What is the inspiration behind the name Tarot Seed?

I have been doing tarot for a couple years now and not only do I grow as a reader, but so does my relationship with the cards and my intuition. I compare my tarot journey to a seed, growing day by day with the right nurturing and care. I also like to help other plant and nurture their seed so that it will grow into full manifestation, much like the Ace of Pentacles.

How did you learn tarot?

I am self taught, classes always seemed fun but just weren’t my thing. I have learned everything through my study, curiosity and natural intuition. My approach has always been very intuitive vs. book meaning. Over time I have gotten to know the cards very well, both traditionally and with my own twist.

I’ve heard you mention “products” before, do you have a shop?

Yes! I run a small shop and sell handmade gifts aimed towards card readers. My products consist of tarot bag cases, hand bound journals, and other fun gifts! Find the shop HERE

What forms of payment do you accept? Do you barter?

I currently only accept PayPal. I absolutely LOVE to barter and trade for readings! Some things I trade my tarot services for are:

  • crystals and stones
  • tinctures, essences, elixirs, etc
  • decks (check out my wishlist decks)
  • other things, just ask!

If I’m in the area, can I meet up for a reading?

I normally only do emailed readings, as I am quite shy. But if the chance pops up and I am available, sure! Sometimes I find it much easier to throw cards with a client and chat over coffee, it always turns out fun and inspiring for both of us!

If you have any questions or just want to say hello, please email me: tarotseed@gmail.com