Free Tarot Readings

I’ve been wanting to open up some free readings for quite some time now but have been trying to figure out how I want to offer them! Since the goal for my blog has always been to help new readers and others interested in tarot, I thought this would be an idea!

➞ Each month or so I plan to open up a few spaces for free public readings. My plan is to at least do 1-2 free readings per week on the blog.

What is a “free public reading”?

Free public readings are readings that will be posted on my blog for all to read and see. I will keep names private and will post a simple summary of the situation/question so other blog readers can follow along.

How does this work? 

Simply fill out the form below with your question/situation with as much details as you can and would like to give. I’m not a psychic, so I can’t read your mind or foresee the future… that would be awesome, though!

Once you fill out the details, simply hit “send” and your done! I will not be able to get to everyone, due to the volume I receive when I offer free readings, but I will try my best. If I do get to your reading, I will email you back with a direct link once the reading is on the blog. These are FREE, if you wish to make a donation you may do it here, but please note that this is not required at all so do not feel obligated.

Why offer free readings? 

Not only is it a chance for you to get a free reading, but it’s also great fun for me as a reader and it allows me to try new spreads and decks! Posting readings on the blog also allows others to follow along, especially new readers! As a tarot reader, there is always room for practice and learning, no matter how long or short you have been reading tarot!

PLEASE NOTE: Your email address will not be shared – nor will it sign you up for a newsletter. It is required just so I can contact you back if I have any questions or to notify you if your reading is up on the blog.

Please read my Policies & Ethics before sending, these still apply to free readings!


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