Day 8: I am my strength – I am not my weakness

Deck: The Light Grey Tarot

Day 8 – I am my strength – I am not my weakness

The Hermit tells me that my strength in going solo and seeking out the truth is a great ally. I’m a massive introvert and prefer to stay at home, so this card lets me know that there is no shame in that at all. It’s ok to be an introvert and admit it!

The “I am not my weakness” threw me off a bit when I saw the 6 of Cups show up. Most people get uncomfortable seeing the Tower, Death, or even the Devil…. my card is the 6 of Cups. I don’t like memories and I don’t like catching myself daydreaming about the past. With this prompt in mind, this card suggests to me that its ok to dwell in past memories and relive moments in my life. I’m human and it’s natural to pull these out of memory. While I do this often, my past does not define me now or my future.

Day 7: What should I do for myself?

Deck: The Light Grey Tarot

Day 7 – Something I should do for myself

When I pulled the Hanged Man this morning, I did not want to deal with this card. I (very) rarely put a card back into the deck and reshuffle, but that was how I was feeling this morning when I saw this card show up… for no reason really, I just didn’t think it related to me. So, I put it back in the deck and reshuffled for a bit only to have a card land flat on my lap… the Hanged Man, we meet again. Apparently this is the card for me after all and it wants me to deal with it.

I decided to leave this card on my table while I took a shower to think it over. I’m a mother and a wife, I’m in a constant state of “sacrificing” myself for others, so I couldn’t see how this card would be any different than what I do… I said out loud to myself “I need to look at this in a different perspective”, then it hit me… PERSPECTIVE.

I’m constantly on the go in some area in my life. I’m a gemini, so I’m nose deep in many projects, books, and interests. My mind really never rests, it’s always running a mile a minute along with talking – ask my husband! This card spoke to me through a megaphone this morning… “Shut up, relax, and surrender”

This truly is the card for me right now and I put it to use this morning while “sacrificing” some of my own time in a mindful way. I took my dog out to play in the grass, normally I try to do this quickly so I can get back to whatever it is that I’m doing in the house (see, always doing something), but this morning I decided to use this time to just unwind and be in the moment. I watched my dog run around the grass with absolute delight and when I surrendered to this moment I caught myself smiling while watching her. Happiness is contagious!

When people say that tarot is good at calling you out on your bullshit, it’s 100% true. It calls me out all the time and I may have some words with my deck from time to time *insert a lot of grumbling and swearing* but it always rings true, whether I want to hear it or not.

Day 6: What could make me feel good/better (right now)?

Deck: Light Grey Tarot

Day 6 – What could make me feel better/good (right now)?

This morning I sat down with my cards before waking up my daughter for school, I usually make time for this during the weekday before the crazy “off to school” shenanigans start. While asking this question to my deck, the card that caught my eye was the 4 of Wands. Normally I shuffle and then naturally split the deck where the deck sees fit, but this card stuck out a bit so I went with it. Always go with your intuition!

What would make me feel better right now? Enjoyment of life, not that I don’t enjoy it right now. Life could always be more exciting, am I right? I’m reading this card a few ways to answer some questions the prompt had.

How do I apply this or what do I do with this?… Easy! This card suggests to me that I should celebrate milestones and enjoy life as much as I can whenever possible – it’s always possible. It’s also harmony in the household, and in order to get a “perfect happiness” I need to create it! I can’t just wake up and expect everyone in the house to be on the same page as me, I need to be a role model for this change to happen so that others can follow

Where or with who do I apply this? This is a card that reflects “close to the home” to me and that’s where I also feel it needs to be applied. I’m a homebody and don’t really socialize often outside of the home, so actual celebrations and social events always give me anxiety. Also, being a parent, it’s important for me to recognize all the achievements my daughter reaches. It’s easy to take a moment out of my day to congratulate her on what she has done at school or in her life.

Day 5: Gratitude

Deck: Light Grey Tarot

Day 5 – Gratitude // inner + around me

This prompt required two cards to answer two questions. I know, I know… this isn’t the Circo Tarot posted above. I said I was going to stick with that deck for this challenge…. but I really enjoyed reading with the Light Grey Tarot for the weekly reading so I decided to use it again for today’s challenge prompt. We all knew I wouldn’t stick to one deck, right? This was my first deck that introduced me to tarot and I still love it! It’s been ages since I’ve actually sat down with this deck to read and not just look at.

Inner // The Moon

What can I be grateful for about myself? Right away I was drawn to the physical Moon in general with this card. My connection with the Moon is what I’m most grateful for. Having a monthly cycle, just like her, gives me a close connection with her and our natural rhythms. The Moon itself is a main focus in my practice and path. The more I connect with her, the stronger my practice feels.

Around Me // 9 of Wands

What can I be grateful for around me? This card had me thinking about this question for a while. The 9 of Wands is all about persistence and seeing just how much you can take, like a test to see if you are truly all in or not. When I relate this to my own life and what goes on around me, all I can think about is the news and politics right now. While I’m for sure not grateful for it, I am grateful that it has helped me see what is truly going on in the world and find my own voice. I’ve always been a feminist but it wasn’t until this recent election that I really started to be more vocal. While I’m a massive introvert and worry what others think often, I’m finding it easier and easier to say “NO” more.

Weekly Reading Nov 6 – 12

New week, new cards! This week I’m using the Light Grey Tarot, it’s one of my very first decks that got me started with tarot! Last night I spent some time with this deck and put the cards back in original order so I could go through the deck with fresh eyes. I’ve had this deck for about 5 years and it has taken quite a beating over the years but still reads well for me and I love it.

I mentioned last week that I would be switching up the weekly reading a bit (again) and I am doing just that. I’m reverting back to my older spread for the weekly reading. A 3-card: beginning, middle, and end. I pulled an extra card from the Vicky Filiault Tarot for our theme or lesson this week!

Bring on the new week!

Lesson this week // Empress

Our lesson and theme for the week is coming from the Empress. This is an energy that’s all about natural rhythms and flow, allowing things to come to fruition on their own terms under the caring wing of the Empress. Often times for me, the Empress represents a time to focus on self care. Other times, she reminds me to take delicate care of what I hold dear to me and give it the best possible start it can… much like a child, we want the best for our children so we strive to get them on the right foot. Add that tender touch to what you are working on this week.

Beginning of the week // 2 of Cups

Starting our week we are greeted with the 2 of Cups. This is often dubbed as a card pertaining to partnerships, devoted friendships, and intimate connections. We are being asked to be kind in the relationships we have towards others right now, especially towards those who are closest to us. It’s much easier that we get along with others in order to get things done with less stress. This isn’t a time for arguing or competition here, no one wants to kick off a new week like that, right? Harmony, people! Work in harmony with one another, it’ll only help set the mood for the week with a good start.

Middle of the week // The Chariot

By midweek, we may see a big boost in our day, a little zest in our step. I’ll take an extra shot of espresso, please! Use this energy to the fullest to carry you through till Friday and beyond into the weekend! Remember this, whatever lands in your lap this week is handed to you for a reason, despite if you think that you can’t handle it… the Chariot knows you can! It’s all about taking a deep breath and putting on your game face to move forward in confidence and trust. Whatever you do, do it knowing that you’re awesome and capable of anything!

End of the week // 7 of Cups

Whenever I see this card show up, I ask myself this: Am I focusing on what I need or what I want? It’s all about priorities and being responsible in what we choose to do. Often times something sounds too good to be true, and guess what? Chances are it is to good to be true. Things will taunt us and pull us in all kinds of directions, it’s up to you to stay focused and on track. By the end of the week, be sure you stay on track with what you truly desire and don’t let all that is “shiny and new” sway you otherwise!

Stay tuned on Friday! I’ll be testing out a “pick your card” for some weekend guidance!

Day 4: Release (attachment, emotion, behavior)

Deck: Circo Tarot

Day 4 – Release // attachment – emotion – behavior

This reading is with three cards and Lionharts shared some extra info on this reading today. There were two ways to look at each card based on if it was a “positive” or “negative”. I try to see the ups and downs of each card in a reading, so no card is really specifically bad or good for me, but what she explained made sense!

Attachment // Ace of Coins

Right away, I knew that this was a more welcoming card so why on earth would someone want to release the Ace of Coins, right? FYI: I like to refer to the Pentacle suit as Coins, no matter what the deck calls it, it just resonates best with me this way. When I think about the Ace of Coins, I think about all that opportunity or “first” of the suit. When you are given this gift of opportunity, you normally use it. But when you keep holding on to it for too long, it goes stale and the newness factor starts to lose its luster. It’s a use or lose situation here!

There was a question associated for this card based if it was a “positive or negative” card… this was obviously a good omen, so I filed it under the “positive” category. How can I build on my attachments? Since this is an Ace card, building is really the only way to go! I need to use this card to my advantage and put it to use as a way to release it. Now, where in my life has this card shown up recently… that’s what I need to journal about today!

Emotion // 10 of Coins

Seeing this card was no surprise for me and I’m always glad when tarot calls me out. Tarot is excellent for calling us out on our BS, right? When the 10 of Coins is tied to too much emotion, it can fuel greed and desire – we are then playing with the Devil. In Buddhism, this reminds me of the practice of non-attachment. When we release the hold we have to something, we cause less suffering on ourselves. It’s only when we put so much emphasis on a want or desire that it begins to cause suffering. Wanting something is totally natural and perfectly ok, but when it moves into a more “I must have this in order to be happy”… it’s not so great! I’m practicing this right now very hard in all aspects of my life. Lately, I’ve been letting go of tarot decks that I don’t use or have a deep connection with, and I’m trying not to focus so hard on what I desire and just work with what I have.

This month I need to focus on cutting the cord of deep desire to things out of reach. I need to be practical and not allow these desirables to effect me. I know it does effect my moods and emotions, I see it every day. When I do let go of this bond I have, I can tell that I feel so much better!

Behavior // 9 of Knives

The 9 of Knives as a behavior to let go of? Yes, please! I will gladly let this behavior go… I’m in a constant battle with my mind. This card, for me, often relates to things that “keep me up at night” – stress and worries from the day, but more importantly, what my mind tells me. It’s about me constantly listening to the negative thoughts that my brain likes to feed me… I need to realize that I’m in control, not just my mind.

What behavior no longer serves me? Negative thinking! Allowing these thoughts to effect me on a level that causes anxiety and stress is not working. I think a lot can agree with this as well! It’s time to bring my focus this month in letting go of this toxic mental attitude!

Day 3: What self-care will support me this month?

Deck: Circo Tarot

Day 3 – What self-care will support me this month?

Finally, no jumpers today lol! The 4 of Coins came through this morning for this question and all I could think about is keeping to myself, closing up, mine… mine… mine. Relating this to the Empress (which is also my birth card) it really resonates towards self-care right now. We have a person on this card holding on to themselves, like an embracing hug. It’s all about being selfish this month to focus on myself and give myself some much needed attention.

Normally, I see this card as being a bit of a “tight-ass” who’s so afraid to share with others and let go, a sense of greed. Looking at it in a more positive light (since self-care is normally seen as a good thing) I get the greed factor but not in the normal sense. I’m a mother and I’m so used to giving out but never taking in for myself, I always feel selfish and greedy when I do indulge or push others aside… but sometimes, it’s needed. I say this often but it’s like keeping your own well filled so that you can better help fill the wells of others.

This month I’m urged to hold on to what I treasure the most. I’m given the choice to share with others what I see fit. The ball is in my court this month and I’m going to do what I please with it in order to care for myself more.

One little thing I noticed in this card is the coin (pentacle) balancing on top of her head. It’s almost as if she is showing off what she has, like a little sneak peek of what is in her bag, if you will. This makes me think that if you are not careful, you can let things go to your head… psst, your ego is showing. While embracing this card as an act of self-care, don’t let it go to your head. You need to keep grounded in order to not let things slip away from you.

Day 2: What path will help me grow this month?

Day 2 – What path will help me grow this month?

Another jumper this morning, I should for sure have some coffee before I begin shuffling but this card really took a leap so I took notice. It is the 8 of Cups and it made a lot of sense to me after I thought over what this could mean in terms of my High Priestess theme card for November.

I often relate the 8 of Cups to withdrawing yourself from a situation and moving in a new direction led by your heart. It’s an emotional move or transition, almost like embarking on a new journey to see what else is outside of your world that may fill you up more than the path you are currently on.

Matching this card up to the High Priestess, I can see how this new direction can be heart led but also very intuitive. I already mentioned yesterday that I felt a shift to go in a new direction, so this card is validating that for me and telling me that “yes, you need to change”… there is something out there waiting for me and I need to work on finding it, but I won’t find it if I stay where I am (emotionally).

I was also thinking about this card and how it pairs up with me getting back to my Buddhist studies in Thereavada Tradition and it hit me like a ton of bricks… just yesterday, I was re-reading about the eight fold path in one of my favorite books by Noah Levine, Against the Stream, and I noticed the connection to that and the number 8 of this card. That further validates that I need to stay on this path with my studies since I just restarted this journey several days ago!

Looking at the card itself, there’s a woman going upstairs leaving behind the stack of cups. I always think that this person is going to go search for that missing cup, the cup that turns this 8 of Cups into the 9 of Cups… where we are emotionally satisfied and fulfilled. If I want to reach the 9 of Cups, I need to do some soul searching to find it, it’s not going to come easy and it’s not going to be a quick journey. It’s nice to see this card show up so early in November, it allows me to spend this month moving forward in search of my own 9th cup!

Day 1: Theme for November


I’m taking a little break with the Tarot de Marseille since I’ve just been feeling drawn to my RWS decks lately. I thought I would embrace #NaNoWriMo in my own way this year with the challenge I’m following for November and just write! My goal is to write on the blog at least once every day. The challenge is the The November Tarot challenge hosted by Lionharts on Instagram. Last month I decided not to join in with the October challenge but regretted it a few weeks after it started, I just found I really liked the monthly structure to follow with these tarot challenges. I did do the September challenge but stopped posting my cards each day on my Instagram and just journaled them instead.

Note: I’ll be using the header image above on all #thenovembertarot challenge posts so I can spot them quick on the blog.

Since I’m not taking any client readings right now (the shop is closed), I am bringing my focus to the blog and my own personal readings. I want to bring more attention to my own tarot practice, try new techniques, new spreads, and grow even more as a reader. I may reopen my services again down the road, but right now I’m dedicating my time to my own growth!

For this challenge I’m going to try and stick with just one deck to use (ya, sure Jess) and picked the Circo Tarot since it’s been a while that I used this deck on a regular basis. It’s one of my favorites and has pulled through for me in some very personal readings, it also helped me process some grief with losing one of my cats a while back. The artwork is one of my favorites and the deck is such a joy to shuffle, it’s quite bendy yet thick. I could shuffle it all day! Also, the creator behind the Circo Tarot, Marisa De La Peña, has a new oracle deck coming soon… AHHHH!!!

Day 1 – Theme for November

I had a jumper that I put back in my deck to reshuffle (blamed my 5 a.m. hands with clumsy shuffling) and then the same card jumped out again after I shuffled some more, so I set it aside. It clearly wanted to be seen and heard. While shuffling for my theme card, I caught myself thinking how I would love a Major Arcana to pop up since I relate “theme” cards to more of a lesson… and what do you know, the High Priestess presented itself for my theme card for November.

The High Priestess instantly “told me” to look at the jumper card…. the Queen of Wands, I accept this as the attitude I need to work with for the month of November.

I find it funny, the other day I pulled out my books by Noah Levine and Chris Grosso to begin getting back to a more mindful routine and to my meditation practice. I’ve been feeling the shift to work on myself right now and bring back some (good) habits I had in the past with Buddhism. The High Priestess showing up for my November theme really hits the spot. I find it reflects with the shift I’m feeling about going “within” and listening to my higher self. I look forward to seeing this card play out this month!

The jumper card, Queen of Wands, instantly told me what attitude I need to adopt this month. I tend to read court cards as more of an adoptable attitude rather than actual people. When I do client readings and if a court shows up in a reading, I always describe the personality this card presents and then ask the client “does this sound like you or anyone you know?”… if they say that it’s neither, then it’s usually the attitude they need to adopt right now. This may not resonate with everyone, but it’s how I see the courts.

I know I need to adapt the attitude that the Queen of Wands presents. She is a positive force, fueled with both compassion and creativity, as well as a fierce drive. The past few months have been pretty opposite for me so I’m taking in the Queen of Wands for November to see where it leads me!

Weekly Reading Oct 30 – Nov 5

New week, new cards! I’m shaking things up a little this week for the weekly reading, again. I’m really trying to find a layout that I like that really hits the points I want to focus on for the week. This week I’m looking at the energy/theme, action to take, possible struggle, and advice for the week.

The decks being use this week are Cosmos Tarot and Oracle (just the Major Arcana) and Spirit Speak tarot.

Theme this week // The Star

I’ll admit, I was pretty happy to see this gem of a card show up. The Star card has been following me around since early last week when I started working on some art therapy and birthed the beginning of my second oracle deck… the Gemini Deck! For me, this card means… create… inspire… send out my wishes and hopes into the stars. Not to mention, this specific card is assigned a constellation… Gemini! Coincidence? I think not!

This card is for you this week! Keep your dreams and goals alive and don’t lose hope, don’t feel forgotten, and don’t feel left out. The Universe is listening and wants you to have patience, it’s working some magic so don’t let your dream fizzle out. So often we don’t think we are moving forward and instead we are moving backwards… it’s not true. Our life is a spiral, we may reach a place where we have been before but we are indeed a little different. We have learned some new skills and have grown in some way. Life is a lot like the Wheel of Fortune… sometimes we are on top, sometimes we are on the bottom. Either way, our turn will come up again and again, we just need patience!

Action to take // 5 of Wands

Persistence is key! While this card is often seen as a moment of conflict…. I see practice and finding beauty within the chaos. Try to look past the ugliness popping up in your week, look for the hidden gems under the dust. With practice and persistence, you will make it through the week just fine. Just like the person in this card, they are annoyed but I can see the determination in their face, they are trying hard to not crack a smile. This reminds me that sometimes in life, we need to laugh! We need to laugh at what is going on and sometimes at ourselves. Meet chaos at the door and smile.

Possible struggle // The Tower

Ouch! Thanks tarot! The Tower may shake up your week and shake it up good! Instead of seeing this as a struggle, why not work with this blasted energy?! Use the energy of the Tower to your advantage and allow it to “clean house”. Release what you want to release, for everything else… hold on tight! If things do get pulled from under your feet, dust yourself off and get back to the grind. Don’t let the Tower win and pull you down with it… whatever the Tower tears down, take it as a sign that it wasn’t serving you anymore anyways. Poof, it’s gone! 

Advice this week // 8 of Cups

The 8 of Cups is urging you to withdraw yourself from any situation that does not align up with you on an emotional level… it’s all about leading with your heart and moving yourself to a place that fills you up the most. In this card, we see someone leaving the cups behind and moving to where the cactus stands. They are leaving behind what didn’t serve them in search of what will. I always call this the “grass is always greener” card… this time, it’s about seeking out something more. Something that you know will better suit you.

I’m feeling this card big time and it’s only Monday! This morning I woke up and decided that I’m tired of the “same shit, different day” attitude… so, I’m changing it. I’m creating a new routine for myself, moving out of the rut I’ve been in. I’m always dreaming about the future, catching myself saying “… in a couple years I can do (this or that)”. Something has to change. I need to live in the NOW and focus on the PRESENT. So the 8 of Cups for me is about shaking things up and creating my own vision to enjoy NOW! I’ve already started by changing up my environment in the house. I started to purge, deep clean, and move around the furniture so that I feel a better flow and comfort in my house.

I hope you all have a great week!