have strayed.

STOP // Knight of Cups

It’s time to stop putting your heart in front of those who clearly don’t care. It’s great that you want to help everyone or be closer to others but sometimes it’s just a dead end and you need to step back. It’s hard, but it will save you a lot of heartache down the road. This card reminds me of a waiter that just keeps refilling your cup over and over again, even if you don’t want a refill. You normally just smile and say thank you with every pour, pretending you’re thirsty. This week, take your hand and cover the cup. You don’t need a refill and you don’t need to keep refilling the cups of others. Let them fill up their own damn cup for a change and focus on your own.

CONTINUE // Revolution

While more commonly known as the Tower, the message pulls through just the same. Much may be falling down in your life or around you in heaps, but it does not define you. Continue to hold on to your truths and the foundation beneath your feet, everything else can be rebuilt or replaced. It’s a tender time and a lot of us are very vulnerable. We must take care of one another! We all have our own battles and struggles but remember, we don’t have to face them alone. Your voice can still be heard so keep speaking up and shouting your truth, destruction may try to pull you down but it will never win if you remain stronger. Continue to hold one another, support one another, and raise your fist in resistance. Whatever wants to crumble, let it crumble…

Weekly Reading Jan 1 – 7

Woohoo! Hello, 2018! I didn’t think I was going to have this post up today since I woke up under the weather this morning. Go figure, I haven’t been sick for months and months (in fact most of 2017) and I wake up sick on the first day of the year, lol! Maybe the Universe is trying to tell me to slow down.

Anyways, let’s check out what is in store for us this week! I’m using the Next World Tarot for a quick tap into the energy going on this week.

Some memories can leave you feeling like you have known someone for a long time, it’s that bond that has no bounds. This card suggests that reliving the positive aspects (and people) of your past may be apparent this week in how you take the first steps forward. We can learn a lot from dwelling in nostalgia. Life is a spiral, we’ll often reach a point in our life many times over but we are never the same person twice. You may feel like you’ve hit the same wall, again and again, but trust that you haven’t. You’ve grown since the last time you were at this wall. Try to find the bridge between the past and present that can help you better prepare for what is to come.

5 of COINS
Not exactly the card I would like to show up at the beginning of the year but it can be a truth we all may face. With the holidays over and our not-so-frugal spending, it’s time to tighten up the reigns a bit on our cold hard cash. We can’t be on holiday 24/7… unless your Beyonce or someone, right? The 5 of Coins is letting us know that what we are facing is only temporary this week and it will pass. Watch your spending and count your pennies a little more than usual, perhaps even try to give yourself a buffer if you can. Most of all, just slow down a bit when it comes to purchases and whipping your wallet out… I wish I pulled these cards before I went on an Etsy splurge earlier today, haha! I will say, I have zero regrets on what I bought!

While typing this, I’m sitting under my window in the presence of a Full Moon in Cancer. I feel so much like this person in the card as I get ready to prepare a full moon ritual and tarot reading in the next few hours (which I will recap on the blog tomorrow). The Moon is here to remind us to listen to our deeper truths this week, pay close attention to what is pulling at us and luring us in. TRUST YOUR INTUITION! Take a moment this week to step outside and gaze up at La Luna, soak in all her luminescent rays and set your intentions this week. The Moon is often a card of deep illusion and uncertainty, but I feel that we can actually see more clearly if we just let her guide us day to day.

Looking at these cards as a whole, it’s clear that while we may be uncertain about what may lie ahead in the days to come, we can bring our attention to what gives us the most insight and feeling of warmth that is our memories. Lean hard on what boosts your spirits if you are struggling this week and use the moon in the next full days to help release what is holding you back. I normally do release work a few days after the Full Moon (more so around the last quarter), so use this time to set intentions on what you wish to let go of in your life. The Moon is in the cards this week, she is calling us to trust her.

Weekly Reading Dec 25 – 31

Ok, so this is late and I debated on even posting at all today… but I really felt the cards were on point this week as we wrap up the last week of 2017 so I decided to post this anyways since there is still a lot left of the week! I got pretty swamped with family and Xmas things going on yesterday, I think a lot of us did too, haha!

This week I’m using two new decks – the Divina Tarot that I got for Xmas and the Strange Lands Oracle that I received on Friday! I’ll be working on a first glance review for both decks for the blog soon, I’m a little backed up with deck reviews, oop’s! I plan on posting the Heart & Hands Tarot review this week (finally) so keep an eye out for that!

Ok, let’s take a peek at the energies present this week (or what is left), as well as the general theme of the week.

10 of Wands

It’s no surprise that the 10 of Wands showed up, it was a busy start to the week for many of us and continues to be as we play catch up and start wrapping up the end of the year. This card is letting you know that you don’t have to do it all on your own, there are others around us who would love to help out even if it’s doing the simplest of tasks, you just have to ask. Don’t overload yourself, you’ve done enough already! If your stuck in the middle of something and can’t get the help you need, let it be known that what you are doing will be worth the effort you’re putting in. Anytime I have to do something hard or have a lot on on my plate, I try to think that this will soon be just a memory… it will be over before you know it! You got this!

The Star

Ahh, the Star, our beckon of hope and nod from the Universe. The Star is here in the middle of it all to let you know that you are being supported in everything and anything you do this week. Pour out all your wishes and dreams into your journal and start setting some intentions. These dreams can easily be made into reality, you just need to put them out there and make them visible! Create a brand spankin’ new vision board, set intentions with a small ritual (you don’t have to wait for the New Moon), or even just write down your intentions on paper and tape them to your bathroom mirror. Keep these intentions fresh in your mind and where you can see them every day! Whatever you decide to do, know that the Universe is giving you a high five!


Could we get a more perfect card to embrace the energy of this final week in 2017?! Why yes, things are for sure ending! This card is here to remind us that what is leaving us this week is for a good reason, we don’t need to drag anything holding us back into the next week (and year). Cut the cords to that which bind us and slow us down, we are on to much better and brighter things if we could only lighten our load! I’m drawn to the direction that “death” is heading, they are clearing away everything in their path and moving towards the future. Be this gnarly reaper and get to work clearing the path to make space for what lies ahead… extra points if you wear a Grim Reaper costume while cleaning the house!


Our theme this week is all about memories and I feel like this card is bitter sweet. It’s telling us to take some time this week to dive back into the past and remember the good over the bad. Hold tight to the positives and release the negatives. Let’s use this time to look over our bucket list and see what got done this year!

I hope everyone had a great holiday! Did you get a new deck for Xmas, let me know in the comments what you got!

Weekly Reading Dec 18 – 24

The weekly readings are back! I took some time off from doing them and didn’t plan on bringing them back until January, but I was having a pretty low key Sunday… so why not?! I hope everyone’s December has been going well, I know this is a busy time of the month for a lot of us!

This week I’m using the Heart & Hands Tarot, I’ll be posting a first impressions of this deck in a few days! I just got it last week and I’m obsessed with it. It has been so fun reading with and has really packed a punch for me lately. I also pulled a card from the Forces Flora + Fauna Oracle, you can read about this deck here. Let’s see what energies are at play this week! I’m not sticking with my normal “beginning, middle, end of the week” reading – I just want to see what energies are popping up for us and I have to say, I miss doing freeform readings like these!

Two of Coins

A lot of us are busy at work, finishing up holiday shopping, and trying to squeeze in time with family all while trying to keep the house running smoothly and everything in balance. This card suggests to me that we need to be sure we maintain some harmony, don’t over do it! It can be so easy to exhaust ourselves right now so be sure to take breaks and make time for yourself. I know we all want to get everything done, but face it, we can’t do it all. Our best approach this week is to tackle things one at a time and get the most important tasks checked off our list first, that way we can nibble away at the smaller things throughout the week. If you struggle with keeping your head above the water this time of year don’t be afraid to ask for some help! Better to ask for help than to drop the ball on something crucial, right?

Four of Wands

Following in the 2 of Coins footsteps… now I know why a reminder to keep balanced revealed itself this week, it’s so we can make room for fun! This is a perfect time of year to spend it with people around us. Have a fun game night, grab some drinks with friends after work, or just simply enjoy this time with family! I love how this card showed up, the first thing that came to my mind was Yule! The Winter Solstice is on Thursday for us in the Northern Hemisphere and what better card to see than the 4 of Wands to remind us that it’s a time for enjoyment and celebration. Winter is here and it’s time to get cozy! Stay in or go out, whatever you decide to do just be sure you enjoy yourself and your surroundings. This is a time to let loose and get lost in good conversation!


We are greeted with one Major Arcana card this week, Death. Don’t fear this card it’s not what you think. I often feel that this is a very welcoming card… almost like getting a permission slip to get rid fo old junk. It’s about allowing things to end that are just not working out or have been sitting stale for far too long. Think of the Death card as a closet that needs to be cleaned out. Death is all about allowing things to come to an end so that we can make room for something new to begin, especially as we creep closer to the end of the year – 2018 is approaching very fast! You can always breathe new life into something later on when you’re ready or even restart something over from scratch (sometimes it’s much easier this way), but right now just cut those ties loose and don’t stress about it. Elsa sings it best “let it go… let it go, turn away and slam the door!”.

The Violet

I wanted to see what the overall guidance is for the week so I pulled an oracle card, The Violet. This card to me suggested right away “intuition”. I was really drawn into that eye at the top of the triangle and often eyes are associated with truth and visions. This tells me to trust your intuition this week and rest assured that the feelings you are sensing are correct. Find the truth in things rather than just relying on what other people are telling you. See for yourself!

What are you doing this week? I’m so excited to bring in the new year!

Weekly Reading Nov 13 – 19

Does November feel like it’s going really fast? I feel like the last part of this year is just flying by! This week I’m using the Bonefire Tarot since I just can’t get enough of this deck – I love it! Let’s shuffle and take a look at the energies at play this week, shall we?

Alrighty then, what “fun” cards this week! ? After I pulled the three for the week, I was drawn to taking a peek at the bottom of the deck to see if there was any hidden advice or insight for us, I’m glad I did! the 2 of Coins was hiding and I’ll be talking about how this incorporates into our week!

Beginning of the week // 8 of Cups

We are kicking off the week working with the energy of the 8 of Cups. Any time this card shows up for me, it reminds me of embarking on a journey. Not a huge, life changing journey like the Fool, but more of a “lets see what else is out there” type of feel. We have a stack of 8 cups but one is missing, let’s go find it! What we are currently doing right now may not be working out the way we had hoped it would, so we may be called to move on and leave something behind. Something clearly isn’t working and we can feel it! We need to let it go and find what will work and put our energy towards that!

Middle of the week // 5 of Coins

After leaving the 8 of Cups, we are moving into a feeling of isolation or even a “I’ve been here before” type of energy. When I look at this card in the deck, I don’t get a the typical feeling like I do in say, the RWS – which is normally a feeling of scarcity or poverty… I get a more “solo” feel and a 5 of Cups vibe, it shows we may be feeling a bit sorry for ourselves… perhaps we’re even having buyers remorse! The girl in the card can easily go inside but it seems she has chosen to withdraw herself and stay outside in the snow – the door’s open, so it’s not like she is being locked out of the house or something, I get the feeling that this card suggests that we may be really hard on ourselves, don’t be! We all make mistakes… and mistakes can be fixed.

Before this card was the 8 of Cups and it shows someone moving on… now we find ourselves here, a place that I feel we may sense as very familiar. Trust me when I say that we are growing, despite feeling like we have set ourselves back. We may be in a place that feels very familiar, but we have changed and are not the same person we were when in this position before. Try to use this time to figure things out, journal, and even replay some past events in your mind to see if you may have missed something. There is a lesson hidden in this card for you to figure out!

End of the week // The Tower

Just like that, the Tower makes an appearance to end our week. After some much needed transitions and then feeling like we’ve hit a wall, we are greeted with the Tower. I like to think of the Tower this week as cleaning up some things that we really don’t want to face. It’s a huge broom coming for us and cleaning shit up! It may not be fun, it may be a bit messy, but it will be necessary and you will thank it later. No one really loves to see the Tower show up, especially when it’s on a weekend, right?! Hold on tight and enjoy the ride!

Going with the 2 of Coins that was on the bottom of the deck, this will be our crutch this week – our medicine, our advice to keep us on our feet so that we don’t get swept up when the Tower comes to town! This card urges us to keep in check with how we balance out our life this week. It could be a juggle that is difficult but it’s something we can all handle, despite you having some doubt. We can dwell on any bumps we feel this week or we can learn from them! Keep your priorities in check and don’t weigh yourself down too much in one area of your life – like too much work or too much play. Take on only what you can chew and spit out the rest!

Weekly Reading Nov 6 – 12

New week, new cards! This week I’m using the Light Grey Tarot, it’s one of my very first decks that got me started with tarot! Last night I spent some time with this deck and put the cards back in original order so I could go through the deck with fresh eyes. I’ve had this deck for about 5 years and it has taken quite a beating over the years but still reads well for me and I love it.

I mentioned last week that I would be switching up the weekly reading a bit (again) and I am doing just that. I’m reverting back to my older spread for the weekly reading. A 3-card: beginning, middle, and end. I pulled an extra card from the Vicky Filiault Tarot for our theme or lesson this week!

Bring on the new week!

Lesson this week // Empress

Our lesson and theme for the week is coming from the Empress. This is an energy that’s all about natural rhythms and flow, allowing things to come to fruition on their own terms under the caring wing of the Empress. Often times for me, the Empress represents a time to focus on self care. Other times, she reminds me to take delicate care of what I hold dear to me and give it the best possible start it can… much like a child, we want the best for our children so we strive to get them on the right foot. Add that tender touch to what you are working on this week.

Beginning of the week // 2 of Cups

Starting our week we are greeted with the 2 of Cups. This is often dubbed as a card pertaining to partnerships, devoted friendships, and intimate connections. We are being asked to be kind in the relationships we have towards others right now, especially towards those who are closest to us. It’s much easier that we get along with others in order to get things done with less stress. This isn’t a time for arguing or competition here, no one wants to kick off a new week like that, right? Harmony, people! Work in harmony with one another, it’ll only help set the mood for the week with a good start.

Middle of the week // The Chariot

By midweek, we may see a big boost in our day, a little zest in our step. I’ll take an extra shot of espresso, please! Use this energy to the fullest to carry you through till Friday and beyond into the weekend! Remember this, whatever lands in your lap this week is handed to you for a reason, despite if you think that you can’t handle it… the Chariot knows you can! It’s all about taking a deep breath and putting on your game face to move forward in confidence and trust. Whatever you do, do it knowing that you’re awesome and capable of anything!

End of the week // 7 of Cups

Whenever I see this card show up, I ask myself this: Am I focusing on what I need or what I want? It’s all about priorities and being responsible in what we choose to do. Often times something sounds too good to be true, and guess what? Chances are it is to good to be true. Things will taunt us and pull us in all kinds of directions, it’s up to you to stay focused and on track. By the end of the week, be sure you stay on track with what you truly desire and don’t let all that is “shiny and new” sway you otherwise!

Stay tuned on Friday! I’ll be testing out a “pick your card” for some weekend guidance!

Weekly Reading Oct 30 – Nov 5

New week, new cards! I’m shaking things up a little this week for the weekly reading, again. I’m really trying to find a layout that I like that really hits the points I want to focus on for the week. This week I’m looking at the energy/theme, action to take, possible struggle, and advice for the week.

The decks being use this week are Cosmos Tarot and Oracle (just the Major Arcana) and Spirit Speak tarot.

Theme this week // The Star

I’ll admit, I was pretty happy to see this gem of a card show up. The Star card has been following me around since early last week when I started working on some art therapy and birthed the beginning of my second oracle deck… the Gemini Deck! For me, this card means… create… inspire… send out my wishes and hopes into the stars. Not to mention, this specific card is assigned a constellation… Gemini! Coincidence? I think not!

This card is for you this week! Keep your dreams and goals alive and don’t lose hope, don’t feel forgotten, and don’t feel left out. The Universe is listening and wants you to have patience, it’s working some magic so don’t let your dream fizzle out. So often we don’t think we are moving forward and instead we are moving backwards… it’s not true. Our life is a spiral, we may reach a place where we have been before but we are indeed a little different. We have learned some new skills and have grown in some way. Life is a lot like the Wheel of Fortune… sometimes we are on top, sometimes we are on the bottom. Either way, our turn will come up again and again, we just need patience!

Action to take // 5 of Wands

Persistence is key! While this card is often seen as a moment of conflict…. I see practice and finding beauty within the chaos. Try to look past the ugliness popping up in your week, look for the hidden gems under the dust. With practice and persistence, you will make it through the week just fine. Just like the person in this card, they are annoyed but I can see the determination in their face, they are trying hard to not crack a smile. This reminds me that sometimes in life, we need to laugh! We need to laugh at what is going on and sometimes at ourselves. Meet chaos at the door and smile.

Possible struggle // The Tower

Ouch! Thanks tarot! The Tower may shake up your week and shake it up good! Instead of seeing this as a struggle, why not work with this blasted energy?! Use the energy of the Tower to your advantage and allow it to “clean house”. Release what you want to release, for everything else… hold on tight! If things do get pulled from under your feet, dust yourself off and get back to the grind. Don’t let the Tower win and pull you down with it… whatever the Tower tears down, take it as a sign that it wasn’t serving you anymore anyways. Poof, it’s gone! 

Advice this week // 8 of Cups

The 8 of Cups is urging you to withdraw yourself from any situation that does not align up with you on an emotional level… it’s all about leading with your heart and moving yourself to a place that fills you up the most. In this card, we see someone leaving the cups behind and moving to where the cactus stands. They are leaving behind what didn’t serve them in search of what will. I always call this the “grass is always greener” card… this time, it’s about seeking out something more. Something that you know will better suit you.

I’m feeling this card big time and it’s only Monday! This morning I woke up and decided that I’m tired of the “same shit, different day” attitude… so, I’m changing it. I’m creating a new routine for myself, moving out of the rut I’ve been in. I’m always dreaming about the future, catching myself saying “… in a couple years I can do (this or that)”. Something has to change. I need to live in the NOW and focus on the PRESENT. So the 8 of Cups for me is about shaking things up and creating my own vision to enjoy NOW! I’ve already started by changing up my environment in the house. I started to purge, deep clean, and move around the furniture so that I feel a better flow and comfort in my house.

I hope you all have a great week!