TDM Journey Begins!

TDM Journey Begins!

Deck: Marshmallow Marseille

So it begins, my journey with the Tarot de Marseille (TdM). I have actually been studying the TdM system for several weeks now but only just recently got my first TdM deck yesterday, the Marshmallow Marseille by Wandering Oracle! Now I can get hands on with my study. I have one other TdM deck on the way, it’s a more traditional styled deck – the Noblet. This deck is shipping from Canada and shipped over the weekend, so I’m hoping to see this one show up any day now as anything from Canada always arrives fairly quick for me (there was no tracking to follow).

I have been trying to figure out how I want to go about with my TdM study and decided to do a daily card study with a random draw, just like most do with any tarot deck – one card per day until I get through the whole 78 cards. I’ll share my “TdM card of the day” in the next post! I need to work on commitment to projects I start and would really like to keep this post going for 78 days on the blog… like always, we will see (ahem, I’m a Gemini remember)!

Yesterday, I pulled two cards for my first reading with the Marshmallow Marseille deck and was pretty shocked at how accurate it felt for me. Background story: last night, my daughter wanted to play more board games (I played them all day yesterday with her… if your a parent, you’ll understand lol) and I was really not in the mood to play more… I just wanted to dive into the Marshmallow Marseille deck that just arrived and read my book.

My question was this: What will the energy be for me this evening?

[6 of Swords + Page of Wands]

This combo suggested to me that I am turning my back on “going with the flow” tonight and bringing my focus to what drives me the most. I loved how the 6 of Swords shows smaller flowers within the fencing of the swords around it and how the person in the Page of Wands is more free at looking out to open space. I get a very confined feeling in the 6 of Swords and more freedom in the Page of Wands. I related the 6 of Swords to me going with the flow of the evening and giving in to playing more board games, essentially just doing what my daughter wanted and dealing with it (a feeling that I had no choice, but to play more games)… and the person in the Page of Wands looking away as me wanting to allow my creative juice to flow more freely.

What did I end up doing? I played one game with my daughter and husband, then got to switch my focus to what I wanted to do – read and get to know my new deck! I adapted to the situation but took advantage of being able to do both!

Weekly Reading Oct 9 – 15

Weekly Reading Oct 9 – 15

It seems like October is flying by, at least for me. Not sure I like that, October is one of my favorite months but I’m glad our hot heat is slowly going away, we only hit the 100’s a few times last week and I think we are out of the 100’s now for good till next summer – yay! I’m really crossing my fingers for some deck mail this week, I have two decks on order and one shipped yesterday but I doubt it will arrive this week since it’s coming from Canada… but every time I have something coming from Canada it arrives in like 3-4 days, it shocks me every time! Sadly, there is no tracking to follow so I’ll be living on the edge of my seat all week asking myself “is it here today?!” lol!

Since I loved how the reading flowed last week on the weekly reading, I decided to use the same “spread” again for this week. I wish everyone a fantastic week ahead, enjoy!

Decks Used: The Portland Tarot + Spirit Speak

In a hurry? This week is all about getting things done, one thing at a time, to give us a sense of accomplishment! Beware of any compulsions forming, this can happen when we fix ourselves too tightly to a goal or focus.

Energy present this week | Judgement

Love the energy in this card, we have a runner who just crossed the finish line in a race and they are proud! I did my first half marathon race in January this year so I can really relate to the energy of the woman in this card. It’s all about proving to yourself that you can do it! You can overcome and do it if you believe in yourself and trust yourself. The energy of the week is surrounded by believing in what you are truly capable of, be honest and open to your higher self. Take charge and get things done!

Actions to take | 8 of Coins + Ace of Coins

The hard work and dedication you put in this week will be rewarding, you get out what you put in so make it count! Set your goals high and keep them present this week. Try to focus on one thing at a time, even the smallest task will feel like a huge accomplishment! Over the weekend I tackled the dishes that were haunting me… after they were done, I felt like Wonder Woman lol! So really, the smallest things can lead to the biggest results.

Keep an eye out for any unique opportunities, something may present itself to you or will lead you into something that will. Again though, keep your focus centered on one thing at a time, don’t crowd yourself this week. Looking at this Ace of Coins, I would start at what is highest on your list, something that will make the most impact on your week ahead. It’s all about making it easier on yourself, so “eat the toad” (meaning, do the task you don’t want to do first to get it out of the way).

Possible struggle this week | King of Wands

When we are so fixated on a goal, reward, or even just something that is in our radar, we can be consumed by it. We hold this so high up in the air that it becomes an infatuation, not a good one either. Doing this is like putting on blinders so that we can’t see anything else but that one thing, we miss out on a lot this way. This may come into play this week so keep your eyes open so that you can spot this little obsession forming and put a stop to it before it dominates you. It’s all about detachment, when we strip away this “compulsion” it comes to us easier and more naturally.

Single Card “Spread”

Single Card “Spread”

I don’t usually see single card draws as a spread, but here’s a neat way to rethink the single card draw and put a twist in your reading using just one card. I’m always a fan of single card draws and if your in a funk with your tarot practice, try this out! It may be just the thing you need to get back your card slinging mojo! I do this method often when I pull a card for my day but you can use it in any question or situation.

First, grab a deck! It must be a standard format tarot deck, no oracle decks for this. The deck must have the standard Major Arcana, Courts, and Minor Arcana.

As you shuffle the deck, focus your intention with the question “What is the energy, attitude to adopt, or action to take today?” – then pull a card!

If you pulled a…

Major Arcanathis is the energy or theme of the day
Court Cardthis is the attitude you need to adopt today
Minor Arcanathis is the action you need to take today (also with Ace’s, taking the action of allowing yourself to be open to gifts and potential, etc)

Deck Used: Spirit Speak

The other morning I pulled the 3 of Swords, so this told me it was an action needed today:

“Remove those swords, slap a bandaid on your wounds and look to a brighter day. I know this seems way easier said than can be done, but try your best to not let any mental anguish affect your day. Keeping your head in a rain clouded space will only have you focusing on the negative things that may show up in your day, it makes it difficult to see any good happening. It’s the first day of the week, don’t allow these feelings to dictate how your week will go.”

Let me know below if you try this method and how it worked for you!

Weekly Reading Oct 2 – 8

Weekly Reading Oct 2 – 8

A new week has begun! I’m trying out a new reading spread for the week ahead, I feel like I’ve been switching things up every week but I’m trying to find a comfort spot with my weekly readings. I’m currently reading the book Kitchen Table Tarot by Melissa Cynova and she talks about being true to yourself and true to your reading style, this spoke volumes to me! One thing I strive for with my tarot practice is to let my own style shine and be my own, but I do have days where I feel like I just got a tarot deck that morning and I stare at the cards going “wtf?!”… I’m sure many readers can relate to this big time! Ok, I think I’m rambling on and on, oop’s!

Anyways, I’m using the Cosmos Tarot & Oracle deck with the Spirit Speak tarot, I’m loving this deck pair lately!

In a hurry? This week is all about harnessing that strength and courage to make some big changes! We need to keep our focus and goals illuminated, put on our game face and push forward to grab them despite any blocks that may be present as you go about this week.

Energy present this week | Corona Australis (4 of  Earth)

Woah, Godzilla, calm down… or better yet, use that strength! Based on the cards this week I’m feeling we may need all that pent up energy to help us move through this week and make shit happen. This monster of a card is suggesting that there’s some change happening and we are the ones in the drivers seat manifesting this change. If you have a goal in mind this week, use your fear as fuel and make it work for you. Face what you fear, look it in the eye, and take back control! This will be a week of dedicated focus in pursuing what we set out to do and it’s going to take some hefty balls ovaries! Harness this Godzilla energy for the week and push through any barriers you feel that are trying to hold you back. RAWWRR!

Actions to take | The Sun + The Chariot

Two Majors showed up for the week, this is indeed some heavy magic at play – Godzilla wasn’t kidding! When you look at your goals for the week, keep them in view and illuminate them. Write them down and put them somewhere where you can see them daily. The Sun is suggesting that we keep a positive mindset and keep your eye on the “prize”, there is a lot of potential success this week if you keep a clear head and visualize what success means to you. Set some intentions today and make that list!

The Chariot says you are in control and you are the driving force in your part of the world this week. Goals should excite you and scare the hell out of you, but you are capable and you know it. When I see the Chariot pop up, it’s a reminder that even though we may be nervous and have much doubt, but we need to put on our game face and take the reigns. Nothing is going to happen if we sit int he backseat and hope the other driver takes us where we want to go, if we want to go somewhere then we need to make it happen. If there is will, there is a way!

Struggle this week | 7 of Wands

It seems anytime we set out to accomplish something, a block of some kind always pops up, am I right? Don’t let anything stop you, keep pushing through. If you need to, find another way around this blockage to get to where you want to go. The hand in this card isn’t giving up, they’re persevering and holding their stance no matter what is trying to stop them. Keep this card in mind this week and be this hand, take a stand for yourself and don’t back down. Again, I’ll bring Godzilla into this… do you think he’s going to step back? No way, he’s going to crush what’s trying to stop him! Even if you don’t reach a goal that you set out to get, it’s ok. If you give it your all, then you know you tried your best. Dust yourself off and start again… don’t give up.

OctoberMonth Ahead Reading

OctoberMonth Ahead Reading

I normally do a month ahead reading for myself in my journal from time to time and thought it would be fun to bring it to the blog! When I do my own readings I tend to just pull two cards but I wanted to go a little more in depth for you all, I was inspired by a spread I found on Pinterest and decided to tweak it a bit to suit my own style. I hope you enjoy this month ahead reading, please let me know if you like this reading and want me to do it again for November. I would absolutely love to hear your feedback!

➥ If you would love a reading like this for your own personal life, question, or situation send me a message! I would love to do this reading spread for you!

This month I’m pulling from three different decks – Cosmos Tarot & Oracle, Pagan Otherworlds, and Spirit Speak.

Main Theme | The Devil

Right off the bat, the Devil pulls us in. This months theme is coming from the energy of the Devil, let’s not let them win this month and try our best to detach from what we hold on to, oh so dearly. When things become obsessive, that’s when we have a problem… this is where the Devil takes its grasp. This is a card of addictions and bondage, not the good kind! We all have obsessions and habits, some better than others, but habits none the less. Take a good look at yourself this month and see where your time is going and what dependency you may have that is sucking the life out of you and keeping you from doing the things you want to be doing. October is a great month for shadow work, take advantage of this time of the year to really dig deep and find out what is holding you back, chances are, it’s you!

Attitude | King of Cups

Ah, the King of Cups. To me, I find the King of Cups such a kind soul. They are in touch with their emotions and are indeed a great person to be around when you are feeling sensitive. Looking at this card for advice on what attitude we need to adapt this month, I would like to think we should be a lot more open with our emotions to those closest to us. Don’t give our hearts away though! You must set boundaries when it comes to heart matters, but do be generous. With all that is going on in the world right now, from natural disasters to fascist presidents, emotions are running high and we are all hurting in our own ways. Extend compassion to those who need it the most this month but keep some water in your well for yourself. It’s ok to cry and it’s certainly ok to ask for help, especially so since the Devil made it’s appearance in this reading. If you are looking to break some habits and free yourself, look for or be the King of Cups in your life and greet all that comes your way with loving-kindness.

Actions | 8 of Coins + 9 of Swords

Work, work, work… but don’t let it overwhelm you! This is a great opportunity to get some much needed work done, tweak some projects, edit some writing you have been working on… whatever it is, get some progress made on what you are currently working on. The 8 of Coins always tells me that the work we put into something matters, it can be seen and noticed when you slack off and try to get away with taking the easy route. Put pride into what you create this month and don’t be afraid to let it show… however, we are working with the Devil this month, so don’t obsess over what you are doing! Take breaks but always return back to what you are working on and don’t let it be put on the back burner.

When we are so focused in a project, job, or activity, it can be hard not to get sucked in. If we don’t take some moments to breath and clear our head, it can turn into stress and anxiety. Don’t do this to yourself, it’s pure torture and not good mojo for your mental health. Like I mentioned above, if you need help, ask for it! Don’t be afraid to speak up, no one will think less of you and in fact some may take your lead and do the same. We’re human and we’re not perfect, we make mistakes. Sometimes we jump in head first with positive intentions and excitement, only to find ourself drowning in doubt and fear days later. The Devil can make its appearance in situations like this, feeding your headspace with defeat and negative rationality, don’t let them win!

Struggle | 5 of Wands

At the bottom of the deck we have the 5 of Wands, I look at the bottom of the deck often to get an idea if there is any underlying issues or struggles. Nothing says annoying like the 5 of Wands in the Spirit Speak tarot! You have here a person with eyes looking at these flies on their face. These flies would indeed annoy the shit out of me or anyone! The number 3 stands out to me in this card and brings me back to the 3 of Wands. If we want to move forward in any planning we have set out to do for ourselves, we must stay focused. The struggle this month I feel is distraction. Don’t allow yourself to fall down this black hole, it can really lead to self sabotage! Keep your eye on the prize and push forward, despite what bumps in the road you have to jump over… or flies we have to swat away. It’s up to you on how you handle the situations that you face, you can allow them to bug the shit out of you and lead you off course OR you can pull out your fly swatter and take care of the issue right away, so you can carry on in peace and apply your energy to what is needed most.

Coffee with the Creatures of the Moon Deck

Coffee with the Creatures of the Moon Deck

Wednesday was the official “stock-the-mail-because-there-is-a-deck-out-for-delivery” type of day. Naturally, the mail always arrives way late on the days that I have a package coming, it’s a conspiracy I tell you! Anyways, a new deck landed in my hands and I’m madly in love… I know, I say that about all the decks that I get, but this time… I really, really mean it!

The deck I received is the Creatures of the Moon by Rebecca Schoenecker (AKA Laughing Eye Weeping Eye). It’s a double-sided 32-card deck (64-card images in total) that mixes the lore of the Moon and Creature totems, as well as numerology and storytelling. It’s packed with stories, divination, Moon info, and so much more. The deck comes with a 308 page book that is loaded, this deck has so many facets to it and I love it!

I’m for sure more of a tarot reader than oracle reader but when the right oracle deck sparks my interest, I tend to trust my instinct and buy it. The only other oracle decks I currently own and use is my own Seed Oracle (I’m still working on getting this deck printed) and the Iris Oracle by Mary Elizabeth Evans. I recently sold my Animal Spirit oracle deck since I just couldn’t get into it, despite the gorgeous artwork. I’m also currently letting go of the Wild Unknown tarot copy I have as well for the same reasons.

Back to this deck, I get distracted way too easy! So this post is part review and part “first glance” impressions, I don’t want to go too heavy into a review since I haven’t had time to work with the deck fully yet but spoil alert: I LOVE THIS DECK!

The Box

Love the box! I’m not normally a box lover in general, I usually put my decks in their own bag, but I loved the box for some reason. It’s a nice sturdy, black matte box with silver font and image of the Creature Bast on the front from the Triple Moon card. The cards are snug in the box, but with room so they are jumbled in there at all.

The Book

I mentioned above that the book is cram packed with info, but it’s not cluttered, it was put together in a very clean way. The book is very easy to read and understand, it’s also aesthetically pleasing and full color. There are sections about each card side called the Creature-side and the Moon-side, info about the Moon and phases, Goddess aspects, spreads, tips with working with the deck, stories, timing, and so much more! I was pretty shocked, in a good way! ou can truly tell how much time and effort went into making this deck just perfect.

The Cards

I’m really picky with how a deck shuffles and this passed my test! It riffle shuffles well and side shuffles like a dream. The cards are a satin matte, about the size of most oracle cards and fit nicely in my hand. There are 32-cards but a total of 64-cards images since they are double sided, so it’s like getting two decks in one! The Moon side features all the phases of the Moon, symbols that relate to each Goddess aspect (Maiden, Mother, Crone, and Enchantress), plus two extra moon cards (Lunar Eclipse and Triple Moon). The Creature side of the deck are Creature totems that feature the moon title, a keyword, and the moon phase relating to the creature. Within the deck are element cards as well!

I used this deck the other morning with my daily tarot pull and decided to use the First Quarter Moon card as an intentional card to mirror the moon at that time. It paired up lovely with my Spirit Speak tarot and I plan to use it often with tarot pairing, curious to see how it pairs up with my Pagan Otherworlds tarot!

I also had a chance to play with some spreads in the book, I tried out both Moon spreads and was pleasantly surprised with the readings. They were extremely spot on and I rarely get a strong reading like that with oracle decks, usually it’s just little “you can do it” messages but this deck actually showed some layers and called me out on some of my current struggles. There are many ways to read the info from each card, whether it’s time, numerology, moon phase, stories, Goddess aspects, environments, etc. Literally no wrong way to go about these cards, you can take what you want and leave the rest or use it all.

Would I recommend this deck? YES! I highly recommend this deck to anyone curious about the Moon or works with the Moon on a daily basis like I do. This deck adds flavor to tarot readings and as stand alone deck by itself. I tried to find cards in the deck that I didn’t resonate with and honestly, I couldn’t find any at all. I love them all! This deck really makes me regret letting go of my Laughing Eye Weeping Eye tarot deck, badly. I would love to use both decks together! I sold that deck a couple years back and have no idea why I did that, now I want to order it again… will have to wait till finances open up, lol!

Using my favorite deck interview spread from Little Red Tarot, I grabbed some iced coffee… with almond Pumpkin Spice creamer (so good) and got shuffling! Here is what the deck had to say!

I decided to focus on the Creature side of this deck for the sake of keeping this reading somewhat short. I only touched based on the face value of each card and a few notes of the numerology here and there. There is just so much info I can pull from each card, I didn’t want to write a novel for this post lol!

✖︎ Tell me about yourself. What is your most important characteristic? Transition/Goose

First off, I love this card! It just has a warm feeling to it and really feels like Fall to me. This card is suggesting to me that this deck is one of opportunity and personal growth. It’s all about allowing natural rhythms to take place and let them flow without resisting or blocking. From a numerology aspect, the card number 10 relates to an ending of a cycle and the position to begin something new. Applying that to this position, it tells me that this is a deck of new opportunity in learning, it’s a fresh new adventure and I’m excited!

✖︎ What are your strengths as a deck? Reflection/Sloth 

This card has been popping up in every reading I’ve done so far and I love that this card showed up in this position, it’s all about reflection, observing, and taking your time. The strength this deck has is about stopping to smell the roses, this is a deck that wants you to truly see what is going on and take your time with it. There is no rush involved when reading with this deck, it urges you to take a moment and really dive into the cards to see all aspects it has to offer. This card is associated with number 4, this is a card of stability and I think this fits very well with the strengths this deck has! This is a deck of structure and I feel like it’s very grounding.

✖︎ What are your limits as a deck? Union/Koi 

I always tend to read this question/position like an RX card and since this is a card normally associated with unity and harmony, I feel like the limits are that this deck would prefer to be used as a stand alone deck and not mix with other decks often. Looking at this card intuitively, the fish in the water remind me of the Cups suit in tarot… it’s all about emotions and our bond with others. Taking that into consideration, perhaps this deck wants me to leave all attachment to the side and dive in with an open mind and heart.

✖︎ What are you hear to teach me? Courage/Snake

Courage, but most importantly, coming out of my skin! This is something I need in areas of my life, one being that I really want to break out of my shell more. It’s exhausting to stay closed up to try and hide aspects of myself from friends and family, I’m sure others can agree and it’s not something easy to do. I’m working hard on this and learning how to say “no” more often which is something I normally don’t say but always want to. This card is suggesting to me that it can help break down walls that I have when working with this deck and help shed what’s not important in my life. I’m thinking that this would be a great deck for self exploration and my own path.

✖︎ How can I best learn and collaborate with you? Crafty Fox/Fox 

Just like a fox, this deck can be full of tricks up its sleeve, but in a good way! It’s versatile, so I can collaborate and learn from it any way I please. Looking at this card made me think of direction and following this fox to see where it’s heading. The fox in the card image seems to be moving up an ever so slight hill and it’s urging me to come along. This fox can easily shift roles and knows it’s way around their forest home, that would make Fox a great teacher in the field of direction. A note on the numerology for this card, number 11, this is a number of unity… 1 +1 = 2, perfect for collaboration!

✖︎ What is the potential outcome of our working relationship? Community/Bees 

What a fantastic ending to this little reading, nothing says “working relationship” like a beehive. This is for sure a mutual relationship as long as we pull our own weight in this pairing. It’s a constant movement going on and it’s active, so that tells me that this deck is ready for the work I want to use it for as long as I’m on the same page… it’s not going to pick up the slack! I was already wondering if I should use this deck with readings I do for others and this was a big “yes”! Bees have always been a huge focus for me and oddly enough, I’m allergic to bees yet I am drawn in by their curious nature and beauty. I seem to attract bees all the time, I can be with a group of people and a bee will always bother me and no one else. It’s like they find me wherever I am!

Weekly Reading: Sept 25 – Oct 1

Weekly Reading: Sept 25 – Oct 1

I’ve been really grabbing for my Cosmos Tarot & Oracle deck this weekend so I decided to use it for me weekly reading today! I keep both of these decks together in one large deck, it makes for some great readings and I love seeing when an oracle card shows up. A while back, I started a deck study with this deck but only made it several cards in, you can find the master list of the cards here. I would love to pick this study back up but I am so scattered these days so I’m not sure I will be able to stick with it lol! I tend to dive all in then jump right back out, I’m learning that I tend to sway easily and need to pencil things in more and more. We will see, maybe I could dive into a card or two each week! I have some other deck studies I’ve been wanting to do, one was the Slow Holler Tarot that I also started a while back. I started that and abandoned that project after a few cards in. I think I just get so distracted, so easily… on that note, on to this weeks reading!

(Deck Used: Cosmos Tarot & Oracle)

In a hurry? This week is all about nurturing what we feel is the most important to us, but not letting it out into the world just yet. Also, keep it cool with your actions and words, let things play out and see what happens. We don’t always need to control everything, even if you’re a control freak like I am. Find some time to unwind as the week comes to a close, it’s good medicine for your mind, body, and soul!

The theme of the week is nurture! The card pulled was Fornax (2 of Fire). This card links closely to the 2 of Wands, I still feel it has its own identity. We have a spirit rising high in the sky holding dear to what she treasures. It suggests to me that we need to keep a tight hold on to what we hold important, keep these items, ideas, and things close to us. They are not ready to be sent out into the world just yet… much like the 2 of Wands, it’s about planning and preparing.

Before jumping into the weekly cards, I love how all the cards showed up as courts (minus the theme)! Sometimes court cards come to me as people in our life or hats we need to wear. This week, I’m drawn to the courts being attitudes and “hats” we need to put on to navigate the week.

To kick off the week we are greeted with Pyxis (Page of Fire). This card is kicking off our week and reflects the feeling I got from the theme card, Fornax. Planning and preparing, but I also feel this card is suggesting that we need to let our own personal compass take the lead this week. Don’t be afraid to go where you are being intuitively pulled, let any messages or signs you feel or see lead you. If your finding it difficult to start the week, go within and just listen. When we allow everyone else to tell us what to do and where to go, we often forget to listen to ourselves. We need to pay attention to our own internal needs, so listen up!

Moving to the middle of the week we are greeted by Piscis Austrinus + Volans (Page of Air). This card has such a calm feeling for me, the way the woman is so centered and focused while the fish swim around her. I feel like this is a “fight or flight” message for the midweek, it’s up to us on how we react. You can easily jump to action immediately, or sit back and see what happens. Drawing from the feeling I get from this card, I vote lets not fight this week! Let’s take a backseat and just remain calm and rational, let things flow and let things unravel on their own. Save your energy for what really needs your attention this week. Also, be sure to tap into your heart space before making a decision when it deals with communication, really see how that feels in our core. We need to save our breath and energy for what is more important.

Ending the week and moving into the weekend I pulled Ophiuchus + Serpens (King of Fire). This is the third “fire” card that showed up this week and I feel it! The suit of fire is filled with ambition, creativity, and energy, so we may be feeling a bit on edge this week or we could be feeling the need to create and unleash! I’m feeling that surge of energy and it’s only Monday so far, big time! The end of the week may have us dueling between what we know is right but what we feel is wrong. Don’t push anything that doesn’t feel like it should be pushed, let things just flow. We all know right from wrong, so be smart about your choices and actions as you head into the weekend (AKA don’t go running around naked with snakes like this dude on the card, if you do though, just don’t get arrested at least)! On a side note, we may feel a bit strapped and tied down at the end of the week… use the weekend to untangle and let loose, just be smart! If you’re unable to unwind, try to at least find a moment that you can. This will only help ease some tension you may be feeling.

Weekly Reading for Sept 11-17

Weekly Reading for Sept 11-17

It’s Sunday! Time to grab my cards and get shuffling to see what’s in store this week, not without my iced coffee of course! Today I’m using my Circo Tarot a lot so I decided to use it again for this weeks messages. I forgot how much fun this deck is, I’ll need to pull it out more often for sure this week.

(Deck: Circo Tarot)

In a hurry? This week is mainly surrounded on planning and how you plan out your week! A good strategy can lead to a fantastic week… bad planning, could leave you crying over spilled (almond) milk. So lets really set some intentions for the new week and make it kick ass!

The theme of this week is the 2 of Wands will have a lot of play in how our week will go. It’ all about planning well! I think if we plan our week accordingly it will get us to those goal focused victories that we are always after. Poor planning will lead to… well, still a good week, but not as great as it could be and we know what we are fully capable of so no excuses!

Everything seems to be pointing towards the 3 of Cups in this reading so I feel like that’s the big aspect of our week. We need to focus on how we interact with others and what roles we play in any groups that we’re in, this will be key. Get your planners out, pens ready, and set some goals!

Starting off the week we have the 3 of Cups! It seems we will be starting off on a high note and I’m ok with that! It’s suggesting that we will be kicking off the week surrounded by those who lift our spirits. I’m drawn to the layout of this card and it makes me think of working together with others just like I mentioned above or possibly even the feeling of being crowded in these groups that we find ourselves in. If you are feeling a bit crowded, readjust your position in your week and find what’s comfortable for you. Overall, I’m feeling connectedness with this card!

Moving to the middle of this week we are greeted by yet another great card, this time from the 6 of Wands. I’m liking where this week is going! We must have done something right at the start of the week with planning because I’m seeing some praise headed our way, which is always welcomed, right? I feel like this reason of this recognition is closely tied to the 3 of Cups “events”. Someone or something helped bring about this feeling of achievement so you should for sure enjoy the moment and be proud! However, If you are not at the center stage of all this and find yourself cheering on someone else, perhaps it had something to do with how well you stuck with your plan or vision for the week. Either way, I see this being a great midweek!

Ending the week we are gifted the Ace of Cups. Are we feeling a bit emo while entering the weekend? This is the week that just keeps giving it seems and I’m not complaining. The Ace of Cups suggests that we will be an overflowing cup of gratitude and that could possibly be a bit overwhelming so be sure to let some of this overflow out to those around you and not keep it all bottled up. After seeing the other cards this week I can see why we may feel a bit emotional at the end. Either something went very right or you didn’t map accordingly and we are eating (vegan) ice cream on the couch Friday while binge watching reruns of Friends… let’s hope it’s not the latter or the two! I hope everyone has a great week!

My Top 5 Go-To Tarot Decks

My Top 5 Go-To Tarot Decks

It’s no surprise that I love to vary my decks week to week. I’m a pure Gemini and I’m never happy with sticking with the same deck, day by day. I have tried a few times to stick to just one deck but I always resort to mixing things up! One thing is for sure, I have several decks that tend to be in rotation and are my go-to when doing a reading or bringing with me when I travel. Other decks in my collection are simply loved due to the artwork or memories attached to them.

Here are my top 5 go-to decks that I use often and will most likely never leave my collection!

1. Spirit Speak Tarot

I have gushed about this many times and I just can’t help it, I love this deck! I’m a big fan of clean lines and black & white, so this deck hits all the right spots for me aesthetically. Not to mention it has pulled through on many readings and packs a punch with intuitive interpretation! Some of the cards in this deck are very RWS but some walk their own path but don’t stray too far off. My deck is the first edition and I believe the one available is white on black design but still just as awesome! I love the size of this deck, it’s poker card size, and fits in my hands perfectly even though I have insanely long fingers and hands. I love to sit with a deck and shuffle while watching tv and I grab this deck often since it’s just a fun deck to shuffle.

2. Pagan Otherworlds

Ahh… the Pagan Otherworlds! This is a fairly “new to me” deck that has joined my tarot family a couple weeks ago and I just can’t put it down. Lately this has been my absolute go-to deck! There are few decks that have crossed my path that read as well as this deck, the other was the Collective Tarot for me. It usually takes me some time to really resonate with a deck and “get to know it” but this deck was an instant connection for me and has really pushed out some spot on readings. I recently did some light deck study with this deck and every time I pick it up I find something new that I fall in love with. If you are picky with shuffling, this deck shuffles like a dream and feels good in your hands due to the linen finish.

3. The Rider Tarot (RWS)

While very common, my RWS deck is my closest companion when it comes to deck picks. This deck also has some personal memories attached to it since I bought it while on a trip to Flagstaff and Sedona for my father in laws memorial service. I love buying decks when I am on vacation to capture the memory of a trip or place, so this deck is close to my heart. The RWS deck never fails me and is always a go-to when I do any type of deck study or meet with friends to give them a reading. It’s a deck that people recognize even if they aren’t a tarot reader, it’s iconic and easy for them to follow along with. I always recommend someone new to tarot to pick up any deck that draws them in but I always suggest starting with your standard RWS.

4. The Golden Thread

If you can’t tell, I’m a huge fan of RWS typed decks so it may not be a shock that this deck made the cut, lol! I have so much love for the Golden Thread tarot! It is stunning and not to mention adorable, also shuffles like (vegan) butter! I have the first edition copy but have edged my deck in black pigment, the second edition has the black edges already but is made of plastic I think. Anyways, the reason this made the cut is because it also reads very well for me and cuts right to the point. This deck has called me on my B.S. more times than I can count! This is a deck I would highly recommend to anyone interested in tarot, even the well seasoned reader!

5. Circo Tarot

This was a tough choice to narrow down! I was torn between the Sasuraibito Tarot and the Circo tarot, but it was a given for me just based on the fact that the Circo tarot has helped me through some tough times. I have turned to this deck when I need some heart to heart advice and it gives me chills with its accuracy for me. It helped me process loss with ease and it’s illustrations are calming, yet vibrant. I don’t often recommend this deck to others only due to the fact it is currently out of stock, but when it’s available I tell everyone to BUY IT! It’s fantastic and I also love the way it shuffles. It is thicker than most cards but very bendy, it does show wear quite easily but I love worn decks… they show character and love.

What are your “go-to” decks? Leave a comment, I would love to hear!

Would you like to book a reading with me? My services are back open, feel free to purchase one HERE!

Tarot Readings

Tarot Readings

Yay! Today my tarot reading shop is OPEN! I have been working behind the scenes on reopening my reading shop all last month and it’s finally time to relaunch. I am offering 20% off all my readings through the month of September as well, prices are already marked in the shop.

I took quite some time off to work on myself, I felt that doing so would better help me to help others. Taking this time away has really brought more vision to my services and what I wish to offer, as well as growing as a reader. I look forward to working with new clients and past clients! If you have any questions at all, please contact me here and I will get back to you swiftly.