Coffee with the Iris Oracle

Coffee with the Iris Oracle

Look what landed?! The Iris Oracle by Mary Elizabeth Evans of Spirit Speak! I mentioned in my September Wrap Up that I was wishing hard to the universe that I could get my hands on this deck… and I did! This deck arrived last week and did not disappoint, it’s beautifully made and you can feel the love pouring out of each card. Mary has a true talent and I’m proud to own all of her decks. One of my most well used and loved decks is the Spirit Speak Tarot, I was lucky enough to grab a first printing copy of that deck.

Like always, I mention the shuffle factor since it’s a “make or break” for me with decks and this shuffles like a dream! Just like butter, love it! I also adore the box!! The Iris Oracle and the Vessel Oracle both have awesome boxes, my Spirit Speak Tarot was from the first printing so it was just a standard tuck box and it’s falling apart. I would so love to get my hands on one of the new Spirit Speak Tarot boxes!


I have a few new decks that arrived this week, so I’ll be doing posting some deck interviews as each week goes on! I’ll try to spread them out so you are hit with a ton in one week haha! The others are the Fountain Tarot and the Mythical Goddess Tarot.

A quick review of the Iris Oracle (since I know I’ll never get around to doing a full one, I’m sure). The card stock is fantastic! It feels like a sheen matte, not glossy but not full matte. They slide like butter when shuffling and riffle well, it passed the test for me! Riffle shuffling is usually a “make or break” for me with a deck, regardless of how much I treasure the illustrations… if I can’t start a reading with a riffle shuffle before my overhand shuffling, it’s a no-go. The illustrations are bold, raw, and hand drawn like all of Mary’s decks.

If your a fan of her decks, like myself, she is working on a second tarot deck which I believe is called the Divina Tarot! Just take my money already Mary, I’m so excited to see this deck in print!


Using my favorite deck interview spread from Little Red Tarot, I grabbed an iced coffee and got to shuffling! Here is what the deck wanted to say!

✖︎ What is your most important characteristic? Ripe Fruits – 33

This deck is fresh and abundant! I get a sense of pride coming from this card and it really wants to show it. Everything is at your fingertips and ready to capture your attention, you lure us in with a fresh perspective.

✖︎ What are your strengths? Death of the Deceitful – 76

You are not afraid to clear out what needs to be released, you are daring and direct. You reveal what truly needs to be seen and cut out the sugar coating, not to be heartless but to be honest.

✖︎ What are your limits, or weakness? The All Knower – 14

I get the feeling you may be a bit closed up and want us to do the digging, you have the answers but they need to be found out for ourselves. You hint at what is there but leave it to us to put the pieces together. 

✖︎ What are you hear to teach me? Predictions of Growth – 36

Growth, this card screams growth. You are hear to teach me how to put down my roots and grow, to trust in the process and learn how to transform. This card is very personal to me.

✖︎ How can I best learn and collaborate with you? Slimy – 2

Jealousy is hard to get caught up in, we all look at the lives of others and compare. It’s a natural thing, but we can steer around this. I can learn how to transition this slimy feeling when it arises and face it head on. I have a feeling this deck will call me out on my bullshit when I need it most!

✖︎ What is the potential outcome of our working relationship? Good Things – 11

When I first say this card flipped over it felt just right, all the way down to the number 11. When we bought our house last year and I saw that it was house unit 11, I got the same feeling… it was meant to be and that this was our house! This card reminded me instantly of that feeling last year. After taking a peek in the book, it confirmed this feeling! This is a great omen indeed!

Weekly Focus: October 10-16

Weekly Focus: October 10-16

I really liked last week’s reading spread so I’m using it again this week with a slight twist. I wanted to give more focus to two aspects in our week and make it more of a “mind, body, soul” type of reading for the week ahead. This weeks reading felt really good and I think I will be using this spread more often! I hope you guys find it useful this week!


This week I pulled out the Spirit Speak Tarot and the Iris Oracle, both created by Mary Elizabeth Evans. These decks work so well together, I just adore how the Iris Oracle card stands out in the reading against the black on white tarot cards. Perfect combo I think!

Theme (Soul) // Fire Mother

This card surrounds the Phoenix and it’s rebirth and death transition. Our attention should be drawn towards putting our focus and love into what means the most to us right now. It deserves our attention and may not be there tomorrow. Things change quickly and sometimes we aren’t prepared for it. This card reminds me of impermanence… we attach ourselves so tightly to objects, people, and situations that when they end or leave we are left feeling a void. This void can bring about emotional strains, heartache, and emptiness. We need to remember that nothing is permanent, even our bodies and mind. What is here today may not be here tomorrow, and preparing ahead for this can be a form of medicine for our soul.

Focus (Mind) // 2 of Swords

Can we get a more perfect card! Talk about major focus, we need to make some decisions this week whether we like it or not. These are not light hearted decisions either like what should you have for lunch, these are aimed towards bigger things that require deep thinking and focus, so don’t just agree to something without thoroughly thinking things through and weighing the odds. I really feel that some of the decisions you make this week will make a play in the weeks to come.

Being that we are creeping up on a Full Moon in Aries on the 15th, this is a great week to hone in on what we really desire to manifest and put into action. If you set intentions on the New Moon, some intentions may not feel like they are working or fizzling out rather than amping up… let them go. Focus on what is working and put your attention towards that!

Action (Body) // 8 of Pentacles

Another fitting card! The 8 of Pentacles tells us that we need to put a lot of effort into the quality of work we do. This could be aimed towards your daily life, your work, projects, and other hands on effort. Ask yourself if what you are doing right now is your best work or can it be improved? Don’t fall into the trap of finishing something up quick just for the sake of getting it done, take pride in what you are creating and let show. Others will take notice when you put in the extra effort, this could play well in your favor if you are wanting to draw attention in, especially when it comes down to your business or presentations.

Open for Readings

Open for Readings


Hello tarot seekers and readers! Last week I closed the shop up for a short time so I could get caught up with readings and organized, but it is now open again for new readings! I look forward to working with you, if you have any questions feel free to send me a message!

This Friday on the 14th, I will be announcing some free reading options! Say, what?! Yes, that is correct… free readings! These are 1-card readings and will only be available through my Tumblr. I will soon be offering a free reading options on the blog (these are 3+ card readings), so stay tuned for info regarding that… I will be talking more about that soon.

Crystals, Stones and Tarot

Crystals, Stones and Tarot

I work with crystals and stones in different ways when reading tarot and thought I would talk about how I marry them together. I really feel that minerals can raise the vibration and energy in a reading, they help set the mood of the situation or question and can also bring focus. Not to mention, they give your querent something to look at and focus on if they are nervous! Here are a couple ways I like to use minerals with tarot, also some of my favorite crystals and stones I like to work with.


Deck Friends

I love pairing up a certain crystal or stone to a specific deck. I choose this intuitively and allow my instinct to select which deck and stone go together, some are an instant connection while others may take a while to pair up. When my Fountain Tarot arrived, I immediately felt drawn to using Smoky Quartz with this deck. I now rest a chunk of Smoky Quartz on top of my deck when it’s sitting on my reading table or not in use. Another stone that tends to travel from deck to deck (usually whichever deck I’m using the most at the time) is Chrysoprase. Right now I have my favorite piece of Chrysoprase sitting on top of my Spirit Speak Tarot. Let your intuition guide you on what stone wants to work with what deck, you can really feel this out and get an idea if they resonate together. It’s all a personal choice so have fun with it!

TIP: Sometimes set the intention with the stone and the deck. I do this by smudging the stone first in Palo Santo (you can use Sage or incense, or skip the smudging all together), then I hold the stone in one hand and the deck in the other and state my intention that these will be used together. I usually set the chosen stone on top of the deck under the next Full Moon, I feel like this kind of resonates the two together. Before I begin a reading, I will hold the stone to the deck I’m using in my hands while I take some deep breaths and clear my mind… it’s a way for me to prepare for a reading and connect to the deck I’m working with.


Setting the Mood

Another way I work with stones and tarot together are by pairing them up based on the reading theme. If I’m doing a relationship reading, I’ll usually set out Rose Quartz before I begin a reading. Or if I’m doing a reading themed around business, I’ll set out Citrine or Pyrite if they are wanting to attract more abundance in their business. There are SO many stones out there, so search online or pick up a book on crystal properties. You can also select stones intuitively for this as well, so you don’t have to use a love stone with a love reading.


Some of my favorites

There is no denying my love for minerals, if you come to my house you would clearly see that! I have stones and crystals pretty much everywhere through our home… in the kitchen window, on the coffee table, in shelves, and in the bathrooms… you name it! I am in utter awe over minerals, not just on a “woo” level but just the fact that something so beautiful and unique came from the Earth. I’m proud to call myself a mineral nerd! My Grandfather is also big into mineral collecting and I inherited a few of his crystals, they are two of my most treasured items I own (one is a large Smoky Quartz cluster pictured on this post, this other is a large natural Citrine).

Here are just a couple of my favorite stones and crystals to work with:

  • Smoky Quartz :: Great for grounding and clearing negative energy, I also love using this stone for shadow work
  • Chrysoprase :: Happiness, positive energy, and acceptance
  • Citrine :: Great for money work and attracting
  • Rose Quartz :: Promotes love and healing, also great for self love
  • Malachite :: Helps tension and clear thinking
  • Clear Quartz :: I call this the “everything stone” and it is the main crystal I work with
  • Mookaite :: Fantastic for adventure and path working
Filling the Void: Big Shift

Filling the Void: Big Shift


My path always seems to go full circle and I find myself standing at the “beginning” as if I go through seasons. I am after all a Gemini, never standing in the same place long. Over the past few years I have started to accept this, the always moving and changing of energy. I can’t get away from it, so it’s much easier to relax and let it be, embrace the feelings of change… even though they come so often it makes me dizzy. Right when I feel like I’m grasping things firmly and feeling a slight connection forming on my spiritual path, I find myself retreating back and retreating. Retreating back to the Cosmos, where I feel I belong and where I feel the most secure.

With my exploration of the Goddess, I was feeling pretty wide open in this adventure and just at the snap of my fingers, I feel myself pulling back to the void. I’m always trying to go in a different direction but always return to this safe space. Maybe this is a potent sign that my path has been in focus all along and I’m just fighting it. I always want “more” but never feel comfortable when I find it. Once again, my path has changed and retreated back to the start, yet I’m feeling much more comfort this time around.

When I started this “post series” I set up a new altar space for the goddess archetypes and would visit it at least once a day, light some incense and just sit with the feminine energies for a little while. Then, as each week went by, I spent less and less time in this space. Then, one day, I just stopped showing up and avoided this space. I decided to let things sit as is for a bit before I did too much thinking, sometimes I pull away only to return a couple days later… this didn’t happen. I found myself seeking out comfort under the stars in the early morning hours before the sun would rise. When I took my dog out in the middle of the night, I would stand in a daze while I stare up at the moon, in whatever form she was in. It hit me that this is my belonging, this is where I feel the most comfort and the most moved… under the night sky, walking barefoot in the grass, or feeling the rain on my face during a storm.

I think it’s time I start being honest with myself and my path. I’m very much a Pantheist and I don’t understand why I fear it so much. I’m very stubborn in my beliefs (well, non-beliefs you could say) and I’ve been quite comfortable calling myself an Atheist. I am still Atheistic when it comes to logic and my beliefs, but emotionally I am very much a Pantheist… even though others will argue that you cannot be both. No matter what direction I try to move my practice and path in, I always fall back to science, nature, and the cosmos. Sadly, I have decided to end my exploration of the Goddess as a central focus, but she still holds a sacred space in my heart. I still work with the archetypes daily and see her in every aspect of my life. I am just going to open myself up to exploring what I have been pushing away for so many years, that is Pantheism. Perhaps instead of cutting the cord to this post series I can continue it in the direction I am led, so we shall see!

“What’s the Focus Right Now” Spread

“What’s the Focus Right Now” Spread


I’m a fan of simple things, if you can’t tell in my own spreads that I create! I used this spread recently in the new “Weekly Focus” reading earlier this week. You can use this spread in just about any situation, not just a weekly reading. Use it for your daily pulls or in needed advice from the cards. Just base your question to suit what you are after, here are some examples:

– What do I need to focus on today? or What do I need to focus on this week?
– What do I need to know about my current job/relationship/etc?
– How can I improve my intuition with tarot reading?

– Why am I having trouble in my studies?

Like all my 2-3 card simple spreads, I do not claim to be the first to create them because of their simplicity. The questions can be endless! This spread is about finding the main focus in the matter and then presents two other aspects that reflect it. I often like to use an oracle card for the first card and tarot for the rest, or you can use all tarot or just oracle. Totally up to you, it’s your reading so customize it to suit your own needs. Here is a a quick run down of the cards and what they mean:

Card 1 – Main Focus

This is the heart of the matter and the main focus of your situation or question.

Cards 2 and 3 – Aspects

These are two aspects reflecting the center card, I also call this “opening up the card”. These will help open up the main card and present options, advice, and/or ideas linking to the heart of the matter. Imagine that the first card is the book and the other two cards are the words written in it.

Putting the spread into action! I’m using the Vessel Oracle and the Spirit Speak Tarot for this sample reading. One of my favorite resources EVER is the “scenario generator” over at the Farmhouse Oracle. I find this great for creating situations to read on when practicing, trying a new spread, or learning tarot before reading for others. I highly recommend it!


Sample Question:

Should I get a new roof or redo the kitchen?

I used two tarot decks for this one (Circo Tarot and Spirit Speak) – you can use an oracle and tarot or just one tarot deck too! The cards pulled were The Magician (card 1), King of Wands (card 2), and Ace of Cups (card 3).

Card 1 – Main Focus // the Magician

Right off the bat, this card feels very kitchen to me! We have a magician standing behind a table of tools that reminds me a lot of being at the kitchen counter with cooking utensils and prepping a meal. The pentacle looks like a dish, then we have the cup and a knife… this magician is skipping the magic tonight and cooking up dinner!

Card 2 – Aspect // King of Wands

I was drawn immediately to the contract in the hand. Even though this is a court card and can represent the querent, someone in their life, or even a personality trait… I’m reading this card as the contractor coming in to inspect what is the focus with plans in hand. Whether the querent is leaning towards the kitchen redo or a new roof, plans are going forward.

Card 3 – Aspect // Ace of Cups

What brings the querent the most joy and happiness? When I think of our house and where love is shared the most, I think of the kitchen. This is a place where gatherings take place, people cook together and socialize. When we have family events, there is always family hanging out in the kitchen sharing stories and laughing together.

All together, I can clearly see that the kitchen redo will bring the querent the most joy and seems to be the most practical to focus on right now. Mix it with the Magician at his kitchen counter, the contractor with the kitchen plans in hand, and the overflowing cup of joy.

What do you think? Do think the reading is leaning towards the roof instead? Leave your comment below!

Week Focus: October 3-9

Week Focus: October 3-9

I’m changing things up this week! The weekly reading has been on my mind a lot lately and I have been thinking about what I really want to get out of this reading for both my readers and myself. So, I’m bringing focus to the theme for the week and what aspects surrounding it are most important. This week I’m using the Sacred Symbols Oracle and the Spirit Speak Tarot, two of my favorites! I hope you enjoy the reading this week!


Our theme this week is “Transmute” from the Sacred Symbols Oracle. This is all about transitioning, change of thoughts, and shedding of skin. This card to me feels very connected to the Death card in tarot, it surrounds the focus of release and letting things go. As we progress this week, keep this card in mind and ask yourself “What do I want to change? What do I want to release?”Take time to reevaluate how we spend our energy and time – if something is no longer working, release it and cut it free.

Our first focus this week comes from the 4 of Wands! With the theme of transmutation in mind we can use this to our benefit with how we engage in our friendships and close knit circles. If some of our social groups are no longer bringing you joy it may be time to move on. Letting people in and out of our life is a natural cycle – some are only in our lives for a short period while others are here for what feels like a lifetime. Dragging around burned out relationships or social groups and gatherings can be a huge toll on us, not only emotionally but mentally. On another spectrum, I see this card telling us to participate more in what does bring you satisfaction and delight! If you have felt closed up lately and a bit like a hermit, this is a great time to step out of your shell and rekindle your social life.

Raising the bar in the quality of work we do and how we present ourselves in what we create is the focus of the 8 of Pentacles right now. Step it up and improve what you are working on, fine tune these things that are most important to you. We can work on transitioning our work from drafts to reality – whether this is in the field of art, writing, or even business. It’s all about going forth in the next step of the process and working on the details and labor involved. This reminds me a lot of the intentions we had set during the Black Moon – it’s time to get them into motion and work towards manifesting! 

Want a personal reading? Book a reading here!

September Wrap Up

September Wrap Up

Circo Tarot

Is it just me or did September fly by?! Seems like yesterday was just the first of the month – I’m not complaining though, I’m thrilled that fall is here! I’ve made some lovely new friends and contacts this month, as well as picked up a few new decks, so it was a great month!


  • I didn’t read a ton this month but I am nearly finished with Jailbreaking the Goddess by Lasara Firefox Allen. It has been a mind opening experience and have loved every word of it! I really need to finish it up, I’m only pages from being able to put it back on my bookshelf.
  • Another book I started but I’m no where near done, is Moonology by Yasmin Boland. This is another book that I’m loving, even though I’m only a few chapters in. I’m taking my time with this book and following the moon cycle as I go. If you have read The Way of the Moon Journey by Aquarius Nation, then you will love this book! It shines new light on working with the moon and your life. I recommend that book to anyone who is interested in lunar manifestation!
  • I have a few books on my radar to order: Code Red and Tarot for Life.


  • Oh man, I got my hands on a very desired deck this month, it was the Circo Tarot! This gorgeous deck has been at fingers reach since I received it in the mail, I just can’t not use it! It has quickly became my main deck (along with my Spirit Speak) and has given me fantastic readings with it – both for personal and client readings! I recommend this deck fully and you won’t regret it!
  • I can’t remember if I got this deck on the 1st of September or not, but another new (to me) deck was the Alchemical Tarot by Robert M. Place. I adore the crap out of this deck and I was lucky enough to get it in a swap (with the book)! I moved this deck aside once the Circo Tarot landed but I will be revisiting this deck again soon, it has fantastic energy and is a delight to read intuitively!
  • On my wishlist is the new Iris Oracle by Spirit Speak! I hope to snag a copy of this deck soon but the wallet has been pretty dusty – it’s killing me!! Every deck Mary creates is pure love, you can truly tell she put a lot of heart and soul into creating a deck. I’ll be sending out a wish to the universe in hopes the Iris Oracle lands in my hands!
  • A few decks on my radar are: Pagan Otherworlds, Tarot of the Crone, and the Mary El Tarot.

Blogs & Links

  • While this isn’t really a blog or link, I have been having fun playing along with Tuesday’s #TarotRap on Twitter, hosted by the always awesome, Theresa Reed (The Tarot Lady)! It’s great fun and you are in good company, read about it on Theresa’s website.
  • If you are looking for some great video’s to watch, I highly recommend Jessi Huntenburg on YouTube! She has put out some very inspiring video’s that have for sure cracked me open – it really feels like she is talking directly to me!
  • Asali of Asali Earthwork did a fantastic interview with Courtney Alexander the creator of the Dust II Onyx Tarot!
  • The article “What makes a feminist tarot?” was a great read and has some great insight from other readers, plus mentions some fantastic decks.

On My Blog!

  • This month I only had one interview, and that was with Ruune! Ruune is a brilliant witch and musician who creates music inspired by the tarot! It was a great interview and very inspiring!
  • I launched a new “dear diary style post series called Filling the Void – it’s all about my exploration into a goddess centered spirituality. This series may be slowing down a bit as things have been shifting again in my path a bit.
  • I shared a fun and simple spread on the blog – The 2-Card “Bad Mood” Spread
  • One recent happening was I moved my tarot shop!! You can find it here – I’m also adding more spread options as time goes on!
  • Lastly, I had a few deck interviews:

What tarot blogs are you loving right now? Let me know in the comments!

Shop Changes!

Shop Changes!

Yesterday I decided to take the plunge in moving my tarot shop and I couldn’t be happier about the change! With switching, I am able to offer more reading options that suit specific interests and needs like lunar, small business, creativity, and so on. These will be added as time goes on – you can find the New Moon option in the shop for only $12!!

I will be slowly working on new deck bags, I know some of you have been waiting for these to hit the shop once again! They are coming, I just need to finish unpacking my sewing space – I packed it all up when we got a treadmill last year and had to make room. Along with deck bags, I’m planning to add spread cloths to the shop in two sizes – small size for 1-3 card readings (great for traveling too) and a larger size for readings like the Celtic Cross. 

Another thing coming to the shop are hand selected crystals and stones!! I have been wanting to add these to the shop for ages but have never pulled the trigger on doing so. I will be able to hand pick crystals and stones for the shop through a shop I adore near our house. Being able to hand select these minerals is very important to me – also, before they are added to my shop I will be smudging and moon charging each and every stone.

Visit the new shop here:


The 2-Card “Bad Mood” Spread

The 2-Card “Bad Mood” Spread


I’m sure we all have those days where nothing seems to go right and your stuck in a frustrating mess that you just can’t snap out of. Yesterday, that was me! I was having a really bad day and it wasn’t directed towards anything in general – just a blah day. I decided to sit out on the patio to get some fresh air (it was gloomy and sprinkling, my kind of weather!) with a tarot deck and ended up pulling a few cards that inspired this simple 2-card spread. I’m a fan of quick spreads, ones that get straight to the point – this may or may not be a new spread at all due to its simplicity!

1 – What is causing my bad mood?

Let’s get to the heart of the matter, dig up what is really causing your funk today! This card will help you see the bigger picture and bring more focus to what may be bothering you today.

2 – How can I shift out of this mood?

Treat this card as an action to take or how you can shift your perspective.

If you ever want more detail on a card, here is a method I use to dig a little deeper! Place the card in question back into your deck and reshuffle… then find that card again and pull out the card in front and behind it in the deck. Those two cards are your extra details!


Spread in action! I used the Circo Tarot for this mini reading and it was just the slap I needed to snap myself out of the funk I was in… I should have turned to my cards earlier!

5 of Pentacles

I really didn’t feel money was the reason for my mood, even though we’re a couple days away from pay day and having some spending money would be a nice mood booster – it just felt deeper than that. My attention was drawn to the negative space where the footsteps were, it’s like they are purposely avoiding the coins buried in the snow. It hit me! All day I have been adding to my bad mood by staying so fixated in feeding this frustration by focusing solely on the negative aspects of my day that I wasn’t willing to see anything positive. There were highlights in my day that could have turned this mood around if only I had only taken the time to open my eyes and realize them. Not to mention there were many people that could have cheered me up if I reached out to them!

The Chariot

The action was clear! In order for me to move out of this blah headspace I need to actually steer myself in a new direction and take charge on how I want to feel. I’m the driver and if I’m going down Sad Avenue it’s because I’m directing myself there. Just like driving an actual car, if you reach a dead end you turn around and try another route. Just like that, I took the advice of the Chariot and changed my perspective and direction by switching my focus to the positive notes in my day. I decided to take back the power of how I feel!

Want to me to read the cards for you, I have this reading option in the shop to book a reading!